Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'm off from work today, but I'll still be checking in here and let's go!

- Annamaria had a beautiful baby girl yesterday - and NOT on Barack Obama's birthday as I had previously implied. She just didn't wanna come out! Sophia Michele was born on August 5th at 1:21 pm - 5 lbs, 14 oz, 19 inches. Mommy and baby are doing well. Congratulations Annamaria and Austin! Many blessings to all of you!

- Feels good to sleep in.

- Last night Liz permed my hair. She is so short she had to climb on top of the counter to wash my hair in the kitchen sink :-) Her boyfriend offered to take a picture of that, but we'd both have to kill him if he did :-)

- I hate it when I brush my teeth before drinking my morning orange juice - minty orange juice is nasty! yuk!

- I have to buy a different kind of cat food today - my cat doesn't like the kind I bought and he keeps throwing it up :-(

- I don't feel like washing my clothes in a laundromat. I usually do it at my sister's house, but since they're in Morocco I have to break down and go. I think I got a bit spoiled.

- Finally, the heat is here! But it's been sticky the past couple should be a very nice day though.

- Tonight is Georgia Peach's (Gleana's) going away party. I can't believe she's moving to Belgium to go to grad school, but I'm super excited for her! It's going to be a life changing experience I think!

- I need to have my rugs cleaned.

- I wish I had a house.

- 600 thread count sheets are the best. 1000 must feel AMAZING!

- I'm gonna miss Annamaria on the blog, but I'm so happy for her and her baby girl! :-)




THATgirl said...

FIRRRRST BITCHES!!!! I'm on a roll!

Serena W. said...

Best wishes to you Glee! Be well and safe travels.

Heading to NYC as we speak to see my mommy and take care of her. She's in the hospital.

Thank God her vitals are good. A nasty pnemonia and infection. Pray for her.

Heard a sermon on, "How to survive the storm" right on point and it was just for young adults.

Annamaria and Austin congrats! I saw pics of the lil bambino. Muy bonita!!!!

Who is going to tase people now?

Serena W. said...

THATgirl, if you don't post a comment soon I know who will tase you. The King of Soul Siesta...Pretty Ricky! Lol!

THATgirl said...

*Congrats to Annamaria!!

*Where do animals get the nerve to throw up the food you give them, not eat food they don't like, etc.? They know you're gonna give them something else if they don't like it, but GEEEEZ! People will make their kids go to bed hungry, but not their animals. Back home, my dog would have the nerve to see wet food (which she hated), walk off, and continue to check sporadically to see if her food had been replaced. She wouldn't eat until it was.

*I went to a public laundromat for the first time on Monday. I drove to three different ones, looking in the window for more desireable company. When I finally settled on one, I chickened out. I just went in and got quarters, lugged ALL my dirty clothes back in the crib, and used the laundry room downstairs in my building. Being a country girl in the city is hard.

*I need some high thread count sheets...gotta see what I'm missing.

*I have a sprained ligament or tendon in my foot. The doctor tried to put me on crutches. I looked at him like he was crazy. I walked out with a bandage and a big shoe--which I refuse to wear as well.

*Who gets a pedicure before going to get their injured foot checked out? I had to--it had been almost 2 weeks, and I didn't want the doctor subjected to less than cute feet. The x-ray tech told me how cute my toes were though-so it was worth it.

*I'm going home this weekend for a little bit. I haven't seen my parents in over a month--which I really think is the longest I've been without seeing them in my entire life.

*I've been sleeping like crazy the past week or so. Each night this past weekend I slept about 10 hours, and I've been getting a good 7 each night. I think it's only making me sleepier.

*Brooke, I forgot what the blog topic was I was thinking about. It will come back to me though.

Keefe said...

-My babies went to Jersey yesterday and I miss them.

-Today is a rainy and dreary day. I want to go to sleep.

-Since my wife is in Jersey, who is going to take the blame for turning to the "Real Housewives of ATL" tonight? I can't let the fellas know I watch that show. ;-)

-Why do parents use "toddler" words in adult conversation? Example: Yesterday, while in a business meeting, I annouce: "Let's take a 15 min POTTY break!" - - - - WTF!!!

