Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!!!

I know most of you have seen this on Facebook or via email forwards or wherever, but I had to repost this. This will make you smile if you're a Michael Jackson fan...and of course you all are :-) I WISH my commute to work was this festive everyday! Y'all better work it on the J Train!

If that wasn't a testament to MJ's influence and how his music touched everyone, I don't know what is :)

Now...random thoughts.

- I always bring "good" candy to work to put in my huge candy jar. It was overflowing yesterday morning - Snickers, Twix, Kit Kats, Milky Ways and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I haven't had one piece yet, and the jar is half full now (positive thinker). Greedy muphuckas.

- Details are coming out about Steve McNair's sad. I know some of you have asked me to blog about this, but I think I'll steer clear of it...for now anyway. No one deserves to be murdered though, and I feel sad for his children.

- I thought I tivo'd the Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute and I didn't. It didn't record. So sad now. Sorry Princess!

- This spinning class Monica has me going to kicks my ass! But she inspires me! She is doing SO WELL with her triathlon training...don't forget to donate!

- Still waiting for a good 90 to 100 degree day. LOVE the heat!

- Smart men are SO sexy to me. I get turned on sometimes watching the dudes on Jeopardy!

- Just because you rang and I see a "missed call" message on my cell screen doesn't necessarily mean that you get a call back. At least not RIGHT AWAY. You could have dialed me by accident. You want a call back? Leave a message or a text. If you don't leave a message, you didn't call.

- I have to take my braids out tonight. I have no idea what buffoonery is going on under there, but I have a feeling the knots will be beating my brains out!

- I think I'm gonna cut my hair short...gettin' that itch!

- Not the biggest T.O. fan in the world, but I might take a look at his show to see more of this :-)





Anthony Otero said...

- I know anamaria misses because I havent said..FIRST BITCHES!!!!! in a long time

- should be in bed, but i am not

- I had a woman call me an enigma because my emotions that i share on my blog make a puzzle. I wonder if she wants to figure me out...

- I decided that I am going to start following my heart no matter where it leads me

- I will write more thoughs later..

Annamaria said...


1. I'm over all the death & memorials & tributes for everyone for the week.

2. I actually got a good night sleep last night. Munchkin decided to behave in my belly.

3. Offically ONE month & counting to my due date!!!

4. The past two weeks have been a time for personal reflection for me for a lot of different reasons & I feel like I've grown up soo much.

5. I've learned to care about ME more!! :)

6. I have a friend leaving to Japan on Monday for 8 days. I am soo happy for her cause it's a wonderful opportunity...

7. I think I am going to take a nap now. Yes I realize I just woke up but still...

Brooke said...

Ant, she may have called you an enigma cuz you are that rare guy who is emotionally generous. You put it all out there and you don't care what anyone says. And above all, you are HONEST...which is refreshing to a lot of women, myself included.

She just might be trying to figure you out. Scientists should do a study on you to see what gene you have that most men seem to be missing ;)

Annamaria, get all the rest you can now while you CAN...cuz after lil mama gets here...forget it! You'll be awake for AT LEAST the next 18 years...AT LEAST! :) LOL!

Serena W. said...

Hey everyone! Reporting to you live from the ATL area!

The drive to ATL from Dallas was beautiful! We had so much fun. Stopped for Limeades, ate at the Waffle House and clowned! Made great timing!

We are staying with a friend I haven't seen in 21 years! She was one of my best friends in Junior High! We reunited on Facebook. Sooooo good to see her and her beautiful house!

Getting ready to see a couple of peeps out here in the afternoon.

Bittersweet leaving Dallas, I miss my peeps already.

Happy and excited for new horizons!

Pray for me on these contracts! Starting over basically and for good reasons.

Momo I just donated! GO TEAM!

Brooke and Ant I just voted for your blogs!

Annamaria I can't believe it's only one more month!

Time flies when you are having fun!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Says...

1. Let the greedy muphuckers have their candy! Just being away from the office cycle of junkfood for a few weeks and lost 2 pounds.

2. I didnt see the MJ memorial. Looking for it now online.

3. Worked out this am and didn't get my usual happy feeling and didnt get it tuesday. :(

4. Reading Mein Kamph by Hitler. Everyone should read this book to see how good ideas can go horribly horribly wrong. History can repeat itself people so KNOW your history.

5. Job postings are shrinking and shrinking online so what do I do? Plan a trip to the grand canyon.

Rameer said...

