Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Hey y'all!!

Today is my last day of work until the new year and I'm so happy it's finally here! I've been feeling burnt out lately, so I will thoroughly enjoy this break. However, I will still be blogging while I'm away - just not sure how often - so please send me any alternate email addresses you want me to forward the blog to - ( Thanks!

Okay! Here is Liz's video blog in case you missed it yesterday.

Liz, no worries! You're back on track and that's all that matters!

Now, onto Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Sometimes my cat snores like a grown ass man.
- I'm dreading working late tonight since I'll be gone for 2 weeks and have alot to get done.
- Honey Mag's holiday party last night was so much fun! I had a great time :-)
- ahem...I should say I had a great time even though Dre and Rene were messing with me the whole night. All I can say is Dre has a slick mouf (yes, I said MOUF!) and Rene, stop it! My finger was bleeding and no one offered me a drink while I was tending to my bleeding finger until I said something! Meanwhile, they're drinking mojitos in my face! shady grady!
- Dre finally got my drink...chivalry is not completely dead - SLICK MOUF!
- And no Reggie, I don't drink like that! That bottle of X-Rated wasn't mine! Can someone please confirm for him that I'm not a heavy drinker PLEASE!?
- ....AND you WILL pay for stepping on my Westbrook jersey after throwing it on the floor - TRUST!
- Don't you hate it when people send text messages about you to someone else who is also right there, like you're not even there!?! maybe that just happens to me.
- I can't wait to spend 2 weeks with my family - especially my nephews!
- I love it when Kyce and Brahim laugh uncontrollably or sing the Speed Racer or Curious George song.
- I have 2 things to buy and then I'm done with my Xmas shopping.
- Yesterday, a man on the train was staring at me while he was knitting (yes, I said knitting) and it creeped me out. He was about 60 years old and wouldn't look anywhere else but at me - while knitting a blanket. Spooked me out!
- I have no "good" candy left in my candy jar.
- What the hell are "pepitas?" They're in my cranberry, almond trailmix snack and I can't figure out what they are. I eat them tho! LOL!
- I have to do a sudoku puzzle every night before I go to bed. It relaxes me.
- Why can't I keep a scarf on my head at night?
- People send too many requests/invitations on Facebook. I just ignore them all because I get too overwhelmed. And Facebook slows down my computer.
- I have a brand new cell phone that I have yet to use because I can't break from my old one. I have to send the rebate in tho so I can get $100 back!
- The Secret Service was sleeping on G-Dub when dude threw his shoes at him! That worries me. Good reflexes tho! LOL!
- It was so much fun having a guest blogger yesterday, I hope to have another one!
- Speaking of blogs, Ms. Princess is frontin' on her's! Pranny, get on it! You too Nic Nac!

Finally, I had to post this. This girl was SO serious trying to get her "B" on. They start young don't they?? She was too cute! Love her!

If my sister had a daughter, I could SO picture her trying to do that dance! And I'd be the crazy ass auntie with the camera :-)

Okay, your turn!



. said...

Oh how I LOVE that new Jamie Foxx song “I Don’t Need It”!
Peggy - I LOVE my new gloves…in both colors…Ha, ha! :-)
I’m interested in reading “The Kingdom of the Cults”…
Clinton St. Bakery is officially my favorite restaurant!
Brooke and Rene - That whole blow job thing as a Taboo clue was freakin’ Golden...definitely one for the books! Crazy! But at least she guessed right…Ha, ha!
I am sooooooooooo tired today!
I think the word Buffoonery is hilarious!!! Love it! LMAO!
LMAO, LMAO, LMAO! Regarding the video!

Keefe said...

"Why Come" Brooke posted that lil' girl dancing like Bey? I would kill my daughters if I saw them dancing to that!

I wish today was Friday. One more day and then I'm off for 2 weeks.

I don't want to go to my company party today.

Rene The Harlemite said...

Liz- Glad you are back on track.

Brooke- You are acting like a victim. Stop it! No one was dogging you. I am calling you out just like I called out AJ Calloway last night in the street...LOL!

I had a good last night.

Get off that A&E S%8t! LMAO!!!!

Dre- good to you last night!

