Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!!

This week seems to be moving along quite quickly for me. I hope you all are having a great week and that it's going smoothly for you.

- Last night was the first night in WEEKS that I didn't come home and power up the laptop. Instead I made my lunch for today, took a nice hot shower, curled up in the bed and read a book until I fell asleep. Nice.

- Like everyone else has apparently done already, I'm reading Steve Harvey's book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." I didn't think he'd be saying anything I didn't already know and, with the exception of a few tidbits, so far that's true...but I can't put it down. He's funny, and telling the truth. Fast read. Thanks Liz!

- I miss my nephews. They've been asking for me all week and I may need to sneak down to Philly soon and do a drive by.

- I can't wait for the summer so we can go to the playground, the beach and do as much as we can outdoors. They keep me young..(er).

- I can't believe March is almost over.

- I'm feeling an itch to braid my hair since I did the "Can I Touch It?" blog. Soon.

- I think I say this every Thursday, but I REALLY need a vacation!

- I tried making this beef and peas dish my sister usually makes last night. I hope it turned out okay, because I'm going to eat it regardless.

- I OD'd on yogurt at Waldbaums. Strawberry Dannon with the fruit on the bottom. I like Breyers too...Yum!

- Edy's Fruit them!

- I fell off the wagon again and picked up two cases of Snapple at the supermarket. They were on sale for $5.99...and I noticed when I got home and read the receipt that the cashier forgot to ring them up. Oh well...Sweet!

- I love soft layering tees from the Gap or Old bright colors! They keep sending me coupons...tempting me.

- So sad about Natasha Richardson. Be careful...and wear a helmet when skiing, biking, whatever.

- I'm still loving this Ne-Yo cd Rameer. I need more music...any suggestions?

- Someone remind me to pay my cell phone bill :-)

- I need to set up automatic payments for all these bills I pay online - I thought someone would have suggested that by now :-) I don't trust it for some reason though, I feel like I need to do it myself.

- Anyone hear about the girl from Project Runway who threw a cat at her fiance during a fight? She threw the cat at him. Buffoonery.

- I didn't get enough sleep because I got up early to work out with Serena (in spirit), but I feel good that I got it out the way. Thanks Serena!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. Week 1-I AM LOVING BEING HOME!!! LOL and Austin is loving it more!

2. Brooke good job that you went home & took care of you!

3. I haven't read Steve Harvey's book & not sure I want to read it.

4. March ain't over til after the 27th!!!!!!

5. Tonight I am making tricolor pasta with chicken in pesto sauce

6. I don't know if it's my hormones but I am devestated by the whole Natasha Richardson thing.


8. I am going to work out in a few but I've already taken my morning walk.

Serena W. said...

LOL! You just beat me Annamaria! It's all good I didn't want to get tased again! Let me know if you get the manuscript I sent you.

Anyway it's Thursday and what a glorious one...random thoughts...

Brooke did you say the girl threw a cat in the "cat fight?" Madness!

Pay your cell phone bill and I do automated payments on some bills. My cell phone isn't one (don't trust it).

I'm about to work out (sorry B, got up late).

Battling a mini migrain behind the left eye (where the hell do these things come from)?

Not cool since I'm spitting at an open mic tonight.

By the way send good thoughts and prayers because I'm the feature! Mini migrain or not I'll still rock the mic!

Gonna rock out the coup d'etat tank top tonight! I love it and can't wait to wear it!

Selling my framed poetry there too (double yeah)!

Don't forget to buy one at

Yep shameless plug...

But I'm a natural born hustler!

March is almost!

But April is almost here...yeah!!!!! (a step closer to vacation)!

Brooke you need to book a mini vacation. Flights are dirt, dirt, dirt cheap now!

Anonymous said...

Good thing I was first..wouldn't want to tase anyone today!!! lol

I am going on vacation in less than one month!! YIPPPEEEEE

phillygrl said...

--Steve HArvey is going to be on Oprah on MOnday! annamaria, get book from library
--My boss & I and the rest of the department HAD It OUT a a staff meeting yesterday...too much, too much, I gotta get on some entreprenuership kick RIGHt NOW!
--head is pounding today, POUNDING< I need rest!
--why is healthy food so yummy when you are looking in the store( fruit, advocados(which I love, etc)..then when I get home, all I wanna do is open a bag of cheddar chex mix!
--trying to escape for easter weekend ALONE..anyone wanna babysit?!:-) uughhh! call is in to my mom already!
---I love watching the hip hop documentaries on VH1..Fab 5 Freddy is the MAN!!
---This morning aI heard all the old 80's songs in supermarket( does anyone remember) Dancin' on Air? Walk Like an Egyptian( the bangles) , they played Rosanna, Rosanna, ..songs like that, I used to LOVE all that music.
---Why is madonna putting new songs on her GREATEST HITS CD?..she just effed it up!
--enjoy weekend.
--p.s. Cuba is opening up for American Travel..Im there!!!:-)

Brooke said...

