Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Let's get right to it shall we?

- I'm feeling Maxwell's new song...HOT! Glad he's back!

- I've been wanting Doritos for the past couple weeks, but I've resisted.

- I really need to get my knees operated on. It's affecting my workouts.

- I'm going to braid my hair for DR, which is just as well considering I can't get it to do a damn thing lately. It definitely hasn't been bouncin' and behavin'!

- My free premium channels are going to expire soon :(

- All this rain is really getting on my damn nerves.

- I'm still in need of a really good kiss...I think that'll make me feel good :)

- I read a Yahoo article that said men consider kissing more intimate than sex - very interesting! Is that why no one offered to give me a good kiss? :)

- I need to drink more water.

- ...and eat more fruit.

- Still haven't seen The Soloist or Wolverine...but I have screening passes for Tom Hanks' new movie. Need to handle that.

- Someone please remind me to pay my student loan :-)



Anthony Otero said...

First BITCHES...Tase this!

Anthony Otero said...

- Graduation Weekend starts today which means to Star Trek for me...
- My boss brought in the most non healthy donuts she could not going there
- Doctor told me to cut down on coffee before my bladder dies...
- Twitter is way too addicting
- Coming to NYC at the end of the month

Anthony Otero said...

oops...i meant NO Star Trek for me....the lack of coffee is effecting me already...

AND i am the FIRST 3 Post...BITCHES!

NightFall914 said...

"I read a Yahoo article that said men consider kissing more intimate than sex"

I would agree with that....and just saw Wolverine last nite.

Brooke said...

So why would a man conside kissing more intimate than inserting his member into someone? That seems odd to me...break it down!

Annamaria said...

1. Ant is going to get tased in his no caffeine having state. Talk about a bad day!! LMAO

2. I haven't had coffee all week cause I've had a cold all week & I've been trying to avoid anything with milk in it cause it just makes me congested. SOOOO not a happy camper.

3. I HAD A WONDERFUL MASSAGE YESTERDAY!!! Bliss spa is great & I love my baby for getting me my gift cert!!

4. Since I feel like crap I am completely unmotivated to do anything even though I have a million things to do.

5. This lil girl is KICKING me alll the time now I may kick her back when she comes out...

6. Although I think her daddy is quite handsome she better look like me after all the work I put in! LOL

7. Brooke just blog the cable guy & get a few more months of premium channels

8. This rain is affecting my mood & I really don't like it.

9. I'm running out of random thoughts

10. I had a really good one yesterday but NOW I can't think of it..

Anonymous said...

kissing requires you to be face to face..eye contact...intimacy = upper head = mind. like a is slow and passionate..then hard and fast..however it is an expression of the lower head...lust. which is just a physical neccesity for men. we are enslaved by testosterone and therefore have to and love to "procreate". I guess what i am trying to say is Kissing is by choice not by is a desire from the heart not a demand from the flesh.

Brooke said...

well alrighty broke it down so it can forever and consistently be broke :)

But a slave to testosterone - YIKES! For just one day...not even a day, I'd like to know what that feels like. Sounds so animalistic! LOL! Thanks for the explanation!

Annamaria is sick, pregnant and hormonal with no caffeine and a taser - watch out!

Maliek said...

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I have had a damn snippet of "pretty wings" since mid last year. I have waited so long for that song to come out that I was annoyed by the time that it did. LOL.

Anyway, since this is Random Thoughts Thursday, I had a crazy random thing happen to me last night:

I try to keep my body in good shape so I normally drink a ridiculous amount of water. It's normal for me to wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Why did I have a dream that I had woken up, got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom to pee? I even remember turning on the light and the light hurting my eyes, lifting the seat and everything. It was one of those good pees too!!! You know the kind where there is actual bliss. It lasted for damn near two minutes. (I'm just estimating.) Then I woke up like, "Oh Shit!!!" Thankfully I had not peed the bed as if I was 3 years old but the dream was so vivid that I am actually impressed with myself that I had not ruined my memory foam mattress. I got up, peed like a grown man and started my day.

How is that for random????

Georgia Peach said...

I had to jump on to share some of my random thoughts today...

1) I'm sort of excited about star trek

2) I agree that kissing is more intimate than sex...don't ask me why, but i do.

3) I have been in budget hell for the past week. I'm so over crunching numbers. I'm a marketing person, not finance.

