Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

What's crackalackin' peoples!?

You have 10 more days to vote for my nomination for the Black Weblog Awards. You also have 10 more days to vote for Ant's blog and E. Payne's blog! So get to it, and tell a friend! We all appreciate your support!


- One day I'm going to write 100 random thoughts. Not any time soon though... :-)

- I have to figure out why it's hot as the damn devil in my apartment. I can be BURNING UP and then go outside and it's 20 degrees cooler. It's not that hot out, so I don't get it. I may have to break down and turn on the AC...dagnabbit!

- I've been enjoying the good conversation this week. Thank you Dwayne and Rameer.

- It's been a while since we've had a Random Thoughts Thursday where we reached 100 comments. Let's see what we get up to today.

- I wish The Fugees would get back together. But Ms. Hill is cray-cray.

- Single Women: would you consider dating a man who told you from the gate that he had 3 children with three different women...and he's never been married? Assume you have no children of your own.

- Single Men: would you consider dating a woman with 3 children with three different men...and she's never been married? Same have no kids of your own.

- My sister, brother-in-law and nephews are going to Morocco on Tuesday for a month and I'm going to be so sad when they leave. I hope they have a great time, but I'm going to miss them TERRIBLY. I wish I could go with them.

- Guess that means all my NY peeps will have to keep me busy! I'm gonna be stalking y'all!

- This spinning class tonight with Monica is gonna be MURDER! It's a "good hurt" though.

- My cousin wants me to meet her after spinning class so we can go hang out at the NAACP convention in town - she SWEARS my future husband is there.

- Maybe he is ;-)

- I need a makeover.

- I miss my braids.

- I need new bras.

- Nothing good is on tv.

- Debbie Rowe needs to go sit her ass down somewhere.

- Edy's Popsicles...strawberry!...and grape!

- Saw Harry Potter and fell asleep for like 20 minutes. I can never stay up for a Harry Potter idea why.

- Going to see The Ugly Truth on Monday...I think a good blog topic will come out of it. Dre, if you go, save me a seat this time punk!

- I wish I had continued playing the piano.

- I haven't had a Snapple in over a week! I feel like Pookie in New Jack City - "it be callin' me man, it be callin' me!"

- I love Yolanda's blog! I crack up every time I read it. I'm gonna borrow something I saw on Witches Brew - a clip of Karrine Steffans on the Today Show promoting her new book. If that name escapes you, you may know Karrine as "Superhead."

Supahead giving advice on getting and KEEPING a man? Why am I considering reading it though?! She's actually making some sense. Did I just say that? Really? Watch...and see for yourself:





DMoe said...

First Suckas...!!

Yeah! What!

Brooke said...

Prepare to be shanked and tased.

annamaria said...

Shank out & taser being warmed up!
Brooke I will adopt u while ur sister is gone!
Tomorrow is Austin Powerz birthday!!!!!! I'm running around with my big azz belly making plans! Lol
I like talking crap about him cuz he reads the blog now.
Although it worries me that he has soo much extra time on his hands! One of us has to work damnit!
Rameer did u eat ghetto food on your date last night???
Brooke there is a Popeyes by the house.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-cuse me annamarie..I'm shanking DMoe..for changing the sacred Fabric of the First spot. It's First Bitches

-It's funny, I really don't use the word Bitches other than for that. Actually, I don't like the word... but its so funny in the spot. i think Dave Chapelle made the word popular

- dave I miss Dave Chapelle. That's a funny joker.

- Although comedians are some of the smartest people in the world. OK "funny" comedians. There skills to analyze situations is unparalleled.

- Can't wait until the MJ B-Day party. (August 29 is actually his birthday)

-I actually thought about not having it because I didn't want to use his death to make money. But Lawd knows I need a few bucks. But to make me feel better, we'll be giving a portion of the proceeds to a charter school that focuses on the arts.

- I like peach cobbler but I don't like peaches.

- Got an evite as a wedding invitation. most folks think that's tacky. I on the other hand think it's genius. Afterall ... printed invitation or not..the couple will still be married... and probably happier cuz they got a few extra dollars.

-did I tell y'all I got the bomb peanut brittle from the piggly wiggly in NC. I don't even like Peanut Brittle like that..but God Dam!!!

-Long distance relationships are not as bad as I thought .. However... a brother is hornier than the brass section of an orchestra!!!

-Hmmm..maybe that was for TMI Tuesday

-Hmmm... I wonder if Gina is going to read today... If so..that may be my a$$.

-I still have no idea what it sounds like when Doves Cry.

-Mamma Se mamma Sa ma Ma cusa has to mean something? Who just makes up stuff like that.

-I got my favorite Jamiacan Restaurant and Thai Food restaurant on Speed Dial. now that's just "fat" of me.

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I stand on a few things...(randomly)

1. How you gonna lie to the people at the fertility clinic and tell em you 55...(when you are actually 66) and then DIE 3 years after the kids are born?? Wasn't that the point of the "age" thing? Jeez.

2. I'm not in the mood for work today.

3. I plan to stay in these headphones as much as possible. Co-workers be gone!

4. 3 more days to Entourage, season 6, episode 2.

5. My dog snores like a person. A large person who works a full time job...Its a problem cuz the dog does not have a full time job (or any job)

Here's what Dmoe is rockin' to this week:

Incognito/Deep Waters. Love this group, and this song fits me just right these days.

Amy Winehouse/Stronger than me. Amy's "Frank" CD was the real deal, and its too bad it didnt get its shine on like the second CD did. THIS was the better one. Good luck chick...Get well soon.

Gabriela Anders/Brasileira. This chick does it for me. Little known brazilian jazz singer. Her "Wanting" CD was a closet classic with good production and her sultry vocal style. Bonus points for being "brazilian" as well.

