Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My family is back safe and sound from Morocco! I was so happy to see them yesterday, I missed my babies!

- Can I just tell you I was stuck on the train for 2 hours this morning. Fuckery.

- I can't seem to go to bed before 1am lately.

- I can watch A Few Good Men over and over again..."You can't handle the TRUTH!" That's what I was doing past 1am.

- Speaking of, as I was watching last night, a Dos Equis commercial came on. "Stay thirsty my friends." Now I know where DMoe gets that phrase from :)

- I can watch A Time to Kill over and over too. "Yeah they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell!"

- I need a haircut.

- Do those ExtenZe tablets really work...anyone know?? Something that makes your "willy" bigger...sounds a bit scary right?

- I've been itchin' to buy boots. I love fall fashion :-) Hate winter though.

- I can't believe it's almost September. This year is flying by.

- Speaking of September - Momo's race is coming up September 27th! Donate today for a great cause. She rocks!

- How cool is it that Venus and Serena Williams bought a stake in the Miami Dolphins? Hotness!

- I wish it was Friday.

- I wanna take a real estate/home buying course. Can anyone recommend a good one?

- Five years probation, hard labor and anger management counseling - the sentence given to Chris Brown. What do you think?

- Michael Jackson's doctor is gonna get it.

- Speaking of MJ, his birthday is Saturday...anyone going to Pretty Ricky's "MJ Birthday Bash"? I want to, but I may be in Philly...not sure yet.

- In honor of MJ's upcoming birthday:

- The MegaMillions jackpot is $325 million. I'm sayin'....a dollar and a dream right? What would you do with all that money? :-)




momo925 said...


momo925 said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yesssssss I AM FIRST!!! Woooo hooooooooo LMAO

Brooke said...

For some reason, everytime I read "First Bitches" I smile :)

Annamaria said...

I love the phrase FIRST BITCHES!!!!! lmao

I'm completely sleep deprived!!!!

But she's cute sooo I can't get too angry at her when I look at her!

Brooke I'm glad your family is back safe & sound.

My dad's birthday is on Saturday too.

I already saw a pair of boots I wanted to buy in Aldo's they are tooooo fly!!! They fit right in with my mommy makeover...LOL

Austin has now forbid me to leave the house... He is too funny.. And cute.. lol

I'm his secretary and he likes it..

I do want to work from home at least for now. I just need to find a job from home that pays... Although I like the perks from working for Austin. LMAO.

Annamaria said...

Not sure if it's my post pregnancy hormones BUT I was soo sad to hear about Ted Kennedy...

How sweet is that little league team from Staten Island. I was soo proud that they made it soo far. BUT soo sad for them cause I know they was disappointed they didn't go all the way..

They are getting mad perks ringing the bell at the stock exchange, meeting the Yankees & the Mets, going to Disney World in March...

What the fuck is up with soon to be Hurricane Danny..

Anonymous said...

Sarah said...

Feel like I already won the lottery.

A Business hired me to do freelance graphics work. I am Being paid in cash AND organic veggies from their farm, beer from their brewery and it feels soooooo good like I am back in the 1800s.

In the wake of Ted Kennedy's death I am worried about healthcare. My fiance and I dont have any and we are pushing 40. (and I have experienced what happens when you have an emergency and no health insurance....Not Good)

Talked to the dean of the local community college they are so full they cant take any new students.

Talked to the dean of my university and there are seniors with no loans coming thru and no way to pay for their senior year.

Thru all this sh*t I still somehow believe that we will all pull together and get thru this hard time. I believe in the goodness of people to help each other.

Watched the classic 1930s movie "our daily bread" and that says it all.

Brooke said...

This guy has his own version of RTT in the Metro - Marc Lamont Hill - he's funny...check it:

Brooke said...

Annamaria, I can only IMAGINE the perks you get being Austin's "secretary." LOL!!

Sarah, we WILL get thru it, absolutely :-)

Annamaria said...

I would definitely continue being his secretary if I won the mega millions.. Just for shits & giggles.

I would be happy with the $5 million.. I don't even need the $325 mil. See I'm not greedy...

