Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My family made it to Morocco safe and sound...thank you all for your prayers for their safe travels.

- I miss them already :-(

- I missed Black in America 2 last night cuz my cable is acting funky. Not cool. I'll have to tivo it and watch it at work...Time Warner coming on Saturday...dagnabbit!

- ...which means I'm gonna miss the second half tonight. We can discuss after I get caught up.

- This 60 year old Italian dude tried to mack me on the train yesterday...was adorable :-)

- I want fresh flowers for my desk.

- Maxwell is dreamy.

- 2:28, 2:29, 2:29, 2:31, 2:32, 2:37 AM - the times ole boy called AGAIN last night. F*ckery.

- Why did someone suggest I write a blog on anal sex yesterday? 1) I've never tried it. 2) If I HAD, how exactly do I write THAT blog? I write about sex...but slow down.

- Rameer would cringe and run and hide anyway.

- How do you feel about Kelis not letting Nas in the delivery room to witness the birth of their new baby boy? Hmmm....

- Anyone know a good poetry spot in NYC where they actually let "virgin poets" spit on the mic - a la Love Jones? Hit me up!

- Mo wants me to not only SPIN with her, but now SWIM with her too! Remind me why I'm killing myself again? Oh yeah...right...a friend supporting another friend in her triathlon training. Damn she lucky I love her ass! Please donate if you haven't already :-)

- I can't wait to read what DMoe is rockin' today. Probably some more hot ish I've never heard of before. I'm just gonna give him an empty iPod and let him do his thang.

- Oprah Winfrey, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige are all my my head.

- I wanna put my braids back's gettin' too hot to be doing my hair.

- I want water ice...lemon.

- The show 16 and Pregnant traumatizes me.

- Did y'all hear the Naked Cowboy wants to run for Mayor of NYC? Buffoonery.

- I hate washing dishes.

- This week has been some of the best sleep I've gotten in a long time...and I can't wait to sleep in this weekend. I want to do absolutely NOTHING!




DMoe said...

First BITCHES!!!

The streak continues!!!!

Dmoe aka Smallie Biggs

Brooke said...

You're supposed to tell us what you're rocking today man!

Now I think I'M gonna tase you!

THATgirl said...

DAMMIT...I've been camped out here all morning!!!

That's Lisa's random thought for today. :(

Brooke said...


No Lisa, you have to give us MORE!


Annamaria said...

1. After Brooke tases DMoe I'll tase him.

2. Congrats on all your sleep. I on the other hand haven't slept for crap. I was rearranging the babys closet at 1am and then woke up at 5. It's one thing for a baby to keep you up at night when they are HERE but what is this bafoonary with her keeping me up while she is still in the womb!

3.I'm watching this show called Wedlock or Deadlock & this dude SERIOUSLY needs to DEAD this bitch. She is a gold digging heifer. She is mad cause he bought her a 2007 S class Mercedes and not a 2009. AND is fighting with him cause he wants to marry her & wants her to be the mother of his child. AND BROTHER IS FINE. DOES THIS BITCH KNOW HOW MANY WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO BE IN HER POSITION. STEP TO THE SIDE HEIFER. BROOKE CALL THE SHOW..LOL.

4. Austin & I are in a race to the delivery room with 2 other couples. One due the same day as us & one due 2 days after me...LOL

5. My daddy brought me breakfast this morning.. :)

6. SO glad Nicole made it to Morrocco safe & sound. Now all she gotta do is make it back the same way & we will all be happy.

7. I wanna go to get a pedicure but I'm tired.

8. I love the Wendy Williams show.

9. Brooke I LOVE the braids in your hair. It looked sooo good on you. I think you should put them back.

Annamaria said...

1. Brooke tase that fool so he can stop calling you in the middle of the night.

2. I just read that Kelis didn't turn him away from the delivery room. They are saying the hospital staff did cause he showed up at the hospital drunk & they thought he could be a danger. Now if that is true that is a DAMN SHAME. He should know better. If she really did turn him away I think that is mean. It's his kid too & should not be penalized for what his parents are going thru

THATgirl said...

