Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I'm hyped by the throwback of the day let's lead with it shall we? :-)

This was my JOINT!! Haven Hall - HOLLA!!!

- Dreary day today :-(

- Just caught the woman in the next building over staring at me through her window. Creepy much?

- Paid bills today...always fun. Not.

- Thankful to be able to pay bills though.

- Here's a question of the day - how important is marriage to you?

- Anyone have any cool ideas for an article they'd like to read about relationships?

- I don't feel like doing anything but watch tv all day.

- Guess I shouldn't say that too loud where I work.

- People are silly.

- Women are A LOT stronger than men think. We can handle just about anything.

- Need my nails done...AGAIN.

- I don't have a 2012 calendar yet.

- How old is too old to suck your thumb? I say children should never do it...but that's just me.

- It's mid January already...let's just roll through winter!




A-buzz said...


A to the Buzzzz said...

1. That is CREEPY Brooke...
2. I just want to stay in the house and Veg out!
3. It's going to be BRICK this weekend.
4. Fingers in mouths gross me out so I say never too. I'd rather Soso have her paci til she is 30 as opposed to her fingers in her mouth.
5. New chick started at work on Tuesday... CHICK IS GOING TO BE ESCORTED TO THE DOOR IMEEDIATEDLY. Bust how she NEVER mentioned any scheduling problems or child care issues. Walks in Tuesday & says I have to leave at 3:30 cuz I have kids.THEN says OH & I need a PERMANENT schedule change. Let me give you a list of the hours I am AVAILABLE to work…
Mind you she already had made them give her an increase in salary and now instead of a 40 hour work week she wants to work a 32 hour work week. ON TOP of that she says OH & I won’t be in tomorrow because I have Jury Duty. They asked her when she got her jury duty notice.. She replies about 3-4 weeks ago.
6.Can't wait for Restaurant week.
7. The first of the frat wives birthdays starts next month. First up MS. NAY.... HOLLA
8. I love my Sophia
9. Shout out to my hubby who is busting his butt working hard. Very proud of u.
10. I need to hit the lotto. I want to go on a shopping spree!

Stef said...

I think I'm going to just give up being first.

Marriage isn't that important to me anymore because I don't think men take it seriously. Might as well stay single and happy :)

Rain, please go away.

Better than snow I guess.

That woman staring at you needs to be tased by Annamaria. That IS creepy!

Maybe she thinks you're hot ;)

@Anna, that lady has ALOT of nerve at your job. Time to bounce her!

I hate when the people at my job who have kids leave early, but unmarried people with no kids are expected to pick up their slack. F*ck outta here!

A-buzzz said...

I have kids... I don't leave early!!!! WTF

Stef said...

That's because you and your job respect other people! arrgh!

The Cable Guy said...

Marriage means alot to me if I find the right woman (obviously). I think it's sacred - my parents have been married for over 20 years.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - You should've waved at that woman staring at you then flashed her. LOL Sorry I haven't had much sleep.

Kids should stop sucking their thumbs by 7 or 8 months. done! over! done with!

Marriage is only important to people who consider it important. Male or female. I think it's important if I'm starting a family. try to start out on the right foot even though divorce rates are SKY HIGH.

Need your nails done again, huh Brooke....someone has been scratching up backs and bedposts...

What's with those dumb asses urinating on the dead Taliban members? Don't they know that shit is bad for them and for our foreign relations.

@ABuzz - She showed y'all her representative. LMAO! And now she's chilling. It's hard out here. She wanted to make sure she got that job before showing her real self.

Of all the people who read this blog I wonder...Who has the biggest breasts? Who has the phattest azz? Who gives the best head? Who has the best legs? Who needs a wax right now?'s RTT. I'm just random...

Brooke said...

I think I can safely say I'm the one who probably needs the wax the most....if we're sharing.

Even tho I don't wax...that ish hurts!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Thanks for sharing. You have the Winter growth poppin, huh. LOL Anyone else wanna share???

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

I had a long night :( just pray for me...for us.

The end result was Jordan sleeping next to me for the rest of the night. My poor pumpkin either had cold on his stomach or he doesn't dig sweet potatoes. Sigh...

We both have a nasty stomach bug! Got it from a friend's son who got it from his day care :( horrible!

Had a great job interview this week and have another one tomorrow! Something is coming!

My website is live!

Things are happening and I'm thankful! I wish certain people were on board my train that has pulled out the station but oh well...maybe they'll catch up...and maybe they won't.

Thankful for family and friends!

I think after the night I had I deserve some Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream! But I'll take Jordan staring into my eyes...that's enough (don't ya think :) that's better than anything!

My birthday is Monday! I'll be 37! (Not ashamed of my age)! I'm so grateful for all that God has given me. Although its my second birthday without Mommy, she's embracing me and Jordan right now. I love and miss her so much.

Yolanda I miss you! Come by!

Hi Rameer!

Ant what's up! We need to chat! Trying to get to Cuse for National Poetry month.

Brooke I loved the blog yesterday!

Go Cuse! Our Basketball team is on fire!

Like Me on Facebook peeps and spread the word

And follow me on Twitter @ divinewryte

Big things in 2012!!!

Now back to sleep with the little one...

Serena W. said...

Also...Happy Founders Day tomorrow to my sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc! (OO-OOP Yolanda)!

Oh and we went to the doctor and ruled out the Sweet Potatoes (from last post).

So tired...

A-bzzzzzzzzz said...

I miss naps... I could use one right now.

Brooke said...

me too....

The Fury said...

@Serena - Little kids give each other and US the nastiest stuff. It's like that Bernie mac show where you see the germs travel around his house at a birthday party. If I even drive by a Day Care, i stop and put on a hazmat suit! Prayers up to little Thor for a quick recovery. They can't keep a good god of thunder down!

Happy Founders Day to the Deltas...mmm I can tell some Delta stories...boy oh boy. Respectful though... :-D

A-buzzz said...

@Fury... i have a difficult time believeing ANY of your stories could be respectful... (no disrespect to any Delta's I loves dem)

The Fury said...

@A-Buzz I said RESPECTFUL NOT BORING!. Respectful...NOT DISRESPECTFUL. I'm not disrespectful to any of the subjects of my stories...

I respect them in the morning and the morning after, day after, years after the stories happen.

Serena W. said...

Fury is funny! Thanks for sending good thoughts to us! Nothing can keep my Thor or me down!

The sweetest moment. He's sleeping and he grabs my finger and held onto it the whole time we napped :)

Daycares are awful! When I go back to work he's going to an at home day care. My pipe dream is I wish I could get a Nanny! Oh well.

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