Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Gettin' cold out right? BRICK!

- been having a bit of writer's block lately.

- sushi for lunch twice this week so far, I have a new favorite place!

- can't wait til the weekend so I can just chill.

- January seems to be flying by to me...let's get winter over with!

- I'm terrified of going ice skating, but it looks like so much fun....if you can actually keep from falling. I have a fear of falling...especially on ice. I'm broke up enough as it is.

- The question of the day this morning on the radio was: "Is it ever okay to go through your man/woman's phone if you suspect they're cheating?" What say you?

- I want that "trendy top" thingy that I see on tv.

- Who's going to see Red Tails this weekend? I am...let's go support!

- I had a conversation last night with coworkers about supporting films with a majority black cast - should we automatically support..."just because?"

- Speaking of black - if you are a person of color (for example, of African/Caribbean descent), how do you prefer to be called..."Black" or "African American?" Some would argue that if you are American, then you shouldn't call yourself "African American" unless you were actually born and raised in Africa and then come to the United States..ala Charlize Theron. Do you care either way?

- My hat is on too tight, giving me a headache. My head must be getting bigger...cuz I doubt my hat shrunk.

- People think that because I adore my nephews, I'm maternal. It's not the same thing.

- How do you know if you're meant to be a parent? Still trying to figure that out.

- I need new clothes. I'm bored with my old ones.

- and a nice new lipstick.

This week's throwback!




A-buzz said...

First Bitches

A to the BUZZZ said...

It is going to be nasty out this weekend. Guess I'll be staying home with Sophia again! LOL

I love the winter but only on the weekends so I can just be lazy.

I am not doing anything like ice skating, skiing or snowboarding. I'm just not.

NOPE you shouldn't look thru ish just because you have suspicions. That's what CONVERSATION is for.

If you have a desire to be a parent then you are meant to parent. Don't judge your parenting skills on how you interact with other kids cuz truth be told I HATE most kids. lol

My kid however is AMAZING. She is hysterical.And too damn grown. Yesterday she ran back into her room to get her purse for school.. Cuz she needed her purse.
Then gave me money when I ran into the store? WTF.

Feel better Powerz

I got a bigger desk today. Which means more work. LOL

Stef said...

Dang it!

Brooke, I missed you!

The Cable Guy said...

What is a "trendy top"?

I miss Brooke too :)

Brooke's man is a lucky bastard.

Guilty Pleasure - Love & Hip Hop. I can't stand all these broads, but I can't turn away. Jim Jones be high as shit!


I've gone through phones before and found nothing, but because I was paranoid, I saw shit that actually wasn't there. Not worth it.

I don't like most kids either, and I didn't discover I wanted to be a father until I became one. I don't know if I WANTED to be one, but when she got pregnant and decided to keep the baby, I really had no choice. Once they're here they're here. But if you can help it, wait til you're ready...cuz it's a lot of work and your life changes forever.

Brooke you'd make a great mom, just because you're great - but if you don't want to...then don't. You won't be ANY less of a woman. Don't let anyone tell you different. You are enough.

Speaking of moms, the "Octomom" is on Wendy Williams right now (yes, I watch her sometimes). That woman cray.

Stef said...

If you suspect your man or woman is cheating, I think it's okay to look, because chances are if you ASK them if they are, they'll deny it. Yes, it would be nice to have a conversation, but how many people do you know who are cheating, actually ADMIT it?

The only thing I say to those who snoop through email and phones is this - if you find something, be prepared to leave. If you don't want to leave, even if you find something, then don't look. What's the point?!!!!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Monday was my birthday! First birthday as a Mommy! Yeah.

My pumpkin is sleeping on me with his little snore ahhhh!

Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. Its truly in you. Hard to put it in words. I just knew. I love kids but I always wanted to be a Mommy!

A little discouraged today. Another job rejection. Oh well...their loss.

It still sucks though.

Just more time with my pumpkin!