Annamaria is first again, that must make her VERY happy :-) And we all love it when she's happy!

Serena, congrats on being the featured poet tonight! You're gonna rock it out, and I wish I could be there to see it. Maybe I'll take a trip out to Dallas since flights are so cheap! :)

I had no interest in reading Steve Harvey's book either, until he was on Oprah :-) Then I said, "hmmmm, let me see what this is all about." It's a fun, fast read. I'll be done with it today.

I'm ready for March Madness!

Sorry about your migraine Serena, take Excedrin Migraine, works well for me. And fast.

I want one of Daoud's t-shirts, I have to order one. And some framed poetry...Mother's Day? :-)

Felt good to just go home and relax last night. I need to do that more often.

phillygrl said...

oh..he was already on Oprah? My bad...

Brooke said...

time. You take some Excedrin too! All these headaches today, I hope I don't get one!

Ever since a friend of mine was jailed in Cuba for no reason, I have never wanted to go...never.

Where you going Easter weekend?

He might be going on Oprah again, she said she wanted him back, so who knows...let me check the tivo.

Serena W. said...

Philly Girl your job is giving me a headache! WTF is going on there...yep time for change.

Great advice I received last a product people want and now that the economy is jacked contractors and consultants are getting odd jobs because folks don't want full timers, but they can afford half or contract ;-)

Sunday is my day to flush things out! Gotta secure two gigs for summer and rest of 2009 for my bread and butter!

So everyone keep your ears to the ground for me and eyes open!

Thankful I had a promising convo with my boy in DC whose looking for help like 10 years ago at his nonprofit ;- Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Brooke thanks for the advice on Excedrin...I haven't had a migraine since 2000! Yes it was so bad that I marked it on my mental calendar!

Ah man I missed Steve Harvey on O!

I gotta cop the book!

Hey B come on down, no beaches though that's for sure. Only lakes...but remember my time is limited here.

Thanks for the good vibes! I just practiced one last time so I'm good!

Yes I'm working on Mother Day frames to put them up in April :) I may even have a Mothers Day sale on certain pieces ;-) Stay tuned!

Liz where ever you are I'm waiting for my sample.

Where is Malek and Amanda...

Bout to head out to check a program in the community (something my organization funded) African story telling! Sure to be fun!!! See y'all later!

phillygrl said...


Anonymous said...

- I KNEW Annamaria would be first at some point...she's been getting her BUTT KICKED in that department lately...

- I've always watched this show, but am glad BET is playing the re-runs...that sitcom, "The Game"? The white wife of the football player is pretty yummy.

- Though I love that show, still hard for me to look at that "Sister 2 Sister" twin as a sexy, full-grown woman...


- I don't trust auto payments online either.

- In terms of music for u...have u heard Ryan Leslie yet? Or the best of Q-Tip album by J.Period??

- It's my baby sis' birthday...makes me wish we were younger and she was still a little girl so she could sit on my lap and watch cartoons...

- I'm editing these pieces for this major Arts Awards ceremony in Buffalo that's due by the end of the day. My TV station gets a table, where we sit and enjoy the ceremony and watch the video pieces we made for the honorees.

I told 'em I couldn't go...cuz the Syracuse game comes on tomorrow at 12:15pm. I BLEED ORANGE!!!

I've been TORTURING a co-worker who talked junk about my Orange and his team didn't even make the NIT! He really had no clue of how relentless I am...he's asking people how he can make me stop. Their response? "You CAN'T..."

- I don't ski. God bless the dead.

- I wish people would stop complaining about messed up stories in the news, but then sending those messed up stories out to everyone. Example - I don't WANT to know about the woman with the bullet-proof weave...

- I've been very growly lately. I think it's directly correlated to me not drinking my wine nightly like I tend to do. Gotta get back to it.

- My hair is a mess. I haven't cut it, I have edge-up, and it's wild. But since I always wear hats, it doesn't bother me. Wouldn't bother me if I didn't wear hats.

- I need to shave. I've got a serious George Michael/Sonny Crockett 5 o'clock shadow going on.

