Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year, Feliz Ano Nuevo and all that good stuff!

I couldn't think of a better way to open 2012 than with a TMI Tuesday blog from who else? The FURY!!! He's back, and freakier than ever...and if my dad is reading this, just remember, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS! LOL!

Skype Was Built For Freaky Stuff...by The Fury

"What's your Skype name?"

Uh oh.

I knew with that simple query things were going to get interesting. The only reason for someone to ask for your Skype on social media is to do something freaky. I responded to the Twitter direct message and asked why?

"Be around in about an hour," Fire responded. Fire was a social media friend. One who had never seen my face. She was a mutual friend of my close friend Phoenix (who had seen more than just my face).


In about an hour an half I was expecting friends over…

I never log on Skype. I only have the account name so no one else occupies it. After 738292719202 attempts at my login info, then the password change process, then angling the camera away from my face, I finally logged on.

Phoenix greeted me on the other side.

"Whassup Fury!?" she smiled.

"Whassup," I responded tentatively as Fire brought her face into view with a giggle.

I explained I was expecting company. They said they wanted to show me something. Immediately Fire put her mouth on Phoenix's. Their tongues swirled around each others. I perked up immediately ;-)

Fire did not waste time. Her lips slid down Phoenix's neck with moaned approval. Within moments, Fire's mouth licked and sucked Phoenix's beautiful DDDs. The erect cocoa nipples lit a fire in me. I wanted to jump through the computer screen. The only word I could muster was…


"Tell us what to do Fury," Phoenix looked at me with a smile.

I was perfectly happy with the view, but I encouraged them to take things further. Soon Fire was topless and Phoenix returned the favor.

Then my bell rang.

"Be right back," I whispered. I pressed mute on the computer and placed my gmail screen over it in case someone wandered into my office.

I welcomed my guests, got them settled in front of the television with drinks and excused myself momentarily. "Sorry…still on a conference call."

Back in the office with door closed, I plugged in my headphones and a mic so I could hear and be heard without the guests knowing the true tone of the conference. I dropped the gmail screen and….

Fire was naked and moaning. Phoenix was sucking at her breasts…apparently very well. She too was naked. Golden brown skin, tits, tattoos and ass were live on my screen.

"That's what I like to see…," I said into the mic.

The two of them popped up.

"Welcome back, Fury." Phoenix smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"No fair. Fire is getting all of the play here. Shouldn't you be doing something too?"

"Should I?" Fire asked.

"Yes. Right now," I commanded.

Fire was a newbie to bisexual relations. It didn't stop her from following instructions. Phoenix was taken aback when Fire pushed her down and buried her face between her legs. The moans erupted into my headphones. I couldn't see much but Fire's head planted between Phoenix's spread legs. Then Phoenix's head popped up. She winked at me, moaned and grabbed the back of Fire's head as she felt her velvet tongue on her pleasure center.

"Fury!? What channel is ESPN?" a voice shouted.

I ran to my living room concealing my erection.

"Anybody ever Skype?" I asked my friends.

A string of No's erupted.

"One time I worked from home and my boss asked me to Skype into a meeting, but that shit is basically for freaks I think," my friend laughed.

"Are you Skyping into a meeting right now? Let me go act like you and see if they notice," another said.

"NO!" I shouted. "Almost done. Be right back."

The gmail screen dropped and I was welcomed by a close up of Phoenix's lady parts being digitally manipulated by Fire's deft fingers. The moans were loud. The squishy wet sound of arousal danced in my ears. Their two golden brown bodies writhed. Asses jiggled, breasts bounced, my mouth watered.

"Like that.... " I surprised them with my return. "Faster. Don't stop," I instructed.

Fire obliged.

"Use your mouth too."

She did.

"Looks like she's done this before," I said into the mic.

"MmmmHmmm," Phoenix moaned in agreement.

Fire shook her head. Either to answer my question or for Phoenix's enjoyment.

Footsteps approached my office.

"Fury, is your food burning?"


"Gotta go, ladies," I motioned to close the screen. "Wait, Give me something to remember you by…"

"This ain't enough, n***a??" Phoenix laughed.