Mint Condition/U send me swingin.
90's R&B has its place in my heart, and if you want a good ballad to reminisce on, Mint Condition's got a few of em...

That's all for now.

DMoe aka Thin Joe

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, I spit out my water when I read "hornier than the brass section in an orchestra" LOL!
Cuz guess what, so am I!!!

But if I would have written that, y'all would have been like "what's going on with Brooke?!" Like I'm not allowed to be horny or something...just wait til TMI Tuesday.

Gina's gonna get you.

And I will gladly break you off some duggets for the MJ Party! Can't wait!

Speed dial? LOL!!

Annamaria, what are you doing for Austin's bday? Tell me offline :)

annamaria said...

Good point it is FIRST BITCHES! Didn't we make that the official rule??? Ricky I don't care how pretty u think u are it's Annamaria not annamarie.
Out to lunch with the first love my dad!!! These are the things you can do when you pregnant & unemployed! Tomorrow I'll be focusing on Mr. Powerz!!!
Sad cause as much as I fought it I'm in love with a man exactly like my dad!!! :)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-I looked at my spelling of Annamaria's name after I wrote it and prayed she wouldn't see it.

-Brooke... you might as well continue to let your horniness show thru your blog. You can't hide it!!!

-DMoe... You send me Swinging is my joint. And yes Mint Condition got some real good ballads! (I'm looking for someone to do music reviews on our website. you interested? Not sure if we could pay, but it may get you a few free CD's?)

Brooke said...

DMoe, missed yours...and yes, that woman who died with the twins??? Buffoonery.

But I need to shut up...just in case my old ass has to have kids that late.

I won't be having them THAT old tho.

Your dog is narcoleptic - except when it's time to eat :)

I wish I could wear headphones all day, but then how would I hear my phone that never stops ringing?

I always feel like I need to google your playlists - I can't keep up!

Old uncle from the wedding is stalking me.

Would y'all bail on a $2 million wedding ala Richard Jefferson? Jus sayin...whoa...

They're giving Sotomayer the business ain't they? Still very proud of her!

I can't stand when people pronounce "jewelry" as JEW-LA-REE. Or when the pronounce the "L" in "salmon." Drives me nuts.

DMoe would be perfect for your music reviews...he makes anything sound good.

I like the guy who does movie reviews for you, with his "I give it 3 and a half afros out of 5" LOL!!

I have a movie screening on Monday if he wants to go...or does he only do "black" movies? :)

Craig n 'em said...

-Richard Jefferson stopped the wedding because he is….(fill in the blank)

-Women talk too much…I’m tired of saying…”uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh”…shut the fuck up for one minute….I’m watching PTI and I can’t hear Mike Wilbon…

-Tony Kornheiser’s old ass takes too many damn vacations and J.A. Adande is a cornball…

-I’m always fascinated to see condoms on the street or in a park…I wonder how it got there and if the sex was any good…

-“I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

-I have very ashy feet…I need to sleep with tubes socks and have my feet doused in Vaseline…I’ll have good moisture by morning…

-Lykke Li is a dope artist

-I said the word “dope”

-I want to smoke some dope…

-Some people call weed dope…

-Sometimes I feel like a dope…Sometimes I don’t…

-Michael Jackson was dope…His daddy IS a dope…

-I have no desire to meet the pope…

-Who the fuck eats green eggs and ham?

- I don’t eat pork…

- I hate cats but I love pussy…go figure…

-NAACP had an all white party last night on a boat…WTF???? After 100 years….an institution that promotes the advancement of colored people and they think it would be a cool idea to have an ALL WHITE PARTY on A MUTHA’F’N BOAT??? Really?

All white and boat should not be in this equation…I’m all for ALL BLACK PARTIES ON LAND!

-KAPOW!! Right in the ass crack of the NAACP!!!

Craig n 'em said...


Brooke said...

I said the word "dope" the other day myself and was surprised to hear it come out of my mouth! I like resurrecting words that never really went away... like "wack",
"fresh" and "Herb."

No more smoking dope for you.

Why do you hate cats? That's not nice :)

Craig is just crazy...crazy funny :)

When I see condoms in the street, I always assume someone was having sex in a car and then threw the condom out the window. Nasty asses!

Brooke said...

You all late, we talked about the Obama Chiapet last week I think :)

too busy smokin that stuff!

Annamaria said...

Ricky I ALWAYS notice when people spell my name wrong because it happens sooo damn often.

Yes they are giving Sotomayor the BUZINEZZ but that is exactly what we all knew they would do BUT as a fellow Rican woman I am EXTREMELY proud of her!! Just stop messing around & appoint her azz already cause you know you going to do it.

WHY did I read Craig's random thoughts & actually agree with him on that white party thing...LOL the heat must be getting to me. OR pregnancy brain.

OH and although I want to tase them most days Happy Anniversary to the 5 buttheads two days early! Saturday is the Anniversary of when Austin crossed & became a Sigma...

I like reminding him how he crossed in 1992... 17 years ago. I'm only 30... Dirty old man...LMAO

Brooke said...

Depending on how old Austin was in 1992, I won't say anything...cuz then I'LL feel old too!

Craig n 'em said...

If there are condoms on the street or in a park...I assume the woman has POOKIE PUSSY and the dude just couldn't wait to get home...It was just CALLIN' HIM and CALLIN' HIM...cuz, you know...Pussy can talk..You just have to understand what its saying...Sure, to someone who isn't in tuned with the PUSSY, it may just sound like QUEEFING..(sidenote: I love saying the word QUEEF)...But you have to break the pussy fart down like MORSE CODE...

Brooke said...

I'm speechless.

The Cable Guy said...


Yo...Craig...I don't...I mean...


That was the funniest shit I read all day!

Craig n 'em said...

Well Brooke, That's how I like to leave the PUSSY...SPEECHLESS...

Annamaria said...