- I don't think Ant has a gene that **most** men are missing. I think it's all about environment. There are billions of men on this Earth.

However, he is definitely a unique human being...

- Don't do the McNair blog. No good can come of it, and it would probably devolve into a mess.

- I have pains in my hands lately. I need to see a doctor.

- Lately, people are saying I've been especially mean. I'm not one to be caring.

- I got a whole bunch of white people I know upset over a Facebook status I put pointing out the difference in reaction to MJ's death by people of color I know and white people. Again, I'm not one to be caring - truth is truth.

- I don't understand in the least bit why EVERY WOMAN I'VE KNOWN ON EARTH can't be ready at a designated time. Like, you say 6pm, and they come out at 6:15pm-6:20pm. If I give them fair warning, DAYS ahead of time - what's the deal? The only person I can get to be ready on time is my baby sis - and that's cuz she's scared I'm going to punch her if she's not ready.

- Yes, I STILL punch by grown-a$$ baby sister from time to time. Good thing is - she can definitely take a punch!

- I went to a shoot yesterday for a bank's grand the ribbon cutting was one of the most beautiful women I've seen this year. Since we were the "young" people there, we were talking and joking...why this older cougar took it upon herself to try to occupy my attention and flirt HARD with me?? Wow...some women are soooo competitive. I wasn't even trying to kick it to the younger woman...

- I STILL refuse to see Transformers and Star Trek.

- If you don't know about Maxwell by now...kill yourself. I've got every woman within a 1,000-mile radius begging me for copies - it was sold out EARLY Tuesday in the entire Western New York area!

- Why did the head of my department show me a piece on GMA and tell me he wants my Friday shoot to look similar? UMMMMM...maybe if I had multiple shooters, a line producer and days to edit something together I COULD do that - but with that "shoot it and edit it the same day" mentality my station has, it's not BLOODY LIKELY...

- I loved Ant's blog yesterday...

- I think the hot Panamanian intern at my job is a little...intense. That's all I'll say...

- I love that Ron Artest chose his new jersey number for the Lakers - 37 - cuz that's the number of weeks Thriller was #1 on the charts...

- Time to go do some work...

Cynthia said...

1. I need a interpreter to watch the Tiny & Toya show...

2. Need to do some shopping for My booboo who goes away to sleep away camp in 2 weeks for 30 days, should I start crying now or just wait to the day of?

3. Im planning a baby shower/bbq for 80-100 ppl in my backyard, wth did I agree to this nonsense?

4. My receptionist is thinking about quitting today because she cant deal with rude people, poor thing! it's her first job, God help her..

5. Can't get the tropic thunder line out my head, "you went full retard"...

6. Wanna move!

7. Thinking maybe Greece next summer!

8. Need to get toes done.. Yesterday!!

9. Ok, tomorrow I will start my diet! Tomorrow, I promise! ok, maybe Monday!

10. I could be here all day...

Cynthia said...

11. OH, and I forget, stupid MIS in my office wont let me watch YouTube videos, some crap about it not being work related.. MotherLovers!!!

annamaria said...

1. Brooke this lil mama is ALREADY keeping me up at night sooo I will be fully prepared when she gets here!

2 getting my toes done now! Definitely needed it.

phillygrl said...

Brooke..that pic of T. O. is the TRUTH!!..I will definitely watch b/c I AM a T.O. fan. I know a lot of people have issues with him, but I have always liked him. I knew this girl Kita who dated him when I was living in L.A...he was still playing out there then....& he was a cool dude...none of that "hollywood" ish that does on in the media...but people change...we'll see.
1. I am too excited for a vacation to atlantis in 2 weeks, haven't been anywhere in the last 4 years!!

2. Brooke, I like the heat too, but without the humidity, I think a bronze tan on black folks looks ymmy..especially if you have on a white shirt or dress!
3. Ive tried to get my cat to stop laying all over evrything & making these hair "mats" on the furniture...I think imma have to get a spray bottle.
4. My son Zaire SWEARS he can swim..he loves the pool, but lays his head back in the pool & says Look mm, I can swim like the big I want to go on the sliding board..but when someone slpashes into he water form the slide & goes under he cries & cries b/c he thinks they are "lost"

5. Why is cheddar chex mix sooo good!
6. How come a Pneappls is so DARN hard to cut, I got all these knives & coring utensils...Imma just pay the extra & get the ready made container at the market.
7. I have some FABULOUS cream linen with a kelly green bamboo print material & cannot find the right pattern I want to make a dress! uughh!

ok..enjoy the weather peoples!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Emotionally Generous equals PUNK!!! Sike Latinegro..just joking... stop looking for me to whoop my a$$..stop playing!!! LMAO

-I love Serena's spirit. Takes joy in the simple Waffle House. A girl after my own heart.