-I need a DV Camera...
-I saw a guy wearing Ugggs boots and camoflage shorts last night...
-Can't wait for 2009.
-Think I am going to do a master cleanse.
-I want a Jerk Chicken Pattie for lunch
-Where's Moncia???? I know you have been talking about me...You office is tapped as well. LOL!

I can't wait for my grape soda and chicken cheesstake from Lazaro's

phillygrl said...

that little girl is TOO FUNNY...she was JAMMIN!!:-)!!....

Rene The Harlemite said...

Amanda-How come you did not number your thought...That does not make your thoughts random since you didn't do that! lol

That was one one for the Taboo books! Ty is crazy!

I can't believe it is noon already!!!!

phillygrl said...

p.s that MASTERCLEANSE is hella hard...but doable, I did it for 23 days, lost 27 lbs & gained it right back when I was eating, but watch that SENNA at night, yo may get NO SLEEP!

random thought
--i have a racoon in my roof coming from my neighbor's hole in his roof--gonna get taken care of today, then I can move my bed back in my room & not in my sons!
--why is every commercial so overtly sexual?
--why did my director NOT go to another restaurant for our holiday lunch after the first one was booked? then he had the nerve to call a lunch meeting yesterday from 1-2:30 ..guess what--NO LUNCH!cheap ass!
--why is my 11 year old cousin too GROWN, has an earring in ear & thinks he is the shiz-nit now tht he's in Jr. High?!:-)
--why is apple pie bad for you? hey there are apples in favorite( fuji apples--yumm)..
Happy Holidays everyone!

Dre Lew said...

Hey Brooke ~ Just want you to make sure you note I'm not the Dre in the blog * LoL

Have a Super Vacation and Merry X-Mas!!!

Is the bar open yet ~ it's one of those days * LoL

We need to have a standard 3 day weekends!

Anonymous said...

- Chivalry isn't dead. It's evidenced by my getting a drink for Brooke and Rene and I waiting for her to enter and exit the elevator first and both of us jumping to get her tissue to cover her boo boo.

- Why were so many Syracuse alum in one place without the game playing on a TV?

- I technically have only purchased one gift so far and it's a gift I didn't intend to buy for a person I didn't intend to give a gift to.

- Jamie Foxx has claustrophobia.

- When Rene and I are together, Brooke's slick mouf gets slicker and more moufier (LOL). We both seem to agree that she's a fire starter.

- I loved the non-reaction Brooke and Rene had when running into one of my pseudo-celeb acquaintances last night.

- I would like to be a part of a Taboo clue that refers to blowjobbing.

- Today is a landmark day at work...I will be taking my "Jay-Z the name you can trust" lawn sign home in preparation of clearing out my stuff.

Peggy said...

I love Winter

Amanda, I love Jamie Foxx's new song too.

I'm happy you love your gloves Silly! LOL

Brooke I'm with you on Bush's reflex. Haaaaaaaaaaaa Ha

I just bought myself a new camera

I need to lose this weight I gained from being in this relationship with my Boo (~_~)

The master cleanse worked for me, but I broke out in rash all over my face

I don't plan on doing NOTHING this weekend

I can't believe 2008 is almost over, but I'm looking forward to 2009

. said...

Rene - Leave Uncle Peaches Alone!

Brooke said...

I'm tired today too Amanda, and I'm going to be here late :-(

I want to go to this Clinton St. Bakery!

And yes, I can't believe they put that girl's business out when we played Taboo - "you like to do this to young dude on Fridays" - BLOW JOB! I was stunned! We looked at each other like "whhaaaat???"

Keefe, that video was cute, stop it! I'm off after today, yay!

Rene, I'm not acting like a victim - you know you were messing with BOTH were! And you played AJ, that was funny :)

Men have no business wearing Uggs unless they're gay. And even then...buffoonery.

How you gonna talk about the Master Cleanse and Jerk Chicken at the same time? :)

Monica is waiting for the opportune time to jump out and tase your ass! LOL!

Come to Philly with me, all the cheesesteaks, hoagies, water ice and grape soda you can handle!

Karen, your boss is cheap.
Maybe that raccoon is the same one Rene saw on 110th St. last week! HA!

No, the Dre I'm speaking of is NOT Dre Lew, but Andre - my bad! Dre Lew would NEVER talk slick to me!