4) I wish the sun would come out...

5) I'm hungry already...thinking about lunch right now

6) I wish that work was a little more quiet so that I could get some of my personal stuff done

7) I'll be back I lost all my random thoughts, sensory overload

8) oh Annamaria I love massages from Bliss too although lately I prefer reiki treatments to massages...

Brooke said...

Maliek, that was more like TMI Tuesday than Random Thoughts Thursday :) I just KNEW you were gonna say you peed the bed :) I've had dreams like that and caught myself in the nick of time too!

Glee, it'll all get done...but I feel you, I'm about to run into a quick meeting right now!

Anonymous said...

i MISSED you guys!!! It's been soo busy for me!

Brooke, pay your student loan!

1) I have gotten more compliments on my eyes now that my hair is pulled back.

2) It’s going to stay pulled back for most of the summer…it’s too hot!

3) But I am wearing my hair out today.

4) Leonard’s friends Kahlel and Nicholette are having another baby…they make pretty babies.

5) My sister is going to have a black-a-nese baby with her future husband. Granted, she isn’t even pregnant but I just know…she’s black, he’s Japanese, there you go.

6) I miss my mom.

7) Julie’s birthday is tomorrow.

8) I love the scent from Bath & Body Works called “Velvet Tuberose”. Mmmmm.

9) Earlier this week I was walking down the street and I saw a black man being kicked out of the corner store by the Arab owner. The black man used the n-word to insult the owner, as a term of endearment for his friend who was with him, and as an adjective: “Yo my n**! This n** right here is a f$%&ing N**!!!!” SMDH

10) After watching VH1’s “100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs” I opened my vault…I have been listening to “Juicy”, “C.R.E.A.M.”, “Cha-Cha-Cha”, “Ladies First”, and “Check the Rhime” in steady rotation.

11) If you don’t know who K’naan is, you have to go pick his album up. He is the TROOF! (yeah, I spelled it right, t-r-o-o-f!).

12) I am so tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian and her ass. I have seen better, I have seen worse but just because she is a WHITE girl with an ass like that, the media worships her. Moving on…

13) I need a new book to read.

14) 90 people get swine flu and everyone goes nuts buying face masks and hand sanitizer. MILLIONS of people have AIDS / HIV and people still fuck without condoms??? I don’t get the logic…

15) Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis when I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this. 50 inch screen, money green leather sofa Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur.

16) I think it’s kind of funny that they have now posted instructions on how to wash your hands in the women’s bathroom…didn’t your mother teach you that when you were four??

17) This I keep getting the KFC coupon from all of my friends and I can’t help but wonder…why did Oprah endorse this? Seems like a step backwards…

18) Our Australian affiliate did a show called “I Can’t Stop Masturbating” – Australia is really out there.

19) The former VP of my department had to do a presentation afterwards…when she got to the podium, she said “I can’t believe I have to come after ‘I Can’t Stop Masturbating’”. Wait for it…wait for it…now you got it!

20) Facebook can ruin your life.

21) A bunch of my former co-workers from WWF NY are having a reunion in August. It would be nice to see them again.

22) I have to call Rosalee.

23) I FINALLY found my sister Nicole!! I am so happy!

24) I’m going to ATL this weekend.

25) Someone from our London office is here this week and is sitting in the cube next to me…I just like hearing him speak…

26) My sister applied for Graduate school…keep your fingers crossed for her!

27) PLEASE keep me in your prayers too. I just got a checkup and I tested positive for being THE SHIT!! They say it’s from being allergic to haters.

28) Tell me my hair ain’t luxurious when you know it is!!!

29) My new favorite scent from Bath & Body Works is Velvet Tuberose…mmmm

30) I want a new cell phone – any suggestions for Verizon?

31) I can no longer afford my current cable – I need to downgrade.

32) Despite what your other said, there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

33) I love Keith Olbermann

34) I hate Rush Limbaugh

35) Organized religion scares me.

36) Gay marriage should be legal and I will be more than HAPPY to debate why with anyone.

37) There is a girl on my floor who is BEYOND pathetic. Don’t ask for advice, not take it, and then come back to me with bullshit!

38) Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one!

39) I miss Salt-N-Peppa…None of Your Business was my shit!

40) I love my boy.

41) You may have thought that was corney but I don’t care!

42) I can spend hours on Wikipedia.

