Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'm glad it's RTT too because I don't even have time to think today. So, let's get to it, shall we?

- I was walking to the train feeling like I should be walking to the pool instead. My legs and feet felt heavy because I have on rain boots today, when I've been wearing flip flops for 6 days straight. Then the train was all messed up, cuz you know how the trains run in Queens when it rains. I say all this to say that the central thought for my morning commute was, "this is some bullsh*t!"

- And I'm STARVING!! I got so used to eating breakfast in DR that by the time I got to work at 10 this morning, Godzilla was in my stomach like "GRRRRRRR!!!" No fresh orange juice or mimosas, no omelets waiting for me as soon as I sat down. Nothing. Again...this is pure f*ckery! I got spoiled :-(

- Climbing the steps at Grand Central almost killed me today. I think the most I exerted myself over the past week was playing volleyball in the pool, swimming in the ocean and walking on the sand. I'm out of "New York" shape (read: all this damn walking and climbing up and down subway steps).

- I have meeting after meeting today. What's that about?

- Bust how my SVP told me I'm not allowed to go on vacation anymore. I just smiled and told him I need to take May 28th thru June 3rd off...2010!

- I'm sick of rain.

- I can't wait to see Martha tomorrow at the VIP Game Lounge! I'm bringing Ant with me! Are we playing Taboo?

- I can't stop thinking about lunch. What to eat?

- Our Obsessed show did well, thanks to all who tuned it!

- I still can't believe I have boots on.

- I miss my family, can't wait to see them this weekend! and bring my cat home!

- Some "folks" at my job noticed that my nose is peeling and red. They said, "I didn't know Black people could burn." I'm not in the mood today....really.

- Maybe if I close my eyes and wish real hard, I'll be back in DR........nope. Not working. Oh well...

- The music on my page today is for D :-)




Annamaria said...


Annamaria said...

1. The highlight of my day was being first.

2. I am sooo glad you had fun on your vacation Brooke. You deserve it.

3. I am SOOO not in the mood for anything or anyone today.

4. I have my second lamaze class tonight.

5. Painting my baby's room this weekend. OMG she is really coming

6. I've had those braxton hicks contractions this morning at like 5am this lil girl really thinks she is coming now... HOLD UP IN THERE YOU AIN'T COMING TIL AUGUST!

7. Have I mentioned that I am in a really crappy mood today???

Brooke said...

Awww, sorry Annamaria, I'll try to cheer you up!

Just think, little "Brooke" is coming soon :)

Okay, so you don't have to give your baby my name....first...but would make a nice middle name! :)

Annamaria said...

I would love to but Brooke doesn't really go with Sophia & her father has already made up his mind about her middle name.

Brooke said...

that's WACK!!! ;-)

Just kidding...not really, but just kidding :)

Serena W. said...

RTT is back! I have some Random Thoughts lingering from last week that I will repeat for this week and news ones.

Brooke I'm sad for you :( you need a vacation before next May (uh yeah check out your email for my 35the throw down) hee hee.

Now for Random Thoughts:

1. Blessed that my Mom saw 60 and Nana saw 85 this month! Also Happy Early Bday to my sister Shavonn who will see 28 tomorrow. "Happy Birthday ladies."

2. The second anthology I'm in is dropping soon (next week soon). I'm sooooo thankful and blessed to be published. Yes I'll have books for sale this time. Stay tuned

3. I'm feeling more confident about securing one more contract in the DC area for income! Things are coming together.

4. But I'm soooooooooooooooo excited! I miss the east and all positive things that is waiting for me.

5. I'll miss the true peeps out here in the Big D though.

6. Why are brothers now trying to be chatty with me out here when they find out I'm moving...trying to get the last move in I guess (tooooo late). Yes I know Rameer...I'm in Texas. Nuff said.

7. Just came off of vacation and felt like it wasn't long enough. Brooke I feel your pain. Ah time.

8. Booked my cruise vacation for my 35th Fantastic Voyage in January (gotta love payment plans and early saver deals)!

9. Can't wait to hit the beach this summer with my sister Shavonn and my nephew Dontae.

10. Can't wait to hit NYC for Harlem Bookfest in July!

11. And to see my new apartment in Alexandria, VA! Come down for the welcome back party!

12. Yes I'm going to have a welcome back Happy Hour in NYC too this summer lol.

13. Heck why not have an excuse to jam!

14. Loving the weather so far this week. It felt like spring and no tornado warnings (wow)!

15. I think I'll roll down the windows today and blast Blackstar jam, "Respiration the remix" and some Reggae Gold 2005...maybe I'll throw some Bob Marley up in there..oooooohhhhh weeeeee!

