Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick in the Eagles Nest


So, last night I got a text from DMoe telling me that Michael Vick has signed a 2-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.


That was my response.

As a Philly native, my first thought was how this was going to fare with the passionate fan base in the City of Brotherly Love. I know when it comes to sports, "brotherly love" is last thing that comes to mind when talking about Philly fans. We booed Donovan McNabb before he even got dirt on his jersey, and we hated T.O. - who compared to Vick is probably considered a saint by now.

I'm sure there will be protests from animal rights groups, and many won't be happy about this decision. But, I for one, have no problem with it. Actually, I'm a little excited about it. Considering our back-up QB's are hurt and/or ineffective, I think it was a pretty smart move. And our current QB isn't getting any younger.

Everyone knows as a Syracuse alum, I have nothing but love for Donovan McNabb. I've always supported him, and he doesn't get the props he deserves. To many, he's only as good as his last game - which makes me crazy about Philly fans and his perception in the NFL in general. We love him when he plays well, and want to trade his ass when he doesn't. Now we have 2 black quarterbacks...and some say Vick is now a threat to Donovan. Last night, Ant called it "black on black QB violence" on his Facebook status - which gave me a lil chuckle. But can they co-exist? This is what DNabb had to say:

Donovan lobbied to get him. And it's not like Vick will take his least not right away anyway. He can practice with the team and I think he can play in pre-season games. He's eligible to be fully reinstated by Week 6, so the NFL isn't giving him an easy pass to just jump right back in. He'll probably sit the bench a bit til he gets his legs back. At 29 years old, he's still young enough to be a danger on offense, and depending on how his practices and conditioning go, he may be able to make a serious contribution - or none at all.

It's too early to tell, but it should be exciting to watch. He will get jeered and booed, no doubt. Philly fans may not like it. PETA I'm sure hates that Philly signed him. But somebody was going to pick him up eventually, so I don't see why he can't make his way back through a team that could use another athletic option in the quarterback position.

I'm an animal lover. And people have a right to be upset. But he served nearly 2 years of prison time, and Donte Stallworth KILLED a PERSON while drunk driving...and didn't see that much jail time. He served 24 days of a 30 day sentence for killing a HUMAN BEING. Umm....??? huh?

If Stallworth can get off that easy, we can give Michael Vick a second chance. You don't have to like it, but he paid his debt to society. He has a right to earn a living. He's a football player, not a keeper at the damn zoo where animals will be in danger. For all we know, he's learned his lesson, is truly sorry for what he did, and he may go on to do good deeds both on and off the field.

And you know how Philly fans are. If he starts winning games for the Eagles, they'll love him...and forget all about the dogfighting least until the next game.




DMoe said...


DMoe said...

Yesterday, it was Lil Jon...


I'm singin this in "autotune"...

I am FIIIiiirrssssstttt BIIIIITTcccchhhheess"

Note the upper/lower case as the tone changes in my vocoder!


DMoe said...

McNabb says he lobbied to bring Vick in.

I believe him. I also believe Philly fans (cynical mofos) will turn on McNabb as usual, but this is a good situation for Vick because he doesnt have to be the man for the foreseeable future.

I'm gonna place a bet to say the Commish reinstates Vick fully by Week 3 and he gets some time in the offense once he learns the intricacies. Not that he'll replace McNabb, but he's a different look for the other team. Period.

With Kevin Kolb's injury and Feeley being "Feeley", 1.6 million is a bargain to bring in a guy who MIGHT be a nightmare for a defense to figure out with Jeremy Macklin and DeSean Jackson running around also. The key here will be not to make Vick a gimmick, but to make him a legitimate concern for opposing coaches. If you can even succeed in the least making them gameplan for him, that of course opens up other things in the Eagles offensive gameplan.

From a marketing standpoint, the Eagles organization can play this glass half-full.
Just think: WE were the team, the franchise, and the city - that helped rebuild him.

He won't be standing out front for a while, but as time goes on, and his contributions on the field begin to make noise, with a good plan for work and visiblity in the community, we can see this thing turn out to be redemption.

One last note, if he does good things on the field, and stays clean off the field, all PETA bets will be off in the city of Brotherly Love. They'll love him if they get the "W's"...

I wish him well.


Brooke said...

Now if only I could figure out this Fantasty Football thing, I'd be straight!!!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you know I love you. But as a Giants fan, I can't wish you guys luck. You've been in NY long enough...come to the other side :)

Jokes aside, I wish him well. Good luck to the Eagles and Vick, he deserves a second chance.

-V- said...

This is a smart business move for the Eagles.

1. Short-term: 4 or 5 plays a game with a spread option is a huge weapon to have. They tried it last year with DeSean Jackson which meant run only. Vick is just as fast but is also a QB.

2. Vick trumps Kevin Kolb (in a big way) as a back-up. Not even close.

3. Long-term: Don is older, oft-injured and can easily get injured again. Two years doen the line, the team can then make a decision on a QB of the future.