-Brooke - that video literally made me smile from ear to ear and now I literally can not wait until August 29th. Can't wait to be dancing amongst all my friends and my favorite part of the Wanna be starting something comes on..the music drops and all you here is "Mamma Se Mamma Sa Ma Ma cusa.... Heeeeee Heeeeeee!!!!"

-have a long day today busy day today! And heading to NC tomorrow. Business trip but get to see my momma and daddy. They are good for the soul

-I'm scared to talk about the Steve McNair thing too! I know a few people who were very close to him..and you know what happens with open honest dialogue!!!

-Brook..surpisingly I have not had to use IDGAF lately. Hmmmmmm

-At the party, I hope Brooke is standing somewhere near me when don't stop til you get enough comes on. I know she is going to be jamming

phillygrl said...

p.s. cynthia...u r correct , that damn TINY is more country than....Dolly Parton..I mean she's Real hood country! a hot mess..but she's been holding it down for all these years..!

Brooke said...

I watched the sneak peek of Tiny & Toya after the awards against my better judment and I could barely understand a word. I mean, country ghetto doesn't even begin to describe that mess.

Pretty Ricky, you KNOW I will be jammin come 8/29. You saw how I got down at your bday party, so it will be ON at the MJ joint! One thing Pretty Ricky and I have NO problem doing is DANCING! I can't wait! Gonna be so much fun!

And Ant is nobody's punk. He can keep it real with you and be honest without being harsh, arrogant or an asshole. His way of communicating is sincere, and he takes responsibility for his own actions and emotions. Nothing punk about that at all...takes a real man to do that.

And Rameer, I was kidding about the gene study thing...I know there are billions of men out there, and if a fraction of them have what Ant has, then that's enough. Still rare to find tho.

Karen, your son sounds adorable! I can't believe I've never met him but was at your baby shower. Odd.

I need my toes done yesterday too. Flip flops can wreak havoc on your toes!

Thank you Serena! I think you are probably one of the best human beings I know :)

Cynthia, that line from Tropic Thunder was HILARIOUS! Now you got me thinking about that movie. Would you drink a beverage called "Booty Sweat"? LMAO!!

The McNair blog is swirling in my head, but I can't bring myself to write it...

momo925 said...

OMG Brooke that clip is HILARIOUS! Dude in the grey shirt on the pole made my day!!!

I'm scared to go to the gym today lol...that spinning instructor is no joke! Brooke held up like a champ! :-)

I'm finally up to 5 miles running (within an hour) only 1.5 more to go. Wonder if i'll be ready for the whole triathon in September?!!

This weather blows! It should be sunny. I am totally not dressed for the current temp. The weather channel tricked me!

I need to get more rest.

Haaaa Ant got tazed lol!

Serena THANKS for donating!!! I hope you have a blast in ATL :-)

Cynthia I've always wanted to go to Greece!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Serena W. said...

Monica you will be ready! Five miles is great! The other 1.5 is a walk in the park!

We are getting ready to do lunch with Shade from Cuse (I haven't seen her in years)!

Weather is great out here!

Leaving at the crack of dawn in the am to hit the road to Alexandria, VA! I can't believe the time is finally here!

I miss spinning class! I gotta find one when I get back!

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

- Everybody is rediscovering Stevie's classic "Never dreamed you'd leave in summer" from the MJ memorial. I was equally struck by it back in 92 when the song began playing when Malcolm X was killed in the Spike Lee biopic.

- Speaking of Spike, "Do the Right Thing" turns 20 years old this weekend, and it was a gem that many overlooked.

- These shoes I have on today are my beloved.

- I dont think the term "social butterfly" applies to me cuz its just lame, but "bumblebee" is better. Yeah, i like that - "social bumblebee"

- I have a list of performers that I simply cannot stand. I'm not a hater per se, but Smokey Robinson has been under my skin for years. With the MJ stuff lately, I've been exposed to him way more than I deem appropriate. Also appearing on this list are Flo Rida, E-40, Chamillionaire and Jaheim, respectively.