- I'm STILL trying to figure out how to come up with $4,000 by the end of the month...but getting there...

- I've been lighting this group of idiots up on Facebook who want to argue with me about why people HAVE to go to church. It's so's like shooting fish in a barrel. A friend of mine started it as a discussion topic in a note...I think he regrets it now, cuz everybody's getting mad at how easily I dismantle their arguments.

- Miami Vice is the greatest TV show of all-time. Just thought i'd remind y'all.

- Bobby Caldwell. Nuff said.

- Mary J. Blige. Ditto.

- I've been quiet relatively this week at work. Doesn't matter - people are STILL complaining about me behind my back. The managers get sick of it, cuz none of it has to do with anything job-related or in violation of anything. It's about silly things like "why does HE get to go into the News Director's office anytime he wants to without asking?"

I swear I'm in grammar school sometimes.

- My cousin got home from jail yesterday. I hope he stays out of trouble.

- Mi abuela has just discovered the joys of the DVD player. I have been made the unofficial provider of content for her DVD player.

- Pocoyo is one of the best kids shows on TV. Google cute.

- If I had a little girl, I'd spoil the hell out of her. But the little boy would be tough. I admit - I'm way more likely to spoil a little girl than a boy.

- I'm still pissed they killed Captain America in the comics. I don't read them any more, but it was a big story. My friend keeps me up-to-date...he's still dead, and not coming back it looks like. They have a replacement...grrr...

- I need to sharpen my knife.

Anonymous said...

I miss Amanda's 100 emails. I now have time for them

Brooke said...

No beaches huh? Maybe I'll just wait to hang with you when you get to D.C. :-)

My sister has been in PTA hell I believe :-)

Yes, I've heard Ryan Leslie, not the Q-Tip joint tho.

Happy Birthday to Lindsay (sp?)

I love the show The Game, so sad they're not bringing it back...I hate when networks do that. I hope they at least close it out the right way, not like what they did to Girlfriends.

I like scruffy beards ;-)

Serena W. said...

Rameer...get back to your nightly wine!

Brooke did you pay that cell phone bill?

Yeah the closest beach to me is Galveston which is 8 hours away.

And I heard it's not all that :(

Just wait till I hit DC. (YEAH)!

I love going to church, but if you go and have no relationship with God then what's the point! Even my pastor said that some of the most spiritual people are home and that's cool. It's your relationship that matters with Him.

So that's my 2 cents on that Rameer, I live in Bible Belt and there are some of the biggest hypocrits at my church (huge)! But it's all good...I don't go for them! I go for me, fellowship with those who are like minded and to keep building my relationship with Him. But church isn't for everyone which is cool. So that whole YOU HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH isn't the road that should be preached, but I think it's nice to have a church home if thats you :)

Yeah I'm procrastinating. Need to hit the road to see the African Story Teller. I've seen her before. She's greatness!

And depending on that scruffy look Rameer it could be sexy as hell...just need to shape it up and sistas who appreciate it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank u 4 wishing my baby girl a happy one - spelling was correct!!!

- I miss Amanda too. Where is she?

- In my department, I only speak to the Black interns. Not cuz I'm being discriminatory for the hell of it - the current white ones act like they're too good to speak or interact with me until someone explains to them who I am and what I do. Even though I obviously am someone of importance, seeing as people are constantly conferring with me and my desk is right near the intern desks. The Black ones are like "yo - can you burn me that new such-and-such CD" Lol...

If I was an intern, I'd try to learn as much from and get help from EVERYBODY. But that's their home training, I guess. Won't get any advice or lessons from me...even though they get upset that the Black ones learn all this stuff that they brag about.

- I REALLY need to stop Facebooking and writing on Brooke's blog - I'm on a deadline!!!

momo925 said...

I can't wait to read the Steve Harvey book once Brooke is finished.

I'm also dieing to read "he's just not that into you" so whoever has liz's book needs to return it lol.

I am so tired of bitchass men.

I think Rameer should send Brooke The Dream's new album and Jazmine Sullivan so I can have a listen! lol

Becoming a makeup-artist is harder than I originally thought but I think I'm on the road to discovering my passion.

I love love LOVE tobasco sauce! mmm mmmmmm mmmmm!!

I can't believe its already March. This year is just flying by.

I need to renew my passport ASAP! It expires this month and I'm trying to go to Rome.

Anonymous said...

Serena - you must've read my argument. You put pretty much what I've been saying to these jabronis.

I don't know if my scruffiness looks good to anyone. No one comments on my appearance typically unless I look absolutely horrible.

