Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

Hey everyone!

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been wanting to post a clip or two from the show Martin for a while now, but I have no real reason to other than I think it's funny. But since it's Random Thoughts Thursday, now I don't need a reason! LOL!!

(for The Fury and Pranny)

- I've never been in a fight with a girl...or a boy for that matter.
- I had my first kiss when I was 12 - Troy Moore - and he ran away from me down the street after he kissed me....and he was singing :-) LOL!!
- I want to make another vanilla bean cheesecake.
- I think the term "flat-leaver" is hilarious :-) I'd never heard that term before I moved to NY.
- People who block the doors on the subway because they want to stand by the doors and don't move in so other people can get on annoy the hell out of me.
- I gained 5 lbs over the last couple weeks and I'm not happy about that. So Liz, it's me and you girl!
- Where's Dre Lew? :-)
- I had the best time with Amanda the other night - we went to see Role Models and it was hysterical!

Danny: "Pick us up in 2 hours
Ronnie: "F*ck you, Miss Daisy!"

He was a bad ass lil kid!

Okay, I'll leave my random thoughts there....I'm sure I'll have more as the day goes on. The question of the day is one that I got from listening to the radio this morning. Make sure you answer it in the comments :-)

If you saw your friend's significant other cheating on him/her - would you tell? Would you want to be told?

Have a great Thursday!



Anonymous said...

If I saw my friend's significant other with with someone else I WOULD TASE THEIR ASS & THEN TELL MY FRIEND!
And HELL TO THE YES I WOULD WANT TO BE TOLD! It would hurt BUT I don't think it would hurt as much as feeling betrayed by my friend.

Random thought: My first kiss was at 12 also. By the gym in Junior high. His name was Elijah.


Random Thought: I want a career change BUT I don't know what! LMAO.

Random Thought: Brooke I stayed up til 12:30 am watching shows on A&E and then looking for your name on the closing credit & then clapping!LMAO

Brooke said...

You and that taser! I'm a little bit afraid of you...a lil bit ;-)

Why can't we ALL be millionairs!?

You are too funny! Thank you for looking for my name in the credits - I think you're the only person I know who does that! LOL!! But I appreciate it! I work hard for those damn credits!

Anonymous said...

Random Thoughts: Some ladies should consider getting a nerdy little dude in their life so he can make her a millionaire by marriage! Then, she wouldn't need to worry about a career change. She'd have the financial freedom to do whatever she wanted while staying up until 12:30a every week watching A&E staring at the closing credits! Plus... he'd cherish her so much that she wouldn't need to worry about him cheating on her or having her taser re-charged. Instead, he'd buy her a flat-lever & "Martin" DVDs every now & again... just to see the smile that he fell in love with the first time they met!

Brooke said...

uh...okay :-)

Can you introduce me to a nerdy little dude then? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Funny how I like nerdy lil dudes!!! LMAO
It's no wonder the poor man sleeps with his eyes open!
Brooke you should be afraid of me & my taser!
and I know you work hard & it is greatly appreciated!!!

Peggy said...

Yes I would tell...and yes I would want to be told!!!

Random Thought:

I love my Boo

I had my first kiss when I was 19 (tongue and all), my first "peck" kiss, I think I was 16 and I was MORTIFIED cause it was so wet!!! LOL

I look forward to being a mom

This time of year is so bitter sweet for me

I need to get my toesies done...they are so jacked up

Although I can't and don't always post a comment to your blogs Brookey....I LOVE THEM...(~_~)

Anonymous said...

I would tell if I saw it and would want to be told if it was me...

It could get sticky if it is a scenario of it happening amongst people that are all friends. I know a friend that is cheating with a another friend that you know and the person being cheated on also knows the person his or her partner is cheating on them with.

Random Thoughts

-I have not used an alarm clock since my sophmore year in college.

-Yeah, Where is Dre Lew? I hope I did not get you upset over Ravens comments. lol...If so I will have Monica give you a hug! :) lol

-I love that new Jay-Z song Brookyln(Go Hard)...Straight Fire!

-I love to BBQ and I am good at it! :)

-It's due time for a white sand beach and some cocktails

-2009 is going to be a phenominal year!

Audi 5000!

Anonymous said...

Annamaria-You can be a millionaire! You just gotta foucus on it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the confidence Rene... I'll be focusing tomorrow when I play the Mega Millions! LMAO

Brooke said...

