Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

Happy Hump Day!

It's also World AIDS Day, so before you go humping anybody today - be sure to wrap it up! You don't wanna get caught out there if you find yourself in a scene from Raheem DeVaughn's new video...which is HOT by the way....good lawd!

Anyway, I thought about "sacrificing" my blog today and everyday until $1 million dollars has been raised to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS...but then I figured you wouldn't miss me as much as you would...say...Alicia Keys or Kim Kardashian. That "digital death" thing is kinda creepy, but it's for a good cause, so I'll keep my comments to myself :-)

**blink. blink. stare.**

So anyway, here I am :-)

There is so much you can do to can do raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and help stop the spread of this disease. You can work with young people to educate them about HIV/AIDS. You can raise awareness through social media, blogging, etc. You can do community service for those living with HIV/AIDS. Or you can simply say a prayer for those afflicted with this disease around the world - especially in Africa.

But the FIRST thing you should do (if you haven't already) is GET TESTED so you can know your status. It's imperative. It's also free in most major cities and takes no time at all to get your results. Don't be afraid. Be Smart. Be empowered. Education is key, so know the facts about HIV/AIDS. We can make a difference.

What are you doing to honor World AIDS Day?



The Fury said...

First Bitches! Use a condom!

Stef said...

DAMMIT! I was hoping to make it 2 days in a row! HAHA!

But it's only fitting that Fury is first with the safe sex tip of the day :)

The Fury said...

OOPS! Gotta give y'all the Red Mask for World AIDS Day.

I think the digital death thing is interesting, but not as good as say tweeting all day about it. Maybe give out some music or pictures. incentivize the process. They'd get more attention that way. None of those people are missed when they don't tweet. LOL

Annamaria said...

Everyone should know their status. You can always make it a habit to include a test in your yearly physical. I think the digital death thing is cool & I did text to Donate $10 to Alicia's cause.. :)

Poor Stef. She works soo damn hard at being #1! :) Congrats from yesterday though

Serena W. said...

Labor Day Weekend 1983 I lost my Aunt Doretha Washington to AIDS...then about 3 years later I lost Glenda (like an aunt) AIDS.

My sister Ayana Wills passed September 22, 2007. She was adopted as she was my Aunt Doretha's daughter. Mom said she won't see her "niece" in an institution and adopted her. Doctors didn't give her a year to live and she surpassed it and died at 24 years old. Although Ayana never contracted HIV or AIDS she was a product of my Aunt Doretha and suffered my severe brain damage because she suffered from a stroke while in the womb (yes Ayana had the stroke).

So we have to save lives! Spread the word because the cycle can go on and on to the next generation.

Both Aunt Doretha and Glenda were in their 20's! Lives lost all too soon. I spread the word and get tested. It's free and quick AND you even get free condoms! (The good ones)!

What's real sexy is when your partner gets tested too and is truthful about his status!

So do what you gotta do and to echo Annamaria get tested when you get your physical!

One of these days I will do an AIDS patch for the quilt as Mommy and I were supposed to do one together. I have to keep the legacy going and create it soon.

Peace and love people. May we pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living!

Serena W. said...

Sorry...take "my" out of the sentence when I stated, "suffered my severe brain damage." and replace with "from"

I get all emotional sometimes and press send too quick.

The Fury said...

Amen Serena!

@Annamaria - i just want the celebs to be more active in the fight than kind of "disappearing* I get it, but I want more more more ;-)

Now if you said Kanye was leaving twitter then hell somebody better pay up.

I'm gonna text in for Alicia since someone is helping me get my holiday giveaway jumping:-)

wait...Stef gets congratulated for being first and not tased??

Stef said...

LOL! I was first yesterday Fury!

I don't like the idea of celebs abandoning social media either but I'm curious to hear Brooke's comments that she's keeping to herself.

Great response Serena and so sorry for the losses in your family.

Brooke said...


I get why they're doing it, and again, it's for a good cause. I guess I just find the notion of asking fans to donate because they miss you a bit narcissistic. Kim Kardashian was on one of these shows talking about "donate if you want me back, I know you'll miss me." It just made me ask, "why do you have 'fans' again?"

All of the celebs participating in this can each give a $1 mill dollars easily...they don't have to raise it. And maybe they ARE giving $1 mill...who knows. (Maybe I'll ask Mrs. Beatz if she did when she gets here later today - or would that be inappropriate? ;-)

all jokes aside, I think there would be a greater response if that Zuckerberg dude deactivated Facebook for a day and told us that in order to get back into our accounts, we had to donate a dollar. There are 500 million people on FB - if we each donated a $1 to be able to log back on, or get FB back, then THAT would be a greater impact. Or something along those lines.

oh...and you couldn't pay me enough to lay inside of a coffin while I'm still alive. Just gives me the creeps...but it sends a powerful message about the devastation HIV/AIDS has caused.

