Monday, August 24, 2009

Slutty...or Smart?

Happy Monday everyone!

It was so hard for me to get up and get moving this morning. There was a cool breeze coming through my window and my bed felt extra comfy. I nuzzled into my pillow for a few extra winks as I listened to the morning deejays on Hot97 jibber-jabber about...whatever.

Then one of them tells a story about being out at a club and seeing a woman throw a condom at a man at the other end of the bar.

I perked up a little. Not because the story was so interesting, but because I had to get my ass moving before I got the nerve to call in "sick."

The deejays then go on to say that they think that women who carry around condoms, especially while out at the club, are "slutty." The female sidekick on the morning show disagreed, and said that women who carried condoms were smart. So they took a poll.

Every woman that called in said it was smart, while every man said it was slutty.


Okay, now I was up.

Men carry condoms all the time. Or at least they should. And men aren't considered "man-whores" when they do. They're considered careful and responsible.

So why on earth would a woman not be considered the same way? Because she's a woman? Are STD's and unplanned pregnancies "less slutty?" Hmmmm.....

Call me crazy, but anything that can be done to prevent an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy or keep you from ending up with the "Clap" is pretty damned intelligent to me. And anything over-the-counter is fair game. The way I see it, you can call a woman whatever name you want - so long as you're not calling her your baby mama or calling her to tell her you're burning.

It's a shame the double-standard still exists. A man carries condoms and it's no big deal. A woman carries them and she's a slut? Really?

A man typically has to have slept with more women that Wilt Chamberlain in order to gain "man-whore" status. Yet all a woman seemingly has to do is carry condoms and she's automatically labeled a proof, no nothing - just a little piece of latex in her bag.

Pure Fuckery.

Do you know how many VIRGINS carry condoms JUST IN CASE that fateful day comes when they "become a woman?" A lot of them do. But oh wait...I forgot...condom = slut...even if you've never had your "cherry popped."


Oh...and newsflash fellas - most REALLY SLUTTY women, don't carry around condoms. And if they do, you'd never know it. Intelligent "sluts" don't get caught. Marinate on that one.

Carrying condoms has absolutely no correlation with the number of people someone gets busy with. Carrying condoms does not equate to promiscuity.

A woman carrying around condoms isn't going to call you in 9 months talking about..."guess what, remember that night we didn't have a condom and you said you were gonna "pull out?" Well guess what, it didn't work."

A woman carrying around a condom isn't going to say, "Hey Tyrone, I think you better go to the clinic real quick."

I'm not saying condoms are 100% full proof, but if used correctly, the chances of catching some "nasty women's disease" or knocking her up are pretty slim. "Slutty Women" walking around carrying condoms aren't destroying the world with their "sex lives." There are bigger things to worry about than putting labels on women who take their own sexual health into their own hands.

I don't carry around condoms, but I have one or two lying somewhere around in my apartment. A condom can be for a booty call, a boyfriend, that chance meeting with Idris Elba....

what, a girl can dream right? oops!...forgot I was writing out loud ;-)

If a woman wants to carry around a condom in her purse, I say more power to her. And not for nothing, you men aren't always responsible when it comes to that. You get us all worked up and then YOU guys say, "hey, you got a condom?" And that's if you INDEED ASK!! A lot of you have no problem running up in some chick raw - random or not - simply because it "feels good." And if we tell you you're not getting any without it, you look at us all crazy. No glove, no love.

Bet your punk ass wishes we were a "slut" then huh?! Hmmph!

I say all that to joke around, and I know all men and women don't buy into the theory that women who carry condoms are sluts. But seriously people - who you get busy with and when is no one's business. I only care that you're safe and protecting yourselves. The only label anyone can put on that is smart and sexy. And STD's and abortions aren't smart OR sexy.



DMoe said...

First Bitches???

Jeez. Ya'll are slippin. For real. I wasnt even trying....LOL!

momo925 said...

Yeah right thirstmaster flex! lol

THATgirl said...

Sigh...being first is SOOOOO 2 weeks ago lol....

That's interesting, but not suprising. I've been asked before if I had a condom, and much to dude's dismay, he ends up not getting any for the lack therof. I'm on birth control, I'm keeping us from having a baby. YOU bring your birth control, and keep us from a lifetime of anti-viral medications! I've even said I didn't have any--when I did--just to see what would happen! I figure that it actually speaks to the type of man you are--whether you are somewhat responsible, or so triflin that you would really try and go up in it unprotected. But yet--these men are calling women slutty for having them. To that, I say whatever. It's yet another double standard we have to deal with, so I'll just continue to keep it clean and pack my own, or sit on the bench if the protective equipment isn't there!

Rameer said...

"Ooo baby I like it raaaaawwwww,
Yeah baby, I like it RAAAAAAAWWWWWW..."

LMAO!!! Sorry, couldn't resist a chance to break out some Ol' Dirty lines...

"B***h gotta be nasty cuz I'm a nasty (Negro)...I'll do anything baby, I wouldn't give a f**k what it was...I'll, ah, anything - I'm a nasty muddafugga, girl..."


Andre aka The Black Cloud said...

Calling a woman slutty because they're carrying condoms is just ignorant. Hell, you can carry a BOX! Just be careful who you're using them WITH. Carrying condoms isn't a guarantee just a precaution.