43) …and Perez Hilton.

44) Sometimes you feel like a nut…

45) I’m hungry.

46) I want a honey bun.

47) I need a nice going out shirt.

48) Kanye West’s girl Amber is one of the few women that can rock a buzz cut and not look like a straight up dude.

49) Why do some celebrities only smile with their mouths closed? Like they lower their heads and do the half smile looking up…its not cute, they seem to look possessed.

50) I am going to make a conscious effort to hate on Beyonce less this year (stifling giggles) I’m serious!

51) I’m still in shock about Mel Gibson’s divorce but what I am really surprised about is how just three weeks after filing he paraded his new jump off to the Wolverine premiere! smdh

52) Amy Winehouse is a hot mess!!!!

53) I need to get my nails done.

54) I am going to start following The Huffington Post on Twitter.

55) Twitter is going to put a lot of PR people out of business…

56) I still haven’t gotten my mommy anything for Mothers Day.

57) Yes, I still call her mommy.

58) Reality shows have taken over…sitcoms with real “actors” are few and far between.

59) Squeaky noises annoy me.

60) Why are elevator people so rude? You see me, you look DEAD IN MY FACE and let the elevator go…sheesh!

61) I saw a man this morning who looks just like Billy Dee Williams!

62) Why do newscasters always find the most IG’NENT mo ‘fo to talk about a situation in the community?

63) It’s humid outside.

64) I love my lava lamp in my cube.

65) I did my own manicure last night…I cut my nails because they were getting too long and I can’t afford to go to the nail salon…I need to prepare myself for her wrath when she sees the mess I did!

66) My hands are dry…I need lotion.

67) Why can’t people understand that no means no? Someone approached me on the train trying to recruit me for some new business of his. I said no thank you and he kept on and on! Then he wanted to know my name. I wouldn’t tell him and he KEPT ON! No is pronounced the same in at least 6 different languages! GO AWAY!

68) I need a new book to read.

69) I need to pay my renter’s insurance for the month.

70) I hate bills.

71) I ironed my shirt last night and it’s was wrinkled by the time I got to work…damn.

72) I want an iPod Touch but I am not willing to spend $350 for only 32 gigs of memory.

73) I think I may reach 100 random thoughts! Go me!

74) Honey Bunches of Oats is the SHIT!!! So is Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

75) I hope FOX brings back “The Sarah Conner Chronicles”. Yeah, it got silly for a minute but it got better as the season continued.

76) I still can’t believe that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are still together!

77) Have you ever laughed so hard it paralyzes you? Whenever I laugh really hard – I mean REALLY hard, there is this weird sound that comes out of me, almost like a quacking duck…I don’t want to revisit that.

78) (singing) Spring is in the air. Everywhere I look around!

79) Ella Fitzgerald’s version of “Fever” is still the best hands down – NO ONE can touch it!

80) Don’t get me wrong, I love Ciara but I’m not feeling the song “Love, Sex, Magic”…her voice can cut glass when she hits those high notes.

81) Every time it rains, the SAME WOMAN asks me for an umbrella…is she selling them on ebay??

82) I haven’t been on MySpace for the longest time…it’s all about facebook now!

83) I believe in the Secret.

84) i am excited about my friend Julie’s b-day party next weekend.

85) I better NOT get anything on my white shirt today!

86) I brought my lunch…I need to save money.

87) I’m drinking peach green tea…it’s quite yummy!

88) The gym is calling me…I’ll answer soon.

89) I can’t wait for warmer weather so that Leo and I can ride our bikes in Prospect Park.

90) I want to try the paddle boats there as well.

91) I wonder who is going to be at their concert series this year?

92) I am going to go online to see the movies in Bryant Park this summer.

93) I heard that they are moving Fashion Week from Bryant Park to Central Park…or was it Lincoln Center?

94) Wynton Marsallis had a concert recently at Lincoln Center…I’m mad that I missed it.

95) Did you know that you can pay a dollar and still get into the Museum of Natural History? That $15 entrance fee is a SUGGESTION. Might I suggest paying one buck!

96) I’m going to a design function tonight…thank goodness it’s in Brooklyn.

97) WHY ARE THEY remaking “The Karate Kid” AND ‘Nightmare on Elm Street”??? These are CLASSICS! Has Holly-WEIRD run out of ideas?

