Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Okay, I found these Vagina Fun Facts on a blog called Orgasmic Tendencies on the Honey site and thought I'd share them to kick off Random Thoughts Thursday.

*The clitoris is the only organ in the female body whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure and the average length is 5 to 6 inches? (think internal)

*The use of lipstick originates from the motivation to make lips look like the vaginal labia in their aroused state.

*When a woman is highly sexually stimulated she can ovulate out of cycle. (yikes!)

*By having 2 orgasms per week regularly you can add 2 years to your life. (I need to get on this pronto!)

*Only 10% of women can have an orgasm by intercourse alone. (so sad)

*The first vibrators were invented in 1869 as treatment for what was known then as hysteria. There was even a Chattanooga Vibrator made in 1904! (LOL!!...hysteria?!)

*The “horizontal mambo” is great for your health by lowering stress. Sex can help impede your production of the hormone cortisol, which can contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

*By doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your PC muscles, you will have stronger orgasms and ease the difficulty of menopause. (the "Lock")

just thought those tidbits were interesting :-)


- Lately I've become addicted to Hot idea why.

- I can't wait to see my nephews this weekend! Kyce will be FIVE YEARS OLD on Monday!

- I hate my cell phone.

- My internet is down at home and I feel somewhat lost without it. But I will say I've been going to bed A LOT earlier lately because of it. I feel rested.

- I want to be debt-free.

- I got a promotion at work :) I guess being "Kizzy" finally paid off :)

- I can't believe it'll be April next week. Now if it could only stay in the 60's, I'd be GOOD!

- I have sex on the brain more often than not this week....

- I think Liz needs to take me shopping. I'll give you 3 guesses as to what we'd be shopping for.

- My cat will be 14 years old on April 3rd. That's my baby. He's also in love with Monica...and Liz.

- Happy Birthday Monique!

- REMINDER: Tomorrow is Annamaria's birthday. Don't forget! I think her qwerty keyboard has a "tase" button on it :)

- Did I mention I need a vacation yet today?

- All my bills are paid :)

- Still haven't gotten my taxes done.'ll be April next week right?

- I want spaghetti for dinner tonight.

- I love that The Roots are Jimmy Fallon's late night band! Too bad Jimmy's monologue is kinda painful to watch.

- The MTA is buggin with these proposed fare hikes! Paying more for less service... really?

- The Post Office may run out of crazy is that?

- I'm off from work tomorrow and Monday - woo hoo!




Anonymous said...

I didn't sleep all night cuz I have a toothache! Please no one make me tase them tomorrow!!! Happy Bday momo!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Dammit Annamaria!!!!!

Anyway... I wonder if the person who invented the technology that tells you your words are spelled wrong on the computer is mad rich right now.

I wonder How long it's gonna be before words like LOL, LMAO and ROFL and gonna be added to websters dictionary.

That's all I got today cuz my task list is crazy long today!

Brooke said...

LOL!! Just a TAD late B :-)

Annamaria, it's not momo's birthday from the blog comments - her name is Monica, not Monique :)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

addendum... I wonder why whenever a guy is first to comment on Brooke's Blog... he must use the word bitches!! Is that an unwritten rule?

Brooke said...

Well, it's a rule...we can write it down if you like :)

Speaking of spell checks, my cell phone won't let me type out curse words and didn't recognize the word "kayak" last night. So whoever created that needs to work for Samsung, cuz my phone is stupid.

Tiswana said...

Congrats on your promotion!!! What's your new title? "Chief Dog the Bounty Manhunter Interventionist"? I hate to say it, but this means A&E owns you now!

Brooke said...

OH NO!!!! Don't say that!

Hell, they've been owning me for 5 and a half years now :) Didn't I tell you my name was "Kizzy?"

Thank you tho, I'm happy :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Monica...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... heck Monique I don't know when your birthday is but happy birthday to you too! LOL

I've added about 12 years to my life this week after reading your facts Brooke!! LOL

Tonight I find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl!!!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!

I want to tase the baby cause my tooth hurts & I can't do anything about it.

My homeboy sent me a happy birthday text today... I was like this is why I send emails out cause people don't pay attention!!! LOL

Craig n 'em said...


The Fury said...

After Craig bitches! (shrug)

Congrats on the promotion Brooke.

- I have had sex on the brain and yet haven't been able to get a new post done...ummm..something is wrong there.

- Happy Birthday Monica

- Tooth pain is some of the worse pain ever

- Went to Radio Shack and they tried to sell me a cell phone..ummm..I think I came here to get cheap shit not spend more money dumbass...oh woat, your phones are cheaper than the Sprint store...

- I'm sick and tired of people that don't know their shit being in some form of power over my career.