- When I was in the 6th grade, I got MJ's "Beat it" jacket along with my cousin. At a family gathering the other day, my aunt proudly announces she found my cousin's old jacket...In the midst of this announcement, I look over at my mom like "what the hell is YOUR problem??"

Here's my weekly "what DMoe's rockin' RTT playlist:

- Superwoman/Stevie Wonder.
A definitive, 8 minute long classic tune where Stevie plays on the seasons to signal the onset of an ending relationship.

- God in Me/Mary Mary.
I must confess, this corny, autotuned, pseudo-gospel song is just clever enough to have me bumpin like I'm listening to "blame it" by Jamie Foxx. They knew exactly what they were doing...and I've been gleefully bamboozled.

- That Girl Right There/Rantz.
Anytime I go home to the N.O, I return fiendin' for the type of music I can only get in the easy. This local fave is exactly the kind of song we roll to without spillin' a drop of what's in our cup on the dance floor.

- Stop the World/Maxwell.
The new CD is astonishingly fresh. I like it for its sheer unpredictability. When I float from one track to the next, there is NO formulaic thing present. It works for the dude, and this first outing in the 3 disc trilogy is just right.

That's all I got...

Your friend and mine,
DMoe aka Captain EO

Brooke said...

All I gotta say is DMoe and Rameer are holding out on my Maxwell cd, download, whatever. I thought we was boyz!!!???

I'll get it today.

Monica, I'm scared of spinning tonight...REALLY scared. Remind me again why I'm doing this training crap with you? Oh yeah...right, I LOVE you! LOL!!

Serena is getting closer!

Anonymous said...


I'm tired!
I love woman..they are such delicious creature...
it helps that they love me back..Oooow!
feeling like great things are on the horizon!
It's cancer cancers.but will prolly NEVER date another one..
I keep eating these apple strudles and i cant stop..HELP!must maintain my
i wish i worked with smart people..
Brooke..when i come to NY we gotta hang out..
FB has me back in otuch with elementary school freinds...what part of the game is that.
why they like..."you look the same" like i had a goti when i was 8yrsold.silly..
cant wait to have a blast this weekend..
Serena...we are about to get it in when you get to DC...
i need some new shoes...and some new suits...gotta refresh the fresh..Oooow! Big thangs coming..

momo925 said...

Brooke I'm still salty about the way the instructor scoffed at me when I asked him if he was from The Bronx! LMAO

You hear that DMOE?? BROOKE LOVES ME!!! LMAO And yes we are eating lunch together today too! SO HA!

Thanks Serena! I'll remember that when I'm dead tired and have just reached the 5 mile mark during the race. "oh 1.5 left?? PIECE OF CAKE" lol

JUSTBNME ♥ said...

Hi Brooke & Friends ♥,

As usual I get my "fix" of this blog for the day....LOVE IT!

- didn't realize that you had to say "FIRST BITCHES" when you're the first poster. Thanks for not being too hard on me :)

- I need to minimize...I've got more bills than money

- I miss my lil' sister - she moved to Florida :(

- I still believe that I'm going to win the lottery - soon. No, I don't live in Queens :)

- I've got work to do but I'd rather write these random thoughts....

- Brooke, I voted for your blog, Ant send the link again, and I'll vote for you too.

- Ron Artest gets a point for the jersey #, even thought I am not a Laker fan.

- Wanting to know if there are any more blog etiquette tips I should know about.

Cynthia said...

Brooke, Alpa Chino, the undercover gay rapper, is the FUUNNNNYY with his Booty Sweat Drink, but not sure if im bold enough to have one tho!!

As for the "Full Retard", that is one of my Fave Kirk Lazarus moments! Also, when he spoke the Jefferson's theme song and said "just cause its a theme song dont make it not true"... Had to watch the movie a couple of times to appreciate it...

Momo - if you always wanted to go, you should def make it a point to get there..

Phillygirl and Brooke - Tiny and Toya are like a terrible train wreck, you cant help but watch to make sure everyone makes it out alright...

DMoe said...

See Mo?

Always dippin' in the kool-aid, but never knowin the flavor...

Did Brookey tell you the courts ruled that she spend time with you today? She conveniently left that lil detail out.

Our lawyers thought it would be good for your development, since school will be startin in a few weeks. I know the 4th grade will be tough, but hey, it helps that you are Gary Coleman.

Enjoy your lunch, and daddy will pick you up at the usual time.


Smooches sucka...

Brooke said...

Are folks winning the lottery in Queens?? Let me find out....

