Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts guest blogger “Disco”

I’m still mourning the loss of Whitney. RIP. Her songs have been on constant rotation on my iPod lately. As much as I would like to have witnessed a grand memorial (a la Michael Jackson), I honor her family’s wishes to keep the funeral private and more intimate. But how great would it have been to maybe see Beyonce belt out “I Believe in You and Me” or Alicia Keys perform “I Look to You”?

I hope y’all had a happy Valentine’s Day. Time to buy some candy on clearance sale.

The Knicks are on a roll thanks to “Linsanity.” Jeremy Lin is on fire, but I’m getting tired of all the puns – Lincredible, Linning, Linvincible… He has a great story (NBA player sleeping on his brother’s couch?). His stats have been fantastic, but I wonder if he is getting all this coverage because he’s Asian-American?

As usual, I didn’t bring in lunch today. Not in the mood for a five-dollah footlong either.

I watched the new Survivor last night. Men versus women – both teams sharing the same camp right on the beach. Gee, I hope the production crew has a supply of condoms readily available. Immunity reward might include STDs.

I am loving this mild winter season. I didn’t have to worry about bringing out my sweaters from storage.

So Kim Kardashian says that she would like her next wedding to be private, preferably on a deserted island. Next time, I hope she wouldn’t tell us ‘cause we really don’t give a f—k!

Every time I see a news story about death on the railroad tracks, I gotta ask: Why are they playing on the tracks in the first place? How can you not see or hear the oncoming train?

Anyone see this show My Strange Addiction on TLC? On the last episode, one guy is totally in love with his car. He enjoys kissing the hood, caressing the steering wheel, and giving it bubble baths. What happens when his 1998 Monte Carlo needs an oil change?

Is it Friday yet? I am so looking forward to this three-day weekend.

Kudos to the NJ Nets last night for paying tribute to Whitney by having her perform the National Anthem...again. In honor of George, Abraham, America...and Whitney....

- Disco


Annamaria said...


Courtney said...

First Bitches!

Who is Disco?! :-)

Courtney said...


I just HAD to ask who Disco was - cost me first place!

Stef said...

Brooke has all kinds of guests :) Maybe I can do next week!

I'm still mourning Whitney Houston too. I would love to be able to go to the Prudential Center to pay my respects, but I understand the family's wishes as well.

Who is this Jeremy Lin? I may have to Google him but I know he plays for the Knicks. I really need to learn sports more. Women who know sports impress me.

Can't wait to watch Peoples Court. I'm off today and I get to watch all my corny court shows!

Why are we still talking about Chris Brown?

I love Brooke's new hair cut!

Jay said...

Heard Jeremy Lin finally got a new crib!

His story is great and all the haters need to let him enjoy his moment. Asian or not, I'm lovin' it! Might actually try to catch a game now.

Valentine's Day is just another day to me, but if I had a woman like Brooke, I'd make a big deal out of it. Only because women like her deserve it - they don't make women like her anymore. I know women are always saying there's no go men out here, but trust me, it's slim pickin's on beautiful, sexy, INTELLIGENT, personality driven women too.

...with all her teeth.

Jus sayin'.

I think I broke my pinky toe.

Brooke is taking guest bloggers for RTT? Sign me up next week!

Brooke said...

Thanks Stef!

Disco is one of my dearest friends :)

Floyd Mayweather is a clown.

Jeremy Lin's story is fun to watch, and the fact that he's Asian just adds a twist - but a great story nonetheless.

Can't wait to watch the Grays/ Private Practice crossover event tonight!

Thanks Jay! I actually wound up having a VERY nice Valentine's Day...and Night!

I have chicken florentine for lunch today - yum!

Rain, rain, go away!

Have to renew my driver's license this month - gotta get on it!

It's my birthday month!

A-buzzz said...


2. Whitney Houston's passing still gets me choked up. I still blame Bobby Brown.

3. Can I just say Grammys + ADELE= WINNING!

4. Can I just say Ike beat Tina almost every day of their marriage and he didn't get as much heat as Chris Brown.. Let that lil boy get on with life already. Not condoning what he did but I'm sick of this being a topic of discussion already.

5. Jeremy Lin is the truth. Some of ya'll "Big Important" players are nervous right now... ya'll know who you are.. LOL

6. Valentine's day is highly overrated & commercial. The hubby went out of his way to take me & Sophia out to a nice dinner and he bought me a nice gift but I am happy that he loves me everyday & not just once a year. :-) SO Thank u Powerz.

7. Brooke is gorgeous With hair & without. :-)

8. Two of my favorite people have birthdays in this month. Ms. Nay on Saturday & then Brooke!!!!

9. Looking forward to my nice three day weekend.

10. The mentoring program is moving alone. Can EVERYONE do me a big favor. Go on to our page & like it?? PLEASE?? And encourage your friends & family to do so also. Even this little action helps us! Thank you!!/pages/Mission-2-Mentor-Inc/194995283919299

john said...

Lets see....hummm, okay..Whitney is in heavy rotation on my phone too "your love is my love"
I wish she hadn't become a sad

Brooke IS thanks Bruce&Donna : )

Go hard body Jeremy Lin!