LMAO...Brooke I actually think you & him are the same age. NOW that I'm a grown up it's not a big deal... I just like reminding him that he went looking for me on the playground...LMAO

Brooke said...

I mean, wow. That's right up there with the ass "winking" at you.

For just a FEW hours, I would love to take a trip thru your mind. But I'd be scared... :-)

Annamaria, I'm six years older than you, so if Austin is old to you, then I'm in trouble.

Great, now I feel old :(

Craig, you cray-cray too :)

Cynthia said...

Hello All, I've had a head full of "random thoughts" this week, just a few to share...

1. 105.1 got me jumpin on my desk...

2. pelham 123 was GREAT!!! Saw it yesterday...

3. toes still need to get done..

4. need sexy drawz...

5. by posting a job opening at my job i found my sister, (amanda's other sister Kathy, which i haven't seen in a trillion years) and she only works 3 blocks away.. WTH is that!!!

6. Planning a baby shower for 80ppl in my backyard.. WHY did i agree to this again?

7. Think I should go back to school...

8. Want these stupid Steve Madden sandals but they are $140 and I DONT GOT IT!!!

9. in competition with my co-worker on the radio, Gospel versus the 105.1 lunch mix...

10. want the mary mary hair cut, almost there, just missing about 50% of the hair (cause my hair is so thin)

11. dreading my sons departure for sleep away camp next weekend.. What was I thinking? he's gone for a month..

12. Wish my co-worker would take her gold tooth off, its her front tooth yall..

13. wondering when my brotha will man up and take care of his daughter.. hmmm

14. want a new phone/bberry

15. wish i had money

16. need to start that diet, for real ya'll

17. i could be here all day.

18. gonna take a walk to the M&M store at lunch

19. considering baby #3!

20. why do people insist on squeezing their large assest in a seat they clearly do not fit into..

21. think smokers should have their own section on the LIRR, not to smoke, just so that they can smell themselves, I think you stink and i dont think i should have to sit next to you and smell you for my 50minute commute..

22. MTA is killing my pockets.

23. clearly i have MTA issues

24. I could be here all day so i will stop now before i bore everyone to death..

Anthony Otero said...

- No way can get 100 comments without me in the mix

- maybe you can split Rameers long ass comments in to like 5s, then you will get 100. (all love bro)

- Tornado in Orlando yesterday...still better than snow

- I am sorry, did I mention I am florida?

- Supahead on the Today Show? Did she swallow the mic?

- My bad, she is only good for one is all in the name.

- all week my parents are telling me to look out for ruthless women

-...and I was told to not date women with kids...period.

- Time to sit by the pool...

Annamaria said...

Cynthia you can definitely manage the Baby Shower. They just threw me a SURPRISE baby shower in my own backyard.. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!

And girl I am saving all that LIRR money by keeping my preggo a** home

Brooke YOU aren't old...LOL

Craig n 'em said...

I think every man gets to a point where they look at their woman and they just want to fuckin strangle her...

BOO: BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...And why don't you...Are you listening?...BLAH, BLAH...You never do that or this or BLAH, BLAH...Remember when you used to...BLAH...BLAH...You get on my nerves! BLAH BLAH...


and the same for women...We get on each others nerves...thats life...

Now, me? I don't hit women...I don't advocate that at all...But...I Will BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOUR VIRGINIA! Just to shut you the fuck up and watch you go to sleep sucking your thumb...

Its the only way I can physically beat a woman up with out going to jail...Its you only way you can get the aggression out and be loved for it...

Am I wrong?

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-It's funny.. I don't use the word "pussy" usually either. I prefer to call it the vajaja!

-Craig must be on that stuff again. HILARIOUS!!!

-Brooke... the movie has to at least have a black actor or two in it. What movie are you seeing?

-There is a movia called Precious coming out. PLEASE let me know if you get tickets for that!

-all this talk about pussies is getting me hornier. Awww dammit Gina!

-I heard this woman giving a dog commands in Spanish the other day. So I was wondering if I said sit to the dawg... he would look at me like (No speaka no English)

-Then I felt like I was smoking weed, cuz I was imaging the dog actually saying that to me. I was laughing hysterically.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

LOL @ LATINEGRO Comments about breaking up Rameers comments. You ain't neva lied!!! LMAO But it is all love. LMAO LMAO LMAO

Rameer said...

- Thank you AnnaMaria and Cable Guy for chiming in yesterday. I thought it was just me that found those comments insulting at first...

- Thanks for allowing me to contribute, Meryl!

- AnnaMaria...I had TONS of sushi last night (Princess' eyes were bigger than her stomach, so I ate half of hers too) and then went for ice cream and got a HUGE Banana Split! Itis set in an hour later...

- I HATE cops. Some people say that, but I really can't stand their kind. Which pissed me off when I went with Princess for ice cream - there were a bunch of pigs staring at her like she was a trough filled with scraps! I stuck my middle finger up at them.

Yeah, I don't give a EFF...

- Another on-air personality who is young and pretty came and sat with us. These copes were acting like the wold in the cartoon when he sees a pretty woman...tongues rolling out there mouths on to the floor...shameful.

- My General Manager told me exactly HOW to cuss someone out today so as not to get in trouble. I'm gonna follow his and him have secret convos all the time. He's Black, and most these white people hate him (so he has to be careful with any favoritism he has with me.

- The person I'm going to cuss out told a female intern that the reason I was looking for another female intern's number (who happens to be Black) was probably cuz I wanted to get with her. 1. Completely untrue; 2. completely unprofessional to say that; 3. demeans me and said intern. I wouldn't even really SPEAK to anyone yesterday after that...I wasn't put in a better mood until I saw Princess for sushi...

- How come everyone who comments as anonymous is an absolute CLOWN?!?

- I'm drowning out these people around me with Meryl's Fugees playlist. I wish they were back together too, Meryl.

