Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'd like to introduce everyone to Annamaria's lil mama - her pride and joy - Miss Sophia Michele Williams! Isn't she a little angel?

- Now, this is nothing new...I got hit on yesterday by another woman. But this woman was f*cking STUNNING! She was a Sudanese woman...gorgeous! I actually had to pause and think for a moment when she asked me for my number and to "should I?" If I swung that way, I would have snagged a hottie! The women who hit on me are getting prettier and prettier - I must be steppin' my game up! I think I was flattered!!! Hell...I was flattered!

- Okay, enough with the girl crush.

- I was jammin' to LL Cool J this morning - "now all you crappy lookin' nappy headed girls get back, cuz there's a 10 to one chance that you might get slapped...ROCK THE BELLS!!"

- My cell phone is busted. I need a new one. Any suggestions?

- You can still text me though. And if you want to talk to me, text me and I'll send you my blackberry or home number. This is just wack :-(

- I want pizza for lunch, but I'm gonna eat salad instead.

- I never get tired of watching Harlem Nights :-)

- I would love for Eddie Murphy to do another Harlem Nights or Boomerang. Anything but another kiddie movie.

- I'm addicted to Yolanda's Witches Brew blog - I read it everyday, I can't keep up with it all!

- Speaking of, check this out. Pantene makes a shampoo AND lubricant all in one??? They actually said, "With 20 percent more of the moisture-rich ingredients found in the original Pro-V formula, your hair will always look great, and his penis will never get dried out or chafed." And to think, I've been using shower gel on his...I mean...huh? Is that for real??!!

- I like the blinged out condom holders too :-)

- The "Octomom" is nuts.

- Happy Birthday Maliek!




DMoe said...




annamaria said...

God my daughters beautiful! I love her! Thanks Austin you do good work!!! Lol

I'm in the final stages of my mommy makeover. Wait til my honey sees me later. Lol

My mother is trying to kidnap my daughter & take her to PR!!!

After 39 weeks of pregnancy, 5 days of labor & an emergency C section its REALLY annoying that she looks EXACTLY like Austin & nothing like me! WTF!!!

annamaria said...

Brooke you're a hot bitch!!!

Brooke said...

Thank you mama! And Sophia is gorgeous!

What exactly is taking place during this Mommy Makeover? :)

AH said...

Congrats Annamaria!!! She's gorgeous!!!!

Noticed you didn't tase anyone. ;o)

I miss my ex this week more than ever.....*sigh*

I hate when people hold a significant amount check and cash it 3 months later and eFF up your entire bank account. Yeah yeah....I shoulda balanced better but THREE effing months?????

-V- said...

Nice surprise ... classic LL.

Cute baby. What, no shank?

You mean you've never switched teams? Not even for a minute? (great visual of you & the hot Sudanese honey kissing on a moving train ...)

I'm working on a wrist phone, you'll be the first to have one. Until then, stick with something basic until next year.

I fell off the wagon: I've bought 5 pairs of vintage sneakers in the last two weeks. And I was so good!

I would murder a pastrami sandwich from Katz's Deli right now. (drool ...)

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am (besides first):

-Hey Brookey, seriously...Your a "chick magnet". You should come in a spray.

-A Libyan dude gets released after serving 8 years for bombing a plane and killing 200+ people. That's only 6 more served on the yard than Mike Vick. Paint that picture amongst yourselves Picassos.

-Brett Favre? Come on man. This dude is quickly becoming the Victor Newman of the NFL...Wait, that's kinda gangster actually.

-I'm feelin' kinda froggish kids. Hop on this question:
Remember this rap song ad-lib? "Rouugggh!"
When did that die? Everybody said it in the 80's. But circa 1990, it just went 'el foldo'. Think about all the great songs that MC's included it.

You remember these lines...??
"Beat Street breakdown - ROUUGGGH!"

"Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under...ROUUGGHH!"