98) I think Cameron Diaz looks like a duck when she smiles.

99) Since Michael Savage is a founder of Rocstar Energy drink, I DEFINITELY wont ever buy it. If you don’t know who he is, he is the hate monger homophobe who went on a tirade last month blaming gays and lesbians for pretty much all that's wrong in society. Also, he attacked autistic children and their families on his radio show last year.

100)Why oh why did Cassie shave her head???

Annamaria said...

Pregnancy makes you wake up & pee all damn night soooo I totally understand those dreams.

I wanna see Star Trek even though I have never seen anything remotely Trek related. I actually wanna see a few movies... I gotta make an effort & go

I watched The Strangers on cable the other day. DAMN that movie was freaky.. It's been a while since a movie scared me..LOL

momo925 said...

yaaye this is the first time in a long time I have been able to comment on Brooke's blog! so woo hooo to me! lol

hmm ant does are there ever really any healthy donuts? lol

I saw wolverine last weekend and I thought it was AWESOME!

Ana maria I hate the rain too and I'm jealous of your massage! lol

Haven't listened to the maxwell joint yet, but as soon as I pop my headphones I'm good to go.

It's STILL freezing in this office

my nose is itching...DAMN you allergies!

I need a manicure...brooke? whats good? mani's at lunch? lol

I wish it was 6 o' clock already.

I refuse to start twittering...its juste one more online site I will be addicted to. I have enough going on between facebook and myspace lol.

Annamaria said...

Liz is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the shiznit. I have to say I laughed out loud at most of them.
I agree with you on most of them too.

By the way why did that KFC coupon cause KFC to run out of chicken... HOW CAN A CHICKEN PLACE RUN OUT OF CHICKEN???LMAO That is your sole purpose in life

Brooke said...

I know right!? That's like Mickey D's running out of fries! SMH.

DAMN LIZ!! You came back with a vengeance! You must have been collecting random thoughts all week! I have to go back and read them again cuz like Annamaria, alot of them had me laughing out loud. :) Especially the "I can't come after "why can't I stop masturbating...wait for it, wait for it" one :)

Now I have Biggie in my head. It replaced "Two Ocassions" after Pop posted that video on FB.

I have a Twitter account, but just can't seem to get into it. I guess I have no real info to share. I can post the link to my blog and that's about it. Anything more and then I just feel like I'm being too full of myself :)

And I agree with you about Swine flu and people still f*cking without condoms...really? Your main concern is Swine Flu? Whatever.

MoMo is back too! Yay! And I need to go to Hallmark at some point today to get a gang of Mother's Day cards for all the mothers in my life. So it's either mani and Hallmark and no eating? Not sure how that's gonna go down :)

Why do I get so mad when someone asks me a work related question in the middle of my commenting on my blog? :)

Anonymous said...

i am surprized that people weren't holding KFC hostage singing "no justice, no 2 piece!!"

i cant take credit for that...i got that off the internet! lol

Anonymous said...

@ brooke, i started on Tuesday...i figured that so many thoughts pop in my head and i would NEVER rememeber them on thursday! :-)

Brooke said...

Liz, you are on a ROLL today! LOL!! "no justice, no piece" I like that :)

Maybe I should start writing my randoms down, I'll try to think of 100 ones for next week :)

Annamaria said...


I actually bought thank you cards for the mommy's in my life. I want to sit down & write them each a lil thank you note for their impact in my life & how they are going to help me with my lil one... Besides in these tough economic times. A 10 pack of Target thank you cards is cheaper than individual Hallmark cards..LOL

I am having lunch with my mommy, sister in laws & my best friend on Saturday for mother's Day.

Annamaria said...

Can I just say that my best friend is one of the most wonderful, selfless people I know. I couldn't imagine being pregnant without her support. She's been excellent. That was another random thought.

BUT WHY did these cops think we were a pregnant lesbian couple yesterday when we left the spa??? LMAO

Brooke said...

How do you know they thought that? What did they say? That's funny :)

I haven't seen my "girlfriend" in the gym since she hit on me. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Another random thought: can you believe that certain members of the Mormon Church went ahead and had President Barack Obama's late mother, who was Catholic, posthumously baptized last June????


Annamaria said...

Cause they looked at us & asked US what WE were having???? LMAO

The funny thing is she is Port Authority cop & thought they were going to try to do a bag check on her sooo she was waiting to pull out her badge & be like
SO she just laughed said it was a girl & looked at me & said let's hurry up I gotta get home to my husband! LOL

Rameer said...