Brooke said...

I know right, I'll take a fraction of that!

Rameer said...

- You never saw the Dos Equis commercials, Meryl?'re kinda late on that. They're very entertaining...

- Chilli is getting a reality dating show? UM - she don't even need all that. I'll marry her off the jump!

- I saw that someone chimed in on yesterday's blog about us calling the "Making His Band" tranny a "thing". Well, Meryl and others may be pc and pretty nice, but I'm NOT. I don't get down with the whole tranny movement, and those THINGS are THINGS. You're born a man or a woman - I don't do the whole "I woke up and realized I wasn't really a man/woman" thing.

If The Creator brought you into this world as one thing, who the hell are you to go against Her decision?!? Ah, let me stop before y'all get all upset...but that's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!

- I'm DYING to see Halloween 2. The first re-make is one of the greatest re-makes I've ever seen...

- About four years after the fact, people are STILL trying to get me to un-retire and start playing Madden again. Man...there are tons of salty dudes nationwide that just could not accept the divine a$$-whoopings I used to hand out in those games! LMAO!

- "Don't judge" is the biggest cop-out phrase on the planet. People use it to basically try to stop others from offering a differing opinion or even offering one that they don't ant to hear. But people who use it don't remotely use their brains when they say it...if you have a sense of right and wrong in the least bit, it means you JUDGE. To determine anything in life - right, wrong, like, dislike - is a judgment call. Telling someone to not judge is telling them to throw out all semblance of a moral code.

I JUDGE. All the time. Pedophilia? That's wrong. Rape? That's wrong. Helping the elderly? That's good.

The phrase "Don't judge me" has never flown in any capacity in my family. AT ALL.

- My baby sis is starting her PHD. My BABY sis. Man...I'm old.

- Tomorrow is the guy who sits on the other side of my divider's last day. He's getting laid off. While I wish him the best, is it bad I'm going to be glad to be rid of all his annoying idiosyncrasies - most of all the incredibly loud eating??

- I feel like throwing up a bit every time I have to edit this T.O. commercial I've been assigned.

- I've been spazzing out on fruit lately. How bad? I ate a baby watermelon FOR DINNER one day last week. Didn't plan to, but it wound up that way...

- I'm truly flabbergasted how people that know little about you think they are really figuring out who you really are by reading Facebook banter...

- I've been getting in great shape lately. ROUND.

- Everyone says District 9 is excellent. I'm astounded - the commercials look soooo sucky. But EVERYONE says it's dope. Guess I gotta see it.

- Can't wait to see 9. Look DOPE.

Rameer said...

- Waiting to grab Jigga's Blueprint 3. That joint well drop on my hard drive any day now...I can FEEL IT...

- I'm officially a wino. I've had a guy order me a CRATE of this Riesling I love. =/

- I'm having a hard time arguing against the superficial assertion. A girl I used to mess with went through my Facebook friends' list and asked which women I've dated. After looking at a few, she said "you REALLY don't mess with any normal looking women, do you?" I always argue that it's the inside I'm attracted to - which it is - but she argued (very effectively) that most guys we knew didn't have that many women that looked like these women. Then, she argued my whole crew is the same way. Hmmm...she's making me second-guess myself.

- Same girl talked about the fact I've never measured myself (I brought up the blog discussions). She said, in her expert opinion, she thinks I'm a strong 7. So there - I'll go with her claim. Happy, people? Lolz...

- I need to go see my maternal grandmother.

- I've been rocking 90's era R&B and Rock lately...

- I want wine. Like, NOW.

- Michael Vick hits the field tonight! I hear he's been looking GREAT...

That's it...FOR NOW...

Brooke said...

Nope, never saw a Dos Equis commercial before last night - I guess I don't frequent the nets that play them.

And during A Few Good Men, I must've seen the same Dos Equis commercial like 6 times. Okay, I get it...STAY THIRSTY! :)

Rameer...a watermelon for dinner? LOL!!

Congrats to baby sis on starting her PHD!

I have to try this Riesling...and I'm not a wine drinker.

momo925 said...