- DMoe...your playlist gets soooooo much props from me; ESPECIALLY that Amy Winehouse song you chose! I never thought she was as dope as people made her out to be when that 2nd album dropped - I used to tell people she was THE ISH with that FIRST album...

- I wish my Lakers would hurry the eff up and sign Lamar Odom...

- I'm to the point where I can't stand to hear certain talkative people at work. I'm playing The Fugess "Ready Or Not" so loud it's headphones today. I'm purposefully being rude.

- One of my alums wrote on FB that I portray myself as a big meanie, which makes her LAUGH. WTF? I AM MEAN!!! What is it with certain females diagnosing me with "Teddy Bear Syndrome?" I'm nice to those who are nice to me...but I AM mean. Even my mother refers to me as "ol' hateful a$$"...

- I'm going to the Italian Festival after work. One thing Buffalo has - HUGE festivals all summer, with plenty of things to buy, eat, and fun for the entire family. I love the Italian festival - they're soooo prideful, and very inclusive of other people in their festival. It's the one completely ethnic fest we have here that EVERYONE of every ethnicity flocks to...the other ones get huge turn-outs, but are usually majority people of that particular ethnicity...

- Someone just asked me to turn down my music. I told them to kiss my a$$.

- you guys should really check out Corey Holcomb's comedy if you haven't already...

- It's SUCH a nice day out today here!

- Craig is hilarious!

- I love that Ant grills me like every 3rd blog...lolz!

- Say what you want...but Karinne Steffans is FLY. Just talking about physically - she's FLY. And, her head game is SICK...she'd have me IN THERE.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-OK last thought..gonna start using YMMSOMD instead of LOL. You made me spit out my drink!

Brooke said...

Pelham was good, I like BAD John Travolta...and BAD Denzel for that matter too!

Baby #3?? Yikes! All my friends are working on or have had baby #3 and I'm not even close to having baby number 1. I'm gonna be like the old ass woman who died with the twins.

I hope my possible baby daddy donors haven't forgotten about me.
Maybe I should move my baby making date up to next year instead of giving myself 2 years like I promised.

I hate when my happily married with children friends say "you can have a baby at 41 if you want to with a young hot guy! Look at Halle Berry!"

Like I'm f*ckin Halle Berry! ANY man would knock her ass up!

Craig, that sounded rather "rape'ish" Beat the p*ssy up huh? uh...OUCH??

I don't like saying the word "p*ssy" and writing it makes me cringe. Not a cute word.

Virginia is is va-jay-jay. P*ssy just sounds crass.

Pretty Ricky, I named the movie I'm seeing on Monday in the blog man! Try to keep up okay :) Seeing "The Ugly Truth."

Ant, you and I will write the "ruthless women" blog together. You down for tomorrow?

I wanna be sitting by the pool :(

Rameer, you ARE mean...but just not to me :)

I should know better than to drink something while reading comments on RTT. Y'all are a riot!

I think I want sushi for lunch now. Well...tempura.

Going with Monica, be back!

Craig n 'em said...

B, It's not rape when a woman says HARDER...

Brooke said...


Actually, I'm not, cuz I would love to get my back cracked right about now...I mean blown the hell out!

Okay, let me go for real now. It's getting sticky over here.

Anthony Otero said...

- I am saying...why not keep her stage name? SUPAHEAD! She has a great body of

- The Phillies sign Pedro Martinez and then put him on the DL? Are you serious?

- Ryan Reynolds to play Green Lantern...i dunno

Anthony Otero said...

- Brook you know i am down to do anything with you..oops i mean to write any blog with

- you still want 100 comments? I can call out the Cable Guy...

Rameer said...

- I only eat COOKED sushi when there's meat in it. I can eat the veggies rolls uncooked.

- I've decided to get ignant with my music at my desk...I just played Ice Cube's "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" and Snoop Dogg's "Cali Iz Active" LOUD AS ALL HELL...

- I'm felling Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, Ant. He's a GREAT actor...really underrated...

- I'm blasting Dr. Dre's "Tha Next Episode" now...WEST COAST!!!

- I don't think I ever want to meet Karinne Steffans. I might ask her out...lolz!

- I don't GET people and their reactions to Harry Potter. I just don't act that crazy about ANY movie I want to see...and I LOVE film...

- To answer your question, Meryl - I ain't messin' with a woman with ONE kid...let alone multiples...

- I have a four-day weekend coming! I NEED it.

Annamaria said...

I am on & stayin on baby more for me!!!!!

Serena W. said...

I'm glad to hear nothing good is on tv since I don't own one.

Back in the DMV playing low profile.

Getting thangs and people straight.

Let's just say God has cleaned house again and I'm so thankful.

I wish the Fugees would get back together.

I also want to see Guy do a come back.

Was rocking their greatest hits cd on the road trip last week.

Fun times! Road trips with the right folks is a lot of damn fun!

Had the ill toast in my house, we killed the whole bottle and then some.

Brooke its all good on the kid front. I'm chilling pretty hard and will have 1 yes only 1 in due time.

Due time is when the right man steps on the scene.

Cynthia buy me some M&M's too. I love that store!

Was praying my old job would say oooops and deposit another pay check lol.

My homegirl is leaving the same job I just left in t-minus 2 days and counting.

A lot of change going down!

Pretty Ricky I may be rolling to the MJ party for real!

I know I have a lot on the brain right now. leave a lot of folks speechless!

Had a banging gyro last night right by the crib!

Okay that's enough for now. Gotta go and take out the trash :)

Rameer said...

Serena...sorry to dash your hopes. But a Guy reunion would be AWFUL...

Did you HEAR Aaron Hall attempt to sing on The Coon, The BET Awards?

I've heard drowning ducks that sounded better.

Serena W. said...

Almost forgot. Maxwell is still in rotation! Repeat for sure!

Mint Condition is bananas! I love their music!