Anonymous said...

Momo - Jazmine's album is EXCELLENT. I downloaded The Dream and gave it to the Black interns...didn't bother listening to it myself. I like that "Rockin' That Thang" joint, though...

And I FEEL YOU on these bitchass men. They're running RAMPANT...they need to be put down like dogs. They're making the normal guys like me look bad...women are starting to think all men are inheriting these traits...

phillygrl said...

--that reminds me Passport expires in april..I need to send in this application I've had on my table for the last 3 weeks...uughh!

--( piggybacking on rameer's comment) ..My friend's dad was the VP of this pharma company in n. New Jers...he experienced much of the same. I remember in college when we would spend the night at Cori's house her dad used to talk to us abt what we wanted to do once out of college, etc..He told us, he would have this board meeting or some meeting at a long table, all the people trying to present or sell something/work with the company would come in, chic chat with ALL THe WHITE PEOPLE( he was the only black) ..he said they would't even include him in the convo , or look his way when presenting for acknowledgement etc..Then when finished the presentation, they'd look to see if the company wanted to buy said product or work with then & the whole table would look at him( b/c he was the boss) & the presenters would feel so small... he said many times, he didn't even speak..he would just look at them with a steely gaze for like a MINUTE...(the room would be totally silent) & then he'd walk out( & the people would know they made a grave mistake) Prejudice is a bitch, but Karma is worse! He told us, get what ever you can from each company & move on, b/c they wont bat an eye at firing you. Loyalty to yourself first!

Keep educating the Black Youth!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People making a big negative deal about Pres. Obama taking 15 minutes to write his brackets for ESPN can kiss my ass. Sports fan appreciated it and he continues to show he can multi-task.

That UNC pick is wack tho Prez

Fighting the lazies today. Feels like a day to take naps.

Brooke pay your cell phone...

ummm...can you put something on mine too?

Wait, she was taking a skiing lesson on a beginner hill, fell, bumped her head, was fine, went back to the hotel, had a headache...and DIED!!?? That's tragedy! I'm gonna go call my mother and tell her I love her.

I can watch SportsCenter all damn day repeat after repeat.

Oooh Vincesanity gave Larry Hughes a backache with that block. LOL

Then Dwight Howard blocked that shot and it went so far I think it hit someone in a luxury box

I'm procrastinating so much, I'm procrastinating on procrastinating is my new fascination. Downloadable books! Even though I can't read much until I'm done writing my own.

Brooke said...

I have Jazmine Sullivan's cd, so I'll hand it over. But Rameer, feel free to send The Dream, the first and second one...there's 2 right? I would like that :-)

Bitchass men need to be on their own planet.

You can do my makeup Mo...I have no idea how to do it when I get the inclination to. I am pretty much makeup free all day everyday. But I'd like to know how to do it if I wanted to :-)

And I agree with Serena and Rameer about going to church. I used to sing in the church choir, go every Sunday while growing up, and never got anything out of it or learned anything. I could quote the bible, but never gained any understanding. It wasn't until I found a church for me that my relationship with God was strengthened, because I was gaining understanding...and the only way to CONTINUE to gain understanding, was to go to church to learn. The more I learned, the strong my relationship with God became. So going to church strengthens your relationship with God, then go. But if you have a relationship with God based on your own learning, whether you read the bible at home, or "watch church" on tv, whatever works for you...then do it. God knows your heart...and he knows it whether you're sitting on your couch on Sunday morning, or in the front pew. I'll just leave that at that.

I have yet to see a Black intern here, and I intend to change all that when I go speak at Rutgers in April. They asked me to bring back resumes of students that I find would be good candidates for our summer internship program. What pisses me off EVERY SINGLE time I speak there, which has been for 5 years now, is that the black students I've met either don't come with a resume, or their resume is all jacked up, or they assume since I'm black that I'm automatically gonna hook them up. I'd never stake my professional reputation on bringing in a wack intern just because he or she is black - but damn...I'd LOVE to have one here to mentor. I hope I find one this time around.

I still haven't paid the bill yet, let me do that now...and sorry Dre, but I'm on a budget :)

You mean to tell me Pres. Obama didn't pick Syracuse?? I guess he doesn't bleed orange :-)

Georgia Peach said...

- I'm searching for an inexpensive flight for Brussels in April and the prices keep remaining static (even on Wednesday the day the prices were supposed to drop). What's that about?

- Congrats to Serena for tonight. Hate those migraines def take care of yourself.

