Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!!!

I'm going to see Watchmen tonight!!! I've avoided Dre, Rameer and Ant long enough for them NOT to tell me about the movie, except to say that it was great. I'm looking forward to it! Some of you have told me that you've never seen the trailer - which is a shocker to me! But if you've been living under a rock, here it is! (you can skip the commentary at the end if you want)


- I feel another cold coming on.
- I'm getting my taxes done on Sunday, finally!
- Liz is going with me, trying out my tax guy - so I hope he hooks her up!
- I like the earrings I have on today.
- Last night, I saw a woman on the train dipping Doritos in cheesecake and eating them. I love Doritos and cheesecake...just not together...YUK!
- My Ne-Yo cd's are in the mail, thanks Rameer!
- Salad again for lunch...maybe some soup too.
- The trainer David at NYSC is stalking me.
- I have to go to the bank so I can get $100 in singles to give to my nephew :)
- I can't wait to see my family this weekend!
- My cell phone is too slippery, I'm constantly dropping it.
- I'm looking forward to spring time. It's supposed to be close to 60 degrees this weekend!
- I need another manicure, but my pedicure (that I did myself) is still going strong!
- Somebody remind me to pay my car insurance online today :)
- I want to read a really good book....on the beach :)
- Did I mention I was going to see Watchmen tonight? ;-)




Anonymous said...

-I want to HURT someone today.

Anonymous said...

i would say first but i dont eant to get tased!!!!

Brooke said...

Y'all are funny...and Annamaria is in a mood :) Watch out now!

Anonymous said...

now down to business...

don't you hate it when you areon the train, you have a nice view of whatever...the window, the clock, some cute guy / girl when all of a sudden, someone who looks like who done it and why gets on and blocks you??? it's already crowded so that is your only siteline besides someone elses nether regions so you have to just close your eyes...

...and everytime you look up, there's their mug...


Anonymous said...

1. Sorry Liz BUT you can't say first!! :)

2. I am SOOOO moody today that if I get thru today without stabbing someone IT WILL BE A MIRACLE.

3. Luckily because they are doing construction downstairs & all the smoke & dust they moved me to another floor that's empty!

4. I still have to do my taxes.


6.Reminder: Brooke pay your car insurance

Georgia Peach said...

LOL... ya'll are both crazy Annamaria and EJ.

Anyhoo Brooke- how much does your tax man charge? I have one here, but he's like $300 bucks, I'm thinking about trying someone else, but this guy does get me good money back every year.

Enjoy Watchman tonight - some of my co-workers went and I got mixed reviews on it.

My thoughts...

- I'm really happy lately.

- I haven't blogged in a few days b/c I have nothing to say.

- I'm really re-focusing my efforts on grad school apps and studying for the GMAT. I had been slipping on that, but I realized that I have no other plan after September if I don't get into my programs. I REALLY REALLY want this now.

- One of my co-workers had on cropped pants today with flats and no tights or anything. It warmed up, but I don't think it's that DAMN WARM yet.

- Very happy that we're going to get some 60 degree weather this weekend.

- Flaky, disorganized people really drive me crazy. Some of my friends fall into this category and I feel the urge to say something.

- I had dinner earlier this week with some friends I went to high school with and although they both are doing well, I still felt like I have done pretty well for myself too. Seeing them made me realize life really is pretty great right now.

- I really love Q-Tip's "The Renaissance"

- Why did I see this "Special Agent" guy in Penn Station walking through with a BIG ASS GUN. Scary...what's our terror alert level at right now?

- I'm always hungry...what's that about?

- So happy my boss is out of the office today... I think I might go get a mani after I do my study hour.

That's it for now.

Anonymous said...

- i want to know why my picture doesnt show up on this does in the followers section but not here...

- i'm getting my taxes done with brooke! whoo-hoo! does he take checks?

- i made more shea butter pomade last night; i think this is my BEST batch!!