I was gonna come back...I just had to be mad for a sec and regroup.

* I've realized that alot of things I think go on in my life are in my own head. No one actually wonders if the vintage Gucci clutch I'm carrying is authentic or not. No one is wondering why I haven't made it back to the nail shop to get the chip in my polish fixed...jeez I have issues.

* Working 9 hour days isn't so bad.

* Older men are where it's at...and I'm 29, so anything over 33 is older to me.

* Yesterday, I was really considering moving back home and just commuting 1.5 hours each way to work. I'm gonna stick it out a little longer though. Things are looking up...

* All of my exes are assholes, or something like it. Whenever I speak to any of them, I just wonder what the hell I was thinking--ugh!

* The good part about that though, is that I can't be put into that box of chicks that "pass up good guys"....

*...even though I almost did THIS time. I'm gonna see what we can make out of it first though-I have nothing to lose, and a track record that could use a little improvement lol.

* Tomorrow is my day off--wooohoooo!!

* I hope this weekend is better than last weekend.

Serena W. said...

What is up with Nas and Kelis. I liked them together.

Had a blast at my high school reunion weekend.

Loved being with my Mom, Nana and sis all day Sunday into Monday. I already miss them :(

This transition is really, really tough.

I know God has a plan for me back east!

I may spit some poetry at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest Saturday.

Just pray my voice comes back (I have a summer cold). Sucks!

Still rocking Maxwell!!!!

Brooke get your braids back in, I liked them too.

Go Momo!!!! So proud of her.

Hey Brooke if you get the running down then you can do a tri next year.

Monica you are inspiring me! I may train for one next year.

I sooooo want to do the Reggae Marathon in Jamaica!

My apartment is coming together.

Contracts...yeah they are challenging.

I dislike unprofessional people! The worst to work with!

Not sure what else is on my mind.

Just pray for a sista everyone. Transition is a beast but I'll get through.

Brooke said...

I can see calling once to see if you can get it...but 6 times??!! Are you f*ckin serious?

He will get a talking to today.

Annamaria, I have a feeling you'll beat all of them to the delivery room, cuz you look like you're about to pop!

Lisa, look at it this way, things can only get better on the boyfriend front :)

Moving back home can be tricky, make sure you're really up for it.

I have some pretty awesome exes. There aren't many of them I can say too many bad things about.

Annamaria, I must admit...I kind like the Wendy Williams Show too ;)

I'm loving my tan :)

Braids are going back in, I've decided. It's a wrap.

Running is bad for my knees, I wish I could!

Serena, prayers sent up.

I want oxtails and rice and peas for lunch...mmmmm!

The lady who sits next to me says "breffus" instead of "breakfast." Drives me nuts!

Brooke said...

Oh, and if Nas really WAS drunk, that's a shame :(

phillygrl said...

not much to say but that Im leaving for the Atlantis in a few days

--delivery room drama..i had it--my son's dad was coming from a night of partying(it was a sat night) & my water broke, we rushed to chestnut hill hospital( if you know philly..u know germantown ave is MAD bumpy w/ cobblestones & what not, so Im screaming up a storm to slow down..

obviously he came in delivery room however he was a bit woozy & 'starts' w/, by starts I mean acting a fool b/c he was drinking...i had to cuss him out (AND I DONt EVEN CUSS!!:-)& the midwife looked at us all crazy..i just needed him to be quiet..not rubbing all in my hair trying to kiss me---normally that would be nice, but I was in pain & he smelled of liquor) ..Im like WTF...!! u r drunk get outta here...heleft me alone, but I was in no mood for his shenanigans...

( this may sound crazy , but you had to be ready for a 15 inch epidural needle in my back & he talking in my face(with liquor breath) bout my brown skin, etc., etc...EFF outta here!! i wasn't having it.--

****on to something else...Wendy williams is my girl !& in my head Erykah badu is my friend well as Janet jackson.

--my son loves to sing..he has a guitar & drums & plays them like no tomorrow...very cute!!