East coast MC's used this ad-lib to send an overt reminder that they were in fact killin' the song. Why this particular ad-lib died demands serious investigation. However, it gave birth to modern-day ad-libs such as Lil Jon's "YEAAAAHHHH" and of course, the crap-tastically magnificent "OOOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!!!"
Throw in these other ad-lib gems that today's MC's can't live without in the studio:

Young Jeezy - "That's Right!"
Lil Wayne - "Remix Baby!"
T.I - "Grand Hustle Pimp!!!!"

and who can hear a Jay-Z song without "YOUNG!!!!!" somewhere in there.

There are dozens of these little subliminal markers, and now that its on the table, you'll hear them in hip/hop and R&B songs everywhere. Thanks to "ROOOUUUGGGHHH"

Aside from this groundbreaking investigation, here's what DMoe's rockin today:

-Nina Simone/I got it bad (and that ain't good)
Nina Simone listening 101 starts here. Sultry, unsophisticated and flawed, but damn. She reaches me.

Ledisi/Say No.
My N.O homegirl has largely been below the R&B radar. Her 'blow-up balance' is seriously past due, and this latest CD is proof that she can keep things current.

Fabolous/Throw it in the bag (Remix feat Drake)
Certain songs grab me. They provide this euphoria that instantly switches my mood. I don't buy much rap these days, but this one's infectious and in constant rotation. Clever wordplay with a catchy bump to it. Love it.

-Portrait/Here we go again.
90's R&B classic. These one-hit wonders make me wanna grow a high-top fade and put on some Cross-Colours. I steered clear of both when it was the "in" thing.

-Horace Brown/Things we Do for Love.
Consider this an official APB for the whereabouts of this 90's R&B dude. The album had flavor, and included the hits "One for the Money" and "Tasty Love" among others. Whatever happened to him? Where is he now? If he changed your oil two weeks ago at the local Jiffy-Lube, tell us!

Ok, that's all.
Stay thirsty my friends.

Serena W. said...


I don't know. DMoe knows when to be on and exactly when! Hmmm.

Ms. Sophia is a beauty! My mom made a joke about me and my sister (that have different mothers/same father) that after looking at us together she felt as if she and my sisters Mom just showed up for the delivery because I look like my father and so does Shavonn.

Almost have week one of the new gig under my belt!

Oh yes I secured a 13 month full time with benefits contract at a nonprofit organization in DC! Wooo hooo! God os good.

Working on securing a part time contract too (stay tuned).

I'll be rolling to NYC this weekend again. Glad I have the strength to do so much back and forth.

Keep praying for Mommy. She's still in the hospital. I would do anything for her to feel better.

When this is all over I want her to come down here for a minute just to relax so I can take care of her. She deserves full restoration and healing.

Okay back to smiling again...

Brooke I love LL's joint you have on here!

I loved WTF Wednesday! So needed!

Yes a friend did say, "I don't do hospitals." The nerve! Wh would say that when your Mom or loved one is in the hospital.

Stop the madness!

Going to start running and dancing again next week.

Gotta love the guys hanging out the truck hitting on a sista! (As Nana worried when they don't notice you).

Brooke I guess that means the same for women hitting on you lol!

Hitting the pool and hot tub after work just to relax my mind since I'm traveling tomorrow.

Send traveling graces! At least I have a road dawg! My girl Renee and I are rolling together!

Already met the interesting one on my job (she's very interesting).

I smiled and kept it moving!

Annamaria what is this mommy makeover about?

Happy Birthday Mr. Maliek!

Serena W. said...

DMoe...did you go there and quote "Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under...ROUUGGHH!"

LOL!!! This is how I've been feeling lately..."Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge...I'm tryin' not to lose my head...ah ha ha ha!"

annamaria said...

Serena mama is in my prayers! When mom is feeling better you gotta come to NYC for a social visit.
Mommy makeover simple. In the hair salon getting a new do. I lost almost all of my baby weight. Just getting sexy for daddy.... Gotta keep his attention when baby's asleep :) besides its good for your mood & well being. No postpardum depression just fabulousness!

