Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Hope you all are staying warm out there!

- Forget about the rent for a second, can we form a "The gas is too damn high" party?

- My whole upper body is sore thanks to Deebo.

- I watched this chick kill herself in the gym, and then promptly go into the locker room and KILL a bag full of Mickey D's. Fries, a Big Mac and 2 apple pies. Guess she worked up an appetite...but she'll have to run for 4 hours to burn that all off.

- Meanwhile, I had a protein shake for dinner. Fun times.

- Should men wear knee high Wellies? Just asking.

- I sucked in Fantasy Football this year...big time. But hey...there's always next year. Go Eagles!

- I still haven't seen The Soul Train Awards. Is it worth a look? I did catch a clip of the Anita Baker tribute - love her! Thanks Princess!

- I've been having my sexy dreams again. Watch out for "Brooklyn" ;-)

- I'm pretty much finished with my Xmas shopping. And it's only Dec. 2nd!

- I hope 2011 is a GREAT year! For everyone!

- My cat snores really loud. He can barely breathe...poor baby :-(

- I need to wax my eyebrows today...they're crawling across my forehead.

- I have my "booty cords" on today...owwww!

- Oxtails and rice and peas for lunch today, I can't wait to eat it!

- Some things should not be bought generically. Cotton swabs are one of them. Q-Tips are the best!

- Did I mention I'm going to see Prince on Dec. 15th? Floor seats baby! I can't wait to see the Purple One sing "Adore." I'm swooning already!

- And with that...the throwback joints for this E Double Double!




Stef said...


The Cable Guy said...

Wow, twice in a week :)

annamaria said...

Awww shit Stef is first again!!!

I have YET to start my christmas shopping... And I have no idea what to get anyone except my mom &

I start working full time on Monday..So I intend to enjoy today & tomorrow while I'm home.

My work computer is broken. No ETA on when it will be repaired. The computer dude had no time to come see it so I had to drive my damn harddrive to one of our other offices to him... And he can't stand me which means I'll probably be without a computer most of next week! LOL

I love cleaning my ears now that Brooke said Qtips.

Gas prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been in a funky mood lately..Hopefully it will pass soon..

Brooke when you coming over for dinner..

The Fury said...

I'm a big fan of EPMD.

Homemade yogurt parfait for the muthaluvin win!

Congrats Stef! Did you ump up and down in your chair when you did that?

So The Lakers are on a four game losing streak does that mean they won't be the championships? No. Just like The Heat's 11-8 record doesn't mean they won't be either.

Every team in the league still has a viable shot at the chip. Even The Nets. Miracles can happen

Lebronathon tonight on Sportscenter because he's going back to Cleveland.

Shame they're hiding the travel plans for fears of a wild nut doing something stupid to Lebron

Anyone want a sex toy/gift? I'm gonna do a giveaway soon.

Damn I'm horny...raise your hand if you're horny.


I'm waiting for the day Tiger gets mad and tweets something greasy. "Why don't some of y'all get up off my club!? Bitchasses!"

Just waiting...

Grammy noms...ummm Just me or is Eminem's music not really like...good hip hop anymore. It's listenable rap. he rhymes good but the music is totally unboppable, not danceable, not bumpable. Congrats on his 10 noms though.

Stef said...

Yes, I did the happy dance Fury!

I missed the grammy nominations.

Can I come to dinner too Annamaria? :)

I'm horny too. Why is that?

Annamaria said...

Stef u gotta win a bet to come to dinner!!! LMAO....

DMoe said...

Whassup yall.
I'm long-damn-winded (my apology) but here's where I'm at today:

In 24 hours, I'm goin back to Cali, Cali, Cali…goin back to Cali….Yep, I think so. Cant Wait!

D-moe-palooza begins today! Get you some! Catch the Fever!!!!

Lebron back to Cleveland tonight. The game should be (ahem) "colorful"…

Lakers have lost 4 straight, but for some reason, I aint worried.

Syracuse has a class on Lil Kim lyrics? Hell yeah, I'm down! I just googled "Syracuse online University"
But alas…Sigh….nothing came up. Why can't I take THAT class online?

Rainy days? Child please. The answer? Kick-ass umbrella. Phallic symbol? You decide.