Rene - that second paragraph had me a little confuse :-) who's on first? LOL!

But I agree with you on the beach! Let's go...I wanna go!

I like the new Jay-Z song too. And I'm sure Amanda knows this but today is Jigga's birthday! (he's her OTHER boo - don't be mad Rene) What is he? like 47? :-) LOL!

Annamaria, put the taser down :-)

Peggy, my toes could use some maintenance too...maybe I'll sneak out a little later this afternoon and get them done - a nice Christmassy red color :-)

Random Thought: I know Keefe is thinking about sucking toes now that he's read these comments :-)

I'll be buying a lotto ticket too! What's their motto? "Hey, you never know!"

Anonymous said...

Depending on my friend and the situation. If he’s just having a fling I would stay out of it . But if the union produces a child I would share the information with my friend.

Now if any of my girlfriends saw my man with another woman I would appreciate it if you would tell me. If you didn’t want to tell me face to face you could send an anonymous letter to my apartment.

Random Thought #1 - Why do people you clearly know don’t like you talk to you the most?

Random Thought#2 - Why do people ask to borrow money and never give it back? I’m not the ATM!

Random Thought#3 - Why do people call cell phones with restricted numbers? Show your number because I am definitely screening my calls!

Random Thought#4 - Why do I have to hear the same 4 songs on the radio every 30 minutes. Why?


Brooke said...

So Leesa, you think it's okay if a man is having a fling? Well, for the record and future reference - TELL ME! I'd want to know...and I don't care if you think it's just a fling - TELL ME! LOL!!

I hear the same 5 songs every morning on HOT-97 but I never change the station - so it's my own fault :-)

However - I am LOVING my AIM Tunes right now! I'm listening to '90's R&B and right now Xscape's Understand is on and I'm jammin!
"What I need from you is simple as one, two, three...understanding what I neeeed" :-)

Brooke said...

Oh, and I can't type today. I meant to write "Understanding"...I hope you all realize I can spell!

And thank you Peggy for reading my blogs, even if you can't always comment - I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I need to do my toeseys too.. I'm going Saturday morning with Jada.. You're never to young to learn to take care of your feets!
It's also my lil brother's bday!!! :)

BTW: Last night was open school night & BOTH kids got rave reviews!!!! YIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE

Brooke said...

How old is Jada - like 8? :-)

And Annamaria asked me in a separate email what a "water ice" is. Now, if you're from Philly, you know EXACTLY what it is. But for those of you who don't - it's I guess what New Yorkers would call an Italian Ice...even though it's not quite the same. The consistency is different. Has anyone ever heard of Rita's Water Ice? They're all over Philly and in Jersey as well. If you don't know, then come to Philly with me. We can get water ice, cheesesteaks, hoagies, Tastey Kakes, soft pretzels and cream cheese :-) LOL!

Go ahead and say it Monica and Pranny - " are SOOOO PHILLY!" LMAO!

Anonymous said...

She'll be 8 on the 31st & NO I don't have her running around with red nail polish on. She either gets clear or a natural pink color. And it's not all the time. Just when she's a good girl! Sooo since she did good in school we'll have some bonding time in the nail salon.
And thanks for the water ice answer. Austin & I were very confused! LOL

Anonymous said...

Well for me, of course it's not okay for a man to have a fling. But for some reason many woman can handle a fling versus a man actually going out there and having children outside the relationship.

Brooke said...

Well Leesa, you're right - some women can handle a fling. I'm not sure I'm one of them. Some women may resent the person who told them, so if you know your friends well and you think they'd flip it on you, then I guess it's best to stay out of it. Every case is different.

Annamaria, you're such a good lil step-mommy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm like Brooke I can't handle the flinging...LOL.
I'd want to tase his ass reguardless...DAMN THIS TASER I THINK I NEED A GOOD THERAPIST???

Thank you I try. I have to figure out something nice for Aaron since he did soo good too! lol

Brooke said...

Buy him a taser! LOL!! Once he zaps you with that thing you'll get rid of them forever! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I would tell my boy or home girl in a sec. I would tell my boy even if i just saw his girl standing at the bus stop sucking on a lollipop.
D Brown

Anonymous said...

Aaron would LOVE a taser...LMAO. Although he'd probably use it on his sister cause he loves bothering her! LMAO

Mr. Brown YOU ARE HARSH! lol..