--my cat will hate me for leaving for a week..but my grandmom is coming to feed her...that she will love b/c my grandmom treats animals like people.

---i just had my 20th high school reunion REALLY NICE...for those of you who think ahhh, the heck with it & don't want to go to reunions..GO...good times will be had!

--i was listening to an old cd mix that a friend made..Mary J. is the best!

---my grandmom had a 'crazy' freind that just passed away, my grandmom had been calling her since the michael jackson death to talk to her, but no answer..she alienated everyone( had a twin sister didn't even speak to in 10 years) & was alone..others smelled something & called police....please tell the ones you love you love them, call an old friend to say hi! Irony is..she , like MJ has tons & tons of prescription grandmom said the last two times she talked to her, she told her she was slurring her words & stop taking all those pills...

--sorry to be morbid..but life is short, enjoy your friends & family!

phillygrl said...

p.s. brooke...I can't stand people who don't pronounce words correctly...PET PEEVE..drives me crazy!

Annamaria said...

Phillygirl...I would have felt EXACTLY like you in the delivery room... I'm going to TRY MY BEST to be pleasant & not mean to Austin... He is very supportive & sweet but I know sometimes you just ain't in the mood..LOL

Rameer said...

- Wendy Williams looks like a tranny and is a waste of human matter. I can't STAND that hater. I'd trade her for MJ to be back ANY DAY.

- I'm not gonna watch "Black In America 2". I was disappointed by last year's, and I caught an excerpt last night where they were sending kids to South Africa. While what they were doing was cool, it did nothing to enrich me, inspire me or teach me squat. I think that program is moreso for white folks than me, anyways.

- I DETEST that people always want to go to South Africa when that continent comes up. Reality - that's the one country on the continent that whites have felt the safest, and that attitude has evolved into that is *the* country you go to when you visit the Motherland. F dat. I would never go...but this is a MUCH deeper convo than I can get into here.

- I found out today I offended a girl attracted to me by jokingly telling her on my birthday I'd prefer a birthday CHECK rather than some birthday SEX from her. Turns out she was could I know? And who the hell throws themselves out there at a guy like that, anyways?

I still stand by my me! Lolz!

- I love that Obama spoke up about the Henry Louis Gates situation.

- I went for ice cream last night with a old white man dropped a $20 bill as he was preparing to pay for his group's goodies. I picked it up and gave it to him, and he thanked me. 5 minutes later as me and my friend were sitting eating our ice cream, he walks over and gives me...A TIP?!? We were stunned. I felt like Chicken George! And he wouldn't take it back...he left it on our table and walked away. What type of antebellum Southern ish is THAT??

- I had such a wonderful birthday. I truly felt loved by people who aren't family and not my crew. It was overwhelming.

- I'm currently playing Fort Minor really loud to drown out these loud-a$$ people. Why are people always loud near my desk??

Rameer said...

- I'm on vacation for 2 weeks starting 6pm Friday. I may go to Atlanta or DC...we'll see.

- I love watching certain women have reactions that an experienced person can expect from that gender. I never tell them that they're doing what I expect - I just mention it to a friend and say "now let's watch". And, as sure as the sun rises, certain ones fall in line like lemmings. It's fun, ladies - try it with "typical" men you know.

- I'm going to eat birthday cake for dinner tonight - cuz I don't feel like cooking, and cuz I WANT to. German Chocolate cake from mi abuela...mmm!

- Drowning out these people with music feels good.

- I have more ironing to do. Ugh.

- My friend's son listens to me more than he listens to his him. I keep telling him to put some base in his voice and stop being such a pushover...

- My sister got me a Dark Knight graphic novel for my birthday present. She's soooooo money!

- I found out she hustled me into helping her get a new computer when she might not have really needed one, though...

- Michelle Obama is FINE.

- I have a crush on Amanda Diva...and WANT Amerie...

- I love it when people tell you something about yourself like it's going to make you change or not own up to it. Example - calling me mean has no effect on me. I AM. It's like telling me water is wet - I just keep the convo going...

- I really like Kings Of Leon.