Cloud - my mouf wasn't slicky or moufy! You started it! But yes, you made up for talkin slick by being a gentleman later. Now that Rene...I dunno.... ;)

And AJ Calloway ain't all that ;)

Peggy, I'm looking forward to 2009 as well!

. said...

Peggy - I was only able to do it for 3 days and I cracked! LOL!

09 will be a GREAT year!

Rene - A thought…maybe we just hold off and do the master cleanse after the inauguration oh and after my birthday…so February, Homie…Cool? ;-)

Brooke said...

He can't do it in February cuz it's me and Rene's birthdays then, so I KNOW he ain't doing no cleanse in February!

. said...

Brooke - Let's go! Damn! You leaving...Okay, when you get back :-(

I'm taking my nephew to his first NBA game...he’s so excited!

Brooke said...

I'm going to Philly on Sunday, so we can still go!

I feel bad that like 3 people from work who never get me anything got me a gift this year...and I have nothing for them :(

. said...

Right, right ;-)
Rene - You might be on your own, Cousin ;-)
Nah, maybe the 1/5 to 1/11...get ready!

. said...

Don't..all good :-)
What did they get you?
Do you all wait for the 25th to open up your gifts?

Brooke said...

Yes, I wait until Xmas to open gifts, never a day earlier. So I don't know what the gifts are yet. My boss got us a bottle of Italian champagne, that's the only gift I know I got.

You know as soon as you eat real food again, you're going to gain it back right? Not sure about that cleanse...maybe as a jumpstart. far everyone who has commented knows me and knows I'm not a heavy drinker...can someone please tell Reggie?

Also, what are pepitas??

Peggy said...

Too funny!

Brooke what did they get you?

I wait when it's from a loved one, but if it's from co-workers or accociates then I usually open whenever

Brooke said...

Surprisingly my co-workers told me to wait...but I would have anyway. I didn't get any of my coworkers I feel bad :( I gave them all cards tho, does that count? :)

Peggy said...

Pepitas are Mexican pumpin seeds

Brooke said...

Thanks Peggy! I thought they were pumpkin seeds but wasn't least that's what they looked like :)

Peggy said...

Don't feel bad. They chose to get you a gift, which was nice, but don't feel bad.

Anonymous said...

-i can't keep a scarf on my head at night either!!

-all i want for christmas is a SCALE THAT WORKS!!

-my worst habit that i need to break from is biting my nails...even thought i have tips on them!

-i haven't thought of a new year's resolution yet

-i just discovered last night that brooke looks like sanaa lathan in this picture:



-i can't sing like i use to...back in the day i could BLOW but my voice has changed since i haven't used it

-why is this building always so cold???

-i need to rebraid the front of my hair...its starting to look fuzzy

-what the hell am i eating for lunch? i forgot it at home AGAIN!

-my sister is back from japan!! yay!!

-i hope my mom likes her present

. said...

REGGIE!!! BROOKE IS NOT A HEAVY DRINKER!!! Seriously. I have never seen her have more than 2 drinks and we've gone out's usually 1 drink ;-)

. said...

A card is fine! No worries :-)

Hopefully they did it because they really wanted to and not because they were expecting something in return…

. said...

We Dominicans have a whole other meaning for Pepitas...and I am so keeping that one to myself!!! LOL!

I'll email you, Brooke

Peggy said...

Email me too!!!!!!!!
Shoot, I'm the one that went and found what it meant. LOL

Brooke said...

Liz, I don't see the Sanaa resemblence, but you could have chosen someone far worse to compare me to, so thanks! I love her!

And you're right, it's freezing in here!

I think I want to braid my hair while I'm off.

I can't wait to find out the Dominican version of pepitas!

Thanks! See..told you REGGIE! LOL!

. said...

Can somebody show me the pics?

. said...

Duane - Uncrunch your face! I know I said I owe you one and I do but not today. Have a blast though :-)

momo925 said...

hmmm I was trying to watch that you tube clip yesterday and it would not work for me for anything.

I hate being broke!

Yes Rene my taser has your name on it :-)

I've discovered that I like caramel and chocolate covered popcorn mixed together but only if its milk chocolote covered popcorn.