Brooke said...

D - are you a hater? :-) LOL!! But I know you'd tell...couldn't WAIT to tell! LOL!!

wait!! D!!! You finally left a comment!! Is it gonna snow tomorrow or something? Is hell freezing over?? :-) Thank you D!

Anonymous said...

Tell Record Labels to stop paying for records to get played and you will hear more songs...Get Satellite Radio...It's great!!!

I will share the wealth with everyone here when I win tomorrow night. :)

White Sand Beach Brooke....Australia
Let's go! I want to go Surfing...Never done it before and looks fun.

And yes he may be 47!!! LOL!

Another Random thought: I need a 24/7 Tech person so when I have idea they can make it happen.

Brooke said...

..I think you mean when I win tomorrow night :-) I'll treat you to an Australian vacation!

I'm so serious, I need a vacation badly!

Now AIM radio is playing "Tell Me" by Dru Hill. I've been jammin all morning!

momo925 said...

LOL are you calling Drew a sensitive thug Rene?? Hmm Drew I think he's talking smack!

first kiss...eeeh 18 and there was no pecking before that because a boy couldnt even get within 2 inches of me. (5 older brothers- only girl- enough said)

Random thought: I hate it when you're eating lunch at your desk in the office and people come over and say "oh, are you on your lunch break? I dont want to interrupt you but..." If you don't want to interrupt then DON'T! lol

And Brooke you are philly! lol But I know all about it since I spent 5 years there. Rita's is not my favorite though. Anybody who went to Temple knows all about Sadiq's water ice! HOLLA! LOL

Anonymous said...

Random thought: One of my Co-workers surprised me by bringing me chocolate coffee (it's been a rough morning & no one wants me in a bad mood! LOL) OMG THIS SHIT IS SLAMMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ORGASMIC. IT'S WONDERFUL. I'M IN LOVE. LOL...

Anonymous said...

Monica- You two just need a hug that's all! :)lol

Brooke-Whomever wins treats...

The Fury said...

Those that tell don't know and those that know....don't tell! You can say "hey I saw so and so with someone" but you can't say you KNOW anything unless you're in the bedroom.

-I'm one of the people that stands in the doorway on the subway because I don't like touching the poles with my bare hands and I like to lean

-Jay-Z needs to go harder on a song called "Brooklyn(Go Hard)", but it's growing on me.

-I own tons of collectible toys, some of them are still in boxes. Though I do have the 6 million dollar man action figure, I don't own his boss.

-Don't tase me bro

Anonymous said...

Monica.... I'm the only girl out of 8boys & still managed to have my first kiss at 12! They couldn't come to school with me!! LMAO :)

Fury- don't give me a reason to tase & I won't!!!!

Rene & Brooke-WHEN I WIN TOMORROW.. I will send you on your Australian Vacation! lol

Brooke said...

Mon, I've heard of Sadiq's water ice, but I like Rita's :-)

It's Dre Lew...not Drew :-) LOL!

(where the hell is he anyway!? Rene you scared him away!)

Fury - if I see you blockin my way on the train, I'm gonna elbow you hard...REAL HARD.

Annamaria...can I borrow your taser so I can zap Fury with it, blockin my damn way!

I guess it's gonna be a 3-way tie on the Mega Millions :-)

Anonymous said...


And I wouldn't mind sharing $146 mil with you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

If I saw my friend's significant other cheating on her/him, I would make my presence known and ask how my friend is doing. Then if my friend doesn't come to me about the incident and the confession that it has gotten in the past (yep, been there, done that) by the time I see them together next (and I would make it a point to have that happen within the week), then yep, I would tell him/her of my experience right in the significant other's face. Leave it up to the friend to draw their own conclusions and make myself scarce. :-) If there's static with the friend after that, then I'll deal with it knowing that they at least have a chance to move forward with the truth one way or the other.

I would want to be told... delicately... not gossipy.

I'm one of those who has their numbers blocked. We do it for privacy and consistency. Don't want everyone to have my actual cell number. Don't want all the texts as I'm not a huge texter. Also want to know the who rather than the number of anyone calling me privately so I have numbers that bleed into my cell that manage that for me. Most people know it's me when they see a blocked number anyway. One of my cousins always answers "Is this Kellie?" If not, then she immediately hangs up the phone. LOL It is what it is.