- I notice everyone on the blog is jabbing me lately! When did I become Cable Guy? (Joking!)

- I still watch "The Real World", and LOVE the new season of it so far.

Annamaria said...

AWWWW Rameer we aren't jabbing you & no offense to the cable dude BUT you aren't the cable dude. I think we just bother cause we know you aren't sensitive & aren't going to let it get to you. Same with me...I'll just tase a nigga before I let something get to me..LMAO

Georgia Peach said...

Hi all -

1) I'm so glad it's's my next to last day at work. I'm moving to Belgium ya'll! hahahaha

2) I really have a lot of stuff to get done before I move. I just ordered my books and have to start a few classes before my program even starts

3) The visa application process for Belgium is a pain in the a$$. Really hoping to get it submitted and approved soon.

4) I'm hungry and I think I want a turkey burger (I had one earlier this week, but it wasn't good).

5) I bailed on an associates b-day drinks last nite (I was tired & home in bed by 9:15) and got a scathing e-mail from her friend this AM. Apparently none of the 8 that were coming showed up last night. :( I feel guilty now about this...

6) I am watching this press conference about the FBI busts in NJ - wtf is going on in that state - 44 peeps arrested (including 3 mayors and 2 assemblyman) yikes!!!

7) I daydream about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this company in my exit interview, but I know that in the end I'll tone it down and be uber diplomatic. :/ I hate punking out like that...

8) Sorry to hear about your birth situation @Phillygrl

9) Good luck @Annamaria on the birth of your baby girl.

10) This weekend I am planning to really dig in and get rid of the majority of the stuff I don't want to keep.

11) I might go to see "the ugly truth" this weekend...I need a comedy. I saw "500 Days of Summer" last Friday and it was great, but left me a little down even tho it wasn't an unhappy ending.

12) Brooke - sounds like you have a stalker...that's some crazy ish! Watch that gurl...

Rameer said...

@ Annamaria - lol! So THAT'S why. I thought everyone had jumped on Ant's cue for a second...I find it funny when people get on me!

- I OVERDOSED on Mojitos on my birthday. white colleagues wanted me to get drunk, which wasn't going to happen - I refused to even have a HINT of liquor. But once I found out the place we were at made good Mojitos, I showed them why you NEVER give me an open tab on someone else's dime...I drank about 3 pitchers worth of Mojitos! They were like "damn - you ain't drunk YET??"

Note to people - I can still drink like I'm in college. My tolerance is actually a bit embarrassing.

- Why did this white woman at work come running over to tell me that Jamie Foxx is coming to town, like I'm s'posed to do backflips? I hate how certain white people assume what I would like - trick, you ain't come tell me that Billy Joel was comin'! Or that Metallica will be here in the Fall! Why I gotta be hyped about EVERY Hip Hop and R&B act??

- I wish the "Fresh Prince" was still on with new episodes.

- I I hope they bring "The Game" back.

- Jada Pinkett Smith is the second most beautiful woman in all of entertainment to me. She's another example of God saying "Oh? I don't exist? BAM! What'chu gotta say about THAT??" Lmao!

- #1 is Salma Hayek...I think she's flawless and it's not remotely up for debate with me...

- I don't mean to sound conceited...but I have very good taste in music, if I do say so myself...

- I have a HUGE MEETING today about when we're going to start construction on a historic theater my group is restoring. We're talking millions of dollars here, people!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Let the cable guy "fix your cable." Oh so that's what we're calling it now.

-I got two quick thoughts on Black in AMerica II

-The compilation of stories was not bad.. however I'm trying to find the reason why they call that collection Black America.

-Soledad O'Brian added nothing to the program. I think I have a problem with her telling our story. Not cause she's light skinnedededed... but because it seems as though she lacked something. Can't quick put my finger on it. She didn't make me feel it. I almost think Anderson Cooper would have been better.

-Got a meeting in a few so no time for shenigans with you guys today. I have my own shenanigans to take care of.

-I hate proofreading...however I get mad when I look at stuff that I wrote that has mad typos. I think people think I'm an illiterate M effer sometime.