16. Can't wait to get some editing done later on! Book #2 is coming along!!!

17. 23 more freaking work days!

18. 49 more days till the big move!

19. Brooke tell your SVP to kick rocks!

20. Please no more early contractions. Your baby girl is anxious to meet you and poppy hee hee.


Whose next!

Annamaria said...

I'll be going to happy hour with Serena & my big a** belly...LOL

That may be just what I need

Serena W. said...

LOL!!! Annamaria that would be so funny! Yeah maybe a mojito or something along those lines will help a sista out!

Brooke said...

Wow, happy birthday to both Mom and Nana! That's awesome Serena!! Happy bday to Shavonn too!

Someone in DR told me I say "kick rocks" too nice...almost like a I really?

Now all the guys want you now that you're leaving...figures.

I can't wait for this welcome back Happy Hour in the NYC! Bring it!

And I'm also looking forward to this 35th bday cruise bash! I'm ready!

Serena W. said...

21. Yes dudes out here are whackness!

22. I can't wait either...I'm hearing that a certain frat may have a throw down the weekend of July 17th if so we are all going to jam and really start the east coast tour with a bang!

23. When I hear you say kick rocks it's not too nice lol.

24. Where is Pretty Ricky! He needs to be on here...

25. Craig, Rameer, Black Cloud, Ant, Zay...where the brothers at!

26. Tonight Cleveland better step up or get booted out! These play offs are insane!

27. My girl didn't follow instructions on my Evite...I said leave dramatic people at home. She asked if the dramatic ex could come on the cruise...hell to the no!

28. Speaking of drama I was in an uncalled for meeting yesterday which was dramatic! Save it for the stage!

29. I wanted to stand up in the meeting and say stop the madness. But decided I want and need my last pay check too much to get fired at this point lol.

30. Is it me or May blew by!

31. Brooke thanks for the bday shout outs for my fam :)

Brooke said...

No problem mija!

Rameer said it won't let him post his thoughts, gonna try again.

Don't know where all the menzes are at tho :-)They must actually be working :)

Rameer said...

Feels good to see the blog back up and runnin'...

1. I think "The Hangover" is one of the funniest movies of the year. It's truly, ridiculously SILLY. Mad random comedy! Mike Tyson was great in it.

2. I feel so awful about Mike Tyson losing his 4 year-old daughter. That man has suffered more pain than whole families go through their entire lives.

3. This year's NBA playoffs are PHENOMENAL!!! My Lakers are looking good...and every point I've ever made about how awful the Cavs' coach is and how Lebron is pretty good but not "there" just yet is being proven true...

4. It's hilarious to watch and hear people I know event excuses to hate on Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. There are a few who don't like them for valid reasons (i.e. team rivalries) but excuses like "the Lakers always win" or "Kobe Bryant is cocky-not Jordan-hasn't won without Shaq" are just epic hating! I'm having fun with these people.

5. Speaking of hating...I'm truly convinced it is now officially en vogue to be a hater. Seriously.

6. I just heard that Archie is going to propose to Veronica over Betty in issue 600 of that comic series (big news if you read Archie comics as a kid like I did). what is this world coming to??

7. My sister went to Miami for Memorial Day and LOVED IT. I'm glad she got to go...she works so hard in school.

8. Mmm...Snickers.

9. I keep trying to avoid people trying to wrangle me into the gay marriage debate. I think people are just looking to find people who disagree with them so they can argue. I personally don't care to HAVE that argument.

10. This weekend, I have a date I'm meeting at a party thrown by co-workers...but I'm bringing my gorgeous, single female friend to the party cuz she needs a ride there. Bad choice for the first date?

11. My friend Stacy, who I helped during her pregnancy, brought her 3week old baby by my mother's to meet my family. I had cousin from out of town who were pretty intoxicated...and they harassed her all day about the baby being mine. She laughed it off, but I think it made her feel very awkward. I felt bad about it.

12. I hate to cook, but damn I can cook my ass off! I made crabcakes to die for last week, and a steak with my secret ingredients so good I swear I should enter it in a competition!

Rameer said...


13. I need to go to the doctor for a check-up. It's been too long.

14. I got my Enhanced Driver's License today. You need a passport or an EDL to get into Canada starting in June. And I couldn't see myself not being allowed to go 10 minutes away - yes, Canada is THAT close to parts of Buffalo.