- I don't believe in gay marriage. Being that all marriage ceremonies began and are rooted in religion, and there is NO RELIGION that defines it as anything other than a union between a man and a woman, I don't agree solely based off that - and I'm not even religious. I'm SPIRITUAL (there's a difference). However, I DO believe gay couples should be afforded the same rights as other couples. I just think that people want to defend changing the definition and origin of marriage.

- One of life's great mysteries to me - why women (I don't know or haven't experienced guys who do this) will disagree with you, and then go up to one of your best or close friends to make their case. Um...they're MY BEST FRIEND! even if they see your point, they're NOT going to take your side or turn against me!

- I'm making crabcakes for dinner tonight.

- People need to get over the physical Lakers-Rockets game last night. It's playoff basketball - that game was nothing compared to ANY Knicks or Heat playoff game from the 90's.

- Have I ever mentioned I HATE many of my co-workers' habits?? Cuz I do...

- I cut my co-host from my show last week...and now the bitch is proving herself to be VERY crazy in her reaction...

- SCREW STAR TREK. I won't bother just cuz the trailer shows Kirk making Uhura his "chocolate fantasy". I don't get down with that ish in movies, cuz it's lopsided - every woman of color swoons to white men, but you can barely get any script greenlit showing a man of color with a white woman romantically.

- SCREW Twitter. I ain't doin' that ish.

- I LOVE Prince's 2nd disc in his new Triple CD pack...

- Brooke continues to flaunt her cheating ways in my face. ***cues Ne-Yo's "You Don't Love Me"***

- Am I the only person who had that full Maxwell song FOREVER it seems?? How come everyone only had a snippet??

- I may come to NYC in June. MAYBE.

- I understand why women don't like the Lakers and/or Kobe Bryant - but the male haters?? Hmmm...sounds like a Day 26 situation in many cases...

- Speaking of Day 26 - really?? This is what passes for R&B nowadays???

- Reality TV is out of control - and I'm hooked on some of it. RW/RR Challenge on MTV has always been my ish...

- Coffee is YUCK.

- I got work to do...I'll holla!!

Brooke said...

Coffee IS nasty, never liked it.

But my nephews LOVE it! Should children like the taste of coffee? Ewww! Maybe they like it cuz my sister doesn't drink regular coffee, she drinks French Vanilla with a bunch of cream and sugar in it, so maybe that's why they like to taste it.

Rameer, what cheating ways?? You know I'm strictly dickly...even tho you won't give me none ;) LOL!

I have no interest in seeing Star Trek, but I did get my Terminator screening pass today - I'll check that out instead :)

-V- said...

– It's about time Maxwell came back, my sex music is archaic!

– I've had MCL/ACL reconstruction on both knees & I can still ball & play soccer so I've got the doctor for you - he does many of the Philly pro athletes.

– 'Wolverine' was disappointing. 'Terminator' better not let me down.

– Kissing IS more intimate than sex.

– Mmmmuuuwwwwaaahhhhh ...

Brooke said...

V, send me the information, I'm serious! I need to get this taken care of ASAP!!! Thanks babe!

Who are you having sex with V that you need new music? Hmph!

Thanks for the kiss ;)

Rameer said...

- Kissing IS more intimate. I once upset a female friend years ago when I told her I guess that's why I didn't kiss some of the girls I've had sex with...she was like "WHAT??? You F'D them, but wouldn't KISS them??"


- I heard Wolverine was phenomenal! They've already greenlit a sequel and a spin-off Deadpool movie!

- Brooke...oh, I'll GIVE it to you, alright! You just gotta WANT it!

- My boy asked me who Ant was the other day after seeing a comment he posted on Facebook (we all went to school together). After reminding him who he was, he was like "OHHHHH...he was low-key, but a real cool dude!"

See? Who the hell CAN'T like Ant?

- I adore my friend LV. No, like wrap her up and keep her in my possession adore. I think she may possibly be the smurfiest, nicest, cuddliest, most positive person on Earth. She's so nice, it hurts. Really.

- I got Terminator passes too!

- I passed on the Angels & Demons real interest. Although people are giving good feedback...

- I haven't bought anything for Mother's Day, and don't what to get my mother and grandmothers yet...

