Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Thoughts Thursday

Hey everyone,

You know what it is - Random Thoughts Thursday!

But before we begin, I would like for you all to send up some prayers for a friend of mine. I'll call him J since I'm not sure he'd want me to give his name, but he is having major surgery today. He's giving one of his kidneys to his mother who is dying of kidney failure. His courage, love for his mother and faith in God leaves me in awe of his act of selflessness. I know that he is afraid, but his faith is strong. There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. Love casts out all fear, and the love he has for his mother will bring them both through. When we are stricken by sickness or disease, it's easy to let fear become the master of your life. J is a shining example that greater than fear is love. When we feel afraid, that's when we should ask God to come into our lives at every moment - ask God to speak to us, to act through us and to let go and trust Him. God answers all prayers. The Old Testament says "Be still and know that I am God." Be still, close your eyes, and whisper a prayer for J and his mother. Amen.

Now, onto Random Thoughts Thursday.

A couple days ago, Ms. Princess made reference to "Poor Lil Tink Tink" from Katt Williams' "Pimpin Pimpin." Well, I didn't know what she was talking about - which is absurd considering she and I are always in sync when it comes to movies, comedies, etc. So of course you know I had to look it up on YouTube....HILARIOUS! For Pranny:

Whew! okay...had to get that out :-)

Some random thoughts I've had so far today:

- It's freezing in my building today!
- Unless you're Diddy, men should not wear about looking like a pimp. Don't rock the beaver! PLEASE!
- Also, I can't stand when men sport a baldy and have a beard with no mustache.
- I can't wait to be a part of Honey Mag online's Hivespot - I will tell you all more about that later.
- I'm going to try to stop drinking Snapple over the Xmas break, I'm ADDICTED!
- This whole situation with the governor of Illinois and Jesse Jackson, Jr. is buffoonery.
- I can't stand when people pronounce the "s" in Illinois.
- Oprah shouldn't be so hard on herself for gaining back her weight...but I get it.
- Is it worth putting up a Xmas tree, even if I'm only going to look at it for a week since I'll be in Philly the rest of the time?
- I'm finally going to see Cadillac Records tonight.

Okay, you know the drill. Chime in with your random thoughts for today and let's make it fun, as always!

Peace and hairgrease my peoples!



Keefe said...

And the winner is Keefe!!!! I am first today. hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Keefe said...

I'm second too. I'll comment later. :-)

Brooke said...

Oh SNAP! He beat all y'all! Annamaria is SO gonna tase you now!

Anonymous said...

Keefe: you will be tased! And stabbed for that matter.

Brooke: put your tree up. Doesn't matter how long you gonna be home.

It's freezing in my office too.

I am eating soup right now & it's soo good

Rene you only beat me yesterday cause I was out!! And you'll be tased too.

Rene The Harlemite said...

hahaha! That's funny!

Brooke-I hope your friend has a successful surgery. That is noble of him. Many people will say it's for his mother he should do it in a heartbeat. You would be surprised on how may people may not do that.

Random thoughts

I am getting the BEST Swiss Chocolate in the world today that a friend sent over to me.

I will also be catching up to one of my oldest and best friends later.

There are way too many holiday partties going on in the next week!

The Yankees are paying way too much for CC Sebasthia...When I have kids one of them will be a maor league baseball player. lol!

Who brought back the mohawk? I am about the bring bring the Gumby haircut! LMAO!

Been having Oatmeal for breakfast everyday. Keeping it healthy

Rene The Harlemite said...

Annamaria is tasing no one but herself!...She should tase Monica...Just becuase. LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

OH yeah I meant to say may god bless your friend & his mom! May they both make it out of their surgeries successfully! And I agree with Rene not everyone would do it even for their mama. I think that's very noble of him also.

Rene: I am not tasing anyone BUT you & Keefe!

. said...

1) I said a prayer for J :-) His selflessness is beautiful. God is love.