I feel like crap today...I think this cold is getting the best of me.

I thought today was friday and was sadly disappointed when I realized it wasn't lol.

I'm debating on whether or not I should go to the spend class.

Hurricane Danny needs to beat it! If my open swim training on Saturday is cancelled b/c of the weather I will personally kick Hurricane Danny's a$$!

Wine now would be good Rameer and yes the Halloween remake was the best remake by far!

Annamaria no tazing?! I thought for sure you would be back in full swing. Should I be insulted? lmao

phillygrl said...

Hey Brooke...Temple has a great Real Estate Course that I took..not sure if it's online.if they take the classes, etc..But Im sure there are some in NY
---I got a new JOB..thank goodness!!--still in same company, but work life balance will be more IN BALANCE now!

--- I saw some h.s. reunion pictures that cmae back!...have GOT to lose some lbs. I have p90x & I know what to do, just need to do it! It's Ramadan & no time like the present..need to see results by years end!

---i was in bahamas in July... How abt I need ANOTHER vacation already..friends parents own property in Costa Rica..maybe I can getaway month:-)

----Brooke..What happened to your Summer Soire'e..hell, it's almost Fall now( I love this time of year as well....but I love winter too...Vermont skiiing YEAH!!!!

----my grandparents are just so out of it, since my home isn't sellig , I was gonna rent it out..they aren't keep on either idea, but when I was talking to them, they acted like we still up on the plantation( like we cant be investors/own property, etc, etc..It's funny but sad..alas..they are almost a century old & I guess not going to change thier thinking.

---T.O,T.O, T.O....I know Im an EAGLES fan, but I looooove me some T.O!!

--annamaria, you may have it already, but get the bumbo chair.....excellent when baby is around 4-6 mos old.

----a HOT Black wool stretch Pencil skirt with Black tights, black turtleneck & a HOT pair of GREY sued over knee boots!!...accessorize with any color!!..excellent! I just do NOT want to do it..uughh!

---Tiny from Tiny & toya look like she had some kind of plastic surgery on her lips..what the efff!?

-----the morning radio show host made a very valid observation...why does mickey mouse have goofy for a freind & pluto for a pet? They are both dogs!...

Enjoy weekend everyone

phillygrl said...

mad spelling errors..i know i know.....Sorry:-(

Annamaria said...

Rameer you are hysterical...

Brooke try some wine...get it over

Mo...I'm too tired to even pick up a taser.....please don't be offended... give me another week or sooo...hopefully I'll be able to tase again!!!!! LMAO

Brooke said...

I know Karen, summer came and went with no soiree :( Maybe a fall one?

Forget T.O. :)

I want a Vick jersey...a signed one. Can't wait to see him play.

I think Tiny's lips are just like that. "Baaaaaby"

Hurricane Danny is gonna soak the weekend...just better get used to the idea Mo.

I want soup today. But I guess I'll eat my boring chicken breast and broccoli...booo!

Annamaria, I've tried wine. I don't like it. But everyone tells me I'd like Riesling. Wine just tastes bitter to me. We'll see.

Annamaria said...

Phillygirl thanks for the recommendation. I heard about that chair. Everyone keeps telling me about it. I am definitely going to have to go get it.

Brooke said...

Read up on the Bumbo chair, I think there was a recall on it cuz babies kept tipping over.

Serena W. said...

RTT and Momo was first!!!!

Okay help my teammate out! I ran for LLS last year! if 30 people donate $50 to Monica she will meet her goal! Donate today (or tomorrow when you get paid). It is a tax write off!

Brooke I'm so glad the family got back safe!

If I had $325 million (well after the IRA takes their cut). I would pay off all debt, pay Moms and Nana's. Fix up their house or buy them a new one and get my Mom the best medical attention!

She's getting the best at a hospital in Long Island.

Please send prayers. This will be a long process and battle but she is strong and she will be okay.

Heading back to NYC tomorrow, it's my weekly routine to be at her side every weekend.

Annamaria there is so much you can do from home chica ;-)

Okay my friend just had her baby in February and is pregnant again! (watch out Annamaria)!