I've said it before. I'll say it again: Def. Jam. Rapstar. It’s the bizness on your PS3, Wii, or Xbox.

Let's geaux Saints. Top of my kid's Christmas List? A Drew Brees jersey? Cue the tear taking a long, slow journey down my right cheek.

RTT playlist coming in part deux...


Jaz said...

I love DMoe's random thoughts! LOL!

Brooke said...

Yeah Stef, the EAGLES gotta beat the Giants in order to have Anna cook for you! LOL!


Maybe Saturday night? I'm getting my hair braided finally during the day on Saturday, so maybe after that's done? Let me know :)

Fury - I'm raising BOTH hands!

And yes, I'd like a toy...I mean a gift...I mean a toy ;)

Lakers will be fine.

I wanna go to Cali too :)

Dmoe is in a good mood today :)

DMoe said...

Alright yall- its Christmas. The season of giving. Since you can't giftwrap downloads (who buys cd's?)
here's the DMoe RTT guide to 10 new releases this season.

Raheem Devaughn/Jackin 4 beats.
Here's how it started: B says "you seen that new Raheem Devaughn video, Single?" DMoe says "Nah."

The next thing you know, I witness the steamy hotness of that damn video, smoke a cigarette after, & I'm googling furiously for the entire mixtape. Raheem literally jacked Lil Wayne's "I'm single" & flipped it with his signature R&B style & some clever, raunchy wordplay. Then, he presents 17 other tracks you never imagined being "flippable". True to jacked beat form, he gives them all new dimension, and head-bobbage ensues. Nobody's spared, and not even Chris Brown's remixed"Deuces" or Kanye's "Power" are outside Raheem's retouching.

The mixtape's lowest moments STILL roll, and this recording is an eargasm waiting to happen. Go ahead and have yourself one.

DMoe said...


El Debarge/Second chance.
Any true Debarge fan will pay his/her hard-earned money to cop this joint. For all he's been through, the voice of the family we all loved shines through on his new release. His time away from the game does show in certain moments on certain tunes, but you won't notice. Sparked by the new single "Lay with You" featuring Faith Evans, the CD is solid and steady at any tempo. Speaking of Faith...Her album? Hot garbage. His album? Hot Ness.

Chrisette Michelle/Let Freedom Reign. Simply put: She got next. This chick's got immense talent, and for some reason, it feels like the shackles are off on this one. She kills it. The album's first track "I'm a star" is reason enough to download the whole thing. Its swaggalicious with that female anthem feel, but the fellas can still nod to it. Funky is funky. Meanwhile, the ballads are heartfelt, and her uptempo stuff is diggable on the radio or your iPod. This CD will move azzes and units. Large.

Jazmine Sullivan/Love me Back
Its gonna have to grow on me, but its definitely got potential. The sound varies widely, so you won't tire easily, and the album's brightest moment is the dancehall-laced "Luv Back" track. If you get one, that's the one worth your buck on i-tunes. I'm sure you've grown weary of "Holdin me down" by now.

Ne-Yo/Libra Scale
Track for track (read: pound for pound) this CD is the Heavyweight champ of R&B at the moment. The guy's been writing countless hits for some years, but doesn't give out the best material. It indeed lives here. If you listen closely on a few tracks, Ne-Yo strikes the chord of MJ's influence with ease. The CD celebrates life, pops bottles, rises high, drops low, and takes you on a journey everywhere else in between. Stuff the stocking of even the musically pickiest loved one and you are guaranteed a kiss under the mistletoe.

As Pop goes, this is exactly that. Rihanna's fairly consistent with new releases that will be all over the radio, and peeps from 14 to 40 will find themselves singing "Whoa-Nah-Nah…What's my name?" The CD is generally better than decent, and if your racking your brain thinking of what to get your little teenage female cousin, your bucks stop here. The album has a few shining moments you'll like too (like "Fading" and "Cheers"), but try not to be too hard on this one. After all, who takes Pop seriously? Its Pop people.

Dmoe said...

one mo...dang character restrictions...

Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark, Twisted Fantasy Matt Lauer/Taylor Swift incidents aside (haha), I'm a big fan. This guy routinely takes risks, and always pushes his own boundaries, and that is to be admired in this era of formulaic, same old song, Hip Hop (and R&B for that matter). But there's something else to be said for this album. Kanye wishes to push YOUR boundaries also. Don't think of Rap as what you knew/loved prior. Rather, try some of..this. And this. And…this.

The result? A masterpiece that redefines what the sound of "hot" is. The album's been leaked in bits and pieces for quite some time, so the anticipation wasn't quite as great as it may have been, but this is a fine piece of work. Orchestral, deep and layered is what I tend ot think as I listen. While some of us just don't feel like being taken on a trip with our music, Kanye's drivin' yo azz anyway. Strap in and hang on. Cop it. All of it.

Nicki Minaj/Pink Friday
Of course she's beefin with Lil Kim right? Nicki's largely annoying to many of us, but if your channeling your inner Barbie (or Ken) long enough to listen, this CD has a couple of bright spots that may make you take notice. Nicki does have some skill, but her radio stuff is largely watered down, sing-songy mess that we just can't feel (which goes back to our little female teenage cousin). However, you know good flows like I do, and head-bobbage (along with Nicki's "boobage") is universal. Tracks like "Moment 4 life" featuring Drake and "I'm the best" are more than worth a listen. Start your Minaj-ing from there, and don't take her too seriously. You may just like.

Eric Benet/Lost in Time
This CD was very underwhelming upon my first listen and got lost in my Kem fanhood as they were released about the same time. But, upon a few listens, its good work that can certainly be wrapped with a bow and placed under the tree.

Miguel/All I want is you
This young cat is a part of the new crop you'll hear routinely on the radio. "All I want is you" is the lead smash that everybody's playing ad nauseum, but don't let the overplayed taste of that one sour you. The album is decent at full speed or slowed way down with his ballads, and its worth a listen. If you need a small dose, start with "Sure Thing". The track is hot, with a funky meter and clever rhythm. Spend the buck. Crawl first.

Stay thirsty my friends…


Stef said...

Wow! DMoe was on a roll with that playlist! But I loved it! You really should write music reviews for a magazine.

Jay said...

Hey y'all!

That E Double Double was exactly what I needed today! Is that your pic Brooke, or Brian's?

Is Brian really real? :)

Either way...BANGIN'!

Lakers will be fine, but I don't appreciate you rubbin' the Eagles win in our faces Brooke :)

I want to come to dinner too. I'll bet you next time.

Brooke, have I ever told you that your smile is amazing?

It is.

Where is Rameer?

DMoe, list was on point as usual. Well worth all the characters.

I'm finished my Christmas shopping too. I have no problem with that. It's all the WRAPPING that I hate doing.

Now it's time to shop for me.

Stef, are you stalking Brooke's blog? :)

What is everyone doing for New Year's?

Where's Yolanda?

Brian said...

Sup Y'all!!! Making a rare appearance because I got some stuff on my mind and hopefully this will be therapeutic :)

- Was reading a good article asking is social media bad for NYC. It said that all of the FB status updates, tweets, and Foursquare check-ins while we're out are making us tourists in our own lives. I gotta say that I agree... even though I work in social media. LOL!

- Yo, for real "The gas is too damn high!!!" I'll be giving the gas station 100 bucks to fill up my tank and getting no change back again soon.

- I love how the customer service departments of cable companies, banks, cellphone, etc. *sarcasm* They should be called customer SALES instead because they don't care about servicing you. They only care about selling you more stuff that you don't need.

- Listened to the new Kanye album. My quick review for RIGHT NOW: Meh. Sounds like a combination of 808's and Graduation. Hopefully it'll grow on me. Diggin that Dark Fantasy track though!

- Want to read Paul Robeson's biography but the Barnes & Noble near my house doesn't have it. They have too much "Princess Ride or Die" books and not enough space for it I guess.

- Gotta get back in the gym since it's getting colder. That's right... I love fall and winter. I'm in my element right now. More energetic when it's get colder.

- How many people do you think will be arrested in Cleveland tonight for the LeBron game? They need to get over it. I think at this point Miami would give him back. BTW, your economy hasn't tanked yet like you thought. SMH

Annamaria said...