Oh and I can't wait for it to be Friday already! wooo hoo lol

Anonymous said...

- Rene hating on someone is just a normal day. lol.

- I got my plasma tv fixed but when it came back from the shop today it still had the same problem that I sent it in for.

- I just got done folding 5 loads of clothes that I washed and dried and now I'm tired.

- I'm trying to find the energy to hit the gym today. (see previous point.)

- My Blackberry Storm is better than your phone...

- Do you know anyone that wants to buy my motorcycle?

- Any blog referring to blowjobs is a good blog.

- BTW, I hope no one here is using the master cleanse as a vehicle to lose weight. It is just a cleanse for your system and losing weight will happen because you aren't taking in solid food. It will also slow your metabolism because your body goes into "starvation mode" so your body tries to store fat when you eat solid foods again. This is why people tend to gain the weight back and more. So do the cleanse as a lifestyle change, not as a diet.

- Any blog referring to blowjobs is a good blog. (wait, did I say that already?)

Nikki_T said...

That little girl had me cracking up!

Why did I have a crazy dream that some crazy guy tried to kill my puppy and this is second time that I dreamt of this dude?

I hate when I get stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel!

I hate taking the NJ version of the $1 vans only for DAMN NJ-transit bus to pull-up right after I get on it!

Why do I have 6 ideas for blogs started and none completed?

I am happy that I finally sent in the last part of my master degree application! - YEAH!!!

I haven't done any holiday shopping and I am not worried!

I really want a grilled cheese sandwich from Tillman’s restaurant.

I have been pondering making lobster mac'n cheese, red velvet or orange spiced cupcakes, fried chicken, sautéed spinach for dinner. Maybe I am ready for lunch after all.

I really want it to snow again.

I would give my right arm, to be lounging on a sunny beach. It would be nice to be served a fruity cocktail with an umbrella by really cute cabana boy!

Brooke said...

Nic Nac, you're making me hungry! And get on your blog so I can promote it!

Maliek, you crazy ;-) yes, you said that already :)

Anonymous said...

-Why am I the only person in the world that didn't know it could ever snow in hot arsed Las Vegas
-Why do I want a Garmin 265T GPS but I don't go anywhere
-Why do I want a Kodak 10mp/5x optical but my current Kodak works just fine
-Why is it that my boss doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom to do #1 or #2 and thinks we want to eat her food for the holiday party
-Why did people eat her food
-Why did she just walk in here and use my pen to sign a document she could've signed in her office
-Why is that pen now in the garbage

Brooke said...


There is a woman in my office too that doesn't wash her EVER! and she'll see you in the bathroom and not even pretend like she's going to wash her hands! She just doesn't do it! GROSS!!

WAIT! which April is this?

Peggy said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha
April, you're funny!

Anonymous said...

- I hate getting stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel also and merging into those two little ass lanes with hundreds of other cars and buses is annoying.

- Boogiebabi, if you gave your right arm to lounge on a beach, lounging is all you would be able to do. Well, you could do other things but it would be damn hard to swim with one arm.

- I'm in the mood for lobster mac'n cheese, red velvet or orange spiced cupcakes, fried chicken, sautéed spinach for dinner. Sure wish I knew someone that knew how to cook all of that.

- I will be going to my cheesesteak spot when I see my family in Philly for the holidays.

- I may need to do a mastercleanse after I hit up my cheesesteak spot.

- Any blog referring to blo...ah, nevermind.

Brooke said...

I just noticed how all the women who comment on my blog have such beautiful smiles! :-)

Maliek, go to Lazaros after you go to your spot - it's my brother-in-law's place - you'll love it! (corner of 18th & South St.)

Anonymous said...

My bad.....

April H....the lurker, not writer ;o)

-Why do I think I'm the only April in the world

Brooke said...


Now I have 2 April's who comment! Yay! You finally commented! Thank you so much! Now you are no longer a "lurker" LOL!

Maliek, Rene - April H is "Syracuse April."

The other one is "Amanda's April" :)

Rene The Harlemite said...

Amanda-If we are doing it will be the first week of the year...After that it a wrap for me in the winter. If not then then maybe in the summer.

I am not leaving Uncle Peaches alone! LOL!

Brooke-You know I am not doing it in February.

