Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I don't need surgery on my knees! At least not now anyway :) yay!

- Why are people surprised that Michael Jackson's kids aren't his biological children? One look at them would tell you that. And he left Joe NADA - not surprising either. But he appointed Diana Ross to watch over his kids if his mother is unable to - interesting. I thought Janet would get them...but Diana seems to have some successful, "normal" why not...

- I'm glad this was a short work week, I plan to really relax over the next 3 days.

- I'm still mad at the BET Awards. BUT I hear that BET is trying to save "The Game." I love that show...I hope they get the same showrunner. That would help their programming BIG TIME!

- I got hit on by a woman AGAIN on the train earlier this week. What the hell man?!

- My cat has been wanting to fight every day this week, beginning by biting my toes. He then gets on his hind legs and swats at me. I wonder if he's mad at me?

- Did anyone else see the "Chia Obama" commercial? An Obama Chia Pet? Really?

- I want Edy's Popsicles - strawberry!

- Yesterday was my 6 year anniversary at A&E - time flies!

- The "Skank Robbers" trailer that they showed on the BET Awards had me thinking about Martin and all the characters he played on his sitcom. Martin is a wild boy!

"Look at the white shoes, look at the white shoes!"


"Girl, Missy Poo!"

"oh my goooodness, oh my goooodness!"

Hey, it's Random Thoughts Thursday - I needed that :-) LOL!!




The Fury said...

-First! ooh sexy sexy uh huh!

-I hated Martin's show..that's some shit I'd expect BET to air! Trifling ass Negro

-You want popsicles, huh Brookey. Mmmhmm I see you practicing. I told you your blog is gonna be like mine soon!

-Damn this week went by quickly

-Damn this year is going by quickly

-Can we have one day this week where someone famous (or someone I know) doesn't die. PLease!

-Shouldn't Pres Obama ask for a cut from that Chia? I would

-My boy put me on to Target popcorn. $1 for a bag. I'm about to start smuggling that shit into the movies

-Ladies do you find you get hornier in the Summer. The weather hasn't been that hot thus it's been quiet...

-whoever told on those MJ kids' true biological father needs to get slapped. they already had the trauma of losing their Dad. that shit is foul! Now they have to live through more scrutiny.

Annamaria said...


2. Why did EVERYONE that saw Transformers think of ME!!!! If you saw it you know why??? LMAO

3. I had the most AMAZING baby shower this weekend. Thanks you Brooke & everyone else for sharing in my day.Still gotta download the pics..LOL

4. Lost a friend this week.

5. Realized she wasn't really my friend.. Sooo I guess it wasn't a total loss..

6. Making me re-evaluate all my other friendships.

7. I think that CHIAOBAMA is some straight up baffoonary.

8. Can I still get excited by long weekends even though I don't work???????

9. One month & 7 days until this lil lady is due. The countdown begins.

10. I wonder if she will make it that long...In my opinion her impatient self WON'T...

11. Nicole you should have came up with Brooke on Saturday!! :) XOXOXO

Serena W. said...

Good morning! I have so much energy!

Brooke I'm glad you don't need surgery!

And now I want some popsicles! I like lime (hmmmm).

Annamaria exactly when is your tasing butt due? My friend is being induced August 7th.

6 more days till I hit the road to Alexandria, VA.

Time has flown by Fury! Its already July.

Cross your fingers everyone, I am confirming a contract this week! Amen!

Still hustling books too! Buy a copy on my blog at

Sold one of my first special edition framed poems for men :) yeah!!! The frame is tight!

Bought my new, sleek, jet black laptop on Tuesday (it's dreamy).

We named her Dallas (well my co-worker did) lol.

Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh. Going to see Jazmin Sullivan tonight! A going away present from my homegirl!

Brooke thanks again for letting me be a guest blogger yesterday!

Brooke said...

Serena, no problem - ANY time!

You're gonna love Jazmine Sullivan, she's great live.

Fury - I don't need practice, just someone to...huh? nevermind... ;)

Maybe I'll answer your horny in the summertime question on TMI Tuesday :)

This year IS flying by! It's already July yet I feel like the summer is JUST beginning.

Target popcorn is the shiznit!

Annamaria, will send you shower pics today - REMIND ME!

I made Annamaria's "shower hat" :)

I need a new laptop. Someone told me I had a "Barbie" laptop...I won't name names but his initials are DMoe. LOL!!

(he's never even seen my laptop - punk!)

THATgirl said...

-I have been waiting for Thursday all week.

-I think its terrible that men dont have to wear engagement rings. It really messes things check the ring finger and see a guy isn't married--but he could still be otherwise taken--and you wouldn't even know. That's unfair. When I get engaged, if I have to wear a ring, my man will too! If not, I'll pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear it right on my necklace.