Rameer rock your ears off and pump up the volume lol!

Ant I gotta a pool too just can't hit it till next week.

Maybe I'll throw a pool party for my unemployed peeps, those who are trying to work for themselves like me, those who are successful at it and just need a damn break and whomever wants to float through!

And yes I'm loving my apartment! Nice view! French doors, fresh new carpet...peace and quiet.

Serena W. said...

Not raining on my parade Rameer (enough people tried this week and failed). What I should have said is I want the old Guy to come back. Not this new age crap!

Gotta buy Arrested Developments new cd (well not new) came out like a year or two ago I think plus their old stuff!

Think I may need to jam to some Brand New Heavies today.

Harlem Bookfest on Saturday! I'll be there with bells on!

The Cable Guy said...

Why is Ant baiting me?

oh, I forgot...Brooke loves Latinos.

May have to change my name to Roberto :)

Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,

-I haven't responded to a Random Thoughts blog in ages.
-For whatever reason, Blogspot is not letting me leave posts via my BB. Just keeps sending me back to the 'Leave Comments' page after I hit Preview or Publish Your Comment. I actually have to get off my butt and go to my computer, which is probably why I haven't posted in ages. When I first attempted to leave a comment on this blog from my BB, there were 3 comments here. You see my dedication,preseverence and loyalty to you Brooke-lyn?
-After I received the pic of Papa Smurf you sent me Brooke-lyn, I realized he may be too young for me. You know how I like'em.
-Been successfully ducking calls & ignoring texts from my ex for about a month until I answered his call last Sat. Now I'm realizing that I miss him (UGH drama!) -Been terribly, terribly fearful for the last week because I've put a plan into action to start my own business. One of my homeboys is making his way down here from Philly tomorrow so we can discuss him creating my website. Don't wanna discuss anything until it has legs though. Just pray for me.
-I believe my cat is dying (the fat one in all the pics). Taking him the vet. Why is it so expensive? Where's the animal insurance? Even to put him to sleep, they want $160. Couldn't take that last goodbye but I don't want him to die in my house though. Never experienced this before so I'm extremely sad.
-Rameer, I'm reading your comment and thinking I (Princess) did what? Ate ice cream...had sushi? Who's on here talking about me (besides the bad words Brooke-lyn usually types)!?" Just realized I'm not the only Princess in the world. WTF?
And that's all I have to say about that. Spread love my people, especially to your pet today in memory of mine :(

Love, Princess

Brooke said...

OMG!! Princess, I'm so sad for you! I'm sorry about your cat. I know that pets are like children to some people, myself included. I don't even want to imagine having to put Cole down. Just typing that is bringing me to tears :(

Yes, I wasn't sure if Rameer's Princess is REALLY named Princess or if he just calls her that.

Which reminds me, I haven't had a "cutesy" nickname in a while. It's always just "B." The only person who calls me a term of endearment on a regular basis is Ant - "hun." :)

No..."Meryl" doesn't count.

Serena, I'm going to Philly this weekend, so I won't get a chance to meet you since my family is going away :( But I'll make my way down to DC...I have a few peeps to check out while down there.

Princess, my dad is too young for you? You DO likes 'em OLD :) I love that you call him "Papa Smurf." I told him that and he was like "uh...okay." :)

Monica and I watched Michael Jackson videos at lunch. We always have fun when we eat together, or just hang out. She made my laugh so hard Tuesday afternoon that my sides were splitting and I couldn't breathe. My face hurt afterwards...I LOVE good belly laughs, and Momo gives 'em to me regularly!

Rameer said...

LMAO...look at yesterday's blog pic, Princess. That's MY friend Princess...

- Serena...I'm glad you're back! I hope you link up with all the old heads and enjoy yourself back in the Northeast!

- Cable Guy...I'm Latino, and I got played too - it ain't just if you're Latino...

- Arrested Dvelopment's last CD was pretty good. Good call, Serena!

- Maxwell sold over 300,000 last week - in his first week out. NOBODY in R&B not named BEYONCE does those type of numbers any more...THAT'S WHAT'S UP!!!

- Me fav song on that CD is "Love You"...Princess (MINE) loves it too...

- I could post 100 comments if I wanted to...which should surprise NO ONE...

- My boy in NYC just randomly asked someone to send him "Return Of The Mack" in his Facebook KNOW I had his back! That's an all-time fav for me, and I listen to it on average once a week.

- Meryl, WHY did you post that Karinne Steffans interview? I can't stop thinking about her now!

- I'm gonna pull out some Brand New Heavies cuz of Serena!

- At the behest of one of my peoples, I posted some videos from Paris on Facebook. Who here knows who he is? PROPS to anyone who does without looking it up...

Rameer said...

- Meryl IS a term of endearment!!

- MY Princess' name isn't Princess...but that's the only thing I call her! =)

Brooke said...

Hold up, I didn't play ANYone on this blog, so I know y'all ain't talking about me! Especially YOU Rameer. You love Princess (yours) not ME! You played ME! LOL!

Cable Guy just likes to talk :)

Princess, I just caught what you said...I don't write bad words! Do I? Really? That's Craig, not me!

Meryl doesn't sound like a term of endearment :(

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, I call you "sexy" every day, that's not a term of endearment?

And I ain't just talkin. Try me.

I can't stop thinking about the fact that Brooke said she needs her back cracked and that she sticky. Fuck a damn Superhead, give me Brookey ANY DAY!

I know she thinks I'm full of shit, but she just don't KNOW!

Now that I know it ain't all about the Latinos, give this Jamaican a try. I get off at 6 ;)

Anthony Otero said...

- Brooke likes platanos not beef patties. I keep telling you all this.

- Things were quiet by poolside until the neighbor's kids started to scream in their pool. My father wants to get the bee bee gun.

- Going to Disney World tomorrow.