Matter of fact, let me buy my ticket tonight! Mama needs a new pair of shoes! And a house...and to pay off bills...and....we'll be here all day.

ZAY!! Where you been!? We definitely need to hang out when you get here. Tell me when! Matter of fact, I may have to make a special trip to hang with you and Serena!!

Maintain your sexy Zay, are you still doing push-ups in your cubicle? LMAO!!

Goatees are sexy as hell!!

Mo, I wanted to smack that instructor after the way he looked at you when you asked him that, but I cracked up when we got outside. He was like "The Bronx? Girl please, go head with that."

He would probably die if he saw where I lived :)

JustBNMe, thank you for the vote!! How many times can a person vote? I think just once...I don't even know the rules...shame :) But thank you!!

Dmoe and Momo (all these damn mo's) - play nice :) There's enough of me to go around...I think :)

Cyn, not sure about watching more of Tiny & Toya, but we'll see. I absolutely cannot watch Frankie and Neffie tho...I refuse. I saw a clip that Yolanda posted on her Witches Brew blog of Frankie (that's the mom right?) terrorizing street performers and smacking a dog on the ass. I was done. DONE!!! She's still on that stuff!

Rameer said...

- I have yet to actually begin any real work today. I'm soooo procrastinating.

- I'm having the most INTERESTING convo on Facebook about the scenario presented in the film Indecent Proposal, which was on last night. wow - people are sooo cynical on marriage and relationships.

- Meryl - you didn't ASK for Maxwell! I will send it your FB inbox in a few minutes...see how that works?

- It Is cancer month, Zay...cuz I'm one of 'em!

- Taste Of Buffalo this weekend - secondest biggest foodfest in the U.S. I can't wait...

- I LOVE an intelligent woman. LOVE 'EM.

- I hate how we as people of color sometimes will stand up for famous people of color no matter what they've done. My biggest example: Robert Kelly...

- I love my family!

- My grown cousin brought her new bf over to meet me the other day. Dude is like 6 ft 3, gotta be like 230 lbs. I'm 5 ft 8, 200 lbs. (I win prizes at carnivals off of this - I've been 200 lbs. since sophomore year of college and NO ONE believes it). Why was this dude MAD PETRO of me?? cousin must've told him I'm LOCO...

- Speaking of Loco, it's ironic my all-Black cousin Mario, who we call Loco, married a beautiful Latina woman recently...lolz.

- Okay - REALLY - I'm going to do some work...

Serena W. said...



Ahem...back to regular font size.

Hey Zay...a sista needs help when I pull in tomorrow afternoon (got some ish in the truck ;-)

Brooke...come to the DMV area! We will have fun!

Momo...I always joke because the last couple of miles in a marathon, tri or whatever are the hardest! It's Jedi mind tricks!

I'm rocking my fly coup d'etat shirt (Peace, Unity, Love and Havin' Fun) shirt in the ATL!

HS reunion is next weekend, I can't wait!

I really can't wait to get my girls from the bus station tomorrow evening! Yes they are rolling from NYC to greet a sista in VA (that's love)!

My girl Funmi who is road tripping with me is the dopest co-pilot!

Ant I'm still waiting to politic about coming to Cuse! Jeff and RiShana wanna come with me too, they are equally dope when it comes to the mic, lyrics and monologue!

Can all of you tell I'm way excited.

Said all of you because I created a bad habit in Dallas by saying y'all! Lol!

About to hit Bahama Breeze Restaurant...too damn excited! I love the atmosphere and drinks.

Damn right...I'm going to have a drink at 1pm! Holla!

Serena W. said...

One last thing...Maxwell's cd is the shiznit! Wow!!!!! I can't stop playing it!

It's smooth, mellow, makes you wanna dance, make love all on one incredible cd! WHEW!

Serena W. said...

Brooke it's $8.98 in Target!

Brooke said...

Rameer just sent it to me on FB!Thank you Rameer! I thought I'd asked you before, my bad!! Y'all know I'm slow getting music, thank you again sweetness!

And when is your bday Rameer? I love Cancers, I get along with them so well...them being fellow water signs and all ;)

Serena, I'm coming's settled! :) be ready for me!

momo925 said...

Dmoe don't be jealous because I'm here and you're not! lol While I get to enjoy fabulous convo and laughs with Brooke in can only dream about it.

So dream on sucka lol

and now we are off to lunch :-P

Brooke said...

LMAO!! You two are hilarious!

Off to lunch we go! Be right back!

Annamaria said...