I heard everything Maya, Spike, Michelle, and the Tuskegee Airmen said...."I got you"

Life is good even on the challenging days..still I laugh as hard as possible.

Domina*Tricks said...

I agree, Brooke is gorgeous regardless - she could be BALD and be fly!

I read the Valentine's Day blog but didn't get a chance to comment - so Brooke has a man and didn't tell us? Or did she and I missed it? You all know I lurk around until TMI Tuesday :)

Lucky man, cuz I'd wife her in a second!

I agree, we should let Chris Brown live, but he doesn't help matters much by having fits on Twitter. He needs to just let his "talent" do the talking and his fans will support. He still has alot of maturing to do. Clown.

What did Floyd Mayweather do/say?

Whitney's passing is so sad, poor thing. I pray for her family - especially her daughter. I hope Bobbi Christina doesn't go down the same path.

Trina of the Braxton sisters is so annoying. I'd never go down on her.

They all look so plastic - or just hideous. My celebrity crush is Gabrielle Union.

I need a total head to toe makeover.

Stef said...

Why do I have a feeling "John" is Brooke's boo? ;)

I'm mad Dominatricks said she'd never go down on Trina Braxton! LOL!

Stef said...

Who are Bruce and Donna?

Sillouette said...

Hey ALL!!!

Hope everynone is well. I just wanted to stop in and say hi! :)

* Still sad bout Whitney too..:( Im praying for Bobbi Kristina. She is taking it so hard.. :( (teary eyes)

* @Disco- yes I have watched the show Strange addiction.. I have scene that episode yet, BUT have youseen the chick that likes to eat powdered laundry detergent.. LOL

* Im soooo sick of Jersey Shore now. This is the last season that the mighty powerful one!! UGH. Its annoying how they act.

* My year is off to a great start I hope you all years is too.

* THe weather is crazy here is FL. One moment its cold and you need a jacket for 2 days, then you can can got out side with a tank top on and flip flops.. CRAZY.

* @ Stef- I love the court shows too. My fav is judge Mathis and Judy. You learn some good info on there. Judge Mulian talks to louds and yells just to do it! UGH.

* @Brooke, in case I dont get a chance to tell you next week I want to wish you a very wonderful and fabulous birthday! I hope you enjoy!! :)

Brooke said...

Thanks Sillouette!

@Stef, Bruce and Donna are my parents :)

Domina*Tricks, you're cute :)

Courtney said...

Is Disco going to chime in?

Brooke said...

oh, and thanks Anna! I'm getting used to the "no hair" :)

DMoe said...

Whassup y'all…

Whitney's death hurt me. Not quite like MJ, but close…damn.

Got good news about school! The good news? Its up to me. That's what i'm talking bout…If I do my thing, I'm in? that's all i needed to hear. Watch my smoke.

Lipton citrus green tea is flat out dee-damn-licious.

Its raining in ATL….know why i don't care? 3 words: 1. Kick 2. Azz 3. Umbrella.
Get you one…

He's Lincredible! Love that story. Do yo thing bruh….Love the nicknames, but "The Yellow Mamba" is my favorite.

I refuse to pay 200 bucks for a new phone.Verizon's gonna have to pry this old, cold dead blackberry from my young, warm, alive fingers.

All-Star weekend next week, but first……the crib! NOLA, i'm comin home baby….and I'll do my customary stop at the drive thru Daiquiri spot on my way in…

Y'all know what/who the playlist is gonna be packed with/chock full of… and its simmering.

Oh, and its my year. All year.


Brooke said...

I'm still mad that they have "DRIVE THRU" daiquiri spots in NOLA. Does "drinking and driving" mean ANYthing? :-)

I heard as long as they don't put the straw in the drink, no one is responsible if there's a DUI accident. Hmmmm....

Love daiquiris tho! :)

I got me a kick azz umbrella ;-) not enough rain for it tho - so my little History Channel umbrella will do for today.

don't you hate when you're chewing gum, and then drink ice cold water and the water freezes up the gum and makes it all hard? No? Just me?

Woman crying on the Jeremy Kyle show cuz her daughter's father missed 23 years of her daughter's life. The catch? She JUST told him he had a daughter! Where they do dat at? It's YOUR fault, not his!

...time to change the channel.

A-buzz said...

@DMOE: Lipton citrus green tea is CRACK... lol

Dominatrix has me DYING with that Braxton comment.. LOL

Drive thru Daquari place.. YUM.. I may actually have to give NOLA another shot.!/pages/Mission-2-Mentor-Inc/194995283919299

Stef said...

I don't understand these women that have babies, and DON'T tell the father, then spring it on him after the child is an adult AND THEN expects him to be a dad or feel guilty that he didn't help raise the child....and ask for back child support! These women have balls of steel!

DMoe said...

RIP Whitney...

In this order.

10. All at once

9. Just one of those Days

8. Nothin but Love

7. Like I never left

6. The Greatest Love of All

5. I believe in you and me

4. You give good Love

3. Exhale "Shoop"

2. I have Nothing

1. I will always Love You

Its carnival time baby...


Brooke said...

have fun in NOLA DMoe!

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