The job is okay...thankful I have one and we'll see what this contract leads me too.

I can't wait for Jigga's cd.

Sad about Senator Ted Kennedy (he fought a tough battle, RIP).

Sarah it's tough out there and something has got to give. Students should be able to graduate with no hestiation, it's madness!

Brooke I thought you were getting braids!

Small plug...I have about 15 books left of Have a Little Faith. Please go on my blog at and purchase your copy before they are all sold out.

I've learned my go round I need to treat my inventory like a bookstore. Fried or not, I can't hold your book for a month. Crazy right...

More thoughts later..

Rameer said...

- Phillygrl...I doubt you would "love you some T.O." if you met him like I have. What a self-absorbed jerk.

- I re-read my comments...ugh. I HATE making typos and spelling/grammar errors from typing too fast!

- Meryl - let Serena take you out to try some good wine...I'd trust her judgment. But if you were with me...MAN, the stuff I'd have you trying! This one wine me and Princess love tastes like JUICE!!!

- I notcied the Goofy/Pluto thing when I was still a little thing...had to be like when I was four, cuz I wasn't in school yet. I actually remember asking family members why that was...

- My station is trying to phase me into covering hard news. Ugh. But I'm grateful to have a job...

- Meryl...yes, a WATERMELON for dinner! DON'T JUDGE ME! Oh...wait...lolz!

- What's almost as bad - two days after eating that for dinner, I actually considered eating a whole bag of grapes for dinner...but since I was cognizant of what I was doing, I made dinner like I'm s'posed to.

- When I said I'm looking forward to 9 - I mean the upcoming animated movie by that name.

- The latest nightly security guard at my job is this ghetto-a$$ white chick who likes me. She actually lives in my old hood, and has like three kids - all by Black men, of course. She's cool...but when I say GHETTO, I MEAN IT. She keeps it professional for the white folks 'round here, but get in a convo with her...holy spit! AND, every major hustler from when I was young - she knows or has some association with. I named an obscure white cat from when I was a kid - "Whiteboy Rick" - she knew his whole story! AND, she used to jack cars and take 'em to the same chopshop we - er, uh, I mean some people used to go to!

This chick is gangster!!!

- I HATE people who have to comment out loud about everything they see, hear and/or read. The TV producer who sits near me does that all the f'n time...b***h, we don't care what you think!!! >:-O

- A co-worker told me I have a problem cuz I'm always sanitizing my hands and won't touch many things directly due to nastiness of others. I told her she had a problem for being such a nasty-a$$ muddafugga.

- I have a weird obsession with one of my on-air reporters. She's not cute at all...but she has great legs and a nice body. I'm not interested in her...I think she needs a makeover! My obsession lies in knowing she COULD be hot if she changed clothing, accentuated certain things, changed behavior, etc. I'd love to see her do what it takes to look as good as she could - every once in a blue we get a glimpse of how she *could* be hot.

- I'm addicted to anime. Since I was a kid...

- I offended a woman (I just found out) who asked me yesterday "don't I look good?" She had gone on vacation and gotten a deep tan. I told her she looked cool, but if I wanted to see pretty brown skin, I'd just go home and stand outside for a few minutes and watch my female neighbors.

- Princess has given up on trying to censor me. She says it's a lost cause...and that I need a filter to not just blurt out the truth all the time. But she doesn't mind, cuz she thinks it's funny.

- Serena...your mother is in my prayers.

- Time to go again!

THATgirl said...

-I'm so excited--I'm going to my college roommate/Haitian sister's new crib in NJ for the weekend! She's now a homeowner, and I'm so proud of her.

-Last night, I went to my first DC Happy Hour. A guy told me I was very pretty...then he told me I look well kept. I gave him a "wtf" look. He laughed. I was serious. What does that mean?

-I had a 2 hour meeting this morning, and I didn't doze off once. I'm so proud of myself...that's a first.

-I'm appreciative of all I have, but yet I'm kinda shallow, and have a tendency to complain about petty things. I don't know how to reconcile the two.