Brooke said...

I agree Kellie, I'd want to be told delicately...and I'd tell delicately. Thank God I've never been in that situation - on either side. But there are certain "friends" I have who I might doubt their word - strange as that may seem. And there are friends I have who I would want to tell me because seeing with their eyes would almost be like seeing with my own eyes. Each situation is different.

I would definitely make myself known to the significant other and hopefully he/she would tell my friend on his/her own. If I'm both of their friend, I'd give the cheater the chance to tell first if I felt they'd do it. If I felt they'd lie or act a fool, then I'd tell. I'd have to be in it to know how I'd actually deal with it, but never a comfortable situation to be in nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean the super-fun to be around but secretly hating on ya type "friends" that look for opportunities to bring you down with slights when you least expect it? If so, I know what you mean about not trusting their word. They just want to stir up some drama to take a little off your shine. Like a "Nene"-- I know u know who that is...

I've had those kind of friends and just learned along the way that I actually have quite a few friends. I could afford to let them go, so I have. I recommend it to everyone. It's great peeling those kind of folks out of your life. Better than a great massage and lasts longer, trust me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

in case it wasn't clear, by "them" in "letting them go", I meant the super-fun haters...

Dre Lew said...

Hi Brooke ~ a break in the day finally!!! LoL Thanks for all the Love ~ right back at you!

Hello All ~ I haven't had to time to post to the blog, but have been reading all the while.

Digging right on in ~ If I saw someone stepping out my friend, I give them the opportunity to tell it themself, if not I would. And yes, I sure would want to know. But Damn ~ a taser * she's rough. I wouldn't want anyone to get Tased ~ but sure would LMAO if they did!!!

Random Ones ~

Why stop there ~ Billionaire Club is where I'll hang my hat!! LoL No little nerd up in this camp!!!

Where is the line for the white sands beaches and cocktails ???

Rene You'll like this one! F*%&* the Giants ~ Eagles and Ravens will be kicking Ass and taking names. The Gaints better hope to hold on to where they are at. Quote un Quote!!!! LoL
But Thanks for the Luv Bro ~ and who is Monica??? MoMo925 call me a Thug??? What's up with that?? LoL

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!


Anonymous said...

Random thought....My cousin's wife has been in labor since 10pm last night! WTF!!!!!!

Brooke said...

DRE!!! Yay! You're back! I missed you!

I was wondering if you were gonna let Rene talk to you like dat!

Eagles and Giants this weekend baby! With Plaxico's dumb ass!

MoMo925 is Monica! Say hello!

KP - I have more secret hater friends than you can imagine. 2009 is coming up, so I may just take your advice :-) Out with the old...

Labor since 10P last night? That's just straight crazy talk!

Anonymous said...

Brooke I think you should do away with the haters. You can't have funky mofo's around if we gonna join the millionaires club! HELLO!!!!

And yes 10pm LAST NIGHT & still NO BABY! I would be killing someone right about now! I think I can handle pregnancy & raising a kid. Childbirth scares the hell out of me! LOL

Brooke said...

I watched both of my nephews being born and it's no joke. All of it scares the bjeezus outta me, ALL OF IT!

Keefe said...

Random Thought

~~My company just announced some changes to drastically reduce cost and save cash. One change was, there will be no BIG holiday party this year. "Why come" some people were complaining about that?

I'm thinking to myself, "you ungrateful bastards! Be glad that they are cutting cost and not you!"

And Brooke, it's funny that you made a comment about my toe fetish. I've been longing for some toes ever since the season changed. Spring can't get here soon enough. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH LORD HERE COMES THE TOE TALK AGAIN!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
And yes Brookey it scares the BEJESUS out of me too.
And yes ungrateful mofo's should be glad that they are cutting out a Christmas party & not them..BUT then again this is why we call them UNGRATEFUL MOFO'S! LOL

Keefe said...

Annamaria I can't help it.

¡Adoro dedos!

Anonymous said...

Aye Dios Mio! Por Favor ayuda me! LMAO...

I'd have to tase you so that you'd get rid of that one! LOL

Rene The Harlemite said...

Dre Lew-Good to know you are alive brother...LMAO! Funny comment....We'll be okay...Worry abou the Ravens. :) Don't let Monica thug you out either. I have all of her info. if you need it. :)

Yeah Monica I called you out....What good BX? lol

Okay question for the ladies...The term "swagger" is mostly used in reference to a man...Would you say Women have "swagger" as well?