Brooke Sat might work.. I'll text you in the AM & let you know... I have wedding stuff to do during the day....

I'm gonna need something chocolate for dessert though..

Had the most AWESOME chocolate martini last night.. Thanks to the fiancee.... KNOCKED ME ON MY AZZ THOUGH...

Can I drink while trying on wedding dresses????

My mom, MOH & Nay in a dress shop... Oh lord those people don't know what they are in store for... LMAO...

Stef said...

So I guess he really IS real! LOL! Brian that is...those EPMD joints were the SHIT!

Jaz said...

Damn! $100 Brian? What the hell kinda car you have???

the gas IS high though, geesh!

Chocolate martini's? Is that vodka and chocolate?

Brian said...

@Stef- Yep, it's me in the flesh.. or in the virtual flesh. LOL

@Jaz- Yeah 100 bucks! I have an Expedition. 27 and a half gallons of gas guzzling, merge anywhere or I'll destroy your isht pleasure. LOL

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Here I Is!!! Lolz...been mad busy lately.

- Lakers WILL be fine. There problems are a lot less serious than the Heat.

- Kanye's album is an undeniable CLASSIC. It's one of those albums that literally lets me know whether or not to respect a person's musical's THAT GOOD.

- DMoe...your list and reviews of the albums was GREAT! Although I still ain't givin' that Nicki Garbaj ish a try.

- Those are LITERALLY my 2 favorite EPMD songs posted. I salute!!!

- I'm very hesitant to anticipate anything with the upcoming season of "The Game". I just don't trust BET.

- "The Walking Dead" and "Sons Of Anarchy" truly messed with my head this season. Damn - I LOVE well-written shows with ish you don't see coming...

- Has anyone heard Pitbull's new song with T-Pain? If you haven't already...DON'T. What utter CRUD.

- year, let me coach you through the Fantasy Football season. I guarantee you'll finish in the Top 5 of your league if you follow my model. REGARDLESS of when you select in your draft...

- My girl lives in the suburbs, and there's MAD SNOW out here. Like, shut down the area-type snow. Meanwhile, where I live in Buffalo - hardly anything on the ground. Guess I'm gonna have to have a stuck car...cuz I love being with her.

- I know some really good people. When I look at what the average person has to deal with - even some of the stories from cats on the blog - I realize I'm PREPOSTEROUSLY blessed. I also disassociate with people who have any drama or craziness attached to them, so that helps.

More After The Break!

The Fury said...

Writes down Stef & Brookey on the horny list. LOL

It's a shame that I know I'll never be invited to dinner. So cold and lonely in this world

Brookey won't even do lunch with me in a public place:-(

I promise I won't wear the mask out

Annamaria - did you get drunk and do lewd things? come on you can tell us horny people..only the horny people

I'm not ready for the cold.

I think it'd be cool if Lebron James walked out and the Cav fans gave him the silent treatment. Just silence. pin drop silence. LOL

Annamaria said...

@Jaz: It is vodka & some chocolate stuff...I honestly don't know exactly what it was. He made it & I drank it...

@ Fury: I passed out.. You'll have to ask him what happened after that...LMAO I'm convinced he laced it with something...LOL
Guess it's payback for me drugging him everyday...hmmmm

Jaz said...

Expeditions are sexy :) But please don't tell me you're one of these short brothas with the big trucks trying to overcompensate for being short :) Don'tcha just hate that??

Fury is nasty :) Brooke, have lunch with him! and report to us what he looks like with his mask off :)

Chocolate tini's sound nasty.

Rameer is so sweet when talking about his girlfriend. I want one of those :(

Brooke said...

I never said I won't have lunch wtih Fury, we just have to get our schedules straight. And I already know what he looks like maskless :)

Yeah, chocolate martini's don't sound that appetizing to me either. Probably because I think they LOOK funny too. It's psychological I'm sure.

Brian is real. I don't make up blog people :)

And those are his throwbacks Jay, not mine...even though I can be nice with the throwbacks if I want to be :)

Annamaria, if I get back in time from getting my hair done and we wind up having dinner on Saturday, I'll still bring my cheesecake - just because :)

Brooke said...