-A friend posted a picture of me on Facebook that she took when we were gettin ready to go out a few weeks ago. I looked old. Not OLD old, but I looked like a 29 year old woman. It was so weird to see myself look my age...but I liked it... :)

-Hmmm...that's about it.

momo925 said...

Thanks for the suppport Serena! I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

Brooke said...

"well kept"? Sounds like an car, or a plant or something...

I need a side hustle that doesn't involve me giving up my weekends :)

Rameer, you sanitizing your hands all the time doesn't surprise me, with all that "I like it raaawww" nonsense you were talking earlier this week :)

Serena, mom is still on my prayers.

Also, I'm trying to hold off on the braids, but it's getting tough. And my hair always breaks with the changing of the seasons - gotta figure out something QUICK!

Was out to lunch with Monica just now and we ran into the Italian dude Tony who works in the Amish Market across the street. He LOVES HIM SOME MONICA! He looks like he just wants to sop her up with a biscuit! And I think Momo would let him! Ha!!!

Brooke said...

can't type worth a damn today!

The Cable Guy said...

B, you funny with the Extenze question...that shit don't work.

Luckily I don't need it ;)

I think Rameer said something about Brooke's voice last week? He's right, her voice is like silk. And has a gorgeous face to go with it. I'd think normally those "Girl 6" types are really BEASTS behind closed doors, but Brooke is beautiful. I could listen to her read the phone book.

Jigga's Blueprint 3, gotta cop dat.

I like Raekwon's new joint too.

Finally, some football.

Wanna see Brooke in her Eagles jersey again...eventhough I'm not a fan. I'm rooting for Vick tho!

Anonymous said...

gag me with a spoon cable guy, you must love you some Brookey!

The Cable Guy said...

Don't hate "anonymous"

Brooke knows I love her...don't care who knows it either!

She'll come to her senses once she realizes that WHOEVER the clown is she's messin with ain't SH*T compared to me - LMAO!!!

...don't mind me, I'm just hatin - like YOU! LOL!!

Brooke said...

...for the record, I had on MORE than just a jersey when cable guy met me...

just thought I'd throw that out there for all the folks IMing/emailing me on the side like "WTF?"

ok...continue.... ;-)

Annamaria said...

Does anyone wonder how the cable guy knows extenze doesn't work???


The Cable Guy said...

I know cuz anything that is too good to be true USUALLY IS! Got all these dumb fools out buying that crap. You cant' make your dick bigger, what you got is what you got...and anyone who believes different is damn fool :)

That's how I know ;)

BUT...if you need someone to verify if I need it or not, tell Brooke I'd be more than willing to show her what I'm workin with ;) She can even write a blog about it!

I think if anyone could write it in a tasteful way, it would be her. But knowing her, she wouldn't, she's too classy for that :)

Annamaria said...

lmao.... I was just bothering yo Cable Dude.... Austin always cracks up @ the enzyte commercial where the guy says his girl bought it for him.. he's like WTF why would that make anyone happy??? lol

Brooke said...


Can you imagine you come home from work and your girl is like "babe, I got these for you!" and it's a damn pack of Extenze????


I agree with Austin :)

momo925 said...

LMAO bad Brooke! Bad Brooke! No one is thinking about Pizza Tony...even though his arms were looking right in that tank top LMAO! We are going to have to choose our lunch times more accurately now...that way we avoid seeing him.

momo925 said...

props to cable guy for his persistance.

Brooke said...

Momo, yeah right! You know you wanna run into Pizza Tony!

Pizza Tony: "Wow, look at you, you look so good!!!"

Monica: "You too!!! Look at your arms, woo-wee!!!"

(Brooke standing there like I'm invisible)

Pizza Tony: "No...YOU look good!"

Monica: "No...YOU look good!"

(Brooke throwing up in mouth a lil bit...still invisible)

He LOVES YOU! He'd drink your bath water :)

momo925 said...


Brooke said...

Tell me I'm lyin!!!! LOL!!

Serena W. said...

Monica since he loves you soooooooooooooo much ask him for a nice donation towards your tri ;-) go get him!