There is A LOT going on in this blog today... Random thoughts are ALL OVER the place today. I'm sooo confused. LOL
And hungry going to make a sandwich now! :)

P.S.- I wanna get my friend a thank you gift for her help planning my shower. She took on a lot of last minute responsibility thanks to the wackness of a fake friend and I really want to show her how much I appreciated it. Any suggestions???

Rameer said...

Annamaria - I find a good spa date for women is always a nice gift. Y'all LOVE y'all some spa...

-'re welcome! Enjoy the greatness that is Maxwell Rivera.

- I hate bitter women. Like one of my fav comedians, Corey Holcomb, once said:

"Ladies, if you're over 30 and you STILL think all men ain't sh*t...YOU'RE THE PROBLEM."


- I hate bitter men even more. Really, dude? ALL WOMEN are b***hes? Get a clue.

- My birthday, Meryl? It's Deion Sanders, baby - or at least Dominique Wilkins...

- I have to go shoot most of the day at an outlet mall tomorrow. I can't STAND malls. (sigh)...

- Time to eat lunch!

Annamaria said...

Rameer that is a good suggestion....Thanks a bunch...

I just read that Bill Clinton is going to be inducted into my honey's frat!!! :) Good choice boys.

Rameer I agree with you about bitter women. And I would like to add fake ones to that group also... Sorry can we tell I'm a lil disgruntled. I gotta still figure out how to send out my baby shower pics.

Brooke said...

Do it on Snapfish or something like that. Or rejoin FB and put them there :)

Anna, so sorry about your friend, you know I know the feeling.

Spa gift was what I was gonna suggest. Always a great gift because women seldom think to pamper themselves that way. This way, if you give them a spa gift certificate, they HAVE to pamper themselves. And you go with her!

Bill Clinton a Sigma? wow!

Annamaria said...

I downloaded them to Kodak Easy Share but it isn't soo easy for me to share them! lmao... it's not letting me send them. I'll figure it out..

Yeah I am going to do the spa thing for her. Might have to put the joint spa visit on hold til I drop this kid...LOL

Brooke I know you know the feeling but trust me this one took me by complete surprise & was just SHADIER than I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

Re...I'm on it! give me a holla when you touch down! I can help you uunpack when i get out of the office...
Brooke..thanks for helping me spell GOATEES..I do feel kinda of sexy now that you mention my secret sauce..not that was sexy..Ooow! appears Brooke is about to get the DC business..she aint get Ang and Ora in the mix...
Yo Ant you need to come to DC too fam!!
I just had some mango was excellent!! ready to go get it in...but i have 3 hours left...sigh.

im feeling it today...i must have jumped up out the bed and put my swag on..(that will be the last time i qoute soulja boy) sorry hip hop...
Zaycrest Out!

Annamaria said...

OH AND YES BILL IS GOING TO BE A SIGMA.I was soo impressed..I didn't think they had it in them...I told them they need to get Obama & they would be straight! :)

Rameer said...

- Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton and Stevie Wonder are going to be inducted as Phi Beta Sigmas? Wow...

- I ain't forgave Bill or Hillary for all that racist bullcrap they were spewing when that b***h was running against President Obama...

- Oh, I KNOWS women. Trust...the spa date came to mind quick-fast in a hurry! Annamaria - I think she should def go with that.

- Why does my left hand hurt???

- People are telling me I did a great job on a project for this this traveling science exhibit called "Bodyworlds". I like people acknowledging my work, but damn - don't I ALWAYS do my damned thing? Why do the white people at my job feel the need to come up to ME all the time to say "hey, you did a REALLY good job!" but don't do it with the other WHITE cats in my department? Oh, they're just EXPECTED to do a good job, and it's a surprise when I do it?

As Meryl would say...buffoonery.

- Laundry night for me. And I've got tons of things to iron...I HATE ironing.

- I probably have put this numerous times on the blog...but COT-DAYUM we got some bad-a$$ female interns! Seriously...I think I'm walking into a shoot for Maxim some days.

- I hang out with my friend Princess A LOT...why are people talking to my peers about us "creeping" around town?? And why do they care? Let a brother get seen with ONE cute white girl...geez.

- The politicians in my city are so ridiculous when you get to know them. They're all pu$$y-hungry hounds...married or not. Shameful.

- I'm s'posed to watch the movie "Garden State" soon. Anyone seen it?

- I can't believe the ineptitude of people at my job who have to use computers. How do you have a computer you use daily, and have NO CLUE about computers? And you haven't figured it out YET after using it daily??