I'll take Swagger for $2000

Seriously I Would ike to get feedback..

Keefe said...

I really need you to tase someone to get it out of your system. Your taser fetish is almost as bad as my foot fetish. :-)

Anonymous said...

Finally the kid is here! lol

Anonymous said...

OK I'll give up the taser if you give up on toes???? deal
And yes Rene women can have SWAGGER!

Keefe said...


The term "swagger" can definitely be used to describe a woman. However, in my opinion the term doesn't do a woman justice.

When I see a woman with "swagger", I like to keep it simple. I break out my old school slang dictionary and call her "fly". Or she's a "dime piece".

Brooke said...

yay! congrats to....whoever's baby that is :-) That baby didn't wanna come out, he/she was chillin!

Yes, I think a woman can have swagger - but I'll have to think of a better term for it. We should call it SWAY for a woman - not swagger :-)

Keefe and his toes :-) Since Peggy, Annamaria, Jada, Monica and I are going to get our toes done, we should all take pictures of our fresh pedicures and email them to Keefe :-) Give him his toe fix for the winter :-) LOL!!

Keefe said...

That will make yall really "FLY" in my book. Make it happen! :-)

Anonymous said...

My cousin's baby! It's a BOY! Giovanni J. Ruiz!!! 6lbs 1oz 19inches long! :)

Ummm Sorry I will NOT be indulging Mr. K and his foot fetish. We are just going to go to therapy together & see if we can get these addictions out of our system. I'll be working on my tasing & he'll be working on his toes! lol

Brooke said...

Yay! Baby Boy Giovanni!

Come on Annamaria! You have pretty feet!!! Do it!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...


Keefe said...

that will be a GREAT way to satisfy your tasing urge. :-)

Anonymous said...

Keefe that would NOT satisfy my tasing urge AT ALL! :(


momo925 said...

Rene...don't let me see you in the streets! It is so on LOL!

Dre..I was NOT calling you a thug. Rene was calling you a thug lol because yesterday we were discussing T.I and he posted the following:

"I mean Monica ( Yeah, I know your government) lol! I did not start anything and my comment was directed towards you.I understand Sesitive thugs need a hug! :)LOL!!"

So by saying you need a hug I took that as him calling you a sensitive thug. So get at him lol. (ha ha Rene you troublemaker :P)

Annamaria I thought I had it bad girl! Well lets just I was too scared to sneak lol.

. said...

1) Everyone needs to gather in prayer and pray for my potty mouth but I’ve gotten soooooo much better and I’m proud of that! Thanks Leesa for always pointed that out :-)
But sometimes it just taste so good, LOL!

2) I had such a great time last night ;-)

3) My cousin Oscar says I should really consider taking some phone etiquette classes, LOL! I hang up on everybody! It drives Duane (and others) crazy! But I’m glad y’all still love me the same :-)

4) I have like 87 calls to return. I’m gonna try to get on it!

5) I’m going to see the Alvin Ailey show tonight :-)

6) I’m going to Cake Man Raven with Peggy on Monday…Yum :-) Sandee I got you…Always :-)

7) My sister needs to wash her dog’s ass.

8) My boss is so damn COOL.

9) Duane said I give men the good old Christian hug…Ha, Ha! And I DO!
Come on, Man. I ain’t no fool. Back up off THESE!

10) Now I get to go to lunch with a bunch of you…YAY!

11) I love John Legend’s new CD. Him and Anthony Hamilton are my favorite male artists.

12) Brooke - Yes, I woke up this morning and thought oh it’s Jay’s birthday! LOL!
And Aryanna’s too (Janice’s daughter)

13) I LOVE watches. Love them.

14) I can never have enough argyle socks.

15) Yesterday I got my 6 year old niece some blinged out pink dominos. She loves playing dominos, uno and connect 4 with me :-) And I love playing with her :-)

16) My sister Diana’s meat always taste suspect :-) But her moro (rice) is bangin’! And she’s always like how come you don’t want any meat…because you’re trying to feed me tires with sauce, Chic! But I’m always like the rice is so good, I don’t need meat, LOL! Which isn’t really lying :-)

17) April called me a bean snob yesterday…Ha, Ha! She ain’t lying! Don’t even try to put some BS beans on my damn plate! Keep them!!!