-V- said...

1 or 2 condoms = not slutty but responsible & kinda sexy.

A selection of colors & flavors = straight-up Ho!

One time, in Seoul of all places, this woman pulled out lube from her nightstand. I gotta admit I was definitely surprised but my first thought wasn't "Ho" ... instead it was "better bring my A game!"

The Fury said...

I've been in the woeful position of not having them when needed and damn if I didn't almost cry. LOL Fellas, she was banging! She was all in and we were at HER house and neither her nor her sister, two grown ass women, didn't have ONE condom in the place.

The woman I was with said it'd been so long since she had some she didn't bother restocking her stash and her sister...well her sister had a baby so that was my answer for that.

Ain't These days it just make sense for a woman to have them. ahem...just make sure you have the right kind cuz having the wrong ones are ughh...


NightFall914 said...

Nothing wrong with a female having condom BUT its how you carry yourself that determines how you're viewed. If you throw a condom like a ninja star at a stranger in the club i.e a "ninja coochie-gram" then I'm sorry but I'm looking at u crazy. Personally condoms don't need to see daylight till its time to get it in. Why broadcast to everyone around what you plan on doing???

It's a fine line between slutty and sexy.

Annamaria said...

There has & will always be a double standard. BUT a single woman has every right to take her health & well being into consideration. F*ck what anyone says I'm sure they would say worse if you caught a disease or something. I think in this day in age it's very smart for a woman to have condoms in her possession & handle her business. And I will be advising my daughter of that when the time comes.

Powerz said...

Hey Brooke, interesting topic. As read, I thought what idiot would think haveing protection is a NEGATIVE idea be it man or woman. As I read the comments, it reminded me of a piece of work in my repertoire........

What To Do

what do you do when the time is right
you ready to lay it down but no protection in sight
do you abstain and let the moment pass
or do you gear up to wax that ass
is it worth the risk to maybe plant a seed
won't be easy with already 2 mouths to feed
she's laid back and ready to go
so you start moving in nice and slow
your heart's pounding fast you can almost feel it
but will you go though with it or will you forfeit
you can't let her think that you're a punk
especially after talking all that junk
"Yeah, I'm the man! I can go for hours!"
Why do you think they call me Powerz???
What would she tell her friends if I backed down?
"remember that guy, he got scurred, he’s a clown"
I can't let that happen, I have a reputation to uphold
I have to send her back with a story worth being told
maybe if I tell her, she will understand
look me in the eyes and hold me by the hand
then she'd whisper "we can try another day"
"I'm not mad, trust me, it's really ok"
Ha! That's bullshit! This is my only chance
Cuz if I leave now, I'll be lucky to get a glance
Now is the time to show her I'm different from all the other brothers
I lean down and whisper "wait here while I go get some rubbers.................."

Brooke said...

"Ninja coochie-gram"?? LMAO!!!


whew! that was hilarious!

Thatgirl, I hear you about sitting the bench. There will be a next time...maybe ;)

Rameer, you crazy :)

Dre, I agree.

V - lube??? really?

(maybe I don't get it cuz I don't need any...whoops! did I say that?)

Fury, almost cried huh? LOL!

Nightfall, I agree, have them, but don't broadcast it. Like I said, most "intelligent sluts" know better :)

Annamaria, good advice for lil mama :)

Awww shucks! Baby Sophia's daddy is a poet!! Good stuff Austin!

DMoe said...

Hatership aside -

Condoms are just plain smart. Get over the stigmas folks. No glove, no love as plainly stated by Brookey.

I agree 100%. I'll admit, a chick that was "strapped" with the jimmys used to raise an eyebrow, but its 09. Better safe than "terminally ill"

Dmoe aka the Slimmy Hat

Annamaria said...

Yes my baby daddy is quite talented. Sophia is snapping her fingers at Daddy's poem... She said she is going to make sure she takes daddy's advice!! ; )

Yolanda said...

I usually carry one condom. I used to hide it in a lil blue Tiffany & Co pouch (I'm so bougie). Anyway, I usually have to throw the condom away -NOT because I get to use it- but because it expires. *smh*

That doesn't make me slutty or smart. It's damn depressing, that's what it is. LOL!

Rameer said...

"Weak (Negroes) just fall and keep tumbling
Distribute lyrics like I'm hand to hand herb hustling
Hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw
F**k what you heard you ain't heard this before

I make sure everything remains raw!
I make sure everything remains raw!
I make sure everything remains raw!
I make sure everything remains raw!"

- Busta Rhymes


Brooke said...

Nothing cute about dusty condoms Yolanda ;) But I hear you, cuz that's probably the case with the one or two I have in my place... somewhere...expired.

Rameer - you're too much of a germophobe to do it raw :)

Rameer said...

Stop putting me on blast! I'm on a role!! Lmao!

Rameer said...

Dammit - I meant ROLL...

Brooke said...


Well then by all means, keep going! :)

The Cable Guy said...

A woman who carries condoms kinda takes the pressure off, even though I prefer to bring my own. That way I know they're good and haven't been tampered with ;) Call me paranoid, but some women "do things" to condoms and I don't trust it. Good to know she can be a "back-up" though. I'm always ready :)

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