Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Thoughts FRIDAY!


Since we didn't have Random Thoughts Thursday yesterday, we'll just have Random Thoughts Friday!

- So happy it's the weekend. I need to chill.

- Going to watch SU whoop St. John's tomorrow at the Garden, should be fun!

- It's a bit brisk today - guess winter is trying to finally get here. I don't mind 60 degree days in February though...jus sayin'.

- I have to renew my driver's license this month.

- Also need to make an appointment with my accountant. Hope I get a nice refund...or that I simply don't owe anything.

- Did I miss the Love and Hip Hop reunion?

- Still haven't see Red Tails yet. I'm slippin'.

- Wrote my self assessment and was pretty much told I rocked this year! Yay!

- What kind of hair cut should I get?

- It's my birthday month! Let's get it!



Stephanie said...

1st BITCHES > I can't believe it>>>

DMoe said...


Dammit all to hell!!!

(hands and voice raised)


A-buzz said...

@Stef.. Me neither...

1. Mentoring program is ON & POPPIN.

2. Glad it's the weekend. Can't wait to see my Giants do their thing on Sunday

3. It's Brisk

4. It's two of my favorite people's bdays this month. Brookey & Ms. Nay... B what are we doing for your birthday?

5. My birthday is next year. Celebration starts March 1st at least in my heart it will. LOL

6. There was no love & hip hop reunion. Producers said there was soo much beef they couldn't get it done.

7. LOVE my hair short!! Married a man who likes it long... I've decided to let it grow back for him so that now he can give me the money to go get it done & watch his daughter while I sit in the hair salon for 3 hours every week... :-) See the sacrifices I am willing to make Mr. Powerz

8. Falling asleep at work today. I need a nap.

9. Baby's glasses supposed to be ready this weekend. Hopefully she keeps these bad boys on so her eyes can correct themselves.

10. I love that lil girl. She drives me bonkers & sometimes I want to punch her in the throat & tase her ALL at the same time but I really can't picture my life without her. She is awesome.

A-buzzz said...

Flash Mob in Times Square tomorrow at 4... A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Stephanie said...

It's so slow at my job today.
Superbowl party this weekend. I don't even like football but I love spending time with my friends.
I think I'm gonna try the Jimmy Kimmel Challenge and pull the TV plug out at a critical moment during the game and post it to YouTube. Should be fun to see people flip out.LOL

Stef said...

Damn, I was beaten by the other Stefanie...well...Stephanie :)

DMoe cracks me up!

Stephanie said...

A DMoe and ABuzz, sorry guys.LOL

A-buzzzzzz said...

@STEPHANIE... You gonna get tased girl!
Oh and if you took the Jimmy Kimmel Challenge while watching the Super Bowl with me I would tase you to the point where it would be a challenge for you to pee... JUST SAYING.

DMoe said...

- Brookey at a St.John's game? At the Garden? All i can think of is:

"Yes! In DEE Face!"
"I'm so happy to BE here!"
"This is the greatest moment of my life!"

(all phrases spoken in heavy "Zamundan" accent ala' Coming to America.

- The Braxtons have officially reached appointment viewing status.

- Lovin Colbert Report and Daily Show's coverage of the Republican f**kery.

- I need a new suit.

- The frame shop has been holding my print hostage for about 7 months now, but I'm walkin in there with my head held high. "Gimme my sh*t!"

- I dig Estelle.

- If you are driving behind a Buick, I guarantee you will be pissed if you aren't already. Driving slow is required to own the vehicle.

- Work is heating up, and i'm digging it. This is what I came for. Right here.

- My tax chick is the macaroni, in addition to the cheese.

- Mardi Gras...hurry yo azz up. I miss NOLA.

- A few days ago, I heard Chuck Brown's "Block Party" for the first time, and I aint been the same since. That song makes me smile.

- Today's professional thought: Nobody's gonna give it to you, so...Take it. If it ain't blatantly obvious that you gettin' robbed, you aint workin hard enough. Go harder.

- Quietly, Jimmy Fallon's late night show is fantastic.

- Firin up a playlist.


A-buzzz said...

WHY is the new chick at my office the dumbest human ever.. EVER.

DMoe said...

Ok, i'm back...

Seems like we never give genius/legends their due until they are gone...Well, I aint waitin...Stevie Wonder's in that category, and here are 10 songs from the pen, voice and keyboard of a genius of our generation that you absolutely must own.

1. Pastime Paradise: Until Coolio flipped it for a Grammy win, many of us hadn't really come to appreciate this lament to the evils of the world as Stevie saw them. Listen closely, and you'll hear the voices of a group of Hare Krishna singers literally pulled "off the street".

2. Tell me Something Good: Consider this Chaka Khan's 70's breakout hit, and yes, it was written by Stevie.

3. Ngiculela/Es Una Historia/I am Singing: Stevie sings the story of having faith and finding love in the tongue of the Zulu tribe, then repeats in Spanish, and concludes in English. Who the hell thinks of that? A genius that's who.

4. As: Simply put, the greatest Stevie song. ever.

5. Overjoyed: For added flavor, taste Mary J's version.

6. I Can't help it: Michael's Off the Wall album was off the chain thanks to this joint.

7. Creepin: Luther blew it up, but Stevie wrote the bomb.

8. Rocket Love: File this jam as one of the bajillions that simply never gets old.

9. Think of me as your soldier: For everything you've heard from Stevie, go back to this one. As Stevie's battles with Motown were raging, he wrote a love song about war.

10. I never dreamed you'd leave in Summer: If it seems familiar, you've probably heard it in two key places...The first was Spike Lee using this at the end of "Malcolm X" after the leader had been assassinated. I never forgot the way it made me feel to hear it with what I was seeing. Now, flash forward to Michael Jackson's funeral...Stevie sang it there.

Its an incredibly clever play on the seasons and nature to speak on the feelings of love and loss.

Enjoy your weekend.

Stephanie said...

ABuzz- Don't tase me.The Kimmel challenge is suppose to be funny. AND,We may even win a prize.

This right here:HILARIOUS!!!
10. I love that lil girl. She drives me bonkers & sometimes I want to punch her in the throat & tase her ALL at the same time but I really can't picture my life without her. She is awesome.

The Cable Guy said...

I'm late, just saying hi! Been sick :( carry on...

Stef said...

Love DMoe's playlists!!!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTF!

I'm crazy late!

In the bed with a sore throat :(

Jordan has been out like a light since 9pm!

Making moves! Stay tuned!

Brookey...where's the throwback?

What...SWV is back! I like their song.

My freaking neighbors walk like elephants! Sigh.

Love the DMoe Playlist!


Feel better Cable Guy!

Everyone have a good weekend!

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