- When the FUCK will this economy get better? MTA is wilding, NY Gov laying off a slew of folks. Dammitt, it's gonna start getting violent and robberies will start running rampant. It's fucking 1988 all over again!

Serena W. said...

Happy Birthday Monica!
Annamaria...don't tase the baby!

Okay...random thoughts
Brooke...I think it's incredibly dope that you have The Roots, Next Movement Instrumental on your blog!

Can't believe my nephew will be 7 on Monday (Brooke our nephews have the same bday)!

April 1st will make 8 years in Delta OO-OOP.

I wanna tase or treat my ex eye doctor as a speed bump. When to a new one yesterday. Found out I have migrains behind the left eye because I was prescribed the wrong prescription for my glasses! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I'm two seconds from sending Annamaria a plane ticket to Dallas to tase my co-worker that's been trying to get under my skin lately.

There's always one person that you want to treat as a speed bump in your lifetime...maybe more.

It's all good...I have 105 days left till the U-Haul pulls out!

Already cleaning house and packing here and there (am I a little excited or what)!

Meeting the realtor at 1:30 to see if we can try and sell my investment property. Wish me luck!

YO! Where's Amanda and Malek been lately :(


It's off the chain y'all!

Serena W. said...

Everbody must be on lunch lol!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Monica...and congrats at the promotion, Ms. Brookes!

- I'm sure I've said this before, but...I DETEST one of my co-worker's whistling habit. It's the shrillest cot-damned whistle ever. We always go out on shoots together (he's on-air talent) and I used to just play the radio in the van, but then his ass started learning the songs and whistling along!!!

Now I play nothing but Jazz. So many different sounds, so abstract - whistle along with THAT, muddafugga!!!

- I'm sooooo happy my work computer is fixed...AGAIN. But this time, the chick left everything that was on it in tact and even reinstalled all the software. Funny what a threatened ass-whooping can do.

- I hung out with "The Love Chef" most of Tuesday (look him up, he's popular on the talk show circuits). He was REALLY cool - I think he bonded once I talked about how the Moors conquered Italy and did so much f**king they changed the racial composition of the people (he's Sicilian). He was actually amazed I knew that...he said most people don't (huh?).

- I've been getting annoyed by morons calling me this week in the morning. Um, hello? I WORK...

- I'm really trying to monitor this change in recent weeks of me being grumpy. I think I'm very sick of work at this point.

- I FOUND another copy of Q-Tip's unreleased album on the Internet!!! I downloaded that joint straight to my external hard drive...

- My baby sis (all 24 years of her) was so happy the other night...they were playing classic WB cartoons on TCM, and I called and let her know. Yes - we both still LOVE cartoons.

- Serena is a sell-out for telling Annamaria about the Facebook tasing...

- I've been interrupting every serious convo my GM has with people outside of his office this week. This is pissing off the people he's talking to, but since they're wimps and scared of him, they sit there silently and incredulously as I do it and he doesn't "reprimand" me...

- I saw and spoke to Jade Chen this morning! She's this really intelligent, very attractive head honcho at this major magazine in the Western New York area. Why is this news? Well, she's kind of to me like the little Red-headed girl is to Charlie Brown...

(Sigh) She's DREAMY...

- I have the George Michael 5 o'clock shadow going again...

- I really believe there are so many bitchass men walking around that women are beginning to get confused as to how to respond to us normal guys. I've noticed women asking myself and other men ridiculous questions in 2009 that if they thought about it, a typical real man wouldn't answer yes to. Like:

"Did you see yesterday's Oprah?"

"What's a good spa to go to?"

"What are the best classes at your gym? Do they do Turbo Jam?"

Did you hear the latest about Octo-mom?

"Did you hear what Jen said about John Mayer"?

No, no, no, no and noooooo!!! What is wrong with these women??? These are questions that normal, regular men have a 95% chance of saying "no" or not what you're talking about! Ask me about a Sportscenter highlight or somethin'. Stop asking me and all these dudes questions your girlfriends may know the answers to!

- I just saw the trailer for "Where The wild Things Are" this week. It looks PHENOMENAL. If you haven't read it and/or exposed your kids to what may be THE greatest children's book need to.

- I keep getting myself obligated to things with my female friends that I've never confirmed or said yes to. How the hell does this keep happening???

- Lebron James is going to win the NBA MVP. Like Kenny Smith said: "Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA, but Lebron is this year's MVP..."

- I love that Stan Van Gundy called the Knicks out on never hiring Patrick Ewing. Shmucks.

- The Beastie Boys ROCK.

- The youtube hit song "Chocolate Rain" popped into my head for soem reason.

- Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo "Knock You Down". Youtube it. Kanye's 2nd set of verses are BANANAS.

Listen to it just for these Kanye gems:

"How could a goddess ask someone that's only average
for advice
OMG! You listened to THAT b**ch?!?"

"This is bad, REAL BAD - Michael Jackson
Now I'm mad, REAL MAD - Joe Jackson..."

- The people who sit near me by tomorrow are going to ABHOR that song - I've had it on repeat for two days so far...

- That's it...for now...

Serena W. said...

I love you too Rameer!

Ooooh speaking of bit**a**ness! There was this dude in the club on Saturday. I thought he looked like someone else I knew. When I approached him and asked him he said with a snarl...NO THAT'S NOT ME. I stepped back and chuckled to myself (lucky he didn't catch one in his grill) and said, well dang I'm sorry if I offended you.

He then happens all the time! Then walked away. WOW!

WTF was his problem. So I went to my boy Christian who was the dj and said what's up with these bitchass men around here!

He said who is tripping on you...pointed out the dude and he cracked up and said, "Oh that's my boy, he's tripping on you?"

Tell me why he called him over, straightned him out and then all of a sudden the dude wants to be all up in my face and smiles.

I leaned over to the sista next to me and said, "Bitchassness is a deadly disease cause he was about to catch it and be treated as a speed bump." LOL!

Rameer and to everyone who hates bitchassness would appreciate this story.

Brooke said...

I just got back from lunch with MONICA...but I'm going to TASE all of you for wishing her a happy birthday when IT'S NOT HER BIRTHDAY!! The blog says happy birthday MONIQUE!!!!

Let me clarify - momo is MONICA.
I said happy birthday MONIQUE.

I was correcting Annamaria saying that momo is Monica...not MONIQUE.

Monique is a friend who reads my blog but does not comment...but I sent her a shout-out anyway.


now...let me go back and read what I missed :)

Anonymous said...

Well then stop confusing us by shouting out people we don't know - we're a COMMUNITY on this thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke see we wouldn't have this problem if the unnamed birthday girl would remind everyone for the month prior to her birthday who she is & when her birthday is like I do... I still have a damn toothache & now it's giving me a headache soo I'm just going to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG M!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Serena..I accept your plane ticket & will be down there with my taser ASAP. I just gotta be back by 4/14 to go on my vacation.

Craig... thank you for coming back to us... How is unemployment going?

Anonymous said...

1. I can't wait to go to the doctor later...

2. My daddy just passed by to give me a kiss, rub my belly & tell me he hopes it's a little girl that looks just like me... I'm going to be 30 years old tomorrow & I am still Daddy's little girl!

3. I can't wait to go to DR on the 14th

4. I bought my BIG BIRTHDAY PURSE on Tuesday... I LOVE IT & I am sooo excited.

5. I went shopping Tuesday & yesterday and got soooo many clothes... I love it..LOL

6. How am I shopping with my unemployed butt?? lol

7. I'm hungry now.. lol

Georgia Peach said...

-CONGRATS BROOKE! So glad it happened for you.

-Annamaria - happy early bday and I'll remember to shout you out tmrw too.

-Serena - yes B*tcha$$ness is rampant. That's funny with the speed bump thing.

-Rameer- HILARIOUS with the whistling...although I'll admit I used to whistle when I was younger. It's a being a musician thing for me though.

-Ironically I don't have sex on my brain as much as I did a few weeks ago. My hormones were going haywire like 3 weeks ago, now nothing.

-Today I'm in a good mood. Hell I've been in a good mood all week long.

-I love it when they drop off the leftover desserts from meetings... I just had two little cookies.

- I am having a hard time focusing on writing this proposal that I need to write for work. I'm not motivated to do anything today work wise.

- Very thankful to still have my job and steady paycheck.

- I've been at peace for the past few weeks.

- My personal to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. Top of the list is finishing my last B-school application. My deadline is April 8th.

- I had pad thai for lunch and it was pretty good. More flavorful than usual.

- I'm obsessed with the Ch. 7 morning news team (Lori, Ken and Bill).

- I wonder why every single time I have french class the weather seems to be all funky.

- I'm thinking of purchasing Keri Hilson's cd. I'll check that song out Rameer. Love her current single "Turnin me on."

- I don't like Lil Wayne's song "prom queen," but I like the video for it.

Aight that's enough for now...have a great day everyone. Brooke enjoy your day off!

Brooke said...

I can shout out people who read but don't comment if I want to! Keep it up and I'll "accidently" forget to shout out Annamaria :)

(and I'll be in Philly so she can't tase me) LOL!

Rameer - no comment on my Next Movement instrumental from The Roots? Thanks Serena!