- are we going to have another 100 random thoughts today?

- i'm going to see watchmen on friday the 13th so don't tell me ANYTHING about it!!

- i want a kindle 2 sooo badly!! after taxes it's mine!!

- pay your taxes brooke!!

my hands are always cold.

Anonymous said...

*i meant pay your car insurance...not your taxes to brooke!

Anthony Otero said...

- did i mention that i already saw the Watchmen?

- i am going to the Big East tournament

- Joe Biden is the commencement speaker...i am so there

- i have another damn retreat today...all we do is meet here at SU

Anonymous said...

I hope we have another 100!!! Come on Amanda I need something to make me laugh or smile. Or just drop the

Serena W. said...

Brooke pay your car insurance...I just paid mine lol! Totally slipped my mind.

I love Q-Tip's "The Renaissance" I heard it at a cd release party but don't have a copy (ummm can someone burn it for me).

I got my taxes done, my lady charged me $100 and I'm getting my return on Tuesday (sweeeeeeeeeeet)! And yes she's legit!

E Jackson! Do you sell that Shea Butter if you do I want some!

Annamaria...I'll pray for you today girl. Check in with us later so we know you ain't hurt no one!

I'm out the loop...gotta go back and see the trailer of Watchmen.

Hitting up a poetry night tonight and tomorrow. Wish me luck, I'll see the immature dude that I dated for 22 days at probably both.

If he says one word to me Annamaria I'm going to tase him!

The current temperature in Dallas is 70+ degrees. Mind you last Friday I was wearing my leather and the night before that it was in the 80's. Crazy a** weather!

Brooke if you want a good book to read on the beach you can read the uncut manuscript of one of my books ;-) Just say the word!

Serena W. said...

Another random thought...friends may say they support you but some always look for the damn hook up! They take advantage of the fact you're friends and not the fact that friends are friends and bizness is bizness! What's up with that?

Sorry that was a random thought/venting moment!

Peggy said...

Brooke, pay your car insurance Girl!

I'm so happy it's Thursday

I still need to do my taxes

Can't believe it's already March

Why was I sitting next to a lady on the train the other day and her breath smelled like doo doo, LITRALLY

Although I miss certain foods, I'm really enjoying eating light

I can't wait to do my hair on Saturday then I'm going out to enjoy the day

Work is so busy

I've been praying A LOT lately

I feel so close to God

I wish I had on flip flops today

My right shoulder hurts

I'm loving my Crackberry

My Hunny's mom bought two traditonal African dresses back for me from Nigeria and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL

I know you shouldn't rush your day, but I can't wait to be home tonight

Back to work for now

Anonymous said...

Serena...I'll continue to check in. As I told Brooke I'm hoping this mood goes away ASAP cuz someone may need to bail me out of jail this weekend!!! LOL
Also if he even looks like he's going to annoy you JUST TASE HIM! I got your back girl... And girl email me one of your manuscripts. I'll be home after the 31st & will need something to read. :)

Peggy: I've been praying alot too.. Praying for patience, Praying not to cut someone, Praying to be able to control my mouth...:)

Anonymous said...

@ serena: i make a whipped shea butter with essential oils and aloe's really creamy, goes on smoothe, and there is virtually no greasy feel (my last few batches didnt come out this good!!)

i can send a sample but i never thought about selling it tho with these ecconomic times, i think i may need to!!

Peggy said...

Annamaria, you're a nut!
Hee Hee Hee

But like my mother used to tell me, "you can never go wrong talking to God, so pray about everything"

Anonymous said...

Serena...Liz's shea butter concoction is CRACK! lol It's great... I told her to go into business a long time ago...

Come on Liz we can do one of those posters to advertise... I'll stand there with my belly out holding a tub of your shea butter stuff... LOL

Anonymous said...

BTW, annamaria, i haven't forgotten about you! I brought some today and i am goint to duane reade to separate some out for you! :-)

Georgia Peach said...