Thanks everyone for the prayers. When my head clears and we get through the storm I'm going to write about it. I already feel the story brewing. day we need to attend a wine tasting! As I stated before they even have wines just for desserts!

Rameer I'm so glad you can trust me ;-) lol. Heck if you ever visit NYC then we are going together!

I miss my old director at my last job. She was the bomb. Despite the madness she kept it cool and calm! She wasn't bossy but got her point across. I told her when they finally listen to her and she gets a community relations dept then she better call me for contract work.

Brooke you can do a side Ms. Liz get her shea butter line off the ground and help her sell it and get a percentage. I'm all about partnerships!!!

Ahem you can also do this little thing called editing!

What time is Pretty Ricky's party on Saturday and who all is going?

I may need a dose of Rock with You after visiting Mom in the hospital all day.

She said when this is over we are going out! Shoot she needs a Pretty Ricky party now too. I do want to take her on vacation.

I want to buy some boots.

Heck I need them, I barely have any boots or sweaters after living in Dallas. Great excuse to go shopping.

But on a budget.

I'm going to definitely do Team in Training for a spring event. Monica let me know if you plan on doing another for spring ;-)

I think Brooke should do a tri!

Went running last night for the first time in 5 months. Rocked 4 miles with my croonie Renee.

Tiny and Toya are too much for me!

More Tiny then anything.

Did THATgirl say 29 was old lol! Hot mess!

Why do they advertise Extenze all over BET, BETJ and TV One...what's that about!

Just met the ladies I'll be working with in regards to helping them get ahead in life out here in DC. My heart goes out to them and at that moment I knew why God put me in this particular contract job :-)

The Fury said...

- Fuckery..i've used that word 36469916153810618 times in the last 48 hours.

- Extenze?? Ha ha! surely they jest

- I finally have a topic for Brooke's blog now hopefully I can write it and she'll let me guess post

- What kind of hair are you cutting Brooke?

-District 9 is a good film, but not at all what you think it is.

- excuse my language but..I'm in the mood to FCUK (spelled incorrectly on purpose)

Brooke said...

Well damn Fury!! Tell us how you REALLY feel!

District 9 was just ehh to me, but you're right...not at all what I expected. It was weird to me.

Cutting the hair on my head Fury :)

Serena, I'll go to a wine tasting with you.

And Pretty Ricky's party is gonna be off the chain if it's anything like his bday party...yes, I said "off the chain." Party starts at 10, Newark Marriott - $15, $25 at the door...if they have any left.

Oh, and Pizza Tony is all over Mo's triathlon...he probably donated like 5 times already! LOL!

Fury, can you write it for tomorrow??? :-)

The Fury said...

Tomorrow will be a hard completion. My schedule is kinda nuts. Something told me not to mention that until it was done.

I know your "tomorrow" is "in 2 hours" LOL

"off the chain" mst be the Philly in you.

speaking of which, how ready are you to see Vick play tonight?

Serena W. said...

Walking down the street just now and was in deep thought then out of no where I hear a deep voice say, "Where have you been all my life?"

The smile fades from my face as this line is old and whack!

As I faced the man I tried not too frown as I looked into his light brown eyes.

He had to be at least 20 years my senior. Could also use a dentist!

Then he said, "I think its a worthy question that deserves an answer, where have you been all my life."

I smiled and inside my head I said, "God forgive me."

Then said, "I've been with my husband in his."

His smile faded and he said, "you have one lucky man."

I thought to myself for the first time in a long time (wow how great would it be to marry my one true love) who ever he is.

And that was a great come back if I had a hubby.

He gets an "E" for effort but a zero on nice try.

I commend him for stepping to me :)

What a day!

Fury would love to see you blog!

Brooke said...

Fury already has a blog :) And it's SEXY!

Brooke said...

And I can wait til next week Fury, was just curious :)

And "off the chain" is a Philly thing? Really? NOOOOOO!

Can't wait to see Vick play!

Good come back Serena!

The Fury said...

GREAT comeback Serena! (note to self: never use the where ya been all my life line) LOL

Thanks Brooke. Yeah, I'll put my fingers to the keys and get it together very soon.