15. I had a bill collector hunt me down - first time that's EVER happened to me, since I'm always extra early paying bills! It was for some dental work...I told him straight up I couldn't get him until July...too much money tied up right now. He actually said cool and let it slide! Wow...

16. I've grown my first beard...and according to most, I definitely need to keep it. I'm also getting compliments on being well-groomed as of late...yeah!

17. We just hired our first black reporter in EONS...and I already know him! I'm very happy...and glad they didn't hire an Uncle Tom...

18. I've been listening to this group called Frou Frou that my Princess put me on to...they are sooooo good! Youtube their song "Let Go" from the movie GARDEN STATE...their music is dope! Unfortunately, they're not together anymore after one album released in 2002...

19. I'm giving up juice and soda starting this weekend. Nothing but water for me from now on...and milk with my cereal in the morning.

20. I'm addicted to Real World-Road Rules Challenge.

21. I don't watch American Idol - but why does it matter that one of the two finalists is gay or not? I mean, can he sing? Shouldn't that be most important? And the fact that the pictures I've seen of him has him in eyeliner and make-up should tell it all, anyway...

22. That Method Man & Redman album is crack. Seriously - I haven't stopped playing it for the past 3 weeks.

23. I'm glad Brooke's cute ass is back! Lolz! Though I agree with Serena - you need more vacays...

24. Time to go work on a rodeo commercial...yes, you read right. Ugh.

Brooke said...

Rodeo? okay.... :) you??? That's funny!

I'm glad my cute ass is back too!

....okay, not really :) Ha!

Very tragic about Mike Tyson's sad :(

Serena W. said...

32. Rameer it just means you need to go on vacation with Brooke next year to Soul Siesta! Hmmmmmm I'm signing up!

33. Glad your sister had a great time in Miami. Everyone needs to unwind sometimes. Work hard!

34. I heard my boy Lamar Odom stepped up his game last night. I'm so proud of him!!!! He needs to take it to the court like he did growing up in Southside Queens and show them jokers! Blacktop style!

35. Real random...I was blushing the other night when a dude asked me, are you out here in TX for college. I said no...then he said. Wow are you even past your mid 20's? I don't put you older then 24...25 tops. Yep I could have kissed him. lol.

36. I'm so glad my friend/soror who was with me that night I was blushing is experiencing freedom after a crazy, ridiculous 3 year divorce proceeding. She is sooooo happy!

37. Sad I missed Dance Africa in NYC over the weekend :( next year.

38. And will miss the crazy Que joint in June in Harlem (double sigh).

39. But it's all good.

40. And Rameer...when you visit NYC I think Brooke needs to have a party/bar-b-que and you can make those crab cakes and steak! Gotta sista's mouth watering over here!

41. But I'm about to chow down on my catfish that I made since I'm working from home today (hmmmmm)

Serena W. said...

42. I'm elated that Sade is coming out with her cd this year!!!!! If she goes on tour I gotta see her!

43. Why the heck have I been in a lovey dovey mood. Ain't nobody in the picture lol.

44. I guess I'm being prepared for when he does come on the scene.

45. Date or no date...I'm seeing Sade in concert lol!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

News of my demise has been great exaggerated...

- I am glad Brooke is back. So now we can hang out (hi haters!)

- finally got my sitauation on marriage out in the open

- I do not want to go back to work

- I feel like staying in Mount Vernon had been like a sanctuary which I am greatful for

- You should all read my guest blog from ths past tuesday.

- Terminator Salvation was hot

- Angels and Demons was hot

- Star Trek iMax was hot

Anthony Otero said...

did i mention that this weather sucks too?

Brooke said...

Liked Terminator and Angels and Demons, still haven't seen Star Trek. I have a lot of movies to catch up on :)

Can't wait to see Ant tomorrow! Hi haters!

Yeah, I have a few comments about your "man rules" blog :) Don't worry, I agree with you :)

Georgia Peach said...

Random thoughts is back!

1- Yes B please do tell your SVP to kick rocks - they need to hire you an assistant or a coordinator.

2. I had to call out sick today because my neck is all f'd up. It started the other night and I prob should have called out sick yesterday b/c this morning I could barely move. I'm annoyed that I can't get up and do what I need to do...although I am glad I'm not at work.

