Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This weather is nutty.

- Do you think marriage is dead? Do you care?

- Still trying to get used to my new hair. For those of you who haven't seen it yet....ta-da!

- I have an amazing group of supportive women friends. Thank you for helping me through this transition. It's gonna take a while, so your friendship means so much!

- Thinking of a cool gift for Valentine's Day? Know someone who loves coffee? or are you a coffee lover yourself? Purchase a Coffee Lovers Gift Basket from our very own Serena Wills! You can go online to her store at - she's doing great things - let's support!

- I need to step up my workout game if I'm gonna lose 10 lbs by my birthday. February 25th - mark it down people! LOL!

- Ask my why Mob Wives is on my tv...I didn't leave the channel on VH-1 last night. Hmmm...

- I'm hooked on Aloe Water - the grape one is delicious!

- I have fish for lunch!

- Still haven't made my appointment to get my taxes done. I think all of my documents are in no more procrastinating - doing it today!

- Going to see Act of Valor tonight. Safe House was pretty good...I enjoyed it.

- Chocolate drizzled caramel corn is the business!

-Let's go!



A-buzzzzz said...


Stef said...


Brooke, you look AMAZING! Not everyone can pull off short hair like that, especially natural! You are GORGEOUS!

I wouldn't have the courage to do it, props to you for being the confident, fearless, strong, beautiful woman you are!

A-buzzzzzz said...

This weather is straight bananas. I predict blizzards for the next two weeks.

Marriage better not be dead. LMFAO

Brooke I love your hair. You look GORGEOUS. Then again I think it be hard for you to look bad.

Serena is gettin it IN for 2012.

I have to taste Aloe water

I want to see Safe House

My boo boo got her glasses last week. Still getting used to them but she looks so cute & studious. LOL

Superbowl was AWESOME. great game with great friends. AMAZING. And we all TEBOWED at the end.

I made Sophia Brady the other day... Bad parenting but FUNNY AS ALL HELL

Mission 2 Mentor is getting it on & popping. Applications for mentors are coming in. Which is a beautiful thing. Donations are GREATLY needed and are tax deductible. Heck a $10 donation can go such a long way. Donations are used to
-Screen Mentors (Finger Print background checks
-Assist in exposing the mentees to different cultural events in the city.
-Scholarships (We encourage education)

Donate today via

Or Paypal

OR ask how to donate via cash or check!

Thanks peoples

Yolanda said...

-It's freezing. I need a hat.

-Your hair looks great, B! I didn't know you were thinking of taking the plunge. You'll enjoy this journey. And if you don't, you can always switch it up to something else... the beauty of being a black woman! We can rock some hurrrr! :-)

-Just don't start cooking and then go do your hair at the same time. I nearly burned up my kitchen on Monday. Multitasking is not always the bidness.

-I was up too late after the SU/Gtown viewing party. Who do I think I am hanging out late on a school night?

-And I may do it again tonight. Heyyyyy!

-Caffeine will be consumed at some point today.

-Happy to be working this month and well into March! Woot woot.

-And, my Dad got a job. The place where he worked for nearly 40 yrs went out of business in October.

-I love RuPaul!

-I need a break (with palm trees or trees that grow something tropical).

-More later, maybe. Gotta get back to work!

Courtney said...

Brooke, you look SMASHING! I love it! Go girl!

Congrats on the job Yolanda!

Serena, keep doing your thing! I'm gonna take a look!

What's for lunch?

"Don't have a grandson with a dog collar" - love that commercial!

Is the University of Phoenix real?

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Go Ginats!

Go Cuse!

Brooke you're the bomb! The hair style fits you! Love it!!!

Thanks for the shout out! I'm trying out different ideas. Apparently folks like gift sets!

Courtney check it out! Gift bag includes Godiva Chocolate, organic mocha coffee (yummy) and a framed poem by me! Nicely packaged :)

Annamaria when I get paid I'm making a donation!

Wait did I say WHEN I get paid! Yes party people! I got a JOB! Its part time (32 hours a week) until June 30th! I'm so blessed and happy! I'm back in arts education and didn't even apply for the job! They called me last Thursday and I got the offer letter on Monday!

Already cried though about leaving Jordan during the day. God I'm going to be an emotional wreck. I start on the 22nd!

Congrats to you Yolanda and your Dad!

I also got 2 gigs for black history month rocking spoken word! Love it!

2012 is about taking risks and stepping out on faith!

Heading to NYC next Wednesday to see family. Also next Sunday makes 2 years Mommy has been gone. She's my light even in the darkness. I feel her presence around us.

Happy 6 months and 4 days Jordan!

He got shots on Monday (sigh...I cried with him).

Again thanks everyone for your support and love! A sista needed it and can always use some more! I always welcome love and support!

Brooke said...

I'm so happy for you Serena! And you and Jordan will be fine. I know it'll break your heart to leave him, but it's only part time, and you both will be okay :)

This healthy eating is so hard. I want some mac & cheese to go with my fish!