- I'm listening to Jazmine Sullivan right now at work - only song I can't listen to is "Call Me Guilty"

- Heard that my boss got his A$$ handed to him in a meeting about budgets yesterday. I'm surprised that he's been allowed to continue on here - who misplaces $1.3 MM in a budget and still keeps their job???? (this happened last year and thank GOD it wasn't related to my area of the budget).

- The incompetent boss had to nerve to give me a low rating on "planning" in my review and tried to blame two projects from last year going over budget on me - when they weren't my call and in fact I'd recommended going other routes. WTF? Every rebuttal I had for him made him squirm even more and he couldn't give me a straight answer on why that rating was so low. I'm really thinking about putting my rebuttals into writing. Then he had the nerve to give me high marks on everything else. He could have called me out on any other issue, but planning ain't one of them. GRRRRRR

- I'm so glad that it's almost Friday. I need this weekend!

- I want to see "I Love You Man" and I'm going tmrw night. I need a comedy in my life right now

- Annamaria - so glad you're enjoying your time off. :o) Enjoy your vacation.

- I am selling my gym membership to Bally's $20 at a time, in case anyone is interested. One of my co-workers is already doing it.

- I'm sad about Amy Ruth's financial troubles. I really hope that they can get it together and pull some money together so they can keep their doors open. I have an unhealthy love of fried chicken.

- Is it Friday yet?

Anonymous said...

The Pres picked us to go to the Great Eight I believe. I liked how he said "I have an upset here...I like Syracuse." Then they talked about how he only saw the highlights of the 6OT game because he can't stay up until 2am because he "has work to do" LOL

I want to check out the Jazmine CD. I'll..umm..cop that. LOL

Make sure you tell those interns and prospective interns what I told mine, "Every day is a job interview, the moment you stop acting that way is the moment you stop being considered for a job here."

They hired 4 of the interns I worked with...

ooh Brooke and Phillygrl (cuz I know y'all know) tomorrow is FREE RITA'S DAY!!! Aww yeah!!

phillygrl said...

goergia Peach...put the rebuttles in writing & inform your director, this is "for the record" ( he will need to put it in your personnel file or hand it to HR) that you don't the event that anything happens in the future , its documented. Nothing personal..JUSt BUSINESS...( my godmom is HR director at Amgen in Cali) ..her MANTRA is put it in WRITING.!

Brooke said...

FREE RITA'S!!! DANG! Where will I get it from!? I've never see a Rita's in NY...not neva!! Do I REALLY need to go to Jersey just for free water ice??

That's good advice Dre, if I get an intern, I'll be sure to use that one, thanks!

I still have a crush on Barack Obama, and I don't think it's going away any time soon. I love that man.

I'm feeling very maternal today, have no idea why.

Can I email Jazmine songs to you guys? I don't know much about this stuff, but I've emailed songs to Princess...I can try it :)

I agree, put it in writing Glee.

Brooke said...

Now I want fried chicken.

And I feel like shopping for maxi dresses.

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks ya'll. I'm definitely gonna put it in writing now. I'm still waiting on a copy. My review was two days ago and still haven't gotten my copy.

- Just bought the ticket to Brussels for next month...Priceline has some sort of protection that says if the price drops I could get a refund back. That's HOT!

- I really want some fried chicken today too Brooke. I had a pumpkin muffin from Dunkin that's sitting on my stomach right now though.

Brooke said...

That always happens to me - I bring my lunch and then someone puts something in my head and then I don't want my lunch anymore :( I'm gonna eat it anyway tho because I spend way too much money at lunch.

Brussels! Fun!

Anonymous said...

hey ya'll!!!

- I know I am late but I am finally reading “The Secret”…I just started this morning but so far it makes sense.
- I HATE it when someone is walking by my cube and feels that just because I have a trash can, you can use it…idont want to smell your stale coffee for the rest of the day!!
- Brookes cheesecake is CRACK!
- I saw a pic of Annamaria on Brookes MySpace…you are so pretty!!! Just like Brooke said, you DO look like a Puerto Rican Halle Berry!!!
- I’m having a good hair day :-)
- Does EVERYONE have a headache today?? I woke up with one too! It wont go away!
- But I am sending positive thoughts to get it to leave! (go secret!)
- I brought my lunch today but all I want is pizza…
- Why do I have to pay $110 to go to my high school reunion?? They can have it in the gym for all I care! Besides, the people I WANT to see are all on Facebook or MySpace!!
- I can’t WAIT to see BARACK OBAMA on Jay Leno tonight!!!
- I am sooo ready for Friday night! I don’t have anyting planned ut it’s the WEEKEND!!!
- Brooke, I’ll be in Philly the weekend of April 3rd.
- BTW, have you paid your cell phone bill???
- i brought my lunch today but I don’t want it…I want PIZZA!!!
- Brooke, let me hold that Jazmine Sullivan CD too…I have a few songs already but I want the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

- E-mail songs? Lol...Brooke, me and my cohorts e-mail each other albums and FULL MOVIES. LMAO...u gotta have somebody put u on...I'm sure Dre knows the ledge...