Monica-Stop bitting Annamaria's taser. Get your own weapon! lol

Maliek-I don't hate on no one except myself...Because I am that nice! Even better than Dylon, Dylon Dylon, Dylon, Dylon! LAMO!

No Chicken Pattie today but I did have Chicken Parmesian.

A couple of friends are trying to get me out of retirement and run another marathon...Don't know about that one...

The person who mad ethe Blowjob comment is trying to post so I will let them explain :)

It random that we don hear from Dre Lew on Mondays anymore. I guess it's because you are mourning a Raven's loss. :)

Doing the master cleanse is for a Detox and get the mind clear not for losing weight

Brooke-Are you doing the Blogs over the break?

Rene The Harlemite said...

The Swiss Chocolate I got are CRACK! I them all up in 2 and 1/2 days...

Brooke said...

yeah, that chocolate WAS crack!

And yes, I will blog while I'm off if my nephews let me. So if my blogs are about Speed Racer, Curious George, Transformers, Spider Man, Tom & Jerry or Thomas the Train, then you know why.

. said...

Do not eat my chocolate!

Nikki_T said...

Brooke - When you have a soiree at your apartment, I will make lobster mac'n cheese, red velvet or orange spiced cupcakes, fried chicken, and sautéed spinach. Maliek, just bring some Tupperware and you can take a plate home.

Liz just make sure that is your cheat day!


Now we are so happy that we do the dance of joy!

Brooke said...

Congrats Nic Nac! Hopefully soon I'll be joining you!

We can have that dinner party at my apartment, no problem. Maybe for your, Liz or Amanda's birthday :-)

. said...

I will be MAKING Patelitos!!!

And of course I’m bringing the spinach and artichoke dip and the chocolate brownie bons bons, Brooke :-)

. said...

BTW: Congrats!!!

B - When are their B.Days?

. said...

I just got handed the new Tom Jones CD...not Mike :-) OLD SCHOOL, DUDE!

Anonymous said...

Hey all I know is I saw an empty bottle of x rated and a fresh bottle of booze waiting LOL

Brooke said...

fresh bottle waiting??? It was GINGERALE!!! now you're making stuff up man! STOP IT!

And the empty bottle wasn't MINE!

If you keep this up, Ace can forget about Amanda ;)

Anonymous said...

Looked like a wine bottle to me hmmmmmmmm Suspect

Anonymous said...

Hello Brooke:

I want to say thank you for giving plugging my blog on yours. I have been following your blog and I think you are doing a great job. You have some very intriguing topics and a dynamic group of people the comment on them as well.
You have some real characters on here.

I appreciate all of you that have been following my blog

Happy Holidays you all.

Keep up the great work.

It is very entertaining.

Take care,

Peggy said...

Okay, I want an invite to this soiree at Brooke's, just tell me what to bring! (*_*)

Boogiebabi, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Nic Nac's birthday is 1/1, Liz is 1/17 and Amanda's is 1/24 (I think I have all your day's correct) Maybe we can make it a birthday/Obama inauguration party! Bring whatever you like!

Reggie...stop it!

Thanks Black Man!

Anonymous said...

Amanda- I won't eat your chocolate but I am feeling like Pookey in New Jack City everytime I look at it...LOL!

I do "Old School Wednesdays", Brooke does "Random Thursdays", Who's doing BJ Friday's? LMAO!!!!!

Brooke-You dont have to get the people anything that got you gifts...A thank you card is suffice.

I am glad you will still be blogging.

Karen-It may that Raccoon I saw...That scalawag!!! lol

Nicole-Where ya @?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if this will ever get to 100 Comments...That's a random

Brooke said...

We almost got there, I think we reached like 75 comments once?

I hope no one does "BJ" Fridays, that's a bit too much information! Is that the best day to receive one? or is EVERY day the best day? LOL!! Don't answer that!

What are Patelitos?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicole in da house!!!!!I forgot my random thoughts reading everyone else's......Ok here we go.....

Rene you need to change your picture because you look more like a Sigma that a Q.....Is that a pink shirt?....second you are only getting a grape soda not a chicken cheese steak....third drinking is HARAM!!!!!!shame on you!!!!!!