I'm so thankful artistically! 105 people "Like" my FB page and not all of them are friends. This means I'm getting foot traffic from other people :)

I revamped my Cafe Press website! Check it out! I have my poetry on Nook, Kindle and iPad sleeves! Watch out now!

Can I get a gig that works from home?

God is cooking a plan up for me. Just waiting patiently.

I had a few bad dreams last night :(

I don't care if people call me black or African American. I'm cool with both!

So thankful we feel better over here! Last week was the pits!

My girlfriend on Facebook wrote, "I left my heart in 2011 but brought the pain in 2012." I'm praying for her.

Nice girls finish last :( that's just how I feel sometimes.

Can these last 2 pieces of paper come on already so my tax lady can work her magic!

I may need to change fields. Nonprofit isn't feeling me any more :(

My girl Shadra Strickland is an illustrator and the book "White Water" that she did illustrations for is up for an NAACP Image Award! I'm cheering for her and the authors!

The sky looks like its going to open up and snow!

My girl got proposed too this past weekend at her baby shower by her now fiancee! There is hope!!!!

I think that's it for now...

Despite these trying times...I'm blessed beyond measure!

Serena W. said...

And oh yes!!!


Brooke said...

Serena's posts always make me smile. I'm so inspired by you!

Great things are coming your way, and your patience will pay off BIG TIME!

My faith wavers sometimes, I need to learn to be still more and listen to God.

...and then trust Him.

I don't care if I'm called Black or African American either.

@Cable Guy, I watch Love and Hip Hop too and I always hate the hour I've lost after I watch it, but I can't help myself!

Octomom has issues.

I don't winter sports either. I hate being cold.

@Stef, I missed you guys too!

Courtney said...


Wishing you the best of luck in your job search. God will come through right on time...He's giving you time to spend with your son, so enjoy it and fret not. You'll be fine!

I don't care if I'm called Black or African American. To each his/her own.

If you're gonna look through phones, be prepared for what you find. Your gut is usually right, so if you're looking, that means your gut is telling you something. And I agree with Stef, be ready to bounce if you find something, otherwise you'll just make yourself crazy. Trust me, I know from experience.

I saw the Octomom on Wendy Williams too - she's coo-coo! 14 kids is insane!

I don't know if I'm meant to be a mother either, but I know I don't like most I guess that tells me something.

A-buzz said...

I love Love & Hip Hop.. BUT I HATE CHRISSY... And Erika...

I am rooting for the GMEN THIS WEEKEND.

Serena there is always hope & I am sure you are going to land an awesome job soon that will allow you to support your family AND spend time with Baby Thor.

I need to do a few more things & my mentoring program will be ready to launch! Such hard work & I am exhausted BUT it's soo worth it.

Courtney said...


What is your mentoring program about? Or should I ask, who is it geared towards?

Serena W. said...

Thanks everyone for the loving!!! Baby Thor agrees! He wants me home lol.

Something is coming for sure!

I need a good publicist to help market my artistry!

Brooke I'm glad I can be an inspiration!

A-buzz said...

For right now it is geared towards young girls ages 10-18 in Brooklyn. Hopefully the website will be up & running next week so you can get more info. Or you can just shoot any questions you have to

I'm going to be looking for mentors, mentees & MONEY soon! lol...

A-buzzz said...

FYI: all donations are tax deductible. We have our incorp, tax id & will have our 501C3 status shortly so everything is legit. You can rest assured you will be donating to a program that is on the up & up & you will get your receipt.


Courtney said...

That's great! I'll look to donate in the near future :)

All these positive people on this blog family!

Serena W. said...

So proud of you Annamaria! On a trip to NYC I'd love to work with girls on expression through writing and vision boards!

Jay said...

Just saying hi. I'm late, busy day, but glad everyone is doing well.

Serena, something meant just for you is coming your way, stay up!

Serena W. said...

Hi Jay and thanks!!!

I was supposed to wait on a job to go out and get a sangria and shrimp quesadillas...I might need to go out just to celebrate me when a homegirl takes me out next weekend!

Brooke, we need a writing date girl!

And I must say this again! GO GIANTS!

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