@ Serena I hear you about the friends always wanting what I call that "Soul Brotha Handshake" deal. Hate that - pay me homey that's my attitude right now. (I'm always a softie and end up doing tons of stuff for free in the end tho).

@ Liz- Girl you better kick-start that side hustle, sell some shea butter girl.

@ Peggy - I've been praying a lot more too and I also started a gratitude journal which in turn makes me in the mood to praise a lot more than I had been. Probably explains my improved mental state too. So glad to hear you're much closer to God lately that's always the best place to be.

Anonymous said...

Peggy the way I am going for the past day or so I need god to give me his personal cell #, email address, Blackberry messenger pin # & the whole NINE

Brooke said...

I can't keep up with these today!

Liz, what is a kindle? You need to buy some new glasses with that tax refund while you bullsh*ttin! I still can't believe someone ganked you for them! (yes, that's Philly talk). Oh, and why has everyone tried this shea butter but me and I see you everyday?

Ant, you have such a nice face :)

I find that I pray several small prayers during the day everyday, even if the prayer is simply "thank you." A prayer/ gratitude journal sounds like a good idea. I have so many blessings.

I'm mad Serena said she dated dude for 22 days. It was so bad she was COUNTING! Don't say anything to him, just IG his ass!

And yes, send me your manuscript! I only charge $1 a page! LOL!!

Peggy, take pictures of the dresses!

It's lunch time already?

Anonymous said...

Brooke: WHY was I talking about Philly's water ice with Austin & Dave last night!! LOL

P.S.You didn't say nothing about me wanting cheesecake! LOL

Brooke said...

I got you on the cheesecake missy! I got you!

maybe I'll even try to bring you back some water ice from somewhere, even though it's not the season for it :)

Anonymous said...

Just get me the cheesecake....LOL

I can just picture you trying to drive back from Philly with my water ice.. I know I'm hormonal & stuff but I don't expect the impossible! LOL

Anonymous said...

yes it's lunch time!

brooke: i have some today if you want to try it!

annamaria: i dont know the first thing about it...i guess i could go online but if you have any pointers, let me know!!!

Anonymous said...

i need to go by franco's pizza shop!!

oh, and a kindle is like 1,000,000 books in a portable reading device:

it's way too expensive for me right now...perhaps that will be a present to myself for christmas...

oh, and someone returned my glasses...they were on my desk when i got back from lunch yesterday. i am still getting a new pair tho; my friend is hooking me up with some frames next week!

Brooke said...

yeah, kinda hard to drive back with water ice...I'd need a cooler, and even then...

I love when there's free food in the kichen :)

I'm so glad you got your glasses back Liz...shady grady people!

Franco's pizza, cheesesteaks and strombolis are crack :)

I know...I'm biased :)

Serena W. said...

Brooke and Annamaria you both could be a part of my readers club! Yes I have 7 readers and counting that have read my second book and give me feedback (join in)!

Brooke you can charge more for editing! But if you want to get your feet wet $1 a page is a start but wait until I tell you what my editor charges!

E Jackson! Go on that is where I sell my framed poetry. It's an online shop site for all handmade products! Easy to set up! Get you some cute plastic bottles, slap some cute labels on it, tie a cute ribbon on the top and sell those bad boys! Send me your email addy so I can send you my address to get a sample!

Do you make Shea Butter Soap yet...get on it E Jack!

Yes he was whack! He wasn't ready for shiznit. It's all good I have no business dating anyone out here since I'm moving!

Ladies and gentlemen I told my job that June 30th is my last day!

Happier that I'll be back on the east officially this summer! (DC area to be exact)!

Yes I'm having a welcome home party! Take the Greyhound, Peterpan, Amtrak, Carpool and come down to party with a sista!

Taking a leap of faith! Job or no job I got gigs waiting for me back east, an anthology book release that I'll be in this July in DC, Harlem Bookfest where I'll get my hustle on waiting for me and other great things this summer!