Fire looked into the camera lustfully, licked her own hard brown nipple, sucked her wet fingers clean then went back to work on Phoenix.

I closed the screen and stumbled back to the kitchen in shock. In the living room, I interrupted the football conversation with...

"I think you're right. Skype was built for freaky shit."

They call me The Fury and my skype name is dirtydetails.

Have you ever Skyped? Is Skype built for freaks? What about Facetime? Ichat? Gchat? Would you ever do something sexy on videochat?

Happy New Year people! Let's start 2012 off right!!

-- The Fury



Batman said...


Batman said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Stef said...


Okay, Fury is just straight nasty!

The Fury said...

Happy New Year Batman!

Aww man I hope Brooke's father didn't read this...

@Stef - Nasty? Me? What I do? I was just a pawn in the game... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thats sexy as hell... My goodness you made me feel as if I were there watching with you Fury!

The Cable Guy said...

Well, I sure wasn't prepared for all this, but I like it!

Fury be goin' in!

Courtney said...

Fury done got Brooke in trouble with her daddy!

This story was HOT!

To answer your question, I wouldn't do anything freaky on Skype because I heard you can record on Skype from the other side. Is that true? The LAST thing I need is someone having me on tape doing something freaky! Nah, I'll pass!

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year. Glad to see The Fury is back sharing another great story with us.
I'm old school, I use a Polaroid.( Yes they still make them.)I want any and all evidence with me at all times.After an ex showed ALL of his friends a video we made I promised to never do ANYTHING On film,via the web, or digital camera that could come back to haunt me.I save my freakdom for those who return it in kind ( Now being my Fiance)
OOHH Brooke has a new daddy. Do tell. LMAO.If you have a new man in your life Brooke congrats to you both.

The Fury said...

@Courtney. Happy you liked it! Thanks for answering...but damn...*crosses Courtney off the Skype list* LOL!! I don't know if that's true. It sounds feasible, but it's all about trust...

@Stephanie - A Polaroid though??? And how he gonna go show ALL of his friends? Just kidding. Some people just don't know how to keep gifts to themselves. I do though..I DO! I suggest you don't keep it with you at all times. What if you drop it under the conference table at work or something? j/k

And when we say Daddy we mean the real one!

The Fury said...

Thanks to @Anonymous and The Cable Guy. I do what I do for your enjoyment!

Yolanda said...

Happy new year.

I have Skype and I'm scared to add Fury to my friends list.

Brooke said...


I meant my father, as in the man whose sperm made me. My other daddy doesn't mind :-) LOL!

Stephanie said...

@ Fury, you are hilarious.I keep them in a special folder.Yes that guy did not know how to appreciate his gifts.
@ Brooke, LMAO.My Bad Mr. Dean.

Stef said...

Mr. Dean don't play!

I wouldn't Skype anyone other than my husband...people don't know how to be discreet anymore.

Ms. Penn said...

I think I might have to add Fury to my Skype list ;-)

The Fury said...

@Yolanda - Don't be scared of me. You see I was just minding my own business. All I'd ask is that you show me some skin. I'm just kiddin...

...unless you're gonna do it.


@Stef - but I see that the first thing your mind went to was something freaky on Skype...I'm discreet. That's my middle name. you didn't know? The Discreet Fury.

@Stephanie - where do you keep this folder?...when are you not around? hehehehe

Shhhhh stop calling Mr Dean's name before he comes a lookin'

The Fury said...

@MsPenn - Is that so...?

Ms. Penn said...

Oh but so that is Fury :-)

But I might disappoint, no girl on girl action going on over here.

Stef said...


I'm a scaredy cat!

The Cable Guy said...

I'm still hung up on the "my other daddy doesn't mind" comment.

But not surprised, I'm still shocked Brooke isn't married yet.

The Fury said...

@MsPenn - Girl on girl action not required.

@Stef - You're always fronting...I know you use the "scared" tactic to lower expectations then BOOM! Freakasaurus behind closed doors

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