- Phillygirl...LOVE the story. It's so true. People get it in their mind that the color of your skin somehow lessens your importance...I'm the same way. You don't fool with me, I won't help you at all if you're an intern. And I usually am the one who can do the most to help. I'm harsher on the Black interns who pull that crap, cuz they should KNOW better. When I first starting working here, the FIRST people I befriended were the people of color.

- Like Serena - you're DEAD ON about church, Brooke.

- I can watch Sportscenter for hours back-to-back as well. Once I woke up early and turned on the TV when I was with an ex...she woke up a few hours later, did a little house cleaning, organizing, etc. She came to me at one point and said "you realize you've been watching this same sportscenter since 7am...and it's NOON???"

I saw nothing wrong with that. Still don't.

- This may sound REALLY close-minded, but...I think that men who watch no sports at all are secretly gay. Seriously. We don't have to watch the same sports, but to watch absolutely NONE? EVER? Nah, son - I've only known women like that.

Even if you grow up not really watching a lot of sports, at some point all the men in your vicinity are playing sports, watching some sports, etc. You getting to be a grown man with no sports viewing...that's funny style to me.

- I said the last thing cuz there's a co-worker that I think is in the closet. He has no reactions like any man I know. We go out as a group, he wants to leave the bar/club/restaurant filled with women to go check out some place else that is full of dudes. He has no idea about famous sport figures like Tom Brady, Lebron or A-Rod. He has a somewhat effeminate walk. And he randomly complains how he can't find a date...

Methinks he doth protest too much. It's funny - I don't know why he's in the closet. We have gay employees here, and no one treats them any different. In fact, I get along with all the gay dudes really well - they're some of the cooler cats in the building. Must be family that keeps him in the closet.


- Dre (The Black Cloud) was one of the coolest upperclassmen I knew on campus. Always willing to give advice and kick it with a brother.

- Phillygirl is pretty...

- I'm getting inundated with messages on Facebook today telling me to stop being mean.

- I can't stop - I'm mean.

- I gotta finish editing - I've still got a deadline!!!

Anonymous said... honey doesn't watch ANY sports of any kind on TV!!! He does however like to play sports. He loves to play BBall etc etc... BUT he says it bores him to watch on TV... he isn't gay but I really think that he has ADD...LOL

Reminder: Barack is going to be on one of those night shows tonight.

Anonymous said...

Annamaria - he PLAYS a sport. He doesn't count. I should've been more specific - men who have no affiliation and have NEVER had any affiliation with sports. I don't get that...AT ALL.

- I think the new "Fast & Furious" movie looks preposterous. And that crap will still probably gross $100 million...

Anonymous said...

Awww Liz thank you sooo much!!!! lol
I LOVE HALLE! She's my idol. I am trying to be fabulous for the next few months like she was when she was pregnant. :)

Anonymous said...

Rameer: thanks for the clarification! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rameer. I remember being compelled to grab you by the shoulder a couple times. LOL

You can be mean...just don't be hateful. Hate takes too much energy and they don't deserve it. OK..(pound) now go to class before I gotta drag you in a headlock or something..and take your boy Bruce with ya...LMAO

[fade out]

Annamaria is VERY pretty...I think she uses the smile to coax you closer before the tase.

Brooke - there used to be a Rita's in Bellrose...oh wait that was Bellmore did say you wanted to hit Philly right?

I'll also give you that knowledge on ways to send any and everything over the net...if only I could figure out how to get some cheesecake via the web...

Anonymous said...

Andre: YES I DO USE THE SMILE TO COAX BEFORE A GOOD TASE!!!!!!! How else would I accomplish it??? LOL
SHHHH don't tell anyone my secret!

