Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hola mi gente!

So unless you have no tv, no radio, can't read, or have no gossipy tabloid loving friends, you've probably heard by now that Beyonce and Jay-Z had their baby girl over the weekend - and her name is Blue Ivy.

It's an interesting name to say the least...some say it's strange, others love it. I guess I'm kind of indifferent to it...maybe it needs to grow on me. I instantly liked "Nahla" (Halle Berry's little girl's name) and I thought "Suri" was unusual, but fitting for Princess Cruise. I was kind of hoping, half expecting, that Jay and Bey would name their daughter "Brooklyn"...but I'm glad they didn't. That's going to be MY child's name...but I digress :-)

Seriously though, one of the first and singular most important tasks for new parents is to give their child a name, and identity, that has significant meaning as they embark on this journey called life. Many have speculated that the color "Blue" is important to the Jigga man, ala his album names "Blueprint"...2, and 3. He rocks an all blue Yankee. He even dated Blu Cantrell.

The name Ivy, they say, was conceived out of the Roman numeral IV, which represents the number four...a number with meaning for both Beyonce and Jay as their birthdays both fall on the 4th of their respective birth months (September and December). The couple also got married in the fourth month of the year - 4/4/08. So I think you get the picture.

Whatever Blue Ivy means to them, it seems they gave their daughter's name some serious thought. And while the name "Blue" may not mean "warrior princess" in Swahili, it has some deep meaning and significance to Bey and Jay - and with powerhouse parents like those, hopefully the name will embody the energy, drive and ambition needed to succeed in life as they have.

While success can be measured in many different ways, they say what you name your child will have a profound effect on their development, personality, self confidence...even their career path. Maybe that's why celebrities tend to give their children names that stand apart from the rest. Even non-celebrities try to give their children interesting names in the hope that one day their name will be known by millions. After all, with a name like "Plaxico," you just HAVE to be famous...right? :-)

One of the first words, if not THE first word, a child learns and recognizes is his/her name...so the hope is that they take ownership of it, breathe life into it and make our parents proud. I for one, am proud of my name simply because my maternal grandmother named me. I never met her, as she passed away before I was able to be cradled in her arms, but I feel connected to her in a special way simply because she named me. I was named after Brook Benton....a man - my grandmother's favorite singer. I would have been named Brook(e) whether I was a boy or a girl.

Which brings me to my question(s) of the day: What does your name mean? Is there any special significance your name holds that you'd like to share? If you have a child, what is his/her name and why did you choose that name? If you don't have a child, but plan to one day - do you have a name already picked out, or will you decide once you see your child's face for the first time what his or her name will be?

Let's share :-)



Batman said...


A-BUZZ said...


A-bUZZ said...



I'm disappointed in the name BLUE IVY. As powerful as they are I expected something classy & regal for Princess Carter. Not some Hood Skripper name.

SECONDLY let's all be clear. BLUE IVY will ONLY work for Jay-Z & Beyonce's child. WHY? Because that kid will NEVER have to fill out a college/Job application in her life. BUT I guarantee you that RIGHT NOW some chick in the hood is getting pregnant & in 40 weeks will ruin her childs life by naming her BLUE IVY.

My name was inspired by my grandmother (fathers side)

Powerz & I put a TON of thought into Sophia Michele Williams.
We wanted something simple yet elegant & timeless. Something that meant she has a shot at getting a job in 20 years. Sophia is greek for Wisdom which makes it appropriate because she is too smart for her own good. LOL
Michele was inspired by our lovely first lady a woman who I think is so inpiring, intelligent, beautiful & classy. Just how I want my baby girl to grow up. It also means who resembles god. Which fits because a baby is a blessing and when they are born are so pure & innocent they are the closest resemblance to god.
And there you have it. :-)

-V- said...

I'm not a fan of these esoteric celec names ... like Apple or Blue Ivy.

My Korean name means something along the lines of "new day" or "shining star"

Stef said...

Who the hell is Batman anyway!!??

Batman said...

Hi Stef - Happy New Year!!!

Brooke said...


You ARE a shining star!! Love it!

Sophia Michele is so pretty :-)

I hope my sister chimes in with the meaning of my nephews' names.