- What happened to that chick I told to eat a dick?

kanika U. said...

First time ever responding but feel like sharing

I’ve been a blog voyeur until now…

Rameer hasn’t changed a bit…you make me laugh.

Me and Charlyne are still BFF…we still together…that’s my blood.

I thought moving to Cali would help me build on my career and meet the ONE but got caught up with a few knuckleheads and realized it wasn’t the city it was just me.

I have a broken picker and have been trying to fix it.

I thought Black people don’t get depressed, it’s just a White thang? Ahhh well we do. I was depressed and didn’t even know I was until I saw someone. I thought Black people don’t see therapists all we need is Jesus, it’s just a White thang. Ahhh well we do see therapists.

Depression gets the bird, depression is wack, depression is weak, depression is the grim reaper, depression is the devil, it’s a black hole, it’s a life-jacker, it’s I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

I’m the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson River I’ve fallen, felt the impact, and instead of crashing to death I walked away a survivor.

I finally got my sexy back, got my funny back, got my abs of steels back, got my smile back, got my spirit back, got my glow back, got ME back

I love the new sexy me…Cali girl on the outside because I’m so fine, Jersey girl on the inside because I’m a genuine person with a good heart.

Spirits visit me and it freaks me out..I pray for them not to come and they come anyway.

I never got to say goodbye to my Nana before she died. She paid me a visit . I was scared. She said,” I love you”. I wasn’t scared anymore. I said, “I love you too.”

I love really hard…passion runs through my veins, I’m overwhelmed with emotion.

I hate that fear is my biggest downfall…I’m afraid to write my first novel, pitch a show, start a business, get certified to be a trainer…I’m afraid of failure.

I’m a lover AND a fighter, I refuse to give up on my dreams.

I’m falling in love with my new boo…isn’t THAT special.

My new boo makes me so happy that he’s got me doing cartwheels for him….no really I’ve done them for him on the beach.

I like cartwheels…reminds me of being 9 and thinking I was going to be the next Black Mary Lou Retton.

I had a dream about waking up and my new boo not being there, his side of the bed was empty. He was gone. I don’t want to loose him.

My boyfriend is going to Singapore for a huge job opportunity in another 3 months for a whole year…it’s like the universe is playing a cruel joke on me….GRAND OPENING, GRAND CLOSING.

Long distance relationships sucks ass…I’m trying to stay positive but DAMN WTF!

Can a man really be faithful in a long distance relationship…I’m too dysfunctional to say yes because my papa was a rolling stone.

It’s been a really long time since I got stoned…

But then I got stoned the other night with an old girlfriend from NYC in my car after drinks, it was glorious but scary cause the last thing two Black girls need is some COP to roll up on us…LA COPS are huge racists even the Black ones, they’d probably put us in jail…CHEECH AND CHONG would have better luck than us.

I only wear lucky brand jeans cause my body is bootylicious in them…plus when you unbutton the jeans there’s a lucky message that says “you just got lucky”.

I’m going to get me some lucky later tonight…☺

DMoe said...

Man -
Ya'll are on it today.
The race to a hundred is on...

Pretty Rick, I appreciate the offer and i'd love to do it. Send me an email with details to

My RTT is rolling thru my ipod today. period.
Quite honestly kids...Music is merely the air I breathe. Without it, I wither.

On that note, I'm listening to Stevie Wonder's "Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I am singing" from the Songs from the Key of Life CD right this second.

For those who dont know this song, Stevie's "genius-azz" sings the first verse in Swahili, the second in Spanish, and the third in English...That's just clownin' right there...Hence the 3-language title of the song.

This CD(In my opinion) is absolutely his finest work. Before this classic record, Stevland Morris aka Stevie was at odds with Berry Gordy and this country and was contemplating retirement, moving to Africa, and giving up music altogether. WTF????

The result after he got finished with the squabble and thinkin' bout retiring?

The two-disc smash with these timeless gems:

Isn't she lovely
Love's in need of love today
Knocks me off my feet
Pastime Paradise
and Ordinary Pain
to name a few...

Damn. Talk about a guy bein' pissed off enough to use that energy for good. No GREAT.

Another RT -

Does anybody remember Minnie Riperton? Of course ya'll do...She died in 79' after a bout with cancer. She left behind a son (Marc) and daughter (Maya).

That would be MAYA RUDOLPH of SNL fame and currently starring in "Away we go". I had no idea til I saw TVOne's "UnSung" program sunday night in the wee hours that she was Minnie Rip's daughter.


Brooke said...

I actually knew that she was Minnie Rip's daughter.

Your mind and music, I wish I had it. My brain just doesn't work that way when it comes to music, even tho I love it!

Ant, since you told that girl to eat a dick, she's been M.I.A. Can you blame her? :)

Kanika! Welcome!

And depression is very real, and not just for white folks.

I want some "lucky" tonight too.

Rameer said...


Wow...what's up! How are you??True story - I thought Kanika was the flyest lil' thing back at SU. Never approached her, though - had my hands full with other things...

Tell Charlyne I said whassup! Me and my crew are still thick...well, I'm not cool with Mike...but the rest of us are thick! And the same, just settled down...

- DMoe...Songs In The Key Of Life is like my pick for the greatest single album ever created.

You are a GENIUS.

- I'm one of those people who don't believe in depression for Black folks. Not saying it's not real...I just don't believe it, like Kanika didn't for a while...

- Maybe I should tell "anonymous" to eat a d**k...which shouldn't be hard, since he/she/they is always on MINE...

- I'm getting ready to cuss someone back laterz.

Anthony Otero said...

Wow... I habe not seen kanika since graduation...

DMURRAY said...

I am random thoughts newbie! Do you really want to dive into the mind of a Soldier? Just watch the movie Hurt Locker.

Here goes anyway......