Peggy I've been praying a lot too! Really in deep thought and prayer!

Prayer resulted in answers...amen!

Now I want some cheesecake (Marble to be exact)! Thanks Brooke!

Yo Ant what's up man! I need to check out Watchmen...what the heck is about???? your car insurance sweetie!

Oh and I'm having my own old school at noon and I'm playing Who's the Man Soundtrack! Ohhhhh shiznit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info serena! i will definitely check out that site

And than you too annamaria for the tips as well via e-mail!

Brooke, can you give serena my e-mail addy? i don't want to put it out there in the "public" world!

Serena W. said...

Hey Brookey baby could you also shoot Annamaria my email addy so I can get her home addy to send a hard copy of my book (yeah I don't email my manuscript to readers). Saves you money on printing and helps me with securing my book.

Yeah E Jackson check out my shop (as well as everyone else) and you can see how simplistic it is at

Anonymous said...

I'm loving how everyone is supporting each other & networking. It's a beautiful thing. Brooke get me that email address.
SERENA MANY MANY CONGRATS... Can we have NY party too. I'll be ready to pop this summer & I don't think anyone wants my water to break in their car! LOL...

Come on Liz..You got some good ideas & suggestions on here...Let's get too it girl!!!

Serena W. said...

Still having my own old school at noon out here..just listened to I Used to Love Her and now listening to Special Ed's Mission joint!

As I'm smelling my co-workers Mexican food (dang I want some).

Praying that the meeting that's taking place with food will have extra grub!

Serena W. said...

Oh Annamaria you didn't know! I will have an NYC get together lol! I have too, born and raised in South Jamaica Queens baby!!!!! And thanks for the support.

Yes we do need to all network on here...hey Brookey maybe we can have a Network Day on your blog girl. Like how Mike Baisden has Living Your Dreams Wednesday! Write something you're creative!

If anyone cares about my old school tunes I'm now listening to Cut that Zero by Dougie Fresh! How appropriate! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Love the networking blog idea Serena. Brooke you should definitely think about that. PLUS I think it would be good for your HONEY BLOG..(SHAMELESS PLUG..LOL)

Georgia Peach said...

Just had to say congrats to you Serena for giving your notice. That's big!

- I had a salad from Europa (the spot in my bldg) wishing I'd had some Mexican now.

- Just had a good study session for my lunch break...I'm sort of starting to enjoy working on my algebra skills. Secretly I am a NERD. Ok maybe not so secretly.

- What's the networking idea exactly? I'm down for any form of networking. Sounds like a winner to me

- To counteract the good from eating my salad from lunch I just ate a few brownie bites that my co-worker brought in.

Serena W. said...

Hmmmmm now I'm listening to Biz Markie, "It's Spring Again."

Networking blog...maybe Brooke or a guest blogger on their small business, shop, ideas, how the economy is pushing people to be creative, etc and peeps can comment and put out their ideas, dream goals, small business ventures, websites, events they'll be at, etc...

Brooke where you at homeslice we are talking about ideas for your blog lol!

Anonymous said...

I think the easiest way to do the networking blog day would be to do like a random thoughts format. Everyone can comment on their businesses or ask for ideas about things they are interested in etc etc & the dialogue can continue from there like it usually does.

Serena W. said...

Georgia Peach thanks!!!!! I prayed on that decision for a month before telling them I gotta go.

Off the topic..where's Amanda today???? She's MIA :(

Serena W. said... are brilliant! Now if Brookes would chime on we can get it popping for the next one lol.

Anonymous said...

BROOKE - pay your car insurance, Beauty...

- I'm so with Annamaria on trying to make it through the day without killing someone. The only problem with me is, I tend to not be figurative - my entire office knows me as the angry Black dude if you give me the everyone has taken the hint...well, at least the people I'm not cool with (I won't kill you if we're cool).

