Friday, July 3, 2009


I know most of you are off today gearing up for the long 4th weekend. Some are at the Essence Fest (Yolanda, don't be actin up!) Some are traveling, some are staying close to home. Whatever you do, be safe and have a blast!

Since I know most of you won't be around, I'll just leave you with this to make you feel good and feel like dancing.

How real is this? There will never be another like him. Ever.

CNN will air a Special called "Man in the Mirror," Saturday and Sunday at 8P. If you're around, check it out! :-)

Have an AWESOME weekend! Be good!



Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
I found that on Youtube last week and I have been watching it over and over. We must be sharing a brain. I can remember watching this on tv but never really appreciated Michael's art. I've been intently watching the "Smooth Criminal" vid and all I can say is spectacular. He moves like no other. Tuesday was just an awesome day on 125th St. here in Harlem as the Apollo chose to host a memorial in it's theatre for MJ. The streets were lined with MJ impersonators and vendors peddling MJ posters, buttons, tee shirts, towels, glittery socks (lol), etc. One guy was selling a DVD he'd made with all the great MJ videos. I already owned his "Number Ones" dvd, but the one the vendor was selling had the uncut version of "Bad" with Wesley Snipes (yes!). There was even a non-profit org there asking people to sign a petition to get a Michael Jackson day in honor of his humanitarian work.
I know his unfortunate passing will be the topic of conversation at the family BBQ all weekend long. We will definitely be celebrating his life and I know a cousin or two of mine will be moonwalking all over the backyard. Have fun and spread love!

Serena W. said...

I'm still blown away by his passing. He was so talented, gifting and such a humanitarian but so alone and depressed. I pray that he can rest in peace.

My friends were out there in Harlem and said it was an amazing turn out.

It took him to die for some people to really appreciate the work he had done and the millions he touched all over this planet.

Everyone be safe, have fun and if you're with your families love up on them. Tomorrow isn't promised.

Annamaria said...

I hope everyone has a wonderful happy & safe holiday weekend. Chat with you guys next week

Low Carb Muslimah said...

He will be dearly missed, R.I.P brother.

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