1. Kinda wish I was back in Iraq; easier laying souls to waste than sitting in an office full of stiffs. I get paid to shoot stuff and stay in shape.

2. Ok crazy thought gone....... happy to be in the U.S. after a decade of overseas duty!

3. Damn.... I married a dime piece; all the babes in my past are probably; hatin including my ex!

4. My boy a big cry baby and mama's boy, but I will fix that.

5. Brooke looking for a good show; try Dark Blue & Leverage on TnT.

6. This is the worst part of the sports year; no football, no basketball and baseball is not in the pennant race. Only saving grace for me is track and field. Women in tights..... ooooo get it girl!

7. Craig is crazy, I thought Rameer was the only certified fool on Brooke's blog. Not sure if I know you but you are hoot dude!

8. Go to the NAACP convention; I told you millions of people; you are bound to find what you want.

9. Call me corny; but I did not go on a honeymoon.... the who marriage is a honeymoon I was just on vacation.

10. My frat is having a boat ride 29 Aug if you are in the BMORE come and check it out. I have so many friends I want to catch up with that I need big venues to do it.

11. Wifey wants 4 kids...... gotta get to work; but always practicing.

12. Ant need to see you are hear from you homey. Been over a decade since I hung with my boy from SI. Give me shout....

13. BG&E is the mobb; makes not sense to pay this amount of money for electricity.

14. Oh, almost forgot; old school SU BBQ and Akima & Pia's on the 22nd.

15. Alot of stuff happen the month of August. I am going to need another vacation by October!

16. Wow Kanika....! I think I am having another SI flashback! Rameer I have to agree K had it going at the Cuse! We lived in BB freshmen year. She lived right net to my boy Brian the other 3!

17. And for a brief stint freshman year me and Charlene were cool! She was one of the first girls I hollered at while on the hill!

18. I never told; but I always knew was the pig was on the back of the door at the your crib!

19. Funny how life works; you come full circle and then.....

20. Hopefully you grow up!

Yolanda said...

Brooke…thanks for supporting our blog! There are 5 of us…I don’t know how you do it alone!

-I VOTE YES on Amy Winehouse's "Frank" CD. It's a banger! I vote yes on Robin Thicke's first one too! He was simply "Thicke" back then though.

-A white guy I met at a party asked my friend “about” me. How cute. First time I’ve had a Cauc-admirer. LOL.

-I will not be going out with said white man because he said at the start of the party that he had a girlfriend. WTF? Men must really sleep on how observant we women are.

-My co-worker straight QUIT today. Manager wouldn’t give him any salary bump, not even a cost of living increase. So when she emailed him the new contract…he emailed her his resignation letter. GANGSTA!

-I am so screwed now that this dude quit! There are only 2 of us... I'm the last soldier.

-I’m ready for a new Blackberry…I love my phone but it’s possessed. It deletes things at will. Ya’ll know I’m a little anal. I keep records and stuff. I needs my data!

-I’m going to Vegas, Anaheim, Denver, Chicago and New Orleans…all between August and November. And ALL for work. 5 weeks of travel? Somebody save me!

-Brooke, I’ma need you to turn on that A/C. I’d probably impale myself if I was A/C-less. It’s a MUST for me. I’ve been known to freeze folks out. Don’t like it…get outta my house!

-I had a great weekend Rocking The Bells! Common is FINE! Can’t say that loud enough. But my concert escort wasn’t half bad either. Ha ha!

-I got denied TWICE in one day for upgraded medical insurance! Damn kidney stones. Geez. What am I, an 80 year old?

-Obama: please fix this health care situation, like RIGHT NOW!

-After my weekend of partying, Monday & Tuesday were like a death spiral. Awful… I’ve never cried so hard. I looked an awful mess.

-Can I be mad that my sister (same daddy, different momma) is now on FB and she uploaded the one pic that I cannot stand! It’s a professional FAMILY PHOTO without ME!!! It was taken one Thanksgiving when I was not there. Talk about crying inside. Whew. Woosah!

-I’m going to Brooklyn this weekend! Hey Marcy Projects. Ok, not Marcy…but I will be in Brooklyn for a wine & cheese party! I’m so bourgie, I know.

-I’m down 10 more pounds! This crack is amazing!

-I’ll be up 10 more pounds after Brooklyn!

-I wish I’d stuck with sports medicine. TV is killing me quickly. At least if I were a sports trainer, there would be a nice pool of men to look at. (Did I say that?)

-Do ya’ll use the Honesty Box on FB? Wow…the things you find out!

Brooke said...

Yolanda!! My Honesty Box is crazy! People have been saying some crazy, AND MEAN, stuff in there. I don't like it anymore :(

Crack huh? Is that the new diet fad? hmmm.... :)

And I wouldn't be able to picture a wine and cheese party in Marcy Projects...or any other projects for that matter...unless Jigga was throwin it.

AC gives me a headache...try MIGRAINE. But I think I'll have to turn it on. My sister freezes me out of her house. Don't make no damn sense to have on sweatpants in the summer time!

DMurray, 4 kids? Get on it!

I dunno about the convention now that Craig kicked them in the ass pant for having a white party on a boat :)

Yolanda said...

-Shouts to all the people who actually BOUGHT the Maxwell CD. (*ahem, taking a shot at... he knows who he is*)

-I saw clips of HURT LOCKER on the Today Show this morning and I am soooo going to see it. I would pay to watch Anthony Mackie paint a house! I love his little gap-toothed a$$!

-I want an OBAMA CHIA PET! I know that's bad. But I had a chia pet as a kid. It died though. I'd take sooo much better care of an Obama one though.

Rameer said...

- HA! Funny how Dwayne calls me a fool...but was mad cool with this fool! You know what they say about birds of a feather...

- YOU hollered at Charlyne, D? comment (and I don't mean that in a BAD between the lines).