2) I slept SO GOOD last night but totally forgot to set my alarm and woke up over an hour late!!! But damn that was a GOOD deep sleep :-)

2) Did y’all hear Steve Harvey yesterday talking about Booty Mouth?! LMAO! I was crackin’ up and I’m sure everybody else was too…Ha, ha!

3) I so regret not getting tickets to the John Legend show when I had the opportunity and now I'm trying to get tickets....Wish me luck!

4) I watched The Perfect Holiday last night…corny but cute…Raising Victor Vargas is hilarious! That’s next on Netflix :-) Grandma’s a riot!

5) I hate to see a man in a fur too!!! Charlie Murphy wore one in The Perfect Holiday and looked like a damn fool but that was the point…it reminded me of how much I hate to see that!!!

6) That “Where Are My Panties?” skit on “The Love Below” always makes me crack up…I love that skit! LMAO! April and I played it like 6 times on Saturday and were on the floor!

7) I want a really nice huge painting or black and white picture for my bedroom…still looking…

8) I have a crush on both members of Outkast.

9) Regarding Cold Play’s “Viva La Vida”…I LOVE THIS SONG! This song is what made me buy their CD…and from an artist of the same genre?! How the fuck did they not think they would get caught?! It’s called Infringement, Banana Heads!

10) Looking forward to seeing Cadillac Records tonight :-)

11) Being that I have huge crushes on Don Cheadle, both members of Outkast and on John Leguizamo maybe I should stop frontin’ like I don’t like short men! LOL!

12) Why do I feel the need to number my random thoughts?

Keefe said...


Bring it! I aint "skeered". All I have to do is show you a picture of some feet and you'll run to the hills.

You mad shook yo'! :-)

Peggy said...

Wow...God bless your friend J and his mother.

Random thoughts

I miss my little cousin

I think some people leave their homes without brushing their teeth in the morning.

Seeing Sandee's vacation pics made me want to go away.

Jealousy is a disease

I haven't read a good book in a while

I love rainy days when I'm home.

Peggy said...

Annamaria, you've started something! LOL

Wait Amanda!!! You're not getting your hair done tonight? Hee Hee Hee
Enjoy the movie.

Keefe said...

1) I'm not working today.
2) Is it time to go home yet?
3) What are my babies doing now?
4) Do I really want to go into DC on Inauguration Day?
5) I really need to get this last minute deal in to have a great month.

Anonymous said...

Keefe: why you ALWAYS gotta bring up feet!!!

Amanda: your thoughts sometimes flow better if u number them.

Peggy: I always start

Rene: you will be tased

Brooke: I don't know what to say to

. said...

Peggy - Brooke was surprised too, LOL! BTW: I want to read something GOOD! Brooke - write a book :-)
Rene - Does the chocolate have bacon bits sprinkled on it, LMAO!
Annamaria - I don't know what to say to you, LOL!

Brooke said...

Okay...I'm here!

I've been running around like a slave today. We had to screen a couple of shows and, as Keefe would say, "why come" they ask us to give them honest feedback on a show and then get all mad when you say you don't like it or would never watch it? Stop asking me to screen your shows then if you don't want to really know!

Okay...sorry...had to vent.

Ahem, anyway....yes, Peggy, I was surprised Amanda wanted to meet up for the movies. I just KNEW she and Leesa had a standing hair appointment :-)

Annamaria - you don't own a taser, so stop it!

Amanda - looking forward to the movie with you.

Keefe - don't threaten Annamaria with feet. That's a sure way to get shanked by a tiny ass Puerto Rican :-)

Rene - Monica is gonna get you for always tryna throw her in the mix! Oh, and mohawks only look good on little kids (Kyce's mohawk was awesome!) and Chris Brown.

Write a book about what?? LOL!!

. said...

I don't know! But write one! I need something GOOD to read.
Suggestions, Anybody? :-)

Brooke said...

Crazy ass Keefe and I are going to write a book together, but the subject is a secret :-) He just called me with the's gonna be FIYA! LOL!