Plus is NOT a DRINKER....stop trying to corrupt my sister...

Maliek ask Brooke to wash your clothes, she likes doing that....PS got plenty when you come home this weekend Brooke......

I will see you on Saturday not Sunday bye the way......

Why does my older son have to get booty butt naked from the waist down in order to poop....socks included?......

Can someone buy me the new Jamie Foxx CD so I can hear this new song......Just send it home with Brooke...Thanks!!! I'll take Beyonce too for that matter.....

Karen didn't you say you were sending me something in the mail? I did not get it yet......

Broke bring your long johns its cold at my house.....

Boogiebabie you don't use mac n cheese from the box, do you? ....

Rene that's haram pork on it....unless its organic.....

Any donations for the PTA bake sale?

My mom called and said she was off tonight. Guess I should have invited her over?!?!

Did you send this blog to Isaiah? He would have some crazy random thoughts......

Please don't send this blog to my friends your scaring them........

Ok Rene happy now ...Mama has spoken....
Speed Racer has to be sung in a New York accent...try it

Anonymous said...

- Congrats to me for being able to eat lobster mac'n cheese, red velvet or orange spiced cupcakes, fried chicken, and sautéed spinach due to Boogiebabi's accomplishment.

- Oh yeah, congratulations to Boogiebabi for that actual accomplishment. lol. Seriously, congrats on your acceptance into the masters programs at MCNY.

- Malek, I have already thrown some of my clothes on the ground outside and am preparing to take them to Brooke's now that I know she wants to help out.

- Everyday is a good day for a BJ, but Friday is as good a day as any.

- I will try and stop by Lazaro's when I am in Philly.

- Every time I am on some type of blog, message board etc., where there are a few people from SU, I always think the person named "April" is April H. because that is the only April I know.

- Rene, there was a comment on made on your pink shirt. You need to be the bigger person...and fight her when you see her in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Maliek, Rene would not stand a chance, you forgot who my sister is...and
she got my back.......

Brooke said...

I would bust Rene's ass if he tried to hurt my sister :) He knows it! Maliek, stop instigating!

But uh...Nicole...why are you offering up my laundry services all willy nilly? I like to wash MY clothes, and yours since you let me do my laundry for free! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nicole-First off that is a Melon colored shirt! :) So now you owe me a Chicken Cheese steak.

Speed racer and C is for cookie will be sung for the kids!

Drinking is haram...I know.

I will not fight you because that is haram as well..

But I will pull out som Butt Hut Pics!!!!! LMAO!!!

Maliek-Sounds like you are grubbing kid! lol

Brooke is coming home on Sunday....Believe that!

Anonymous said...

Random thought. This Blog is crack! LMAO!

Brooke said...

My blog was crack yesterday apparently! I tracked the usage and there were twice as many visitors for my guest blogger than the day before. I don't know how I feel about that! LOL! I guess I should have guest bloggers more often! And maybe it helps to have a picture of a man with a t-shirt on who has a half sleeve tatoo :) Dammit Maliek!

Anonymous said...

Rene Brooke will be home else si there to do in NY....She was out hanging with you crazys last night that's enough.....

after last weeks conversation Kyce so wants to go to NY to see Elmo.....Brahim is not so sure about Cookie Monster......

Rene you should go help Brooke clean her apartment so she can leave her with Maliek's clothes....

I think Maliek will be out on the prowl looking for a BJ this weekend....women beware!!!!!!

I made sure all incriminating "butt-Hut" goings on have been destroyed....I 'm a married lady now...and I am the PTA President....I have a reputation to uphold......

Brooke said...

I'm all for Rene helping to clean my place. It's a wreck with all the gifts, wrapping paper, bags, etc. all over. Rene, she offers up your services just as much as she does mine :)

Rene scared the bjeezus outta my baby nephew talking like Cookie Monster to him over the phone. Kyce just laughed when he spoke like Elmo tho. Silly man!

I don't wanna hear anything about no damn "Butt-Hut!" That's my baby sister, it's bad enough I know she had sex at least 2 times cuz I have 2 nephews. Enough!

Anonymous said...

Why did I have a bunch of personal e-mails as well as messages on facebook from people saying that they liked my blog, yet that didn't add up to the number of comments on the blog? I guess they were the voyeur type.