- I think it's ridiculous the media is jumping on Miss Cali for her opinions on gay marriage. It's HER OPINION. Eat it if you don't like it - she's entitled to it.

- I need to get my contacts in - pronto!!!

- I'm going to go eat...

Annamaria said...

I don't like Ant...More cause he beat me to first place today than anything else!!! LMAO
I wanna go see Angels & Demons. I read the book & it was EXCELLENT!!!!

Brooke said...

Rameer, I've been talking about broken toys and wet dreams, what makes you think I don't want it? Meanwhile you're talking about Bridget and now LV? Who's cheating on WHO here? Whatever dude!

I'm still taken back that a man can f*ck somebody but can't kiss them. That's buffoonery to me. But I guess because I like to kiss that just seems wack to me. If you can't kiss them, they why f*ck them. I feel like I'm asking a silly question...but really?

I know what Rameer is gonna say - men think in black and white and women think in a million different colors. But it just seems odd to be that you can get your dick hard for a girl you don't deem kissable. That's really just nasty.

Everyone loves Ant. I bet you he's a heartbreaker on the low ;)

Annamaria, maybe you can be my guest next week :)

Rameer said...

It's pretty simple. You can wrap your Johnson up, and, at it's most animalistic levels, get your freak on and just get that sexual satisfaction. But kissing someone is connecting with someone FOR takes real passion and connection between two people.

- A man can get his d&ck hard looking at Kim Kardashian's body, and wanna smash her to bits. But he may not wanna kiss her, knowing she was slurpin and burpin' with Ray J and Reggie can kiss the body, just not the lips.

Hard to explain to's JUST MORE INTIMATE. PERIOD.

I'm a germ-a-phobe at this point, I have to have a pretty good feeling about you or certain trust for me to kiss you. Everyone is different, but I really don't kiss a lot of people on the lips in the past few years.

- Bridget is my best friend! And LV is LV. What that gotta do with you and me??

- Excuses...they're the tools of the incompetent...lolz!

- No, I'm NOT in a frat...

Brooke said...

LIES!!! You know you're cheating on me know it!

I've never had sex with a man that never kissed me eye to eye, face to face, in the mouth...never. That just sounds so odd to me! Oh well, I won't argue is what it is :)

Anthony Otero said...

"Who's that guy Ant?"
"He worked in Schine ALLLLL the time"
"Oh Snap!"

Rameer, Twitter is so not for you. You are limited to 140 characters :)
Besides your FB statuses are way too funny

AnaMaria loves me! I give her a reason to use that taser!

Jury is out on Terminator. I dont trust that movie.

Star Trek, I am there. Kirk can make Green babies, I dont give a shit. Support Jungle Fever!!! We like grey babies!!!!

Rameer said...

Well Brooke - I would DEFINITELY kiss you eye to eye, face to face, soul to soul...

No cheating over here. Even though white girls are Black man's kryptonite...LMAO!

I don't cheat...I'm the one who has been cheated on, Brookey!!!

***cues up Chuckii Booker's "Games"***

Annamaria said...

Brooke I would love to be your guest blogger next week. I'll try to think of something to write about. I'm logging off now. Talk to you laterz.

Rameer said...

Sorry Ant - I cant' support the disparity in Hollywood. I don't go to any movies propagating white men gettin' it on with our women when they won't let us get it on with their women on-screen. Sick of that crap, and TV & Film history backs me on it.

No problem with it in real ife. But it's completely biased and disproportionate in American TV and film...

Brooke said...

Annamaria, you are MORE than welcome to guest blog for me. You can do it more than once, like when I got to DR...any more takers for when I'm gone? I'd appreciate it :)

Soul to Soul? Now we're talking! I STILL haven't received any offers for a good kiss. You men, guess that's too intimate :) LOL!!

-V- said...

Dr. Marchetto.


Brooke said...

Thanks babes! Gonna call today!

Rameer said...

You need to re-check your blogs. I offered...but I'm not a stripper, don't own a webcam, and I can't provide premium channels...

***cues up Intro's version of "What You Won't Do For Love"***

Craig n 'em said...

When was the last time you thoroughly washed your Bellybutton?

I laughed when Will Smith choked the shit out of his dog in I AM LEGEND

With the economy as fucked up as it is. Should I even bother worrying about my credit? Companies aren’t…They get bailed out. Why can’t I get bailed out? When it doesn’t involve handcuffs….