Anonymous said...

BROOKE & AMANDA: Why don't you guys get together & write a book about your lives OR better yet pitch the reality tv show to A&E!

Keefe: listen to Brooke that is definitely a good way to get shanked by a tiny a** Puerto Rican girl.

back to you Brooke: I didn't buy a taser BUT I did watch CSI to see that you can turn your cell into a taser!! BBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Brooke said...

Annamaria, you will find ANY reason to electrocute someone won't you? "you stepped on my pedicured toes" - BBBZZZZZZ!!!!!!

My life is not that interesting, it would have go be fiction :-)

Peggy said...

Great, I can't wait to read it!!!!

. said...

Ha, Ha! I can ONLY imagine. Can't wait to read it!

Annamaria - You think my life is that interesting?!

Duane thinks his is, LMAO!
It would probably be funny though, Dee!

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts!

1. Why are my feet still cold and I’m wearing TIMS?

2. After viewing Sandee pictures I realize nobody I know like to go on cruises!

3. I sometimes dislike the HATERS I WORK WITH!

4. I’m not getting my hair done today either Brooke !!!!


Anonymous said...

Brooke & Amanda: YES I do think you're lives are that interesting..Plus you can throw a lil fiction into the mix....

Brooke: Yes I do look for any excuse to tase someone.. Actually lately I don't even need an excuse!!! I just want to tase most people! LOL

. said...

Oh I gotta view Sandee's pics!!! Doing it now!

Peggy said...

Leesa, I love cruises, have enjoyed them twice so far...once with my girlfriends and another with a special friend at the time. I'm looking forward to doing it again, but with a different cruise line.

Oh and wait, you're not getting your hair done tonight either!!! LOL

A thought...
Maybe Keefe, Amanda and Brooke should write the book together.

. said...

Okay, now I REALLY want to go away... :-( Pics were so nice!

Brooke said...

Sandee's pics have been sitting in my "Friends Folder" all day and I have yet to look at them - I'm afraid to look cuz I need a vacation! Gonna look now!

Anonymous said...

First it doesn't matter who is first if you don't comment on the blog!!!!!

Brooke put your tree up cause I'm sure it will stay up til your birthday!!!!!

Amanda I saw a picture of you I think on my space that was black n white why don't you just blow it up and frame it...Design on a dime...

Everyone get with Brooke this week because after that she is all ours(me, Kyce and Brahim!!!!!) and don't call either...OK maybe for five minutes.....After 9pm....

Annamaria you make me want a tasser......

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim that's for J

The whole beard thing and no mustache is sooooo Muslim guys....I am not a fan either.....thank God Fouad does not do that......

Can I be more like kyce? He eats chicken breast with no skin or sauce, veggies, fruit and he loves running around and jumping. That sounds like a good diet right?

Brooke is sleeping on that book...she could be making "us" I mean "her" rich. You have plenty of material just off some of your crazy ass friends.....Not none of yal on this blog of course....

ok that's it...Bye


. said...

Thanks for the idea, Nicole and I promise to not call Brooke during her visit because you're already entertaining the idea of a taser, LOL!

I wish :-)

Brooke said...

Okay, my sister is SO serious when she says don't call :-) She hates to share me with anyone. Meanwhile my NY friends are like "you're always going to Philly!" Go figure. :-) So nice to feel wanted!

My nephew is the picture of fitness and health. I wish I could love salad, eat yogurt for breakfast and snack on grapes like he does. The boy take the burger out of the bread and just eats the meat...and NO CHEESE! Who's child is he? Now, Brahim on the otherhand, can THROW DOWN! That boy is a beast when it comes to food. They're like night and day!

Both skinny boys can I be down!

Okay Nicole, I'll put up the tree :-( Mommy told me to as well.

And please don't let my sister get a taser - all of y'all would be ZAPPED! Especially if you call before 9P LOL!