I will not be LOOKING for a BJ this weekend but if one happens to fall into my lap...

Rene, you know that I will share the food with you bruh as well as my laundry with Brooke.

Yes, this blog is Crack!!!

Brooke, your sister had sex twice? TWICE? Must have been how she was raised. She need to slow down.

Anonymous said...

who said sex was going down in the butt hut.....

I offer Rene's help because I think he's a undercover domestic diva.....

Are we the only people left on this blog.....

I much should I sell cupcakes and brownies for at the bake sale....

Rene do you know what Bryanni is since you have so many internation friends?

Brooke said...

..and we were raised the same way, so what does that say about me? ;) don't answer that :)

no one said anything about sex in the Butt-Hut...and let's keep it that way.

I think you meant to say "how much" should you sell cupcakes and brownies for at the bake sale. I say 75 cents each.

"if one happens to fall in my lap" - that cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Brooke I do need to proof read!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Domestic Diva????...Never that...

What is Briyanni?

Maliek-Good looks on the food.

Anonymous said...

Bryanni is chicken with rice its an Indian/pakistani dish... a little spicy....are you still at work....Brooke you are not going home yet?

Rene might have to come get you and walk you home......

Anonymous said...

Why come the place were you write your responses is all the way at the top of the should move down as the responses come when you finish reading you don't have to go all the way back to the top....

ok i have to go say something nice so i can sign out.....

Anonymous said...

haha! Something nice to

Bryanni sounds good. I want some! :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke you have a new record for comments!

Anonymous said...

Rene you sooo shady......shady grady jive turkey as kyce would say....

Bryanni, salad and soda $7 at tomorrow bake some beef patty's too for $2

Jess- said...

BROOKE!!! What up girl. You know I'm a blog virgin, but when Rene told me you guys were talking about Taboo I had to chime in. You know Don Julio had alot to do with the "blow" clue. I guess it sucks having your best friend on your team. They always blow up the spot just to win. You guys already witnessed the sore winner in me.

Here are my random thoughts:
- I can't wait for the new L word season. This 15 min snipet drove me insane.
- Rene needs the new blackberry so that he can record all these crazy things he's been seening lately.
- i think you internet geniuses should come up with an online taboo game.
- i'm also wondering why these fast in the ass 10 year old girls keep calling my house. One just hung up on me (not knowing i have caller id) Boy, did she (and her daddy) get an ear full.

Brooke said...

JESS! So good to see you here! Thank you!

You guys were SERIOUS about Taboo, but then again, so was I. I don't play when it comes to Taboo! Now I just have to make sure my friends aren't on my team so they don't blow up my spot! But then again I don't divulge any personal information to them JUST IN CASE they slip up and wanna run at the mouth! Now everyone knows your girl gives blow jobs on Fridays! That's hilarious to me! But I ain't mad at is what it is!

A 10 year old hung up on you?? Buffoonery...and bitchassness! LOL! I bet she won't be calling back anymore! LOL!!

I've only watched one episode of the L Word and it was some lesbian wedding and the mom was having sex with the daughter's girlfriend? It was bananas...never watched again after that :-)

We need to do 20 cent wings again soon! They were good! and great conversation!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Jess I love it!

Jess- said...

20 cent wings this Monday Green Bay vs Bears.

As you can tell, we are not censored. Whatever we think we say. Amanda, you got me wanting some patelitos de carne.

Yo! that chocolate was crack.

Brooke said...

I'll be in Philly on Monday :( My sister will send my baby nephews up here to cut someone's ankles if I'm not in Philly on Saturday :)

No one told me what patelitos are yet! But I want some!

(that's just greedy!)

I think everyone wants Rene's chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I'm pricing vacuum cleaners...

(Hey, this is still Random Thoughts Thursday, right?)

Brooke said...

Get a Dyson! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Dyson is the type I am looking at right now. I'm thinking the DC25. That's the one that is easy to maneuver because it rolls on a ball. That thing is over $400 though. (oh damn, hold up for a second.)

*puffing my chest out*

I mean, I need a vacuum cleaner that can handle my thug life son!!!