P.S. Sophia's shank & taser will arrive next week watch out bitches! She may look like her dad but she has her mommys personality!! :)

Serena W. said...

Thanks Annamaria. I literally come home, help Nana out, check on my baby sis who is severely autistic, do house work and spend the rest of the day with Mommy.

She's a fighter! (Heck she was rocking and rolling during the liberation movement). And still fights. This is where I get it from, hence I don't take no mess!

So thanks for your thoughts and when things are better I want to see Ms. Sophia and finally see you and Ms. Brooke!

Brooke said...


Why do you miss your ex THIS week?

V - I tried pastrami for the first time last week, and guess from where? Katz's Deli!!!!

I'm going back next week with Dana and Steve :)

A wrist phone??? Sounds HOT!! I'll be waiting patiently :)

By the way everyone, V is a genius!

Vintage sneaks from where?

I want some periwinkle or purple Chuck Taylors.

DMoe - you have to add "Take dat take dat" from Diddy :)

"Can't stop, cuz we won't stop!" :)

Serena, you and your mother are in my prayers. I'll be around this weekend if you need anything.

Congrats on the gig!

Annamaria, YOU are a hot bitch! You are SO FLY for getting a Mommy makeoever so you can stay right for Mr. Austin. He's a lucky bastard!

They make baby shanks and tasers? Watch out now!

AH said...

*sigh* OK....OK....I've been missing him for several's just gotten bad because someone put photos of him at an event and....yeah yeah yeah...feelings...still there. RAT BASTID! Happy thoughts...happy thoughts.

--See you on Saturday??? You too Serena??? and Pretty Ricky???

Serena W. said...

Nope I'll be in NYC Ms. April with Mom so I'll miss the DC Bar-b-que.

Oh yeah for everyone on here whether you're in DC/MD/VA or NYC/NJ, etc SU Alum in the DC area are having a fly bar-b-que.

I won't be there but wanted to put it out there! If you want more info on where and what time let me or someone who is going know :)

Missing the ex...ah April why! :(

One evening we need to go to happy hour for real in DMV with whomever else wants to go.

Brooke said...

I was thinking about heading down there, but that's such a long drive just to turn back around! I'll think about it.

Sorry about your ex, but it's HIS loss...LATER FOR HIM!!!

see...girlfriends always make you feel better :) LOL!!

Rameer said...

- That LL joint is THE ISH!!! Brings back so many memories...

- While waiting for my liveshot to begin and monitoring my network (ABC), I caught part of "The View", which I never watch. A relationship expert was talking about how hard it is for adult women to find mates, amongst other things. She had a few recommendations - (1) move. She said cities like LA, NYC, Boston, MIA are incredibly tough, and women should not be cemented to their cities.

The other thing that struck me - she said women have a better chance of finding a meaningful relationship and getting married from it when they're in LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS. Wow.

You may have to watch that clip and blog about that, Meryl...

- Speaking of Meryl...talked to her recently on the phone. I forget how sexy her damned voice is...that woman's vocal chords make you wanna melt...

- I don't watch "Dancing with The Stars". But MYA'S ON IT THIS SEASON?? Oh, I WILL catch some episodes...

- Witches Brew is the ISH...

- Shot a PSA with T.O. this afternoon. He actually did what I told him to do and didn't act like too much of a douchebag. But he was COMPLETELY into himself...and the crowd licking his boots didn't help.

- I'm having an AWFUL work week.

- There's some major hate going on this summer about the women I hang with. I've never seen people get UPSET cuz you hang with attractive women. WTF is THAT about??

- I'm gonna eat a bunch of chocolate tonight.

- I blame women for getting me to watch this damned "Real Housewives of ATL" crap. Oddly enough, I know a bunch of dudes who got sucked in by women, too.

- "Who Gon' Check Me Boo?!?" LMAO!!!

