Friday, December 3, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


Friday Sexy Survey!

1. Do you break up before or after the holidays? (if you're single, don't start dating anyone new until January...jus sayin)

2. Speaking of holidays, do you hook up with your cute co-worker at/during the company holiday party? Or do you not dip your pen in company ink...or get dipped in? Ha!

3. Is great sex 90% anticipation, 10% actual act - or 10% anticipation, 90% actual act? Somewhere in the middle?

4. Do opposites really attract?

5. Which is more fun/exciting:

- Make-up sex?
- Random sex?
- risky sex? (and by risky, I mean like a fear of being caught...not unprotected sex...let's make that clear)
- Kinky sex?
- Spontaneous sex?
- Consistent, casual sex?
- Forbidden sex? (and again...I don't mean as in with a minor...I mean as in with your bestie's ex)




SarKism said...

first bitches!!

The Fury said...

1. I've never broken up with anyone before the holidays to avoid giving a gift.

2. I've been approached during the holiday parties. Never dipped in there, but it led to some dipping later on down the line.

3. 30% anticipation 70% actual. If the act is wack then ehh. But the anticipation makes good sex better.

4. Opposites stay attracting, but damn if that ish don't turn ugly quickly

5. I think a combination of spontaneous and risky sex is the most fun. Angry sex can be damn good too!

SarKism said...

1. That's silly talk. If you dont want to get a gift, just dont get it.

2. When I was single, I NEVER hooked up at company parties.

3. I would say it 40/60 depending on how well you do the buildup.

4. Ummmm.....attract? maybe....last? not sure about that one. The novelty wears off and if there's nothing in common, its done.

5. Really? How do you choose....:) It's all good. Favorite would be spontaneous and then (single days perspective) consistent, casual. And I'll have to agree with Fury on the angry sex.

Brooke said...

Angry?? whoa...

Stef said...

I'll let Sarkism have this one :)

1. Before, just get it over with.

2. Never hook up with anyone at a holiday party, no matter how drunk you get. Not that I get drunk or anything :)

3. I think it's somewhere in the middle.

4. I think they attract - doesn't have to last.

5. This is a hard one. I think they're all great, but if I had to choose, I'd say makeup sex.

The Fury said...

Angry! Like "Oh, you wanna test me now?" or or or or *gets hyped "You left me and got with that guy, bet you ain't getting dick like this from that local dude!" POW! [shout to Kanye for the line]

Or we're mad at each other but really wanna fck so we just fck and do it crazy then afterward "what were we mad about?" LOL

The Cable Guy said...

or or or (even more hyped) - "don't make me choke you girl!"


...oh...that's just me?

never mind :)

1. Break up afterwards so they don't associate all bad holidays with MY triflin ass.

2. Get it in, only live once.

3. 50/50.

4. Yes they do, and it's fuckin awesome the energy they create.

5. kinky and risky sex. Forbidden sex might get you choked out.

Brooke said...

Cable Guy likes choking people I see (mental note)

The Cable Guy said...

I'd never choke you Brooke - unless you wanted me to :)

Where are your answers B?

Brooke said...

for you Cable Guy...

1. When I asked this question, I wasn't thinking about gifts, but moreso about making someone miserable during the holidays :) I'd do it before the holidays if I was the one doing the breaking up. Just get it over with - start the New Year fresh. I'd want someone to do the same for me.

2. Nah, don't do it. Could be awkward the next day...and you don't want your coworkers talking about you.

3. All the best sex I've had was better because of the build up - whether is was six months, or 24 hours. However, if the sex is wack after a great build up, then that's just wrong. I'd say 60-40.

4. They can, they do...nothin' wrong with that.

5. Fun? Spontaneous sex. Exciting? Risky sex.

The Cable Guy said...

any sex with Brooke would be awesome...I'm guessing :)

Stef said...

thirsty much?


and besides, she's got a sexy 6'6 man taking her to the zoo :)


Ca88andra said...

5. At the moment - any sex!

spchrist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spchrist said...

Friday Sexy Survey!

1. If you are going to break up with someone in the last three months of the it before Nov. 1...that way that person has almost a month to heal before Thanksgiving and more than a month to heal before Christmas. Remember NYE is the best night of the year to be you want to make sure you are more than available for that night too. Now...if you do decide to stay with someone through the holidays but fully intend to break up with them after the holidays (which is a real shitty thing to do) I say break up with them by like Jan. 14...that way they have a month to heal before Valentine's Day. If you are single...I say don't start dating someone around the holidays and wait till after Valentine's day before you "go in" on them.

2. All my female co-workers are ugly as I don't have to worry about anything going down at the holiday party.

3. 60% anticipation and 40% actual act.

4. In some extreme cases...I would say yes...but it has rarely worked for me.

5. Kinky sex

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