I dreamt I ran into Lil bit o luck by my bodega…Taller than I thought…

My great-grandmother is 99. She was born and raised in North Carolina. She’s seen and eaten all parts of a pig. Has two published Cookbooks on pork under her belt. I mean, the woman’s breath smells like she chews a pack of PORK RIND ORBITS every damn day. Anyway, the other day, we were watching CNN together and she told me with all the chitlins she’s eaten in her life, she’s had the swine flu for 66 years. What the fuck are you talking about Nanna Boo?

Brooke said...

Craig...I want to take a trip thru your mind...just once!

Rameer, you never offered...NEVER!

By the way y'all, Liz reached 100 thoughts today cuz she's HIGH! At work!!! She got the giggles and everything! The medication her doctor gave her has made her bananas! She HIGH just like Craig!

Rameer said...

Did so. You just have too many other men on your mind to remember.

***cues up Dru Hill's "Sleeping In My Bed"***

Anonymous said...

DAAAADY! You rememeber when you put the co-co puffs on top of the 'fridg-e-nator? Well that aint up there no more!

Then you got to play it off...

They damn sure aint! theose insurgents done come up in here!!!


my dr gave me the good stuff!

Anthony Otero said...

You know...I was getting into a bad mood dealing with bullshit here at work...

...until I read Craig's comments..LMAO

Well done

Brooke said... need to just go home :)

Craig cheers us all up does't he?

You have an offer Rameer...not what? Let's see what you do.

Serena W. said...

Hi everyone! Been kind of MIA.

Miami/Nicaragua was fantastic!

It went by so fast!

Lia's son made my biological clock jiggle while I stayed with them in Nica.

Back in Dallas feeling a lil blue :(

But at least I found an apartment in Northern VA and sealed the deal!

Packing everything!

Can't believe its May 7th already (really though)???

Brooke I'm getting the hair cornrowed soon! Can't deal with it.

Oh and I can't make it to NYC this month (double boo).

Feeling a lil under the weather. Could someone come over and fix me dinner :)

Yep I feel a sick day coming tomorrow.

And I liked Wolverine but can't wait to see that Tom Hanks joint!

Also awaiting for Maxwells tour!!!!

Anonymous said...

another random thought:

so this girl i work with asked me to bring in her book earlier this week. i forgot. she looked disappointed and BEGGED me to please please PLEASE bring it in tomorrow.

i did.

i just tried to give it to her.

do you know what she said??

"oh, i'm going to a concert tonight, can i get it tomorrow??"


Serena W. said...

Liz I would make that chick wait another 6 months for her damn book!

Another random thought.

I agree kissing is very sensual an intimate. Been too damn long since I had one of those.

I also think a hot shower and a bubble bath with that loved one is intimate.

Annamaria I'm jealous! I need a full body massage like 10 years ago!

Other movie I can't wait for is the Transformers!!! Its going to be off the chain!

Brooke said...

I can't wait for Transformers too! I wish I could take Kyce to see it, but he's too young, even though he loves the first one :)

Sorry your sad and sick Serena. I have a little tickle in my throat too :(

I can't wait for Maxwell's tour either!

I need a massage too. I have a gift cert. for a body scrub at a spa in BK. I better look at the expiration date on that sucka! :)

Kissing IS sensual and intimate, but so is sex...they go hand in hand to me. I use kissing to gauge if you got skillz in other areas. Haven't been wrong yet. If the kissing was wack, the sex usually was kinda lacking too...but all the good kissers I've been with could put it down! That's just my experience anyway :)

Serena W. said...

Yes kissing is a radar screen for real!

Yeah a lil blue but all will be okay :(

Thankful for life and breath.

And winding down out here and heading east :)

Check the exp. date Brooke!

Yep I need to go around the corner and get a full body massage for $39.99

Brooke said...

That's a good deal! Do it!

Georgia Peach said...

Had to chime back in (after everyone is gone) just to say I don't like the new Maxwell song. It just doesn't do it for me.

I bought a cute travel bag tonight... I like it, but I probably paid wayyyyy too much for it. So glad it's cute and I sort of (not really) needed one.

Um Brooke - remember a sista when you get those passes. I miss getting them now that I'm not at A&E anymore... :(

Nighty night.

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