-I wonder what I would do if my daughters became pigeons.

More thoughts later. I gotta potty. Damn ... I mean I have to use the restroom.

-V- said...

- My niece in the OC is named Sophia.

- Any thread count over 400 actually sacrifices how long the sheets will last.

- Anything over 1000 is a con.

- Excited to get Eagles tix for their game in San Diego and a lot of my cousins are flying in!

- Got pulled over for driving with my windshield down ... let off with a warning.

- I'm making 6-hr ribs this weekend (drool ...)

- 5411's (from yesterday) had me crackin' up!

- I miss NYC.

momo925 said...

Congrats Annamaria!! I miss her tasing people lol.

I wish I could have slept in today.

I ran 3 miles this morning and I am DRAINED! I haven't been this tired in forever. I almost fell asleep while driving into work this good.

I really REALLY want a bagel right now! I need CARBS! BROOKE HELP ME! lol

I'll miss Brooke at lunch today.

I'm looking forward to picking up my wetsuit today after work. It makes me feel like I really am going to do this triathlon...oh wait I am.

For those of you who haven't donated's not too late!

If even 100 people (who read this blog) donate $5 each...thats $500 to help someone suffering from cancer. Think about it :-)

If any threadcount over 400 sacrifices how long the sheets will last, I guess I'll be buying sheets more often. I'd rather that, than sleeping on what feels like sandpaper.

6 hour ribs sound DEEEEELICIOUS! Can I have some? lol

Brooke said...

A con? Really? But they feel so good!

ah well...good to know, thanks V!

6 hour ribs??? I want some!

Lisa is on a roll being first! Take care of that foot!

Serena, I hope your mother gets well soon.

And yes, Annamaria's baby is adorable!!

Keefe, talk like an ADULT! :)

Cynthia said...

- Trying to make a list of the restaurants i want to visit before "restaurant week" ends on labor day..

- tomorrow's pay day..

- got 2 letters from my booboo at camp, and one is about the "good looking girls" that like him..

- want my own reality show, seems like anyone can get one these days why not me...

- its brick in my office, i like it.

- if i have to do anything extra for the social culture committee and the damn labor day parade imma scream.

- need a new radio station to listen to from 2-5.. suggestions..

- what do we think of whitney's new song? eehh, i guess its ok.. I mean I know we wont get back the old whitney, but eeh, i'll still support..

- flip flops are the best.. but mess up your feet..

- im a big girl and I know my place with clothes, should the state secretary send out a memo/what not to wear clothes guide to the big girls of the world, cause really, this is ridiculous..

- it's august 6 ya'll, everything is back to school.. more money to spend..

- Why is family drama never ending.. then we wouldnt be a functional dysfunctional family.. got it..

- MANNN, GREECE is SUPER expensive... But got a GREAT site for those 18-35s that wish to visit..

- Wish I could fix all my mommys problems..

- Want an entire new wardrobe..

- Want lipo, tummy tuck and trainer..

- went to ed's lobster bar last night, pretty good, having leftovers for lunch.. yummy

- i feel very boring today..

- fried fish at mom's on sunday.. woohoo.. yummy..

- just printed a list of shows i want to see before they go away:
- Ruined
- marvelous wonderettes
- perfect crime
- hip-nosis (for the kids)
- the temperamentals (new word for gay btw)
- a lifetime burning
-menopause the musical
-the gazillion bubble show (kids)
-fuerza bruta (not sure yet, but im intrigued)
- in the heights

- why cant i dvr more than 2 shows that run at the same time, wth do i do.. good ol' VCR gonna have to come out..

- Lina from Miami Social makes me ILL..

- love random thoughts thursday, i cant spit out all the crap in my head...

- gotta go, boss is coming to talk more kaka.. be right back.. well i'll try..

- hiiiiii brooke and friends...

Brooke said...

Monica, put the bagel DOWN!!

Oh, and I weighed myself this morning and I'm down another 2 lbs! woo-hoo!

Might be water weight tho since I'm over here sweating like a slave! :(

I'll miss you at lunch today too!

Triathlon will be here before you know it, get that wet suit girl!

Hi Cynthia!