Word Brooke you need to send your cheesecake via email or something..LOL
I think there is a Rita's somewhere around my house Brooke. I'll find out for you & let you know

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,

Reading your blog has become my new lunch experience. I grab a seat, my grub, my blackberry and have a Coke and a smile, reading you blog. I may not always comment but I read it :)
Glee, yours too. I'm going to comment, I promise. Writing my comment on Brooke-lyn's blog always takes up my lunch hour, lol. I get the raps. And you're traveling again? I was just getting used to you being here. You go gurl!
Still haven't had the urge to complete any of the 4 drafts on my blog yet. So lazy and unmotivated, more like overworked.
Getting off the elevator at this new site, I walk right into my lil' cuz. It's a college so I thought she was attending school here. I asked what she was doing, she said "I work here!" So sad, she's almost a year outta hs, I wish she'd consider college.
Don't like the end of March because it's Big Shirley's (mom) bday and I never know what to get her :(
Brooke-lyn speaking of sending me songs, my bro erased my entire iPod library so all the songs I harassed you to send me I no longer have. (LOL, I can remember being at your desk, showing you how to send me the songs and demanding you send me my favs, as I berated your catalog "I don't like Mary - don't send me that!") They're still on my PC at A&E :( But I do have those DVDs my ex made me with "Shoot'em Up Movies" and other goodies on them. So don't cry for me Argentina. "Do You Still Love Me" by Mel'isa Morgan! Whew! Was listening to that cd the other night and I wanted to put on my clothes and do a drive-by at my ex's house.
I bought Steve's book 2 weeks ago. Was trying to wait for Hueman to get it so I could support the Black-owned biz. But I waited for like a week and the day the book came in, they sold out in an hour. B&N was right next to my job and they had it for 30% off. Sorry! I like Steve and I did wanna peek at it (sorry I missed the book-signing Glee).
It is funny thus far, but I put it down a few days ago and haven't wanted to touch it since. I'm going into one of my yearly moods where I give up on love. Just don't feel like it's something for me so the last thing I wanna read is a tatler listing all the things I'm doing wrong or all the things I've assumed about men, "so this is why you're single." AH! Blast you Estrogen and your mood swings. I'll be back to being a hopeless tomorrow in about 30 mins.
Yes, where is Amanda? Tell her I miss her!
Rita's! Good stuff!
Just found out 2 people I went to high school with got married and have a kid. I don't ever remember them hanging together or even chatting for that matter. And they're the 2nd couple from my hs like that. So random! That's love! (there's the hopeless romantic).
Also found 2 young ladies (cuz'ns) who I was in Elementary School with on FB. One young lady and her husband named their 2 daughters' names are Love and Blessing. And other and her hubby has two sons, one's name is Choice, I don't know the baby's name. Well growing up my cousin and I were named Princess and Misti Rayne so I can't ever talk about names in a family, but I thought that was odd and neat!
Mon, you're thinking about becoming a make-artist? That's hot! One of the girls's I mentioned above is giving make-up classes in BK (I think) starting in Apr. Lemme know if you're interested, I've been curious about going.
And that's all I have to say about that. Spread love my peoples!
Love, Princess

Anonymous said...

princess!! we miss you here at a&e!!

Brooke said...

Rameer, you're not mean, you're just honest. But I'm sure you CAN most of us...just on a different level. I agree with Dre tho, never be hateful...big difference.

If you find out where that Rita's is, let me know!

Annamaria is gorgeous, with her Halle Berry lookin ass! I say that all the time. How can I look like that!!!???

The night SU went into 6 OT's I watched Sports Center over and over again...and Ant was on IM with me doing the same thing. We both were like "we love him, but if we hear Devendorf's name one more time...." I finally had to get up and turn it off :) But I can watch Sports Center all day too.

And I agree, men who don't watch or play or have any interest in sports baffles me...ver suspect.

Prannie! I miss you so much!!! When are you coming back? I need to see you, you always make me smile.

And I can't believe all the songs I sent you are gone. That was a chore...and I didn't need you telling me which Mary songs you liked and didn't like :) That was funny..."no Brooke-lyn...not that one, THAT one!" LOL!!

I love that my blog has become your lunch time activity, thank you! You know I love how you write and that you're very picky about what you read, so coming from you that's a compliment!

Steve's book is a quick read, I'll be done with it in about half an hour tonight. Mon, you're next! And I'm not in one of my "in love" stages either, but the book makes you reflect on past relationships like "hmmm...maybe he really DID like me.." LOL!!

Liz, April 3rd, I'll try to be there. Gotta take you to get a REAL cheesesteak.

I don't think I said more than 3 words to Dre in he's my boy...go figure.

It might have been two words...
"where's Seana?" LOL!!!

