Friday, February 10, 2012

Women & Reproduction


This is my 700th post! Wow!

So just now, President Obama appeared on television to announce that birth control would be free for all women who seek it. It wouldn't require religious-based organizations to provide it, but insurance companies would. Of course, Pres. Obama is catching some heat behind it, but what else is new?

This comes on the heels of Sherri Sheppard's mini rant on The View where she stated that she had many abortions - a rant that was in response to a new Texas law that requires women to get sonograms before going through with an abortion. Take a look:

I usually try to stay away from polarizing topics on my blog, but it seems that preventing an unwanted pregnancy, and making that option available to all women, is a much better option than having to have multiple abortions...not that that is the only option available to women who don't want to have a baby.

While I don't agree that abortions are or should be used as a form of birth control, I DO believe all women are entitled to do whatever they feel is best for them and their body. No one should police a woman's reproductive rights, so if you don't believe in birth control - don't use it. If you don't believe in abortion, don't have one. And if you feel that you don't want to use birth control, or have an abortion, and would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if you got pregnant because you don't want to have a child...then keep your legs closed.

So what say you?



A-buzzzzzzz said...


Stef said...


Sherri Sheppard is a twit.

A to the Bizzle. said...

I think the president making birth control free is AWESOME.
Abortion should NOT be used as birth control.

If you can't take responsibility for the consequences then don't have sex.

B I was really hoping at the last part you was going to say then Jump off the Bridge...

Courtney said...

While I believe in a woman's right to have an abortion, I think Sherri Sheppard used it as a form of birth control, and I think that's silly. If the pill is available to you, and you're not living in poverty, then why not do that rather than put your body through all those changes?! I agree, she's a a bit "special" to me.

As for making birth control free, what harm is that? If women want to use it, then it's free. If not, then they don't have to use it. What's the big deal?

Stef said...


I was thinking the same thing!

"If you'd jump off the BK Bridge if you found out you were pregnant, then JUMP!" LOL!

I can't believe she went on tv talking about she had alot of abortions. Who does that??? Keep that mess to yourself.

john said...

I say keep them legs open and have LOTS of babies. As far as the "choice" well that's totally up to the woman who has to carry and nurture that child responsibly...if you feel you can't hang then do it. However the emotional repercussions are a bitch.

Courtney said...

I don't think any woman WANTS to have an abortion. I think that's a tough choice to make. But birth control to me just seems more responsible, so that you don't have to make a choice for abortion if you're not ready to carry a child.

A-buzzz said...

@Courtney I agree. And Yes Sherri is a H.A.M

john said...

Sherri "webbles wobble but they don't fall down" looking behind is a straight nut...WTH!

Stef said...

uh uh, John ain't right :)

But yes, I can't stand Sherri. It's hard for me to watch that show with her on it.

The Cable Guy said...

I think free birth control is great, especially since I think most women take on the responsibility of contraception anyway. But I think that means condoms should be free too!

As for Sherri Sheppard, she's a bird. There's no reason for her ass to keep having abortions when birth control would have been easily affordable for her - unless all her abortions happened when she was a kid. Otherwise, there's no excuse for that ish. I'm not saying a woman can't have an abortion, but many is too many before your stupid ass says to yourself "I think I should get on the pill." She's a nut.

Anonymous said...

As a woman who has had ONE abortion, I can't imagine going through that more than once. Sherri was using abortion as birth control, and I don't see how any woman would want to put herself - mind, body and soul - through that over and over again. Once was enough.

I think what President Obama is doing is great, and I applaud him for giving women the chance to prevent pregnancy if they don't want to have children in a safe, free way. I think condoms should be free too - especially since so many more young people are starting to have sex way earlier than they have in the past. Let's keep each other safe and only have kids when we're emotionally, mentally, physically and financially able to do so.

Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

I say - people... just take a pill so you don't have to kill.
I believe that abortion should be available but as a last resort.

Jay said...

I would never try to tell a woman what to do with her body, and I think making birth control easier to access is a wonderful thing.

Sherri Sheppard - not a fan. Although I'm not offended by her honesty, I think she's a buffoon. However, her point is kinda valid. You can't be mad that contraception for women will be free, but then be angry when she chooses to have an abortion, or knock her for having kids she can't take care of. In cases like hers and many, many others, prevention is key.

Serena W. said...

Wow I'm late! When does the free BCP go into effect?

Sherri...she is special! When I watched the clip it made me cringe to think how many. She's crazy!

Cable Guy, you'd love it in DC. Clinics are now giving out free Magnums!

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