Give me a chef, a maid and a trainer and I'd be GOOD!

Anonymous said...

hello everyone!!!

-it's been too finally getting back into my groove...

-serena: i am making a batch of the shea body butter this weekend...i have to search for my "secret" ingredient...the place i normally get it from closed.

*shakes fist at the sky*

curse you recession!!!

-yes, i permed Brookes hair last night and YES i had to get on top on the counter in order to reach her head (she's too damn tall!!). at first i was on the step ladder...but that didnt quite work! >(

-i saw a guy working in Cosi this morning when i went to get breakfast who looked like a lighter, younger version of chris brown. this a part of his parole?? lol

-my dog is so well behaved!! i love him. he's so big but he is a complete teddy bear!

-serena: your mom and family are in my thoughts and prayers!

-thatgirl: i was born in

-my 10 year highschool reunion is this month...ask me why i am going again?? i really dont even know...that's what facebook is for!

Anonymous said...

more thoughts:

-my left contact is bothering me...

-i saw ruined...AWESOME SHOW!!!! i wouldn't mind seeing it again. i also got the $75 tickets for &45. Thank you PLUM benefits!!

-i have a restaurant week booklet here at my desk. i had a 2lb lobster for $10 in bk 2 weeks ago...mmmmm

Brooke said...

I'm not too tall Liz, you're too short :)

cynthia said...

- elizabeth, if you join (i think its like $35 a year), the ruined tix are $24.. tdf is good for frequent theater goers..

- my sis amanda told me she enjoyed it VERY much...

Anonymous said...

-brooke: only tall people think i am too short!!!!

-cynthia:thanks for the tip! i'll definitely check it out!

Brooke said...

only short people think I'm too tall ;-)

Georgia Peach said...

lmao @ thought of liz perming brooke's hair up on the counter.

@brooke & serena- thanks ladies. I am very excited, overwhelmed, happy, stressed... all at the same time! Overall overjoyed tho that I am finally getting to live in Europe!

- I'm still selling my living room furniture- landlord and her friends backed out on me Tuesday. If you live in the NYC area let me know if you're interested, I happen to think it's a very nice set.

- Congrats to Annamaria, lil sophie & Austin (i think). I predicted she'd give birth today - missed it by 1 day.

- I'm very excited about my party tonight.

- LMAO @ ThatGirl's story about the laundromat. I send mine out b/c going just makes me crazy. Weird people, dirty machines. Too damn much for me.

- Egyptian cotton sheets are the way to go. Love'm

- Totally agree @ Cynthia about flipflops. I live in them but have to scrub my feet when i get home after walking like an hour.

- Thinking of having a stoop sale this weekend.

- Congrats@ Momo for reaching 40% of your goal. It'll happen for you.

@ Serena - sorry to hear about your mom. Will def send up a prayer for her.

- Does anyone have any thoughts on the Blackberry 8900 vs 8320? I'm thinking about getting an unlocked one and not sure which is best. Could also get an 8110, but someone said the full keyboard is better.

- I have serious ADD...I can't focus for the life of me and I really need to get started studying.

- my to-do list is a million miles long. I'm getting things crossed off, but doing that just adds one more thing to the list.

- Woo sah...

Ok that's it for me for now.

THATgirl said...

elizabeth- I'm from a little county in Virginia called New Kent. We have 3 stoplights, no streetlights, and an abundance of deer, opossum, and other animals that don't value their lives enough to not jump in front of your car.

Serena W. said...

Thanks for the prayers everyone!

Momo eat those need them (don't listen to Brooke).

So happy you are almost at your goal. Have a fundraising party/happy hour. Drunk people five a lot of loot :)

Glee have the stoop sale girl! Moving is so tiresome.

On the Greyhound and I'm starving. Wouldn't mind a rest stop now to eat.

So far no traffic! Amen!

Liiiiizzzzzz! Where have you been?

Oh wait, the busdriver heard my cry! We're at a rest stop! BRB!

Serena W. said...

I was so hungry I couldn't spell. I meant to say Momo that drunk people give a lot. Not five :)

Have a mean bus driver. Old guy who said this rest stop is for me. When you see me heading back then get on or you'll get left.