Val said...

ok... not sure how this works. My 3 1/2 yr old son goes on the computer more than I do (no exaggeration) So, its me Val!!!! First time blogger- very happy to be here. I feel very liberated right now... just so you know, i've never been on myspace, facebook or any of that stuff. I think i've seen you tube once or twice... you get the picture?

So, I know who some of you are but for those that dont know me, im Brooke's best friend from SU!!!
I promised I would read the spot before the year is over and time is running out... (I have a good excuse tho- mom of 4 yr old, 2yr old and expecting baby #3- life's a bit hectic aight?!!)

so here goes:
I really love xmas time. I always sing along to xmas songs in stores. I was actually blasting Eurythmic's "Winter Wonderland" in my car today like it was "Biggy Smalls is the illest"... I love decorating my house, shopping, giving presents, opening presents, even more so now I guess bc I have young kids. I was thinking of having a wrapping party but since I cant drink, parties are not that much fun to me... I am drinking eggnog as I type this (virgin of course).

Speaking of which, I can personally vouch for B that she is NOT a drinker...(coming from a drinker) She's been drunk twice in her life- once at senior celebration at SU(very funny!!) and celebrating her bday in a club in Philly (after we graduated). Also very, very funny... Ya'll know how B can get... what a fun drunk!! B, remember you thought that girl was hitting on you in the bathroom? Hilarious!!!! (oh, am I saying too much?? Sorry!

on to next subject, patelitos are spanish version of beef patties!!! Duh, you had them plenty of times when my mom made them... they're delicious and you know my mom can cook! She'll definately make some when she comes in Jan.

And oh, my new year's resolution is to make time for myself and my closest and dearest friends so when you're having your get-together at your house for Jan bdays...( uh hello- Jan 18) I WILL BE THERE!!! Sucks that I cant drink and I'll be big as a house!!!

I cant believe I'm up and actually on a blog spot. Its sooo past my bedtime but since my husband's out at a xmas party I felt like breaking the rules a bit... so pathetic... let me go.

See ya tomorrow B!! Love ya :)

Ps, I plan to read up on past blogs so I'll feel like I didnt miss anything. Not tonight tho- im going to bed...

Val said...

I have a Dyson- its the best vacuum I've ever had (had quite a few). Worth the investment$!!!!

Brooke said...

OMG!!! VAL!!! I can't believe it! I can't believe 1) that she was even up this late and 2) that she left a comment! I'm so tickled right now!

But yes, you get a pass since you never go online. And she's right, her son Michael goes on the computer more than she does...crazy!

You know you are definitely one of the January birthdays we'll be celebrating. Having something at my house sounds cheaper than buying you all a daggone gift! I have like 9 freakin birthdays to celebrate in January! Y'all killin me!

Fun Fact: Val AND her 2 sons all have the same birthday - how crazy is that? Only Val.

I didn't know those things were called patelitos - you always called them beef patties or empenadas! I know exactly what they are now, and they ARE delicious! Val's mom can throw down. Someone ask Val if she can make them tho ;)

And it always looks like Xmas exploded at Val's house - very festive! I can't wait to go over there tomorrow to see all the decorations and give the kids their gifts - definitely a fun time!

I'm glad we set Reggie straight, I don't drink to get drunk :) There is nothing fun about it, but I did hear that I was a fun drunk when I DID get drunk - those 2 times. And I don't care what you say, that girl hit on me. It was at Shampoo's Maliek...we just happened to be there on Gay and Lesbian night :-)

Maliek, a thug? yeah right. Don't let the tats fool you!

Nikki_T said...

OK .. Since Random Thoughts Thursdays are technically over . . . . Y'all are killing me with the all the replies!! DAMN Brooke!!!! 90 comments . . NINE ZERO!!!

Well now it is 91!! New RECORD!!!!

And Nicole ..nope, I don't make mac n cheese from the box .. no Kraft here!

I just had a thought, if Pranny makes a comment .. it will 92!

Brooke said...

You know Pranny is all late! LOL!

Rene The Harlemite said...

What Val? What's good?

Brooke said...

Rene, are you trying to get my comments to 100? LOL!

Tanya said...

It is amazing how kids learn what they see...

Brooke said...


That is so true. My nephews are prime examples of that statement. That's why we have to be very careful around them - especially if we want to serve as examples.

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