That Q-tip joint was hot!

Thanks for all the well wishes on my promotion :) (still workin my ass off tho!)

I read a blog on Diva Dudes the other day that explained bitchassness very well. I'm gonna find it and post the link. It was from a sight called it!

Speaking of the "octomom" did anyone hear her on the radio this morning? Why are we still talking about her?

Thanks Glee! I have 2 days off, and then another 2 in a couple weeks in April...I need a nice long week off tho...somewhere warm.

I had a crabcake sandwich for lunch and it was good. Monica had the same thing...and that would be Monica...not Monique :)

Monique is the one who did the split at my party...remember? :)

I want cheesecake.

Is it time to go yet?

Brooke said...

So Annamaria, are you gonna tell us what you're having on the blog tomorrow? :)

Serena W. said...

How are you going shopping Annamaria...hey it's all good!

Now I need you to possibly tase my property manager. He acts like I can go down to MY house when I want too. For Christ sakes its vacant and I wanted to sell it.

Oh yeah, can't sell. Houses are foreclosed like a mug out there! One on my block just foreclosed the other day! It's only selling for $49,000 WTF!

Rameer I have someone that whistles too...very annoying.

My Mom would pop my mouth growing up and said it was bad luck to whistle in the house. LOL!

Brooke have a great long weekend!

Yes Georgia's Rampant and that brother better be lucky I'm not 22 anymore because he would've been popped in the grill with no remorse!

I'm not violent but can't stand bi***a**ness!

For some reason...I want cheesecake now :( Marble!

Serena W. said...

I meant to say he acts like I can't go...

Brooke said...

We're gonna have a cheesecake party :)

Anonymous said...

- Whistling doesn't bother me so much - it's HIS whistling (my co-worker's)...

- I LOVE the Instrumental, Brooke! I didn't hear it until a little bit ago - I was responding from my phone...

- that Lil' Wayne "Prom Queen" video is DOPE!!! Good call - thought I was the only one. The video makes me like the song.

- Speaking of Q-Tip...hit youtube and see if you can find the remix to We Fight We Love" with Kanye and Consequence...yes, pretty much anything Kanye breathes on I love.

- I'm not a big Keri Hilson fan. I like her song with Timbaland that got no love ("Return The Favor", youtube it) and this newest joint...but other than that, she just seems like a middle of the pack R&B artist to me.

- I think it's really cute Annamaria's a Daddy's girl.

- I'm looking forward to the Sweet 16 tonight!!!

Craig n 'em said...

Brooke...A cheese cake party? I can just imagine the line to the bathroom...Trying to hold it in on line...A whole lotta STINK WINKIN' going on on that line...

momo925 said...

LOL a big THANK YOU to everyone who thought it was my birthday today! That was hilarious and made me smile a whole lot!

Annamaria! big day tomorrow girly wooo hooo!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MONIQUE,who's the real birthday girl today! woo hooo GO MONIQUE! lol

And last but not least CONGRATS to Ms. Brooke!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!Very VERY proud of you miss Lady. I need to take a page out of your book and turn into "Kizzy" for a while lol.

Brooke said...

I'm gonna ignore Craig :)

ahem...why y'all got me youtubing Lil Wayne videos now?

Brooke said...

Monica, it's your "pretend" birFday :)

Nah girl, don't be Kizzy like me - work smarter, not harder! Thanks tho!

Georgia Peach said...

LOL - I have youtubed all the videos that Rameer suggested Brooke. Not sure about the Keri Hilson joint - I need to listen a few more times. Let me know what you think of the Lil Wayne one we were talking about.

I'm looking forward to the cheesecake party too. You can't do it in Philly though. I just had a little cheesecake slice from another dessert tray from another meeting. I'm growing my back fat in.

Happy bday to Monique (although I've never met you in person before and you never comment on the blog). LOL...

I am so ready to go home right now... I'm not doing ish right now.

Brooke said...

Cheesecake party will be in NY, maybe in May when Serena comes!

I'm just waiting to go home at this point...maybe I'll watch videos til I leave :)

Serena W. said...

YEAH!!!!!I'll let you know the exact date! It's on!!!!

Anonymous said...

YUP I will definitely let you guys know what is going on tomorrow...

Brooke if you FORGET to shout me out tomorrow I will drive to Philly tase you & come back...LOL

I ain't working soo it's not like I have anything better to do! lol

Brooke said...

well then you might as well just come visit then, and have a cheesesteak while you're at it :)

Serena W. said...

I want a cheese steak and oooooh one time when I was in Philly I got some cheese fries too (the greatest)!

Brooke said...

yes, and fries are the ONLY thing you should put cheez whiz on... MONICA! :-) LOL!

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