Can we say ill!

I have a lot of funny stories to share with my mother.

Poor thing is so fatigued. They found fluid trapped in her left lung which led to walking pnemoenia :( geez.

Can't wait to see her. This bus ride seems like its taking forever.

I love the potty break comment. I used tinkle a few times after spending time with the kids in my fam.

Liz I moved sweetie, back on the east so when you make that batch I'll shoot you my addy. My jar is done :(

And just how short are you? Lol.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Although I want to Tase Thatgirl... I think I like her!!! LMAO The part about having to get her toes done before she went to get her foot done is classic!!!

Anonymous said...

hi everybody

First before I write anything i must say HIIIIIIII Brooke I miss you so much!!!! How are things? Once again facebook is down and so is the magic jack!!!! Damn this place is not made for communication!!!!! who ever heard of a prepaid home phone that is just ridiculous!!!! And the only way I can access your blog is through my blog what is that all about? anywho all are well and brahim is doing good with his potty training....your kyce though is in rare form....i mean this boy can not listen!!! and he is determined to do what he wants!!!!! whos child is this? he was told not to go on the steps cause they were washing them )and you remmember I busted my ass last year and my back has never been the same) and I caught him seeking to go down were laila was...i mean actually looking over his shoulder and what know i was happy to bust his ass.....i darkened him up for you....he said he has to get tan for you. LOL and everttime we pass the ocean he says Auntie is on the other side.....and I am tom and jerry out!!!! Poppy's MRI came out fine hejust need to stop sniff that ooooh weee. sike its really tobacco that they sniff insead of smoke....

Now that you are updated congrats annamaria....what was 5lbs waiting to come out for. she must be a petite girl cause I would have sneezed out 5bls LOL

we finally rented a car cause the bus and taxi were getting tired, but my husbands brother has to drive us everywhere cause neither one of us can drive a stick shift. but bus how we still tell people that we have to go cause we have to get the bus before its late....then Driss picks us up around the corner LOL

Well tell mommy i said hello!!!! and I will try to call you soon!!!!


Yolanda said...

Ok, I'm crazy late. That's what 24 hours in California then back to DC will do to you. Body clock is all jacked up. Anybody need a good TV producer? I'm ready to bounce?
These people don't appreciate me.

Anyway, on to my Friday wee hours random thoughts.

-Congrats to Taser Momma! Such a beautiful name...Sophia!

-Serena, praying for your Mom.

-I don't 'do' anything under 300 on the sheets. I'm grown, own my own isht and I work hard... sleep is very important to me... Pillows, eyeshades whatever. I sleep like Whitley Gilbert. Monogrammed sheets and all. Haaa. We all deserve good sheets and good towels. At least that's what Oprah says! But don't go overboard 1000 or 1500 count is just crazy. I've always heard they aren't worth it.

-I saw a guy friend I hadn't seen since last month. I INHALED him, literally. To smell a man, a good smelling man... Woooooo!

-I bought a dress on eBay that I've been stalking. I have no clue if it will fit. But the crack diet will continue to get in that dress. It's strapless, silver and hot fiyah!

-I love the Wendy Williams show. She talked about knee sweat and how it would embarass her if it stained her satin. Who admits that on TV? I love her with her size 11 shoes! Big foot girls unite!

-I still want a dog. I thought about my Shadow yesterday and almost cried. I miss him so much. I look at his picture everyday. He's my phone screensaver.

-I LOVE a man and can't tell him. Sigh! But he has to know.

-I need someone to hop on my sink and put chemicals in my hair. My perm date isn't til next week.

-I've never been much of a Kappa girl but perhaps I will become one this weekend :-)... Yes, with my nappy head and all.

-Maxwell is coming back to DC this October. Would seeing him 3 times in 11 months qualify me as a stalker? (Ask me if I care!)

-Does anyone know ANY man who has taken that penis enhancer pill? Does it actually work? I'm curious. Who will admit it?

-I've already picked out my wedding ring and put it on my vision board. Does that make me wierd?

Good night...til tomorrow!

Brooke said...

Hey everyone,

Sorry I didn't chime in more!

Nicole, I love and miss you guys too!

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