Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My whole body is sore from training last night. Not a good look for me, but it means I did something right! Can't wait to get back in shape.

- Need to paint my nails...gonna do it myself and save some money.

- I have a good lunch today, can't wait to eat it!

- But I need some fruit.

- SU basketball is #1 - just thought I'd throw that out there :-)

- Someone offered me a Snapple yesterday and I turned it down. That may seem minor to some folks, but Snapple is like crack to me!

- Please send prayers out to DMoe - he lost his grandfather yesterday :-(

- Gotta run to the bank...for some reason that's such a chore to me. Let me stop complaining cuz at least I'm making a deposit!

- Baby Jordan is 5 months old already!

- I miss my family in Philly.

- Can't stand when people let their children act a fool. Your child is NOT as cute as you think he/she is.

- My arms are on fire.

- I've been thoroughly entertained by Facebook lately :-)

- Universal's been slacking on my movie screenings...unless the mail room guys have been jackin' me for them. Waiting on one for Contraband. I think that's what it's called...Marky Mark :-)

- Let's try an R&B throwback this week - thanks to L-Train...aka LaDante McMillon!




Anthony Otero said...

Happy New Year! (I can still say that right?)

Prayers go out to DMoe, sorry for your loss.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was really good.

Knicks are pissing me off

I love when I set up a simple wireless router for my mom it automatically means I am the IT person for the family.

Michele Bachmann is out of the Republican race. This makes me happy.

I am loving my PS3

I go back to work on Monday. Blah.

Anthony Otero said...


Stef said...

Ant beats me, after being MIA all this time!

Anthony Otero said...

Well you took forever stef….lol

Yolanda said...

Much love and support to DMoe

I love that my iPad automatically corrected my spelling of DMoe. It knows. It knows.

I'm in a good space right now. On paper, I should not be. Thank God we don't live on paper.

Just did my nails. Toes, now that's another issue.

My nephew is 4 today. He was born just over 3 months early and was a teeny preemie, so this day is such a blessing. He's fine and in great health. And will talk your head off.

I have never been a wedding/bridal obsessed girl but I found this wedding photo blog (Style Me Pretty) and have become hooked on it. I'm bookmarking wedding ideas now. LOL totally drinking the koolaid. Maybe the Universe is telling me something.

I will adopt a dog by my birthday.

Going to make portobello mini-pizzas tonight! Aww yeah. No crust, just pizza on the mushrooms.

Planning to see Pariah this weekend.

I need to read these dragon tattoo books. I'm behind on that.

Helped my cousin with his science project this week. Whew, I do not envy parents. Some of that homework is HARD! I haven't used those skills in 15yrs!

I need to will myself to the gym. Such a slacker lately. Need to find a new Zumba class too.

Dick Clark gives me the sads. But he is sounding better.

I would love a cruise right now.

That story of the lady who shot and killed the intruder!!! Wooooow.

HBO canceled my shows. I canceled it.

Those singing diva weight loss commercials are driving me nuts.

More later. Maybe.

Powerz said...

Condolences to DMOE!

Ant - funny on the IT for the fam comment. I'm the IT (set up a DVD player once) and supposed local hook up for anything in my fam.

Brooke - you had me reading all my old writings, I have about 3 to send you now! lol

Brooke - Your house will be available for showing during my open house on Sat from 1-3pm in Hempstead L.I. (2 Lexington Circle) come check it out

Real Estate is already booming for 2012! First week, crazy busy.

Soooo......Sophia can now count to 20 in English, 20 in Spanish and 10 in French! This girl is amazing!

Still trying to clean up my DVR from all my Twilight Zones

Trying to decide next money monday topic, "investing for children, investing for adults, real estate, more savings and debt" any requests? I know we got one for investing.

Shout out to all the movers and shakers

I was told I had a good time bringing in the New Year! #whitehenneyisdangerous

This hot little Puerto Rican chick is taking me to Cipriani's, don't tell my wife :)

Mrs. Powerz said...

1. Condolences to DMoe.

2. I need to get a pedi/mani

3. I want to go to the movies and see the Devil Inside.

4. Had lunch with my beautiul daughter.

5. Possibly helped two people get a job this week! :-)

6. I wanna go with you to see that movie B...LOL

7. Thank you lord for restaurant week!

8. Happy New Year everyone (yes Ant it's acceptable)

9. Gotta finish reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

10. Yolanda you probably won't be that obsessed when it's u. I bought the first gown I tried on. During David's Bridal $99 sale. BOOM.. LOL

11. I need to sit down & do a vision board with all the stuff I want to achieve this year.

12. I also need to kick start my butt into motion.

13. My husband had an AWESOME time on NYE... And because of that he is unable to ever go within 5 feet of alcohol for the rest of our life

14. I'm taking this hot realtor to Cipriani's during restaurant week. Can't wait. Shhhh Don't tell my husband.

15. These damn Sigma's are getting on my nerves. Not only does my husband stalk me BUT so do the Sigmas! WTF

Brooke said...

I also saw the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and really enjoyed it. Ask me if I've read one of those books yet tho.

Anna, what is the book we're supposed to be reading this month again? I'm all behind...

Sophia is ADORABLE! And apparently very smart!

My nephew counted to 100 this past weekend, so now I have to give him $100. He knew how to do it, just never wanted to SHOW me until he got some incentive. These kids....

Hi Ant!! Missed you!