- I don't watch T.O.'s crappy reality show, but a friend told me supermodel Jessica White (she's from Buffalo) told T.O.'s crew to "Google Me" on the show and was DEAD SERIOUS?? LMAO!!! To seriously say that to someone is so arrogant it's HILARIOUS!

- I just bought a new sidekick on craigslist after I messed up the other one. Seriously - Craigslist is THE ISH. You can find ANYTHING on that joint.

- I been playing Gorillaz and 80's/early 90's Hip Hop lately...

- ANNAMARIA'S BABY IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Mind you, I think most babies are for me to say that...that lil' child is damn-near IMMACULATE!!!

- Really? Plaxico pleaded to two years for shooting himself, but NYC cops can still kill and harass Blacks and not even get suspended without pay?? F**K THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

- I LOVE my sister.

- People are awfully nosy on Facebook...

- I think I'm gonna buy myself some grapes tonight...YUM!

- And Riesling.

- I need to go on a diet. SOON.

- I'm gonna KILL heads in Fantasy Football this season. They have no idea...

- I'm going to lobby to play QB for the football team I play for. We only had two wins last year...both of the games I QB'd. Our MAJOR problem is lack of production from that position...and my arm is stronger and I'm more mobile than the current QB. He is more accurate on short to mid throws, however.

- I gotta go...these are the only Randoms I can post today! Take care!!!

annamaria said...

Rameer thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it!!! And coming from you and with what you said about thinking all babies are ugly it truly is a compliment! Miss Sophia thanks you also! :)

Georgia Peach said...

Congrats Annamaria on the baby! She truly is a gorgeous little baby! :)

- I'm glad it rained here today it was hot and I don't have a/c in my room

- I really miss being able to buy wash clothes. The europeans don't seem to use them, but have these little mit things instead. What's that about?

- I will finally get to open up my bank account tmrw! The appt is hella early tho 9 am.

- Go on Brooke pulling in all the hot women! At least they aren't scary looking women like the runner chic that's causing all the controversy. And don't anybody here say that she doesn't look masculine...I saw the pics and she is a bit mannish. Altho that is f'd up that they want to test her.

- Love ledisi...can't wait for her new album to come out!

- I ate a bunch of crap today...ugh really got to work on this diet thing over here. All they have is pasta!

-I really need to buckle down and study, but I really don't want's just too damn nice relaxing and not worrying about anything.

- It's almost 10:15 pm here I think I'm going to bed soon.

- I am homeless for the next 11 days...I really need to get off my booty and find a temp place to stay... I really want to travel, but I'm stuck in the country until I get my residence card straightened out... This means I can't travel until Christmas break.

- I think my body clock likes it here in Europe...I sleep much better since I moved.

- @ Rameer- Damn we gotta move to other cities to find a man. maybe Europe will help a sista find a man. Jeez! That sounds awfully depressing.

- I haven't found a black beauty shop over here yet but I'm still lookin...

- I wonder why the Europeans serve drinks, water etc with no ice and at damn near room temp. What is that about?

That's it for thoughts are pretty scattered today...hmmmm

Brooke said...

Thank you Rameer, maybe I need to find a side hustle as "Girl 6"

Been crazy busy at work today, people stopping by my desk. The only visit I didn't mind was Monica :)

Rameer, don't count me out of Fantasy Football just yet. Once I figure it all out, watch out!

I didn't have to watch no damn View to know NYC is a tough town to find a man in. Shit, I should'a gave that chick my number. It's getting THAT bad out here! Really!

But I will blog about it tho. 70% of Black women are single. What is THAT about? As fly as we are? That's pure fuckery to me.

I watched my first ep. of RHOA and couldn't believe the buffoonery. But at the same time, I didn't turn away from it. Haven't watched it since tho.

"Who Gon' Check Me Boo" is still the funniest phrase ever. It's right up there with "Danger Smashed the Homies" and "Crack is Wack." :)

So long distance huh Rameer? I'm in Queens, you're in like my voice...jus sayin ;)

Brooke said...

oh, and Georgia Peach will come back with a Eurpean man :) Watch!

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