Brooke said...

I just got back from lunch and I can't keep up with all the random thoughts today!

Monica and I always crack up at lunch time...I find that I look forward to lunch more than any part of my day :)

The cleaning lady almost killed me with a pizza box...that's how much she wanted to get to the pizza before anyone else...and I was eating sushi. She buggin.

Monica said she might have to work late and we not make it to spinning class in time. Yay...I mean, Booo! ;)

Karen, I had no idea you had that much drama in the delivery room!

My yahoo messenger is acting funky, so I can't see when you all leave comments like I usually do. I have to keep hitting "refresh" - this sucks.

Glee, I'm gonna miss you when you move to Belgium, but I'm so excited for you!

Rameer, 3 pitchers??? Lush! ;)

If cable guy wants to come fix my cable, he can...but he's not giving me free HBO like Time Warner is.

Brooke said...

Just realized I have a yogurt left in my bag from this morning. I can't eat it now can I? :(

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

I had some meetings and projects to handle earlier, so all I had time for was the proverbial dance in ya'lls endzone.

Anyhoo -

Here's where I'm at:

- My barber is (seriously) one of the great craftsmen of his profession. Every now and then, he's got new techniques that keep my cuts on point for weeks. I mean damn. However, dude moves around like a vagabond. Call for an appointment, and he's like "catch me at the new spot..." WHAT??
Me and my boys always complain about his constant moving around, but we never DO anything. LOL. We know he's doin' us wrong, but we can't leave him. We just can't. That was some self-professed "bitchassedness" I have for my barber. Yep, I said it.

- My whip (the vehicle I drive) is officially a high-blower. Even when I wash it, I'm just not aroused. It runs fine, and I'm grateful to god for only a few more payments, but its just not sexy anymore. I think its the ipod thing. I'm over it. Its time to have a sit-down.

- I have serious contempt for people who comment on clothes by first saying "Is that new?"
Uh, listen. If this is about you liking this shirt, liking it on me, wishing you could take it off, or buying one for your man, we can dice any of those up with some good dialogue. However, your ice-breaking skills suck, and i'm officially a boulder that won't fit in the glass of conversation with you. Try to cube or crush me with "Hey, I like that shirt" and then allow me to randomly ramble about the sale I caught, the original chick that told me to by it, or the Men's Health ad I saw it in.

And with that, here's what DMoe's rockin' today:

Lupe Fiasco/Paris, Tokyo. As for today's hip-hop, this cat is largely slept on. This song is a slick poem on travels of the mind, the mental expansion as you venture out into the world, and the fun to be had along the way. Ok, it might not be that deep, but that's what I make of it.

Al Jarreau/Agua de Beber. Listen up kids: Al Jarreau is the real deal based on his "genre-less" flavor. In the late 70s, this guy mastered the art of syncopated rhythms with his voice as an instrument. An Al cut is Uber-Funky in a quiet, jazzy-ass way. Classic line from this remake: "Your love is rain, my heart a flower...I need your kiss, or I will die."
Yes Indeed Al.

So far from home/Jazzanova feat Phonte.
Jazzanova is filed under electronic, but if you know Phonte' (from Little Brother), you gotta check this one out. The group's recordings range from a sound of pseudo-hip-hop, some lounge, and electronic with some jazzy flavor thrown in.
As for Little Brother, I'll save my praise for a later RTT, but the boys bang. Incredible rhyme skill and word-play. Simply put.

That's all for now...

Your friend and mine,


Brooke said...

your barber makes you feel "pretty, oh so pretty!" LOL!

Women are the same way with stylists...wait....was THAT the bitchassedness you were speaking of? He got y'all turned OUT!

Al Jarreau huh? hmmmm....

Serena W. said...

Rameer if you make it to DC CALL ME!!!!! I want to see you :) you know the Cuse crew down here rolls deep!

Wendy Williams sucks!

Still jamming to Maxwell lol.

Okay Brooke don't run, but you can do a relay Tri ;-)

Dreading taking my twists out next week.