- I have wine at home I'm soooo looking forward to drinking...

- I love the response Maxwell is getting. I'm hoping he comes in at over 200,000 in first week sales...

- Headphones are mandatory for maintaining sanity when I'm sitting at my desk. Listening to Michael Jackson as I type this.

- Lebron got dunked on by a college sophomore and had all video of the incident destroyed? Bitcha$$ness.

- Off to do more work...

THATgirl said...

-My wallet got stolen at Bally's on Monday--and no one attempted to write an incident report or anything. These people "up north" suck. That's never happened to me at home in VA. Luckily, it was one of those little flat thingys that only hold cards and a little cash. They only got me for about $4 though-I cancelled my bank card about 20 minutes later, and ordered a new license online. Losers.

-I just feel so uninspired. I KNOW its my hair. I don't like it, so I'm so lackadaisical about life in general. I need to change it.

-I need to do some summer traveling. I don't have enough leave for a REAL vacay--but I can work something out.

-Being single is ok. This is the first time in my life I've gone without a boo--and I'm 29. Sad, but true. I really don't mind though....

-I have the most random thoughts all throughout the week...but when Thursday comes, they disappear. Interesting.

THATgirl said...

-Oh yeah--I wanted to comment on the blog yesterday but I would have been first. I didn't want to upset the pregnant lady, so I didn't...LOL

Brooke said...

oh, so you let someone else get tased!? LOL!!

"the pregnant lady" LMAO!!

Sorry your wallet got stolen, that's wack :(

Rameer, I HATE ironing too. I purposely buy clothes that don't require ironing...unless it's something that can be steamed or folded really tightly fresh out the dryer. I can't even tell you the last time I ironed something.

But I LOVE doing laundry...go figure. HATE washing dishes!

That's funny about LeBron, I saw that your FB link...too funny! And if true, yes...bitchassness.

Uh...did you answer me about your birthday? What is all this Deion Sanders crap? Just tell me!

Being single only sucks when you're cold in the winter and want someone to snuggle up with or when you need someone to put something together for you :)

Otherwise, it can be quite fun!

Rameer said...

My birthday is Tim Duncan, Meryl. Or at least Kevin Garnett with the T-wolves...

Little Girl Blue said...

-I'm excited about my trip to Vegas next week even though it's a conference. I'm happy my boo is tagging along!
-I realized that I need a serious vacation (and not just some sad excuse of one combined with a conference for work).
-As soon as I got to work today I wanted to go back home. I like my job, but just dog tired.
-I'm overjoyed to be reconnecting with family that only knew me as a little kid.
-Counting down until the "Video Games Live" concert at Wolf Trap Theatre for the Arts here in VA tomorrow night. (
-I'm a grown black woman and I'm a gamer. (And a HUGE tech geek. AND what?)
-I'm obsessed with MAC cosmetics and Vitamix mixers. I have the former, but need the latter in my life, STAT.

Brooke said...

Okay Rameer, I see you.

Pretty Girl Blue - I am so glad to see the beautiful woman you've become! You will be the first pereson I see when I trek down to the DMV area - and then Serena and Zay! He said I'm gonna get the business when I go down there, but I think y'all betta watch out for ME!! Look out!

Zay, I'm sure the goatee is sexy to the nth degree!

What is Vitamix?

Little Girl Blue said...

I'm holding you to that visit, B!

So, I'm pretty much Betty Crocker. I have kitchen gadgets galore and love to cook and bake. A Vitamix is the mixer that they use in restaurants and on shows like Iron Chef America. I saw one demo'd at the DC Kitchen and Culinary Arts show last year and fell in love. Steve (the aforementioned boo) told me I was crazy because it was a $400 mixer. I could quote the infomercial, but it's probably easier to check out the website:

I'm also shopping around for a 50-55" LCD tv. Anyone have recommendations? (Definitely

Little Girl Blue said...

And, B, the flattery is not necessary, but nonetheless appreciated. :) We gots good genes!

Brooke said...

Yes we do! I must admit :) But you're still gorgeous!

A $400 mixer? - maybe that's why I never heard of it :) But I love to bake cheesecakes, so I may have to investigate!

I think I owe Annamaria one - would have made her one for her shower, but I was running around Philly for the Beyonce concert and barely made it back to NY my damn self! I'll have to get her one before lil mama comes :)

I want a new tv too, but I don't NEED one, can't justify the expense. It would be pure frivolity. Frivolousness? Is that a word? :) LOL!