Stef said...

I was named after my Aunt Stefanie, so there you go :-)

I love her!

I love the name Sophia, but I'd probably spell it with an "f" since I have an "f" in my name as opposed to a "ph". People always want to spell my name "Stephanie" and I don't like it.

I think I want to see my child's face first before I name him or her. I'd have some names picked out and then choose once I saw him.

A-buzzz said...

See I actually HATE Sofia with an F... Technically that was the way I was supposed to spell it because with an F is the spanish way & I refused to do it.

I also HATE Sophie....

Sophia was definitely a Sophia from the moment I saw her..

phillygrl said...

Karen is my real name, it's Danish & Means PURE( I think it meens pure in Greek too)..anyway, My mom went though several iterations; I could have been Joy, Angela or Sharon( after my aunt)..they chose Karen, so as not to confuse the family, as we'd already had 3 Harolds:-) My son's name is Zaire. It was chosen b.c it's a strong/proud sounding name to me, and it also reflected power, as the Zaire river is the deepest river in the world & is called "the river that swallows all rivers". It's meaning is sometimes known as RIVER, als RARE. I wanted to name him OCEAN(for the powerful beauty that ocean is), but his dad was not having it...so we chose Zaire(which it's meaning has a similar connotation to me).

Jay said...

Jay is short for Jason. It comes from Greek (Ias┼Źn), meaning "healer", from the verb, (iaomai) "to heal, cure". That's all I got :-)

Stephanie said...

First off congrats to jay & bey on their new baby.May she grow to be healthy & strong.
My name is Stephanie Monique which are both Greek.
My mom says she named me after her favorite soap opera character (Jenifer Heart) from the 70's show Heart to Heart.In real life the actresses name is Stefanie Powers
Stephanie means- Crown
Monique means-Solitary
If I have a son I'd like to name is Sebastian. I've always loved that name plus it sounds good in English and Spanish.For those of you that have Spanish speaking relatives there's nothing funnier than hearing your grandparents screaming your name. My grandma used to yell ESTEBANIA!!!
Sebastian will be a good addition to our family as my fiance has twin boys with S names (Syu & Shelby).If I have a daughter. I'd like to name her after myself. Men do it all the time so why can't I.LMAO

Brooke said...


I hear you, that's why I'd name my child Brooklyn! LOL! :)

...even though I was told today that Brooklyn for a boy would be "gay."

Tell that to Mrs. Beckham!

A to the Bizzle. said...

@Stephanie.. I love the name Sebastian. Although every time I hear that name I think of the crab from the lil mermaid & start to sing.. LOL

Stephanie said...

@ Brooke. I agree tell that to the Beckham's
@ A to the Bizzle.Under the sea....Hilarious

Alive&Prosperous said...

My name is Ayesha and it means "alive and prosperous" in Arabic...my dad is Muslim. And, my daughters name is Jurnee (journey) and it fits her perfectly because she is a "trip"! LOL!

Yolanda said...

I was pulling for BROOKLYN too, but alas, I am not a Carter and I have no say.

My name means "like a flower" in Greek but my father actually named me after Yolanda King (MLK's daughter) after seeing her in Jet or Ebony magazine. If my Mother had her way, my name was going to be April Tamara. But, I was born late (in May) so she scrapped the plan to name me April.

My middle name, which I will not publicly post, is a derivative of a cousin's name. I really don't love it, but I don't have any plans to change it.a

Serena W. said...

I've been out of pocket today but had to chime in! My name Serena is after my great grandmother. I never knew her and neither did my Mom. But my grandfather's Mom was a powerhouse yet she was peaceful and to herself. My name is latin. It means serenity and peace. In Spain its also known as a mermaid!

My son Jordan's name is both biblical and his father's grandmother's maiden name was Jordan! What's so divine is that Jordan came early and was born on his great grandmother's birthday!

We both wanted his middle name to be of African origin. Oladele (OLA-DELI) is from Nigeria (Yoruba). It means wealth and honor arrive home ;)

I love my name and Jordan's! I wish Jay and Beyonce blessings and I'm glad they kept their daughter's name under wraps. We got so much grief for not letting people know our son's name.

I feel that decision is between the couple and no one else :)

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