-I hate that people hop on the elevator to go up one floor. Unless you have a legitimate reason to not use the steps--you realllly should. I work on the 7th floor, and I die a little inside when someone gets on with me at 1, just to go to 2.

-I can not decide what to do with my hair. I've been going over this for days. It really shouldn't be this difficult.

I'm gonna have more as the day goes on...I feel like this is gonna be a Thursday full of random thoughts.

Brooke said...

That's what Thursdays are for! LOL!

I have to take my braids out next Thursday (Liz and Monica...wanna help?) and I have no idea what to do with it either. Knowing me, I'll just cut it all off like I always do. Too hot in the summer. I might just turn around and put the braids right back in.

They're not really braids, more like twists.

I hear you on folks going to the second floor on the elevator. And they RUN and make you HOLD the elevator for them too!

That's a good idea about the engagement ring on a necklace... hmmm.

Rameer said...

- I REFUSE to see Transformers. Too many disturbing reports about Negrobots and horrible plot holes...

- I've had Michael Jackson's final, unreleased album for over a year now. Amazingly, a TON of my friends didn't know it existed (these people find out about leaks just like me) and I've been e-mailing it to a gazillion people, it seems like...

- two of my best friends will be in town this weekend. I can't wait to see them.

- I hope the bring "The Game" back to TV - even if it means I would have to watch BET to see it...

- The word is buffoonery. I see it used way to much on this blog and spelled incorrectly - yes, I'm one of THOSE English nerd types.

- I saw some grown cousins in town this week I've known since they were babies. Why do they STILL act like little girls around me and only me??

- I don't think ANYONE can overdo it with Michael Jackson tributes and least not for me...

- Speaking of which - DJ Premier's MJ Tribute mix is SICK. If you are on Facebook, become a fan of his page, and check his profile for the download link...may be the greatest tribute mix I've ever heard...

- I'm sooooo close to whooping someone's a$$ at work. I'm taking off tomorrow...cuz I'm at critical level right now. People keep deciding to touch stuff on my desk and in my area - it's happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks. The security guard at night is cool, but a drama queen - I think she WANTS to see someone's a$$ get whooped...

- I LOVE the new season of "The Real World". Such weirdos...such drama...

- YES, I still watch "The Real World". It's THE ORIGINAL reality TV show...

- I have about 10 new New Era hats...and I'm rockin' the mess out of 'em. It's so cool to have New Era near my job...people you know who work there can always hook you up with freebies...

- Every year, there's someone who thinks they can play little games with me and test me. Every year, that person LOSES MISERABLY. And I'm not even saying that bragging. Looking at my track record, I seriously wonder WHY people try to test me...everyone around me always warns not to play with me...

- I try NOT to be negative overall...but I find when I write things, they seem to have a negative slant. I think I need to get away from Buffalo for a while.

- I'm getting really upset that the Lakers may not re-sign Trevor Ariza...

- If they DON'T bring him back, they better sign Ron Artest...

Rameer said...

- I can't believe how many people I know by way of other people or coincidence. This six degrees thing is SO REAL...

- I just discovered a girl I used to date years ago was my Facebook friend and I didn't even know it! She added me after seeing a discussion I had on a friend's page, and I allowed it cuz she seemed extremely smart and sparked good, intellectual convo. She put up some new pics, I looked at them and nearly fainted - THEN I recognized her!

Thing is, me and her have been going back and forth talking for like 2 months. She never made reference that she knew me before...and her profile pic that she had up made her look different. She was one of an extremely small handful of people I thought I didn't know

Thing is...she looks even BETTER than when we dated! She actually favors A.Keys...yum!

- The host of our morning talk show has been a DIVA lately! Not with me, but man - she's been like a fire-breathing dragon this past week! Geez!

- Speaking of said talk show, they had "chicken wing pizza" on this morning's show - which I'm now eating. SHHHHHWWWEEEEEEEEETTTT...

- And finally, recently someone who I would categorize as an enemy was put in a bad situation that I took the opportunity to make much worse. My friend Princess asked me why I didn't just let them sink...why did I have to put my foot on their head and PUSH them down into their mess. I told her "some people say you don't have to kick a person when they're down. I'm not one of those people...when you have attempted or wished me ill will and I then have the opportunity to get you...I REALLY GET YOU." She laughed...but it's true.

Why do I bring that up?

Cuz I just did it to someone this morning. Best thing - they can't possibly realize it until tonight at the earliest, and maybe not until next week. I can't WAIT to hear how this person blows up when they realize I hit them with the old banana-in-the-tailpipe...and there's NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT.