If Vick runs on the first play he'll get panned in the press. He better throw!

Brooke said...

I notice that when guys I'm not interested in ask me if I'm married, and I say yes, they don't seem to care.

Why ask me then???

And they never look for a ring for confirmation, whereas women can zero in on a man's ring finger from a mile away.....interesting.

Anonymous said...

That's a good blog topic - are married people fair game or off limits?? You should write that.

Brooke said...

That's more of a "Question of the Day" - not a blog :)

Jem said...

I cannot BELIEVE that I'm tardy for the Random Thoughts Thursday party!

Here goes:

-I've got 16 films (5-mins each) to make.

-Shoot me now!

-My corporate card FINALLY came in!

-Can I get away with putting some Louboutins on that card?

-My friend (she shall remain nameless) bought a taser from the hook-up man at her hair salon. My thoughts instantly went to Annamaria!

-My A/C is on straight wonky status this week. I paid $100 for a guy to come out to check it, and wouldn't you know it, THE DAY he comes, the thing starts blowing 49 degree air. WHERE WAS THAT AIR WHEN I WAS SWEATING LIKE WHITNEY HOUSTON ON STAGE?

-I'm too busy to really get down on FB or my blog. How dare work get in the way of my social networking?

-I've worn dresses this week to capture what's left of summer.

-I cannot wait for Fall. I LOVE Fall fashion and breezy days!

-What should I get my Mother for her birthday next month? I'm thinking in-home massages? She'd dig that.

-I co-sign with Rameer on reisling. That's the only wine I remember from that wine tasting class at the Cuse.

-I finally MET some of my FB friends face-to-face at the SU BBQ in DC last weekend. Trippy!

-I've been trying for the last 2 nights to watch Tropic Thunder. But I get soooo sleepy.

-I think Robert Downey, Jr. should just be Black!

-Rameer, did you wash that watermelon down with chicken?

-I had grapes for dinner on Monday. They were so good though.

-The office downstairs had "Beach Day" today which spelled FREE FOOD! Isn't that really the best kind of food?

-Serena... continuing the prayers for Momma!

-I sure hope we get some health care now that Uncle Teddy is gone.

-Why did one of my FB friends read my RIP Teddy status this week and think Teddy Pendergrass died. That was the funniest isht I'd read all week!

-I'm all for second chances and all. I'm no hater. But, is it me or does Mike Vick look a little shifty to ya'll? Like he'd steal your salt & pepper shakers if you had him over for dinner.
Hey...I'm just sayin'! Don't judge!

Yolanda said...

Geez, I've got too many log ins.

That's me above...

Brooke said...

Tropic Thunder was funny - would you drink a beverage called "Booty Sweat"? LOL!!

Teddy Pendergrass?? LMAO!!

I wouldn't say "shifty" - but I'd be afraid if I ran into him in a dark alley...

...not that I hang out in dark alleys.

I love the fall too...I hope we actually HAVE an autumn and it doesn't just go from hot to cold.

Massages sound great, I say go for it!

I'd say I have about 100 friends on FB that I either don't know or never met. That's crazy.

I can't believe I've never met Yolanda, Rameer or Serena, yet I feel like I've known them forever. Soon though!

Serena W. said...

Thanks for the kudos!

I say off the chain and I'm a native New Yorker ;-)

Pretty Ricky if you read this have fun and moonwalk for me :)

Cable Guy gets a definite "E" for effort ;-)

Monica I'm glad Tony hooked you up. Maybe he can do a fundraiser at the pizza joint. They can give you a percentage of sales during certain hours ;-)

Yolanda we need to do a happy hour soon!

Brookey you need to meet us in person. If you think we are animated on your blog wait till you meet us in person lol!

scott said...

Since its RTT (short for Random Thoughts Thursday), I have something to think about. I watched a show with my wife the other night on BET. The show was Frankie & Neffie. Has anyone seen this train wreck, and if so, were you as disgusted as I was. How do we allow shows like this to stay on the air? Maybe it's me but we have come too far for a minstrel show to take us back. This is just my thought.

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