No one loves his dogs more than me but consider this: Vick was exposed to dog-fighting when he was 8 years old ... it was the cool thing to do. There was no voice of reason to tell him otherwise. It was just part of life where he grew up. Think about that ...

He did his time, he deserves a chance.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

I'm so disgusted I don't even want to talk about it.

No not Mike Vic and the eagles... DMoe being first again. I was sitting here plotting on the blog... then some useless nincompoop called me... I answer the phone..look up and this m-effer gone and stole first! He only got one more pinky toe.

Oh yeah .. Michael Vic/Eagles...good. Even though y'all can't get with the defending champs!

Anonymous said...

one of the reasons why Philly is one of my fav teams is bcs of there qb selection. i love the fact that they go hard with BQB's. THis is goof for football and Vick is good for philly / mcnabb..Donovan...that was a good look for your boy...

It's your boy! Za Buge!

Brooke said...

Everytime I read "it's your boy, Zay Buge!" I smile :)

How many pinky toes does a person get??? You done blown off how many toes in the past week? :)

Brooke said...

and as much as I love the menzes on the blog, what's going on? Women don't watch/pay attention to football? Where my ladies at?

Annamaria wrote me on email about Vick, so I guess she's the only one :)

Anonymous said...

HA! Michael Vick an Eagle. It is not going to make any difference. He still can't throw and I hope you run the wildcat so Justin and Osi can tear him and McNabb's asses apart.....hehehehehehe....sorry I just hate the Eagles.....

Rameer said...

It's a good move. But y'all are nuts if you think he's that much of a threat as a weapon. He's out of football shape, no ones knows how fast he still is, and he wasn't a good passer to begin with. He may indeed be good in a spread offense option, but even then, he'd more than likely run 85% of the time.

He'd be killer for short yardage and goal line situations, though.

As a replacement for Don - kill the noise. He'll be trade bait by next year. If he does well in this role, he'll prove himself worthy of a contract next year. His contract ISN'T guaranteed at all, and the team has the option for next year. Think they're gonna bring back a THIRD STRINGER for 5 mil?

Good. Cuz no one with football knowledge does.

Philly is still hoping Kolb develops as the QB of the future. And as for them hating on McNabb - when he IS finally gone, I'm gonna laugh when they suffer through a decade of awful quarterbacking like Detroit or Buffalo have. Even the Bears haven't has a good QB in that timespan. Don is literally the best QB in franchise history.

Do you KNOW what other cities would give to have a QB lead them to FIVE CONFERENCE FINALS?? Do you know how successful and money you have to be to do that?

I'm pretty sure that's an NFL record. Sure, no Super Bowls...but Philly can expect to have a competitive product on the field every year. Look at his career wins and losses. Look at how well Philly has done since he's been there.

Then examine the success of all 31 other teams in that timespan. Dallas and New England may be the only teams that can say the same.

I look at it as McNabb did Vick a HUGE favor. He's allowed to come along slowly and get in shape and get his skills back, and in the process, increase his value. If Philly sticks with him after this year, cool. If not, he'll have half the league calling.

I was upset until I heard what Reid and don had to say. Afterwards, though?

GENIUS MOVE!!! wroks out for everyone - as long as he keeps his nose clean.

And PETA are hypocrites. They kill thousands of animals themselves every year.

Brooke said...

I agree, Donovan won't be appreciated til after he's gone, and that urks me about Philly fans. We just don't get it.

As for the Giants, whatever :) just try to keep from shooting yourselves in the leg this year :)

Anonymous said...

Giants...yes....3 super bowls...and the you guys get flags for conference championships???

Brooke said...

just get my ribs ready :)

Anthony Otero said...

If you are going to talk shit about the team that the blogger is a fan of, dont be a bitch and post under Anonymous.

Now that the trash is taken out, I think the this Michael Vick thing is stupid. It is any other black athelete that gets caught doing shit. Bonds and steriods is a good example.

What he did was wrong. No question. I love dogs, everyone knows that, but the man did his time. Let it go. We can forgive a president for getting head in the office (even busting on her dress)then we can forgive a guy who made a mistake..or course being a black man doesnt help.

The Eagles will be good this year because i am thinking Vick will be used as a reciever and running back oe where ever he is he needed. Defenses will be confused. Wow...2 black QBs on one team, makes me think of this quote:

"...human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together...Mass Hysteria!" - Ghostbusters

Brooke said...

LOL!! That's right Ant! Reveal Yo Self! LOL!

Who knows what'll happen, I just can't wait for football season PERIOD! :)

Martha said...

I just want to see the tail gate parties and the PETA protesters....Philly fans have a reputation for being a bit rough....Let's Get Ready to Ruuuumble...LOL

Brooke said...

I know!!! That's gonna be the best part!!!

I think I'll go to the Eagles v. Giants game on Nov. 1st in Philly - should be a good one!

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