Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This weather is glorious! I know El Nino, La Nina and Global Warming are messing everything up, but I'll take it for now. This is the day that the Lord has made and we should all be glad in it!

- I still managed to catch a cold though :-( I think it's working itself out.

- Birthday weekend - woo-hoo! My last year in my 30's - it's about to go down! This will be my best year yet!

- I think I want a Jeremy Lin t-shirt. Not a jersey, just a t-shirt ;-)

- Can someone give me a gift certificate to Carol's Daughter? Thank you :-)

- I'm selling Girl Scout cookies like hot cakes! Maybe they just sell themselves, but I'm taking credit :-)

- Trying to stay out of the Gap, but they keep emailing me 40% off coupons!

- I have a $100 gift certificate to Coach too...why for tryna test me!?

- I could go for some oxtails and rice and peas.

- I tried watching Braxton Family Values today, but couldn't do it...that one with the fake lips irks my nerves...not the

- I need new bras. Is that TMI?

- For some reason I hate checking voicemails at work. I'd rather just call back a missed call than check the message. Not good.

- I've been so thirsty lately - going to find water!




Annamaria said...

First Bitches

Stef said...

Are you getting tired of being first Anna? :-)

Oxtails would be SO GOOD right now - thanks Brooke!

Loving 60 degrees in February!

Jeremy Kyle show is my new guilty pleasure.

I had Taco Bell for lunch and remembered why I stopped eating it. It's so good going down, but not so good coming out :(

I need new bras too B!

I need a new Fury blog, or a new Brooklyn story. I'm horny as hell!

I know that's TMI :)

Annamaria said...

1. This weather is BANANAS.

2. My boo boo has her black history show in school tomorrow. Her class is singing a song about MLK.


4. Spent this past weekend celebrating the birthday of Ms. Nay. WONDERFUL time. Saw New Edition concert with Bad Ass Bobby Brown. AWESOME

5. I want a shopping spree.. LOL

6. I hate when I take the time to leave people a VM and they just call me back without checking it. Most of the time I will tell you check it and call me back. (SIDE EYE BROOKE.)

7. I love getting away time with my hubby. :-)

8. My day job is kicking my butt lately..

9. This mentoring program is kicking my butt too.

10. Got a new site


12. First fundraiser is on March 24th. A ZUMBA EVENT. Come one come all.

A-buzzz said...

@Stef...NOPE..... LOL

My sister in law is making oxtails with peas and rice on Saturday.. JUST SAYIN.

We all know where I will be on Saturday. LMFAO

I just broke up with one of my clients. She was getting on my last damn nerve. The minute I hit send on the email I instantly felt better.

I feel like I need a cigar & a bottle of wine and some jazz... SMDH

Stef said...

Anna has like 10 jobs :-)

I want a shopping spree too!

Brooke, what ARE you doing for your birthday? I feel like it should be a national holiday :)

I still feel sorry for Bobby Brown :(

A-buzzz said...

Let me tell u... Say what you want about Bobby Brown.. He was front and center and honored his commitment to his fans & his brothers at the NE concert. He also put out one HELL of a performance.

Stephanie said...

Happy early Birthday Brooke.May this year be the best 1 yet.Wish i was not working today.Stood outside for 5 minutes gazing into the sunlight to keep my spirits up.Gotta get that vitamin D.

Courtney said...

Bobby Brown is the only one worth seeing in New Edition. The rest are dry :)

Happy early birthday Brooke!

When are you going to have a blog party?

I don't even really watch basketball like that and I like Jeremy Lin. Love his story!

my computer keeps freezing on me - so annoying!

I think we could all use another sexy story in our lives Brooke ;)

Fury has been MIA.

Could go for some sushi.

My new "friend" is getting on my last nerve.

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Started the new J-O-B yesterday!

Day #3 of day care. I'm getting there...

I'm so thankful for his sitter. She's amazing with kids.

I look back at all the months when I couldn't figure out why things seemed out of order. Now I can see God's greater vision and know that everything was in His order!

Brooke I need some new bras! Heck let's get some panties too lol!

Happy early birthday Brookey!

Where is everyone?

Just got home with my baby...everyone have a good night!

Oh and Go Cuse and Go Knicks!

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