All good my girl said she'll hook em up again for free!

Free is nice when it's good!

Only saw half of the BET awards. Mom DVR'd it and somehow it stopped right at Alicia Keys accepting her award (NOOOOO)! I missed Maxwell!

Double sigh.

Brooke said...

Wendy Williams is fun to look at. She DOES look like a tranny. I saw her standing on a corner in the city once and thought it was Ru Paul!

A relay triathlong? Do tell!

Why do I have the itis off of sushi? really?

Don't feel like doing any work.

Brooke said...

Why did this pregnant woman in my dept. just go into my drawer where I'm hiding my candy (cuz fools don't know how to take JUST ONE) and get a piece of candy like I ain't even sittin' here?!!

Those hormones must be affecting her mind, cuz that was just BOLD!

da hell??

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, I'm late, but I'm here.

Uh...Brookey...why you ain't call me? You know I would have fixed you. And your cable too ;)

I get off at 6 if you want me to stop thru and give it a look.

Why y'all talkin about me when I ain't here? ;) No one comes at me except Latinegro. He just wishes he was as close to Brooke as I am, I'm wearing her down slowly :)

Where Craig at?

I find myself agreeing with DMoe's playlist every week.

Annamaria said...

You should have shanked her pregnant ass... Even I know better than that.

Reminds me of the time I was at a BBQ & eating a piece of chocolate cake & my sister in law tried taking a piece....UMMMMMM are you out your mind. I gladly got her a piece of cake of her own & proceeded to eat my own piece. BUT REFUSED to share my piece. lol

Brooke remember my baby shower. I had my own cake so I didn't have to share with anyone.... It's these little things that make me love Austin.. he thinks of the dumbest things that make me happy

Brooke said...

Yes, that was actually quite funny! I remember seeing you walk around with a little cake and a fork, just as happy as you can be!

Austin is da bomb!! LOL!

...and very smart. You've trained him well :)

j/k :)

Anthony Otero said...

- being lazy today

- No work until monday

- Black in America 2 was ok

- Brooke....Direct TV please.

- Brooke and I are starting a new blog, stay tunes for details

Yolanda said...

Man, I hate work travel…it throws me all off my blog game. I’m so late. Anyway, here goes!

-Rameer, hit me up if you come to DC. You know, we talk much “isht” on these here internetz but, dude, have we ever actually *met*? I laugh at that all the time.

-Plus, if you come to DC, I can finally give you the appropriate Ike Turner choke-out you deserve for all that smack you talk.

-I went to Detroit this week for work. HATED IT! OMG my people. OMG. It looks like Hurricane Katrina happened *there*. We GPS’d two restaurants, looking for good grub last night and ONE was closed (as in, no real signs of life on the street but the building looked like perhaps it could be a functioning restaurant sometimes). The OTHER place was non-existent! How nuts.

-Sadly, I’ll be back in Detroit next week for another shoot. Ick. The place gave me the heeby-geebies. Not to mention the random pair of men’s shoes I discovered in my hotel room last night. Strange!

-I hear that anal eaze works well, Brooke. LMAO.

-I’m having a numerology reading with Lloyd Strayhorn on Saturday. That dude is so on-point it’s ridiculous. Stay tuned!

-Asked for a raise…DENIED! But I’m proud I stood my ground and told the mean manager lady that “I understand this company is a business but I’m a business too.” My Jay-Z moment! She kinda stuttered a bit. Maybe I shook her. Ha. Time to plot my exit though. I’m tired of working for people. My name is not Kizzy.

-Pet peeve from the week: people who don’t READ, despite your efforts to make things simple and outline details

-Another peeve: people who carry NO CASH on them. Dude, this is Detroit. Do you REALLY think the Jamaican restaurant with the COMPLETELY bullet proof enclosed counter really uses debit cards? Come on. I’ve seen banks with less security.