Congrats to Yolanda and her dad too!

Thank you everyone for the compliments. I still shock myself when I pass by a mirror and see a chick with no hair :)

Chrissy irks me.

Mama Jones irks me too.

Did I mention I wanted some mac & cheese?

A-buuuuzzzzz said...


MMMMM mac & cheese.... I love mac & cheese.... Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thanks Serena. I am soo proud of you. Leaving Jordan is going to be tough trust me but you can do it. It will make you a better you & mommy to be showing him the value of hard work! :-)

I HATE CHRISSY... Mama Jones cracks me up & Jim annoys me. STAY STILL WHEN YOU TALK.. WTF

DMoe said...

- Love the look B.

- Ummm, so wow. It appears JFK was getting it in even larger than originally reported. An intern
comes out this week with her story? Wow. Dude was doin his thing – presidentially. It aint JFK no more....Its J-MF’in-K.

- Ran a mile today. 5 months out. CANT get caught slippin.

- Also can't wait to get home to NOLA next week. Cant wait. Laissez les bon temps rouler.

- Speaking of my city, do yourself a favor and google Will Ferrell's introduction at the Hornets/Bulls game last night. Funny stuff.

- Speaking of my city (part deux) Sign Brees...Sign Nicks...Sign Colston.

- I miss football.

- Damn....Powerball is now up to 300-some-odd million. That has the
> > power to change lives...several several communities. But first, I'd buy a big-azz boat.

- I wanna see Act of Valor. I downloaded the song used in the trailer cuz it was that hellified: Snow Patrol "The Lightning Strikes"

- Poker tonight. Let’s see what I got.

- Life is short. Live it up, love many, and laugh much.

- Oh, and dont forget: 2012. My year. All year.

- Playlist is simmering, but will come to a boil within the hour.

Your friend and mine,

Stef said...

I love DMoe's random thoughts :)

Don't speak French though :)

Serena W. said...

I meant to say GO GIANTS! Lol! Spelled it wrong.

Went to the gym today and 2 miles in the guy at the front desk asks me if I'm Jordan's Mom because he was screaming in the day care spot.

Sigh...I went, calmed him down and left. Its a free membership for the month. Maybe I won't go back :( I feel so bad. Seperation anxiety+teething=no bueno.

At least I got 2 miles in. Pray for us on this journey of being seperated.

I can use DMoe's playlist right about now.

Brooke you're making me wanna do something with my hair!

I watched Love and Hip Hop with my boy Zay Buge yesterday. What's up with Mama Jones? Wow! Can we say cracked out!

DMoe said...

Feelin' good today and the sun is shining like its the summer...Damn a groundhog...I think I'll get my car washed and ride to these:

1. Fabolous/Throw it in the Bag (Remix) East-coast flow-flossy anthem released right at the moment where Drake's fuse lit his rap career's dynamite.

2. Chuck Brown f.DJ Kool/Block Party. The patron saint of go-go is in his later years, but he nailed this jam with DJ Kool adding his party-shakin flavor on the hook.

3. Kanye & Jay-Z f.Frank Ocean/No Church in the Wild. When you see those kick-azz "SafeHouse" trailers, that's this joint, and its a banger.

4. Kourtney Heart/My Boy
N.O Bounce music dressed up nicely. You simply can't ignore this jam. Call it N.O Bounce 101.

5. Little Brother/Shake It
Clever use of the Al Jarreau "Agua de Beber" sample (the 'My heart's a flower' line) and phenomenal rhythm. You'll like it.

6. Wale/Pandemonium
Say what you want about Rick Ross, but he did the Wale' thing right, and this joint showcases some real skill as today's rap goes. Listen closely, dude is spittin.

7. Angie Stone/Lovers' Ghetto
DMoe, you ridin to Angie Stone? Yep, in this one, she flips the Camp Lo "Luchini" sample and gives it a nice R&B style. Thank me later.

8. Frank Ocean/Novacane
Instructions: Place Left or right hand on the steering wheel. Pump this song up. Bob head. Lean accordingly. I keep waitin for this dude to blow up. Stand by.

9. Marvin Gaye/Falling in Love again (Alternate version)
Charlize Theron's strippin out of her clothes on the Dior commercial to the Marvin joint ("A funky space reincarnation") that made Marvin's "Here My Dear" album a must-have for his fans. Once I dove in with both feet, I found "Falling in Love" in the deep waters of Marvin's testament album to the loss of his love.

10. Maze (Live in New Orleans)/The Look in Your eyes. Frankie's getting up in age these days, but the music (and my fandom) lives on. I've seen this band in concert somewhere around 15 times, and it moves me every time. THis is the song I'm screaming for when their set ends. Basically, Frankie breaks it all down and tells the chick "I can see you are starting to dig me, and i'm diggin' you too..."

"What? How do I know? Cuz I can tell...I can tell by the look in your eyes..."

"Old school" is played and cliche. Good ish lasts forever.

Enjoy the weekend, and stay thirsty.

D to M to the OE

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