- Georgia Peach - I've deduced that people who saw WATCHMEN who didn't like it tend to be older heads who just didn't get it. Especially the points it was trying to make about's like people who watch THE MATRIX or FIGHT CLUB and don't get that those films had really deep, heavy messages besides cool action.

First thing to go in realizing - IT'S AN ALTERNATE REALITY SET IN 1985. There was an idiot at my job complaining that Richard Nixon was still president...uh, dumbass - what part of "alternate reality" don't you understand??

Brooke - the film is about what if superheroes were it makes commentaries on some historical things you know and recognize all too well.

- Ever since I dubbed Brooke's Ne-Yo CDs, I can't stop playing his unreleased songs and b-sides...this dude and Kanye are THE Black musical geniuses of the 2000s...

- I'm becoming really anti-social at work lately...I'm noticing how nasty people are and how many have a lack of home training, and how STUPID many of these people are. I've been complaining the stupid people are multiplying too fast for when I'm at my desk, I have my headphones on constantly cuz I don't want to hear their stupid convos, or hearing them eating like f'n Neanderthals...

- I love my baby sister so much - and haven't seen her all week due to our work schedules. I miss the lil' Brat (okay, so she's 23...)

- I hate that I'm not a boss at my job - yet EVERYONE seems to come to me for answers and direction...

- I need to hit the gym.

- I think Serena is like one of the nicest, most positive people I see on this blog. Something always makes me smile when I think of the people at Syracuse U. who were always positive when I saw or encountered them in any capacity.

Actually, now that I think of it - most of the SU heads I knew on this blog were like that - Rene, Dre, and Anthony were always positive cats...

- I'm sooo hoping Syracuse beats Marquette and has a great Big East Tourney...represent, Ant!

- I'm starting to wonder about one of my white female friends...she's GORGEOUS, has a body most women of color would die for cuz she works out 5 days a week, and has one of the best personalities you'd ever encounter. What's the problem? Well, she's engaged to her live-in fiance, whose as great guy - but she's always out socially, and never with him. And she's always extra flirtatious with me...even around him. Makes me wonder...

- I'm wondering where Amanda is, too...

- There is a guy at my job who is always whistling, and it is the shrillest sound EVER. I want to do a Rorshach on him (Ant knows what I mean)...

- I just found out that as anti-social as I tend to be nowadays, I'm some type of local celebrity or something. An alum moved here for a TV job, and everyone she's met asked her "do you know/have you met Rameer?" I'm thinking "how the hell does everyone know ME - I don't hang out with you people!" Lol...

I tested the theory a little bit, and it seems there are way more people who know who I am and what I do than vice-versa. What the f?

- Miami Vice is the greatest TV show in television history - and I proved it while in school...

- Yogurt is joy.

- So is Breyer's ice cream...cuz it's REAL ice cream...

- I need to buy some fruit.

- Need to re-stock on my wine collection, too...

- There are some HEFFERS that I work with. Sorry, just real talk...

- I need to get my brakes fixed, and inspection is up this month. Trying to act like both aren't realities...

- I think I'm going to watch some Charlie Brown DVDs this weekend - or at least listen to the soundtracks (that's some REALLY GOOD Jazz)...

- I don't care about Octopussy Mommy or whatever her name is.

- I don't want to hear about people saying racist things or making racist points about the president. Racists aren't going to change. Let it eat them up that their president is who he is.

- I wish it warm up here. I want to play some basketball in the park...

- I gotta get back to work!

phillygrl said...


--GET TURBO TAX!!..I did my taxes 2 months ago & $ was in my account in like 5 days!

--im SOOOOO glad my director is out of the office today.

---I love Crab Rangoon(cheese Wonton's at the chinese store is what they are called)

---I got is INTENSE...I gotta get FOCUSED!!...but come vacation time..imma be HOT!!!:-)

---I got these books from borders the other day & Im thinking why they hell I spend my discretionary income on this!!..I have a bin full of books that I haven't put up in my bookcase in like 1 1/2 years...Im taking them back & goin to library until I get all the other ones unpacked!