- I just posted the DOPEST article on the gay struggle vs. the Black struggle. Check it out if you're on Facebook and one of my friends. Meryl, I think you should blog about it.

- White people at my job tend to annoy me AT LEAST once a day.

- I'm gonna blast music all day tomorrow...straight 90's Hip Hop, and maybe some P.E. for good measure...

- The war between Ant & Cable Guy is funny. No offense, Cable Guy - but I gotta side with my fellow alum and Latino. I'm a loyal dude.

- Where's my boy Dre? He hasn't commented in a while, has he?

- Still have yet to cuss this woman out...

Rameer said...

- I'm glad Maxwell sold well, but I ain't buying SQUAT. All you females are the ones who buy stuff *anyways*...

- Yolanda, in regards to your complaints...karma. Muahahahaha!

- What is The Honesty Box and how do you use it?

- Go 'head and miss with Opis, Yolanda! Let him Shar Jackson yo a$$ GOOD!

Rameer said...

**typo - I meant OPIE**

Brooke said...

Honesty Box is on's the devil. Some folks have been downright raunchy in mine.

Gay vs. Black struggle? I'll check it out and then let you know.

Cable Guy and Ant are funny.

Dre has a brand new baby girl at home, he ain't got time to be blogging :) I see him at movie screenings...sometimes.

Craig n 'em said...

YOLANDA....I'm sure you're a very sweet person but if you buy an OBAMA CHIAPET...I will load my SNOTTIE SHOTTIE with all the bullets I have and shoot you right in the ASS PANT!!!!

If you reach for that bonzai fro' I will BLAST YOUR ASS RIGHT OFF YOUR SEVEN JEANS!!!


Rameer said...

Meryl - how do you even ACCESS said Honesty Box??

Brooke said...

It's in applications somewhere if you want to put one on your page. If you go to my profile page and scroll down the left hand side after my Eagles stuff, you'll see it. It changes questions on me randomly tho. My current statement is "tell me a secret" but it's usually a question.

Some people are telling me TOO MANY secrets!

Yolanda, Craig WILL shoot you. :)

The Cable Guy said...

Hey Rameer, if that's ya man that's ya man, be loyal to Latinegro. But I like my chances. Brooke had to have seen SOMETHING in me if she tried to bag me. She's far from a Cougar tho. Not even close. I thought she was my age when I met her. She got that cute face!

Platanos instead of beef patties huh? I always thought platanos were kinda bland and beef patties were spicy. I got plenty of beef too. B, you like beef patties right? ;)

Craig is mad funny yo!

Brooke said...

I like platanos AND beef patties :)

Anthony Otero said...

CG - I wouldn' t play lotto with your chances. Beef Parties are ok but nothing fills her like platanos.

I read somewhere that women tend to date "up", so I am sorry but the the recession his hitting Cable pretty hard this year.

Thanks for playing though

Rameer said...


We gonna have to have a blog in the future just for Cable Guy and Ant to go AT it. I'll make sure to get my Raisinets for *that* one!

- Typos KILL me. And I make WAY too many when I'm typing at work.

- Parliament/Funkadelic is performing free in downtown Buffalo today. Everybody and they MOMMA is goin'...including Pookie 'n' dem.

Guess where I'm NOT gonna be?

- I cussed her a$$ out. Had to stop her from crying...white people are funny. She tried to explain her position...and I told her I don't GIVE a EFF about your position. This is what the reality is, and THIS is what the future reality BETTER be.

- I'm going to the Italian Festival...leaving early, y'all. Peace out...Premier, take me out with the fader...

The Cable Guy said...

So, just to be clear...are we talking about YOU? or Latinos in general? Brooke references your blog alot, so I gave it a looksee, and from what I read, you're not in the game. So, just wondering.

Yolanda said...

-Rameer...karma for which complaint?
I have many :-) LOL, so you need to be specific!

-I will not be rocking with ole Opie. You can see him if you look through my FB pics from that '70s party. We kinda matched too!

-Honesty Box isn't that bad. Someone asked me to dress up in my she devil outfit. That was creepy. But some of the compliments have been really nice. It can be an ego boost when you need it.

-I have never been threatened to be shot in the ass pant. HILARIOUS. I've been threatened with slapping and I have been choked once or twice (but I enjoyed that...wait, that's a comment for TMI Tuesday). You are cracking me up Craig. I should go get a chia and take a pic with it... I'd water it daily :-)

Brooke said...

Honesty Box can be a great ego boost, but I seem to get the creepy ones. I think people do it to be funny, cuz some of that stuff is nuts!

Ant...Cable Guy..."wooo saaaa!"

Rameer said...

I come back for one quick look-see, and Cable Guy came with the ill shot! Damn, bruh - I'mma really have to talk to Meryl about setting up this battle blog...

- Yolanda...go 'head and Shar yoself out! You'll look cute with 2-3 half-Opie chilluns stuck in the house by yourself while Opie goes and finds himself a good, wholesome Becky to REALLY marry...Lmao.

I hope Craig lights you UP for wanting a Chia Obama. Are you going to put that next to your coon bank and dancing jigaboo toys?

Craig n 'em said...

Yolanda, you like being choked????

I take that shot in the ASS PANT back...I like you already...

Brooke said...

Choking is definitely a TMI Tuesday thing...I could tell you a oh man.

Craig WOULD like that!

Pray for me and this spinning class y'all!

Yolanda said...

-Now, Rameer, come on. I am not getting with that dude. Although he has a good government job... so you know he gots some benefits, ya'll! But I'll pass. I'm looking for a good fieldhand Negro. I, too, want a blown-out back! (TMI)

-You can't just walk up to me on the street and choke me off the break. But, choking at the right time and with the right amount of pressure is a good thing! I'll leave it at that.

-Alright people.. I'm out! Going to see Fantasia & the Color Purple 2nite... "I curse you. Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble!"

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