I watched bridal and cooking shows all weekend with my sister. I should be an expert at picking bridesmaids dresses and homemade cupcake frosting.

@Powerz, I may just show up to the open house, I wanna see it in person! Thanks!

Portobello pizzas sound yummy!

@Anna, if I get passes to see Contraband, we'll go together if you're free :)

I have passes to see Joyful Noise on Monday - do I really care to see Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton together in a film? We'll see.

I probably need to go spinning instead.

Oh wait, they said it's no longer called "spinning" since we got NEW it's called "cycling."

same thing.

Got an iPad for work and it's still in the box. The only time I took it out was for the tutorial they gave me at work. After it was done, I put it right back and left it there. So not a techy, gadget person.

I've been writing for - check me!

A-buzzz said...

B... The name of the book is called Love Sick.. One womans Journey thru Sexual Addiction...

Hopefully you can get those passes during restaurant week so we can do dinner & the movie... Cheap Date!!!!

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT!

I have a beautiful yet active 5 month old on my lap!

Happy 5 months Jordan! Mommy loves you!

We were so blessed for Christmas!

Got a baby jogger! Yeah!

I have an interview Tuesday from the organization that merged with my old one and laid me off! Should be interesting!

My girl got me a 10 class pass for African dance! Yeah! 10 weeks free!

I think my cute son is teething!

You can now "Like Me" on Facebook! I have a page dedicated to my writing, poetry and business ventures! Go to

You can now follow me on Twitter too! Find me "divinewryte"

What else is new? Stay tuned for my website that's coming soon!

I'm Not Playing this year!

Valentines Day is coming! Stay tuned for how you can buy coffee lovers baskets from me!

Despite some challenges like Yolanda said...I'm feeling good!

DMoe my condolences to you and your family.

Brooke I've been hooking my toes up for months! I don't have the loot and even when I get a job I'll keep doing it!

I wanna go out on a good date! I'm talking dinner, dancing, some drinks! I think that would be nice for my birthday ;)

I'll be 37 in t-minus 11 days and counting!

Ant what's up man!

Hi Stef! Sorry you weren't first!

Mr. And Mrs. Powerz is a trip lol!

Starting my 30 day free pass at the gym next week!

Stay tuned! And remember to "Like me" on FB and follow me on Twitter!

The Cable Guy said...

I've been slackin on the blog lately...been working my ass off.

My kids are a blessing.

Condolences to DMoe.

Where has Dominatricks been? I thought for sure we'd see her on TMI Tuesday.

Brooke needs to have a blog party. Get that going.

NBA is not impressing me so far.

Bron Bron finally proposed huh? His sidekick got the upgrade.

I loved that song back in the day!

Serena W. said...

Also I'm jamming off that song Brooke! Whatever happened to Soul for Real? RIP Heavster!

A-buuzzzzzz said...

Serena's FB statuses keep reminding me that I gotta get my a** moving & accomplish some things... I think I am unmotivated cuz I started 2012 sick.. :(
But I was with my daughter, my extremely DRUNK Husband (Yes I am going to keep reminding him of how drunk he was) and my family soo I have to think 2012 started off on a pretty good foot. :-)
I want to cuddle Jordan.. (when Sophia isn't looking) I'm sorry I missed you guys for New Years... Hopefully we'll see u soon Serena.. Good luck on Tuesday!! :-)

Brooke said...

You'll rock that interview Serena, I can FEEL it!

No one is here in my why am I?

oh...cuz I have work to do, that's right.

I want to cuddle Jordan too - have to see him before her turns a year old - they grow up so fast!

I'm really mad at these ads for Pajama Jeans.

My sister asked me what animal a "yak" was because she was getting a lesson in weave hair. I DIED.

What made me even more mad was the Urban Dictionary's definition of "yak" - basically how black people refer to cognac. I was done.

Powerz was posting pics of his licka on FB - you just KNEW he was gonna be twisted come New Year :)

Gonna Cut Powerz said...

@BROOKE.... TWISTED DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THE STATE OF WHAT MY HUSBAND WAS IN ON NEW YEARS EVE... He is going to be paying for that night for weeks to come. LOL

The funny part was the licka in the pics wasn't even what he was drinking. WTF

Brooke said...

maybe he just posted it cuz it was pretty :-)

Powerz said...

you can't get Pure White Henny in the US so why drink up mine when it was free on NYE! lol

I wasn't DRUNK! A bit tipsy maybe!

We'll leave it at that and change the convo.....

Sooooooo.....How about those Giants!

Powerz said...

@Brooke - those drinks stayed at home but they have been popped!

Nuvo - Lemon Sorbet with Pineapple Juie

Jack Daniels Honey

Serena W. said...

I felt bad too Annamaria! I'm just glad you're feeling better!

Brooke and Annamaria, I'll be home in February for Mommy's 2nd anniversary. I can't believe its been almost 2 years.

But the two of you need cuddle time soon!

Mr. Powerz I can use some more savings, get outta debt, save for my child post!

For my bday weekend I'm going to the International Motorcycle Show in DC (all the single ladies should roll with me)!

Vacation this year...BET! I deserve one!

My child is sucking his toes! Hilarious! He looks like he's doing yoga/pilates!


@Powerz....TIPSY????? REALLY????????? and if you are going to change the convo don't do it with sports because then anyone that knows you knows something is up... LOL

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