My boy John once said to someone: "Rameer is dangerous, cuz he'll wait 10 years to get you back if need be - he's like a damned movie when it comes to revenge. your best bet is to just work it out and agree to not mess with each other - cuz he'll NEVER let go..."

True Story!

Nikki_T said...

-Why is it whenever you start a weight loss plan, suddenly everything smells really scrumptious?? Even crap you don't normally eat??

- CHIA OBAMA?? What was the President thinking when he allowed that license?

-SKANK ROBBERS one of the best highlights of the BET Awards! Hilarious!!! I would buy a ticket!

-Is it wrong to be so over social media outlets when this is my masters’ thesis and the purpose of my own marketing agency?

-My nephew Jordin is soo cute and I enjoyed spending the past couple of days with him.

-Can't believe it is only 2 months away to my wedding. Hmm. . thinking I am getting cold feet .. hmm .. but I digress..

-What is so fascinating about the "Jon & Kate" scandal?? I just don't get it.

-It sucks that it is July 4th weekend and I am going to be stuck drinking protein shakes!! DAMN IT I WANT A HOT DOG AND A DRINK!

-The movie the Hangover . . WAY TOO FUNNY!!

Brooke said...

Nikki!!! Hi!!!

The Hangover WAS funny, and movies like that usually aren't my type of humor, but I was crackin up!

He called him "Fat Jesus" LOL!!

When Mr. Chow jumped out the trunk, I lost it..

Ummm Nikki, isn't that the WHOLE point of your thesi? I read your essay, too late now :)

Your nephew is adorable.

I wanna hear this DJ Premeir MJ Tribute mix Rameer, send it to me please! Thank you for the MJ album!

I want this woman sitting next to me to stop talking to me. Every time she says my name, it's like nails on a chalkboard.

Chicken Wing Pizza?

-V- said...

I'm glad you don't need surgery.

Try some glucosamine - it helps when your knees feel creeky.

Lipstick lesbian?

I'll be getting a cheesesteak for lunch today, mmmmm ...

And a Tastycake too.

I haven't touched a basketball in 6 months ... I think I'll ball on Sunday.

It's 9am and I'm craving a beer - is that wrong?

Perfect weather everyday does NOT get old. On the rare occasion it actually rains, it makes me smile. Weird huh?

Does $400 (each) for MMA tickets sound high?

I'm glad that my brother makes his move to San Diego in two weeks to start his fellowship.

When the Eagles play the Chargers in November, some of the cousins are flying in to tailgate. Should be a blast!

Time to get my coffee ...

Have a great weekend !!!

Rameer said...

For everyone to enjoy:

DJ Premier Michael Jackson Tribute mix

Copy and paste, download and enjoy (if you don't know how to freak it, ask one of your peoples who download music and movies). Once you get past the guys talking in the intro, outro and middle, it's DOPE...this was broadcast live on Primo's radio show.

Brooke said...

V, where are you getting these cheesecakes and tastykakes from in SoCal?

Beer at 9am? - a bunch of lushes on this blog.

And thanks for the recommendation to the orthopedic place V, you're the best...they were awesome!

Yes, they were lipstick lesbians, trying to take me home and turn me out. I'm strictly dickly.

I don't want you to be in Cali anymore V - how are you gonna be my baby daddy WAY out there? hmph!

Thanks Rameer!

Brooke said...

Also, in case you missed that little icon on my page, I've entered into the Black Weblog Awards, at the urging of Anthony "Latinegro" Otero!

Thanks Ant!

And vote for him too! Vote for both of us in ALL categories so we can secure a nomination! That is, if you feel we're worth it :)


Annamaria said...

Serena...I'm due on August 9th... Although I am guessing lil missy will come out sometime at the end of July... Austin's bday is the 17th & his mom is the 18th so I said it would be nice if she came out on the 19th..LOL


Serena W. said...

I'll vote for the two of you!

Hmmmm as the days go on here in Dallas peeps true colors are coming out. As my friends grandmother always said, "if it don't come out in the wash then it will sure as hell come out in the rinse cycle."

Let's just say the rinse cycle is on!

My old CEO wrote a kick ass letter of recommendation for me and emailed a rack of her contacts back east (wow)!

Karma is something else! One of my contracts fell through cause they are straight trifling and unprofessional. So glad God revealed their colors to me!

Not too worried though, I feel something big coming down the pipeline :)

Chilling at the hairdresser. I'll miss him a lot.

And yes he's straight lol.

I may need to try this Target popcorn everyone is talking about.

Sad about Transformers :(

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