---RAW LARAbars FROM WHOLE FOODS...yummy!!

---I WISH I had $1M(liquid)..Im giving myself 3 more years to get I've had this $1.00 bill on mirror with (written in) 000's behind it for a while now....again, more FOCUS

--when I GET FOCUSED.....Im's getting there....ive been there 3 timesin my life & i've had phenomenal results.

--Have a good weekend everyone..
Brooke...get to planning a soiree'..summer time...

Serena W. said...

RAMEER! That was sooooooooooo sweet of you! Thank you so much!!!!! Man do you remember the days of SI, just chilling on that huge porch in front of Haven! I remember meeting what I called the Rough Buff crew out there lol! Love ya guys!!!!

I'm with you man, I was just in the kitchen and I think you wrote this blog while I was warming up my food (you were channeling my thoughts on being anti social at work). My co-worker accused me of not saying hello to her when she walked in...when I did and the other one in there is an old friend of mine who cut off her peeps for some...yeah you know the rest. So no I'll say hi but that's it!

I dislike nosy a** people!

But I loved the final comment before I left the kitchen when one of them said, "you are over there in deep thought...and I said...I'm always in deep thought!"

Oh and the whole staff doesn't know that I'm out. Just my directors...but they will. Maybe they'll realize what I was thinking about then lol!

But back to being nice lmao! Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Oh still jamming to old school...I'm on the Symphony! Taking it way back!!!!! It's Big Daddy Kane's part (the toughest verse on here)!

Georgia Peach said...

@ Phillygrl - Agreed that being focused is a good thing, I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Let's get on it.

@ Rameer - I'm interested in seeing The Watchman with your review. The girls here at work said they felt like it was just really violent for no reason that was their main complaint.

Also - for a while had the rep as the Angry Black Chic here at work, but now I put my headphones on, focus on the stuff I need to get done for ME and it's all good.

- Is it Friday yet? I'm ready to get this weekend started already.

Anonymous said...

"Put a quarter in ya a$$ cuz ya played ya self..."

Yeah, Big Daddy WRECKED that!

- We are soooooo on the same page, Serena. I hate nosy people too - and I'm SURROUNDED by them. But I'm mean as all hell...I think the people I don't fool with are confounded by the people I DO mess with - cuz they always have the nicest things to say about me...and the "outsiders" can never get them to agree to their opinions on me. They're always like "he must be bitter". "no, not really - we hung out this weekend". "Don't know how the mangers/bosses put up with him". "Uh, he gets along with all of them fine - they tend to like him". So on and so forth...

An intern was upset cuz I wouldn't let them shadow with me...I was like "your white ass has been in this building 3 months and the first time you acknowledge I exist is when it's something that would benefit you? Nah - you good money. Sit at that desk and file".

He was DUMB VEXED! Lol!

Back to work!

Anonymous said...

Ok where the heck did Brooke go???


Anonymous said...

Georgia Peach - it Is ultra violent. It's based on a GRAPHIC NOVEL...people seem to ignore the meaning of the word GRAPHIC. Kind of like the idiots who saw The Dark Knight and were like "why is Batman so violent?" Uh, hello - based on the GRAPHIC NOVEL interpretation of Batman...

But the graphic violence serves a point for the overall movie itself. It's kind of a commentary on us as Americans and society as a whole. Just like if you look at Fight Club and focus in on the bloody fights, you miss the message - even though Ed Norton and Brad Pitt literally spell it out throughout the whole damned film. And yes - it's spelled out in this movie as well.

No offense - but I get when people don't get subverted messages in films. But when it's explained in the film - I dub the people who didn't get it IDIOTS. So, I guess I'm calling your co-workers idiots. Sorry if that offended's how I feel.