Brooke said...

So the "can I touch it girl" says out loud that a coworker named Savita had a baby girl but she couldn't pronounce the name. She asks, "how do you pronounce L-A-I-L-A?" I say, "LAY-luh" (phonetically) She says, "oh, wasn't sure, cuz you know how they do names."

Who the f*ck is "they?"

So I ask her who "they" is... no answer.


see what I mean?

wooo - saaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

she is going to cause me to have to speak to her outside after work one day >I

Anonymous said...

She couldn't pronounce LAILA?????? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OH SHE'S GOT ALL TYPES OF IGNORANCE GOING ON IN HER HEAD.... I may have to pay you ladies a visit one day at work for lunch!!! See what baffoonary comes out her mouth.

Anonymous said...

By the way thank you ALL for the compliments.. Its hard to always look at yourself as pretty when your belly starts getting bigger..LOL

Brooke said...

This is everyday...and she's nosey as hell too..and doesn't care that you know it. No shame.

Oprah has men on that are admitted women abusers who got help...and you look at them and would never think it. Wow...

Robin Givens is coming on next.

Serena W. said...

When I move back to the east I may get a tv which means cable (I may...)

If so I'm going to have an ESPN Sportscenter Night!

Yes I love sports! I would watch football, baseball and basketball with my grandfather (my Papa).

You think that would be a turn on for dudes (me loving sports and even take it to the court with ya)...not out here.

Like Rameer said, "They special out there."

Brooke what's up with this cheesecake? I wanna piece.

Rameer I never even read your argument (we're really on the same page).

Had a super long day! Ended up putting out fires in the community when the damn story teller never showed up and 90 girls were upset :(

Trying to get my mind right tonight.

A little nervous y'all...but I'll be okay...right?

Are migraines supposed to come and go! I hate this...

Day was so damn crazy I didn't get a chance to buy Excedrin, praying that I can just get through until 9pm which I can!

And my boss sent out the alert to staff that I'm Audi 5000 as of June 30th!

All of a sudden...ahhhhh...I feel free! Whew, see all I had to do was write!

Brooke said...

I'll say a prayer that your headache goes away...I hate when I get them and wouldn't wish that on anyone! Drink some peppermint tea.

I'm so excited that you're moving back here and I've never met you, how crazy is that!!! I'll be the first one at the ESPN Party!

I didn't see Ram's argument on FB either, haven't really been on it all day actually.

All the guys I know LOVE that I love sports as much as, if not more than, they do. Dallas dudes are wack huh? Yeah...hurry back :)

You'll be great tonight. I'll be there in spirit!

Serena W. said...

WACK is an understatement lol.

I'm going to take 3 Aleves (all day strong...all day long)!

I'll be in NYC in May so maybe we can meet up with whoever else on this blog!

We can have a Brookey's Cafe Blog Happy Hour (how crazy would that be).

Switching gears...I love that Prez Obama chose SU to go to the great 8!

My cube is in the cut so people walk back here with a purpose, but I have one co-worker who tiptoes and tries to sneak up on not cool!

Lemme find out Annamaria is giving Halle a run for her money!

Brooke said...

I should post a pic of her...with her permission of course :-)

A Brookey's Cafe Blog get together in May would be fun!

I want Doritos.

Anonymous said...

why did someone just call me "fredie" (from A Different World). i know i am rockng the puffy curls today and dont get me wrong...i LOVE Cree Summer.

but seriously??

Brooke said...

You look NOTHING like AT ALL! Her curls don't look like yours, even though I love her hair too. That's funny :-)

Anonymous said...

Brooke I totally grant you permission to post my picture as long as you don't have any embarrassing pics of me!!! LOL

When I go to dinner with Austin this weekend I'll take some with the belly & send them to you guys.

Serena when are you coming to NYC???? I WANNA MEET YOU TOOOOOO!!! Remember I live close to the family!!! :)

Brooke said...

I have ZERO blackmail pics of you couldn't take a bad pic if you tried!

Don't forget to watch Obama on Jay Leno tonight!

Anonymous said...

I won't!!!!!! I'm soo excited to see him on Jay!!!!!

Brooke said...

Watching the news, they're saying mortgage rates are below 5%, and may hit 4% by April....damn I wish I had money to buy a house!

Anthony Otero said...

mad late...but it is still thursday...

- busy day for me...tired as hell
- Still havent watched one game yet
- The Keri Hilson song is steady playing my head
- I am so wearing Orange tomorrow
- Jasmine Sullivan will be at SU on saturday...

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