Serena, you are a true champion for the living AND those who have passed on. Your passion inspires me :)

I get tested every six months faithfully. The very first HIV test I got was in college and I've been doing it ever since...even during my dry spells when I hadn't had sex since sex had me :)

It's just reassuring, to me and anyone I might get involved with. There is nothing to be afraid of. I'd be afraid of NOT knowing.

Get tested...and get tested WITH your partner. That IS sexy, just like Serena said.

Annamaria said...

That Alicia pic is my profile pic for my BBM...LOL

I totally agree with wanting celebs to do more.. BUT at the end of the day us regular folk gotta do more also.. cuz truth be told there are more regular folk dying of Aids than celebs..

Jay said...

I knew you'd write about this today Brooke, and I love the links you provided in the blog. Very informative.

Serena, you are a soldier!

Getting tested is easy, and it's worth the peace of mind. I'm glad you're getting the word out.

As for the celebs, I guess their heart is in the right place, at least I hope so, so I'll just leave it at that. But Brooke, I agree with your sentiments. I know Alicia Keys has been doing alot for AIDS awareness, Save a Child or Keep a Child Alive, etc. But those Kardashians get the side eye.

The Cable Guy said...

That pic is crazy. I saw Kim K's pic too and no one looks like these people when they're dead. They need to show what these celebs would look like if they died of AIDS - not all glammed up. It's insulting if you ask me.

But if it can get their idiotic fans to donate simply because they'll miss seeing their tweets, then hey, get the money and awareness out there the best way you know how. Personally, I don't follow these people on Facebook or Twitter, but the cause is a good one.

Brooke, you're going to meet AK today?

Annamaria said...

I'm annoyed that the Kim K looks like she's posing in her coffin?? How is that going to help anyone be aware of AIDS??

Serena W. said...

That Alicia pic is scary. You have to be careful of the energy you're pulling. In other words...don't jump in coffins before your time!

Thanks for making me feel like a soldier. The first marathon I ever ran was through AIDS Marathon through Washington, DC. I raised over $5,000 five years ago.

What's a shame...they discontinued the AIDS Marathon program in Washington, DC due to lack of funding. Crying shame!

If they were to do that to FB my God the impact it would have for real!!!!

Brooke said...

Can you imagine not being able to log into FB until you donate a $1? Folks would lose their mind. They can wait for Kim K to come back to Twitter, but not being able to log on to their OWN page would be devastating :)

I'm going to do some sort of marathon in the future, even if it's walking or be ready when I ask for donations people! :)

Serena W. said...

Brooke let me know and I'll be right there to cheer you on! Maybe myself, you and Momo can do it together!!!!

Brooke said...

that would be great! Deebo said that I can't really run a marathon because it would destroy my knees, but I'll figure something out :)

Serena W. said...

Brooke my physical therapist in 2005 told me not to run any more long distance races after Honolulu. Either that or I'd really have to strengthen my knees.

That was 5 years and 5 marathons ago. But I know if you have surgery, etc it can get tricky. If you even walk you will get it in! Trust and believe.

I would love to see him now and show him all of my medals. HA!

Brooke said...

you're a beast! I can run maybe 20 minutes, and then my left knee swells up :( I had surgery on that knee, so that's why it's a problem.

I'll walk it out tho!

Serena W. said...

Yeah or check out a orthopedic doctot that specializes in sports. One that's even a runner. The one that helped me out down here said to strengthen my knees and I'll go on strong. He was so right.

Stay away from Cortizone shots.

I wanna see the Kim K pic like A.Keys. That pic is still freaking me out.

Brooke said...

I just emailed it to you Serena. There are several...her, Alicia, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Seacrest...

The Cable Guy said...

Just read your blog from yesterday Brooke. Excellent!

Stephanie said...

21 years ago I lost both my parents to AIDS who were divorced when I was 6 yrs old.Both made bad sexual choices and did not wrap it up. So I am always for safe sex.And please get tested at least once a year even if you are in a monogamous relationship.
Statistics say 70% of new AIDS cases are minority women from the ages of 13-55

For world AIDS DAY I'd like to say to all those we have lost, "We miss you and you will never be forgotten"

Serena W. said...

Stephanie...God bless you. You're my hero.

Brooke said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Stephanie. AIDS knows no race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class or creed. Please be careful everyone and help to educate the youth. Thirteen and contracting HIV is a tragedy. It's a tragedy at any age, can be be prevented.

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