I don't know if you will like it, not knowing your taste...but at least if you don't like it, don't like it by at least getting the point of WHY the violence was there and what the character's motivations are. Especially since they say it...

I swear. I completely understand why foreigners view us as imbeciles...

Those same people's heads would explode if they read the book...the movie is a lot easier to understand than the book was for some (though I like stuff with underlying messages, so I got it).

Georgia Peach said...

Understood. I loved "The Dark Knight" and I sort of had the feeling that "Watchman" would be of the same ilk so I'll pony up the $12.50 to see it soon.

Funny story about the intern - I feel the same way and would have done the same damn thing. Idiot.

- Where is everyone else at today? On vacation?

Brooke - where you at???

Serena W. said...

Rameer that is the favorite line of the song...that and if rap was a'd be evicted! WHAT!

Okay sorry, I love old school music y'all and it hurts my heart that they don't have an old school at noon out here (well not a real one).

Yes down with nosy a** people! And the same thing...well everytime I try and talk to Serena she's kind of anti. My co-worker was like, "Really I was just at her house sipping on wine on Saturday." LOL!

Same chick keeps trying to request me as a friend on Facebook (noooooooooo stop the madness)!

Brooke must be for real for real...working. Wow! Someone is earning their loot!

Rene, Zay and Blackcloud hasn't chimed in yet either...hmmmmmm. They must be working too lol!

Brooke said...

I've been on the phone and in meetings all day...sorry! I'm not even finished reading all your comments, but yes, SU people are nice - especially Serena!, I'm gonna do the networking blog, Rameer is funny as hell, so is Annamaria, let's support each other, EJ's shea butter is crack (but smells funny :), party at Serena's this summer, I'll send out everyone's email addy who asked for it, Amanda probably won't comment today :(, I have been working my ass off, and you'll understand why after they make the announcement - let's just say I had a GREAT review yesterday ;) Later on that..

Okay, meeting to go back!

Anonymous said...

lol...yeah, the raw she smell is a bit overpowering...

maybe i'll get another powerful essential oil - do you all like mango? maybe that'll take the shea edge off...

if you have a particular smell that you like, let me know!!

and i LOVE brooke's earrings too! they are so beautiful!

still wondering why my pic doesnt show up here >(

Serena W. said...

Mango is great and how about lavendar!!!! Hmmmmmmmm!

Serena W. said...

Almond and honey is great too!!!!

Anonymous said...

i've been looking online at some other whipped shea butters and they are expensive!! 2 ounces was about $6!!


Anonymous said...

thanks serena!

annamaria and serena: i went to duane reade and they didnt have any travel containers (just toothbrushes) so i am going to go to the $.99 store tonight and get some...i'll send it tomorrow!

i'll try the scents with my next batch! :-)

Serena W. said...

Check them out...this is where I like buying my bar soap. When I go home to NYC I rack up (you know the dude on the corner off of 125the got the hook up). 2 for $5!

Anonymous said...

serena, are you taking about dud outside of starbucks???

Serena W. said...

Yes! Everytime I come home I go uptown and rack up on the bar soap and incense from him! The man even has business cards! I love how the card says, "In front of Starbucks." Love it!

Anonymous said...


he gave me one before and i thought i was going to pee in my pants!

Serena W. said...

He's been working that corner for years!

Random Thought:

Annamaria...have you tased anyone?

Is it just me or Brooke is MIA cause she got a PROmotion...leaving us in the dark like this...shame!

I still want cheesecake.

Georgia Peach said...

I know I'm excited to see if Brooke gets that promotion. She DESERVES IT! She's the hardest working person up in that piece! LOL...

EJ - I never realized you made your own shea butter mixes. I think I'm allergic to it though although I use the stuff from Carol's Daughter on my feet - just looked at it and it's Sage and Shea butter and not lemon as mentioned the other day.

Ok I have to say that for the first time in weeks I feel like I've accomplished a lot work-wise. Very excited...

Anonymous said...