18) I love Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

19) I might just start a blog about food.

20) I just got Step Brothers in the mail yesterday! Netflix is the bomb! That movie had Brooke and I rollin’! Kathy’s gonna be on the floor!

21) I love to laugh. I love to hear and see people laughing.

22) Curb Your Enthusiam is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Larry David is a HOT MESS. Crazy Eyez Killah… ;-)

23) Kathy (my sister) and my new saying is: Stay right there with your stupid question…and then just walk away from them, LOL! Freakin’ Golden.

24) Peep how I used Freakin’ instead ;-)

Brooke said...

Amanda always has food on the brain, ALWAYS!! A Food Blog would be perfect for you! LOL!!

Be careful with that meat...she might be trying to give you an E-Coli sandwich :) HA!

Amanda STAYS hanging up on people. You'll be sitting there with the phone in your hand like "huh?" By the time you register it was Amanda talking, she done hung up you! LOL!!

(you didn't answer the question of the day Amanda) :-)

I'm sad you won't be in Times Square anymore...we decide to go to movies and BBQ's on a whim cuz it's so easy for me to shoot across town..damn you Amanda! and your cool ass boss! :-(

You know I don't give Christian hugs. I hug up everybody...TIGHT!

Have fun tonight - I'm hanging with Val tonight! Can't wait!

Good work on the potty mouth, but somehow "Shut the freak up!" doesn't sound as good as when you say it the other way...that's Amanda's favorite thing to say to someone she's not feeling :-)

Monica, Rene and Dre - all I have to say is (*rubbing on ears*) "wooo saaaaaa!" :-)

Rene The Harlemite said...

Brooke-Sway...NICE! Copyright that now!

. said...

Yeah, she probably is, lol

No that's Duane favorite thing to say...he's always telling someone to shut the hell up...when I ain't feelin' someone it's: Fuck Outta Here, Fuckin' Clown.

What you and Val doin'?
Have fun :-)

BTW: I would tell. You said MY FRIEND, right?

And I would definitely want to know. Without a doubt.

Brooke said...

Val canceled, she's not feeling well, so now I'm going home to watch Greys Anatomy and ER :-(

And girl, you know I'd tell you!

I see the potty mouth is back :-)

I got your "F" words mixed up :-)

Rene The Harlemite said...

Monica-Don't try and pass the buck over to You said what you said. Stick to it!

Now you can't even be a cyber thug!
Oh boy...

Now I will definitely not call you NoMo925! LOL!

. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
. said...

Random Thoughts:

The term "You complete me" has always annoyed the crap outta me.
Hello! You should be complete.

When am I going to get a taste of this damn cheesecake?!

I want a new TV in my bedroom.
Merry X-Mas to me ;-)

When is game night?

Brooke said...

Only your boo can comment on Game Night - Rene? ;-)

I'll make you a cheesecake all to yourself - SOON!

I keep watching those Martin clips and start crackin' up! LOL!!

As Keefe would say "WHY COME" these silly blog posts get the most comments, but when I try to get all deep on y'all asses, I get like 5 comments? :-)

Good chat today everyone! The comments are my favorite part of blogging!

Rene The Harlemite said...

Looking at the weekend of the 19th or 20th...Not confirmed yet becuase I am going to do another charity event that I just got asked to organize on the same weekend and not sure whuch day it will be.

If not then over the holidays I suppose.

Brooke said...

I'll be in Philly over the holidays, so make sure you have another one in January so I can come too!

Rene The Harlemite said...

It just may be January to because I actually because event will be the 19th and I am hosting an SU Basketball event on the 20th.

Rene The Harlemite said...

It will do one in January...Man, it was every week last winter...We'll see about that this year.

Brooke said...

Well, if I'm in town, I'm there!

SU in da house! I hope I'm here for that event :-)

Keefe said...

"Why come" I love me some Erykah Badu?

Brooke said...

Me too! I love the song "Love of my Life" with Common :-)

"Love of my life
You are my friend
Love of my life
I can depend
Love of my life
Without you, baby
It feels like a simple true love"

Rene The Harlemite said...

Just posting to make it 75...Bullet!

. said...

Oh how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “Revelations” act in the Alvin Ailey show!
It always keeps me wanting to come back and I do :-)
And yesterday I realized I know all the words, lol

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