I just got a bunch of suggestions for writing a book...think I could do it? Any other book topics y'all can think of?

Honestly, I think I could be the next Zane...but y'all don't know nuthin bout dat ;)

Little Girl Blue said...

Let me find out that you're a purveyor of the nasty narrative...

PS, Send a cheesecake my way! lol.

Brooke said...

I write a lil erotic poetry on the side...but last time I mentioned that I traumatized my sister :)

"purveyor of the nasty narrative"

I like that!

Cheesecake will be with me when I come see you :)

Rameer said...

Meryl...did you figure it out *yet*?

Brooke said...

Not yet...

Brooke said...

Jersey #'s? 21st?

Rameer said...


I named a BUNCH of different athletes, some of whom don't even play the same sport. Outside of the fact that they're all rich, Black male athletes...what do they all have in common??

The same thing that Michael Jordan and Lebron James have in common...

Rameer said...


YOU GOT IT!!! make me seem like I'm spewing Chinese Arithmetic...lolz.

Anthony Otero said...

- Serena, I have started talking to the right people to get you up we will talk soon

- My blog:

- Releasing emotions is actually quite liberating.

Anonymous said...

Brooke you should write a book. I have been telling you that for forever but NOOOOOO you wait to hear it from someone else!!! Shady, and Ah yes you did traumatize me!!! Hands over ears saying lalalala!!! LOL

Rameer WHY DOES YOUR LEFT HAND HURT???? Save it for TMI Tuesday.

I love Za, he is so funny!!!
Annamaria you can still make it to Sesame Place this summer...U got time...

I am going to make a cake today and I think I will eat it all too!!!! Back to the gym on Sunday....And perhaps I will use my mixer even though its a box cake LOL

Why was I having a good time at Chuck E Cheese the other day.....I got like 1000 tickets. Almost fought some little kid over tokens!!!

My new favorite TV channel HGTV

I saw this guy on TV and thought hmm he is fine and sexy, but he reminds me of someone...then it dawned on me...Vince....I've known him so long and only thought about him like a brother...It made me feel a little dirty!!!

Then it made me wonder all these famous folks that Brooke said could get it, I wonder what regular joe's that she is friends with could ....hmm save it for TMI Tuesday Brooke...LMAO

Ok a cake awaits me....

Brooke said...

Rameer, I thought of that right away, but what threw me off was that I thought Cancer ended before the that a cusp?

Ant! Where you been all day? :)

Nicole, don't eat a whole cake! DON'T DO IT!!

(save me some) :-) LOL!!

Vince is fine ain't he? He's one of my possibles for my baby daddy. But he's all the way out in CALI!

We'll have to work something out, maybe he'll be back in 2 years.

Y'all don't wanna know which of my male friends could get it...their wives/girlfriends/jumpoffs might try to come after me :) I'll tell you offline :)

We need to keep you out of Chuck E Cheese...

Annamaria said...

Yeah I can MAKE IT TO Seasame Place & back BUT to walk around it all day is another story....LMAO

Plus I can't get on any of my favorite rides so it would be a complete WASTE of time. Trust me I went to a carnival for the 4th of July & was soo annoyed because of this.

I don't know about the Chuck E. Cheese's in PA BUT the ones out here are annoying. I want to yoke up all the lil kids that go there. The last time I went I almost beat about 4 kids & some nasty a** lil brat sneezed on me to the point where I walked him to his mother & told her off for his lack of manners. THAT IS THE ONE LOCATION WHERE A TASER DEFINITELY COMES IN HANDY!!! lmao

Anonymous said...

If you where coming this weekend I could save you some but not for a whole week!!!! I can't wait my mouth is watering......Think its hormone related.....And no not the pregnancy hormone....

Annamaria girl I feel you on that....walking all day in the hot ass sun...PREGNANT is liable to get many a folks tased....LOL

Wow you should have seen the dust on my mixer....that's a damn shame....

hmm I smell cake....

Brooke said...

yeah, I won't be back home for a minute...which is probably good if you're baking cakes and whatnot :)

Sesame Place is no good for pregnant ladies...especially not shank, taser carrying pregnant women :)

Annamaria said...

These days NO PLACE is a good place for a taser, shank carrying pregnant woman!!! You have NOOO idea... I was in the carnival about to shank someone cause I was like these damn people see my belly WHY must they keep bumping into it??? WTF?

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