-I want to stab my boss with a dull, rusty butterknife.

-I want to stab my ex/ex bestfriend with a dull, rusty butterknife after my boss.

-I am non-violent.

-I do not want to go to Seattle this weekend.

-I am TOTALLY excited Serena is moving back to DC

-I turned my head to the east, I don't see nobody by my side. I turn my head to the west, still nobody in sight. I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride. The old me is dead and gone....

-My theme song (and HOTT video) is "Blame It". I have a special dance to it. After 2 drinks, I might cut the rug with it for you.

-My boss is crazy.

-I love Apple Chips.

-Nip/Tuck was the business Tuesday night....poor Liz.

-I'm broke.

-I hate when hairdressers do your hair and tell you how much until AFTERWARD. Are you didn't think to tell me you went from $82 to $105 when I made my appt? Well, that's a tip for ya.

-I am non-violent.

-I hate having flat feet....can't wear the pretty girl high heels without an arch.

-I hate high heels. :oP

-I could go for some wings and ranch dip.

-My place is a wreck but my bathroom is pristine.

-I don't understand why you would let company stay with you but not clean the FREQUENTLY USED guest bathroom (eeeeewwwwwww).

-I am non-violent.

Brooke said...

I have been MIA and I truly apologize. They've been making me earn my money lately, and I was trying to get everything done today so I can leave "early" at 6 so I can make this screening! I'll be back on after the movie tonight, but wanted to thank everyone for their comments today. It felt so nice and loving and supportive today and that makes me smile. I love black folk who are positive and true...LOVE IT!!!

Okay, going to see this movie now, will holla back!

Brooke said...

LOL!! April, you crack me up! I just saw your comments :)

I have flat feet and I totally feel you. Flat size 11's are just even have feet?

Okay, really going back!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...damn nobody was wondering were I was today!!!!! Shady grady's...LOL

I want the Kindel or Kindle too :)
Why is Kyce sooooo happy he got a neck tie....

Yankee candle sales are due this weekend...hint hint...see Brooke for details.....

I think Im ready to go back to work.....

Brooke that Chicken sandwich from Saads is crack.....Had one today...yummy

Everyone's thinking of prayer lately......

Annamaria I love you for commenting on my blog even though your not Muslim.....

I'm excited about class this weekend....thanks Brooke for baby sitting....

I need some lotion too...extra extra strength.....I am so ashy I look albino....

I need a nap.....

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I will give Brooke some whipped shea butter for you for that ash!! :-)

Serena W. said...


I know you're non-violent...

But don't stab nobody girl..and not with a rusty butter knife! Just tase em (right Annamaria)!

Brooke I'm so proud of you!!!! You deserve the best...and mo money, mo money, mo money!

Serena W. said...

Malek you get some love too girl!

You need something for the ashiness talk to E Jackson! She makes shea butter (can't wait to get my sample)!

Flat 11's...sorry ladies :(

There were a whole bunch of peeps missing but we had great convo with the ones that made it on ;-)

Brooke said...

I'm back even though I'm sure you're all gone by now! Thanks for keeping the party going!

So the movie was....good. Still digesting it. The efx, fight scenes, violence was SICK, a little long, but I get it. A lot of hidden messages, and not so hidden messages. I want to see it again, on IMAX!

I need a side hustle like Liz. I wonder how hard it is to get into copy editing. It's really just proofreading, but you can also help someone flesh out ideas as well. I may have to make that my mission this year. I can always use more money and hone my skills as well.

Nicole, you know I was looking for you today :) I read your blogs at night, so Annamaria always beats me :) You need to send out an email when you post! That way we all know when you write something. I can help ;)

Thank you all for always reading and commenting on my blog. You really have no idea how much it means to me and how much am uplifted and learn from all of THANK YOU!!!

Anthony Otero said...

I am wondering if you saw too much Blue in the

Brooke said...

Yeah, Dr. Manhattan was killin me :)

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