Yeah, we'll have to sit down next year, cuz this year was a bust.

I hope my Eagles win tonight tho - but I don't have the NFL Network I don't think :(

Rameer is willing to get stuck in the snow for his girl - so sweet!

Annamaria said...

@Jaz and Brooke...they don't look apetizing & if done incorrectly they can be very bad...But this one was the DEVIL...LOL

Brooke is soo sweet & such a gracious winner.. Even when she wins she still brings me cheesecake...

Anthony Otero said...

- funny that I am more suprised that stef is first again than her being horny

- SU FOOTBALL at Yankee Stadium! Nice!

- I am going to the Wu-Tang Concert on 12/29 in NYC :)

- Kanye West has out done himself.

- I actually want to see this Miami/Cleveland Game.

- Utica finally paid me for my gig. Only took them a month and me bitching...

- Fury, you will be pleases to know that I did indeed get some pie for thanksgiving...

- I am mad at the Universe for allowing Frank Gore to get hurt.

- Love and Other Drugs was good as hell. Lots of nakedness

- Rameer...the Walking Dead is on some shit. I love it.

- Love EPMD

Geeque said...

@Brooke - What's up with the cheesecake!!! LOL

Brian said...

@Jaz- no overcompensating here. I'm 6'6" so I NEED the Expo. Not a luxury. LOL

Jaz said...

oooh!!! 6'6!! Me likey!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks for the sentiments on my girl, guys. She's the bestest.

- Brooke, I'll have you a fantasy football GODDESS next year. Trust've been in a league 2 years in a row with me, and my teams have always done pretty good, haven't they? It's a formula I have to always remain competitive.

- I'm so not hyped for the Heat-Cavs game tonight. I'll watch - but I don't care who wins. I'd prefer Cleveland to get some satisfaction...but neither team is the Lakers, so I'm just watching cuz it's basketball.

- Derek Jeter ain't goin' NOWHERE. He need to stop frontin'.

- Marcus Jordan (Mike's son) has some potential.

- Our bowl game (SU) is at Yankees stadium? That's whassup!!

- Mi abuela made me a HUGE German chocolate cake, and people are upset cuz I won't share any. In fact, I took it to my girl's house, and that's where it is. And SHE doesn't want any...I'd give my mother and sister some if they wanted it (they don't). But I feel no obligation to give anyone MY cake made for ME. Call me selfish...I still ain't sharin'!

I'm dippin' out for the day. I think I hear Madden calling my name...y'all take care, be safe and stay happy!

Brooke said...

Peace and hairgrease Rameer :)

I don't think I've ever had German Chocolate cake before.

I don't understand all the hype about red velvet cake either. It's just red chocolate cake. I guess is the icing/frosting that makes it so good? Does nothing for me.

It's 39 degrees outside. So not ready for this mess.

I heard "dusting of snow" on the news just now for Central PA. It's working its way to us...not ready either Fury.

Our Storage Wars show did well last night, thank goodness! That show has been giving me an ulcer for weeks now, so glad it did well. Hope it CONTINUES to do well.

Now on to The Hoff.

Yes...that would be David Hasselhoff.

I just work here :)

Annamaria said...

I heard about the storage wars..I wanted to see it BUT umm got a bit sidetracked...LOL..

Sounds good.

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
You're welcome! You know I luv Anita inappropriately. Anytime I can pass along something good, you know I will. Having her and Rachelle was almost too much for me to take. The awards show itself was nothing much to brag home about tho.
Please tell Prince he's my husby-in-my-head (just don't tell Papa Smurf...or Shuga Bear...and don't tell Papa Smurf about Shuga Bear). We were obviously destined to be together, just on account of our names. You know he's at that ripe age that I like'em. Owww!
EPMD's DJ Scratch's mother and my mother were co-workers back in the day. I remember meeting Eric & Parrish and other rappers who were hot at the time or watching Scratch practice DJing in his room. Talented brother.
Waiting for my homegurl so we can grab afterwork drinks and chit a little and chat some more.

Love is contagious, spread it

Brooke said...

I love you Princess :)

Yolanda said...

I'm here... just been busy.
Miss y'all!

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