-Another pet peeve: people who do not wear watches and think because you do, they can hit you up for the time ALL the time. Pull out your cell phone and look it up. My watch gives ME the time. (Sorry, I’m mean today)

-Still grooving to Maxwell. It’s like I’m in a stupor. I bounce from my Maxwell playlist of all his albums (yeah, I still say albums) to my Michael Jackson playlist. Somehow I always get stuck on MJ’s “Baby Be Mine” (it’s my jam)

-Did ya'll ladies know you can use the powder Magic Shave for sensitive skin on your hoo-ha area and it gives you a pretty smooth "Brazilian" on the cheap? Hey, it's a recession...thought I'd share my secrets! LMAO

-I cannot wait to get my hair done on Tuesday. I look like a cotton ball. I said fugg it this morning and just brushed it all back. I just got it cut this month but I look ka-razy already. Growing like a weed. But that’s a good thing.

-Think I’ll go for a mani/pedi tonight. I’ve earned it.

-I really need to make more time for myself in the morning. My poor MAC case is collecting dust. I need to slather some color on and bronze myself up. Ha!

-Still want a dog but it would be so unfair to the dog because I’m all over the place.

-I want a tattoo…but where to put it. Ah, decisions, decisions.

DMoe said...

Yolanda's "Hoo-ha" area secret is priceless. Not for the fact that we are in a recession, and corners are being cut, but based on the fact that she called it the "hoo-ha" area.

I am laughing right now, and I can't seem to find air.


Brooke said...

Yolanda, you always make me laugh! "Hoo-ha!" I have another friend who calls it that and I crack up every time!

I've never met Rameer either, but you'd think we were old friends :)

I look like a cotton ball too, thus why braids will be back. It's been so HUMID lately. wack!

Powder Magic Shave! I gotta hit you up offline and see what THAT'S about. I was contemplating getting my first wax, a friend swears by them and said she'd go with me, but I'm SKERRED!!

Anal Eaze???....whoa....

Detroit never looked attractive to me after 8 Mile...that's Detroit right?

I hated Mehki Phifer's fake dreads in that movie...he looked just plain stupid. That was 8 Mile right? I feel like I haven't seen that movie in years...and I own it!

Georgia Peach said...

@Yolanda- I had the WORST biz trip ever in Detroit and haven't been back since. I stayed at the Renaissance which was under construction (they should have closed that ish). Arrived super late, it looked hella deserted and I checked in against my better judgement. I got to my room and immediately went to bed (I was the only person on my floor and the lights were all dark and ish) VERY SCARY.

Anyhoo cut to 2:30 AM I wake up to the alarm in the hotel going off - I try to call the front desk only to discover the phone in my room is disconnected. I call them on my cell phone and they were all ho-hum about that it goes on for another 20 mins.

I try to go back to sleep (fitfully) and then I wake up early b/c I had to work a festival that AM and the damn shower drain is clogged. So I'm standing in calf deep water trying to shower. I was NEVER so glad to leave a city as fast as I left the D. And that was way before the recession truly hit. :( Never again.

I also hate peeps that can't read and big ups for asking for that raise. I'm all about the exit strategy.

@Brooke - I saw the cable guys comment about fixing you...better take him up on that girl! ;)_

Yolanda said...

Is the Cable Guy down for servicing many people? Don't you guys have a quota or something? LOL

Peach... I was SO happy driving to the airport today. My co-worker checked in and got to his room and found someone else's stuff in there. They gave him a key to open a room that was ALREADY occupied. Can you imagine the horror if someone was actually inside there? I bolted that sucker down and put a chair behind the door. On an up-note though, the hotel did have a nice iPod player.

Georgia Peach said...

That is CRAZY...sounds like something that would happen ONLY in Detroit. I don't know what is wrong with that city... hope your trip next week is better. Don't stay at that same hotel if you can help it.

Brooke said...

Note to self: Never go to Detroit.

The Fury said...

LAST Bitches! LOL

I'm a day late and a dollar short so here we go...

- when Beyonce does that freak pop thing in her video...I understand what fun Jigga must be having.

- This weather aint so bad after all, fuck it

- that Maxwell album is some hot shit. Dude really came back.

- where the hell is D'angelo now?

- I hear I need to read yesterday's post too...

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