Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I haven't been blogging lately because I've just been so busy! I miss you guys! I'm looking forward to a couple days off this Friday and Monday - and then the week after Christmas. I'm also looking forward to the PRINCE CONCERT tonight! A very nice treat...I need it!

If any of you caught The View yesterday, you know that Diddy was a guest and sat down with the ladies to promote his new CD Last Train to Paris. He also answered some very personal questions thrown at him about his children and his stance on marriage. In case you missed it, take a look and then we'll discuss:


First let me say that I like Diddy. I don't always agree with his life choices, but they're HIS life choices. I don't love all of his music, sometimes I think he's a clown, but for the most part he entertains me. I think he's great at building a brand, marketing himself, keeping himself relevant and is a savvy businessman. And in his response in the interview, I like that he didn't back down from the question and I feel he was honest.

However, 6 children (he claims Al B. Sure's son as his own) with 3 different women always raises an eyebrow...especially in our community. I was discussing Diddy's interview with a friend last night and he said that Diddy should have married at least one of those women in order to make an "honest woman" out of her.

Now, who knows what Diddy was telling these women in any of the relationships he's been in. Maybe he promised to marry them one day, maybe he didn't. That Kim Porter seems to be holding on for dear life in the hopes that he'll wake up one day and put a ring on it. But then again, maybe she couldn't care less about a ring, so long as she and her family are provided for. Like Diddy said, their situation seems to work for his family. So who are we to judge?

Personally, I don't think a man can make a woman "honest"...whatever that means. I feel that if a woman wants to get married before having children, she should state what she wants and then stick to her guns. Some women don't necessarily believe that you have to be married to have children...especially if that child would be the child of a mogul. Child support will do them just fine.

But for those women who DO wish to be married, then the responsibility lies with them to make sure that they either keep their legs closed, or use some sort of birth control until they walk down the aisle. Most women I know who don't want to get pregnant...DON'T. There's a pill, a patch, a shot, a diaphragm, a foam, a name it. If you don't want to use condoms, you're still the whole "I got pregnant by accident" excuse is just excuse.

I know contraception fails, but something tells me in Diddy's case, these women didn't accidentally get preggers. They allowed themselves to get knocked up - without a ring - which leads me to my question of the day:

Should Diddy have married any of them in order to make honest women out of them, even if he wasn't ready to be a husband? Or is he doing the right thing by not marrying women he knows he can't fully commit to?

Some would argue that being the father to a woman's child is a much bigger commitment than being a husband, so he might as well complete the unit. But I'd argue that a person is VERY capable of being a good parent, but a terrible boyfriend or spouse. Should people who want children be forced to get married first, even if being a husband or wife isn't something they can fully commit to? Or should people who don't want to get married never have children as well?
Do you feel that children can't grow up to be wonderful, successful, well adjusted children without two parents in the home, or does that simply increase the chances?

Or is Diddy a rare case where these women are simply looking for a come-up and they see Diddy as their meal ticket - so no ring is necessary - and Diddy is smart for protecting his neck? Let's hear it! Go!



Stef said...


Brookey is back! Yay!

Yolanda said...

Every woman in this situation with Diddy knows exactly what she's does Diddy. As many ways as there are to prevent pregnancy these days, they all know what's up. They made their beds and they're layin' all up in them. Hell, they are sleep in it, rolling over in it, putting on another blanket and luxuriating in it. This scenario would NEVER work for me, but if they like it, I love it. I just hope they can make some real sense of it all to their kids so the cycle doesn't continue.

Georgia Peach said...

No - I don't think Diddy should have to marry any of these women. lol @Yolanda- you're right girl they are laid up in these particular beds...they chose to accept the BS Diddy was handing out so more power to them. Wouldn't work for me cuz I don't like to share, but if they'll take sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths, then good for them.

Annamaria said...

I agree... All these women knew what they were getting themselves into... At the end of the day another person (man OR woman) is only going to do what you allow him to do. And if you don't state your intentions from jump you can't get mad at him..
Personally speaking I think these women should be more concerned with all the nasty diseases they could be contracting from ALL of Diddy's unprotected sex than a ring BUT that's just MY take on it..LOL
Secondly I don't think Diddy is capable of a monogamous relationship so he's the smart one. He isn't getting married to potentially loose all he's worked for when he can get whatever he want & do whatever he wants.

The Cable Guy said...

Diddy is smart for protecting his neck.

Most men of means, money, mogul status have many women and many children. Diddy is no exception. He knows women won't require him to marry them, no matter if they have his kid or not. So why do it, especially if you know you can't be faithful? That way, he won't look like an adulterer and these women won't take him to the bank. He's smart if you ask me.

I'm not saying he's setting a good example for his kids, but he's doing what works for him and only he and the kids' moms will have to raise them and deal with that.

Stef said...

Okay, I'm back!

First I'd like to say that I'm jealous Brooke is going to see Prince! Lick him for me! LOL!

As for's better to just pay child support thank child support AND alimony. If he's not ready, he's not ready. But I don't think he should have been making babies all will nilly either. But those are his choices and he has to live with them. I think momst people find those choices easier to make when there's millions of dollars involved. But we wouldn't look at him the same if his name was Pookie and he lived with hs mama. Jus sayin.

Jay said...

Hey B!

Sorry I'm late, long day.

Diddy, and men like him, are the exception. Most women with any sense wouldn't put up with that nonsense if he wasn't pushing Bentley with millions in the bank and who can set them up for life simply for having thier baby. Like Stef said, if his name was Pookie, they might not go for it, unless they're a bird.

But I can't cosign what Diddy is doing. I'm not saying he should marry any of them, but I don't think he should be having kids either...unless that's the example he wants to set for them. I'd want my child to know I loved their mother enough to marry her, and I wouldn't want to have a child with a woman I didn't want to fully commit to, especially since fatherhood is a big enough commitment as it is. But that's just me. Maybe the rules are different for moguls.

spchrist said...

Diddy shouldn't marry anyone unless he wants to marry them. At least, that should go for every guy...

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