Ms. Princess said...

Ahh Brooke-lyn, that was my gift to you. We usually do vibe on the comedy front and I thought you'd like that one.
Here are my Random Thoughts (for whatever they're worth):

For '09, I plan to "be in tune with my star player"...only problem is I've been saying that each year since about '94 - ain't got there yet!

Ummm question *raises hand* loved Ur-sher's new video - I got my own little "vibe" going over here - not really suitable for the workplace but whatever! In the one scene with the black backdrop, where the hell was Usher and this video chick? It looked like they were in a box. Like a scene from Alice in Wonderland! Who the hell was filming, the Mad Hatter?

I have officially decided that I don't care for Facebook!

I gotta stop listening to The Isley Bros, Luther Vandross and Earth, Wind & Fire stations on my Pandora at work. Those songs will make you fall in love with anybody. Got me looking for Mr. Wendell in the daytime with a flashlight.<--for you Liz!

Some soap or perfume (or a combination of both) I'm wearing is giving me that new car smell. Got me walking around smelling like a certified pre-owned Civic. I gotta figure it out and stop before I attract a man with poor credit looking for a new/used vehicle with 0% APR financing.

Brooke-lyn's comment section IS my new blog, lol.

Dwight Howard is now on my list of husbands-to-be...eventhough he is a little young (you know I likes'em a lil' older Brooke-lyn - don't tell Papa Smurf about my list!)...and got baby know what? Scratch him off the list.

Bootyliscious came on the other day and I was JAMMING! Singing, doing the "Naomi Campbell walk," rump-shaking, loving me and mi body. Don't judge me! I was being in tune with my star player for a moment.
And that's all I have to say about that. Spread love my people.

Anonymous said...

OK OK OK Maybe I will give Brooke one phone call day and she can talk to whoever she can in this ONE DAY!!!LOL and Brooke you mean AFTER 9pm....

Bye the way the "write your name on the toys you want" thing you started with Kyce to get him to practice writing his name has worked but BOY do you have a lot of toys to buy!!!!!!

I love these babies....Got me wantin to try for a girl................



Anonymous said...

Ok who ever calls Brooke while she is in Philly has to listen to Brahim sing Cookie Monsters song "Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C", and Speed Racer, and Curious George theme songs. Now lets see who calls you Brooke.....Its sooooo CUTE!!!!!

Alright I'm done I have to cook dinner.....Peace

Brooke said...

Princess, I always love reading your comments. Now if anyone needs to write a book, it's Pranny - with her Harvard educated ass!

I sat next to you today and you didn't smell like a new car to me, but that's funny as hell! Not a Civic, a pre-owned BMW!

LMAO! (sike?) You know you want that girl.

Hey, if I have to buy a lot of toys to get my baby Kyce to practice writing his name, then so be it. That's why they're spoiled now! And no one will call me if they have to listen to those things songs...unless they have kids of their own like Val or Denise :-) But you're right, it's adorable :-) Now go feed my babies!

The Fury said...

All God's blessings to your friend J. He's doing the right thing.

random thoughts

1)I knew this economy sucked when I got a friends and family coupon to Duane Reade.

2)If I can resist the sexpot interns that have come on to me, then Bill Clinton has no excuse. I'm not even the President of the company I work for and my interns have been 3000 times finer (fine period) than Lewinsky.

3)I want to tase someone.

4) Doritos taste like crack...I've never tasted crack, but I imagine that's what it must taste like to have all those people going crazy.

5) It's been awhile since Brooke spoke about her booty pants. I'm wondering if she's hiding them now.

6)Brooke gets so many comments. Maybe one day I'll stop writing a "sex blog" so people will feel comfortable leaving comments.

Brooke said...

I'll probably wear my booty pants later on this week :-) I wish I coud wear them everyday!

Now that I have the internet at home I'll start leaving you some sexy comments. Big Brother is watching at work :-)

Doritos ARE crack...and SNAPPLE! LOL!

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