3. I took some Aleve and that ish is burning my stomach up. I knew it prob would b/c I can't take aspirin or ibuproferen either, but I guess the burning helps me to focus on some area other than my neck hurting now. LOL

4. I wish that we were having a real spring here in NYC. What's up with all this funky weather this year? I want to go out with a bang and so far it's been a mild fizzle.

5. I have been working on my visa application for school and who knew that all in I'll have to spend almost $400 for all the requirements (between my doctor's certificate, fbi background check and other stuff I'm gonna be spending lots of dough in the next few weeks).

6. I literally imagine the day I can give notice at work. It's hard for me to keep my plans under wraps b/c I just want to scream out Dave Chappelle style "I'm leavin Bee-yotches." Sorta like "I'm Rick James Bee-yotch!"

7. Annamaria my thoughts go out to you with those contractions. My best friend has been in the hospital on bed rest b/c she's pregnant with twins and those little babies want to come way too soon. This week she's at the 32 week mark and hopefully she'll make it to 36 weeks.

8. Estelle is performing at a party tonight and I'm gonna miss it cuz I'm laid up. I also missed her at a MOMA party on Monday night. Maybe I'll get to see her once I move away from NYC cuz I keep missing her everytime she's here in NYC.

9. I want to check out the new Meth and Red album...lots of my friends have been talking about it. I LOVE Methodman...

10. I have been emailing back and forth with our VP of legal today (cuz yeah I'm working from home) and she's SLOPPY, but always tries to put me on blast. I did the same today by cc'g my svp on my response to her. Yep it might have been a little petty, but that heffer screwed me on a HUGE mistake in a contract last year and I got blamed for that ISH in my review. I'm not going out like that again...even tho i won't even be here for my review...

11. I really do need to take a chill pill I'm getting worked up over something that won't even matter in another month.

12. I really want a vacation, but I gotta make do with a few stolen weekends here and there b/c I have to save my money now.

13. I made a new friend who is also from the US - who'll be in my MBA program in the fall. So far he seems cool and it makes me happy to know that at least one person will be able to semi-relate to me.

14. I have never visited the DR before and always wanted to...I def want to visit there in the next few years.

Serena W. said...

46. Any it takes a big person to put their status out there like that. Well wishes to you and know that everything will be alright. You're Latin Negro ;-)

47. Have fun with Brooke!!!!

48. Georgia Peach I feel you on the Dave Chapelle tip. I was soooooooooo close to walking out the meeting yesterday. Thought it was just me until my director told me that ole girl who called the meeting could literally kick rocks!

49. Haters are in the universe and are multiplying.

50. Bi***a**ness is even more rampant than ever!

51. Can't wait to see my girl Renee from da Cuse tomorrow! She'll be in Dallas (I miss her)!

52. And we are going to take over a sports bar and watch the games!!!!

Rameer said...

- Tell Renee I said hi, Serena! Give her a kiss and hug for me...though my kiss wouldn't be a peck...lolz!

- Just read Ant's blog. It really moved me. Much love to you, Ant.

- I will try to read your guest blog tonight or tomorrow, Ant...

- Serena...if we had a party in NYC, I would def cook my crabcakes and/or steaks...but I wouldn't let y'all see how I made the steaks - ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET!!!

- Gotta admit - I got made hyped when I found out Sade was dropping a new album myself! Maxwell AND Sade this year? Obama has TRULY brought us happiness! Lolz!

- Cavs win tonight...even though Mike Brown is awful.

- Gotta go finish my rodeo commercial...I'm making this joint look PHAT since these muddafuggas think they funny giving ME this project to do...

Georgia Peach said...

15 @ LN - You liked Star Trek too? I want to see that one and tried to go this weekend but the lines were too long. Maybe I'll do Imax for it - I've never done that before.

16- Yes this weather has been really sucky of late.

17 @ Serena - glad to see it wasn't just you in that meeting. There are many times when I feel like that and then someone will say something to let me know I wasn't crazy.

18- I have food in my fridge (SHOCKING FOR ME), but I still want to order out. I don't feel like cooking anything.

19- I just had a popsicle and my stomach feels better! YEAH...

20- I seem to have ADD today...or ADHD

Annamaria said...

Ant admitting relationship stuff is the hardest & the worst soo mad props & you know we all got your back.

I am going to shank you though for how long it took for you to tell me about Angels & Demons. You promised me last week that you was going to hook me up with a

Brooke if you need an assistant or coordinator hold off til about Novemberish & I'll gladly take the job. I don't think you want me going into labor mid training! LMAO

Georgia Peach I turn 30 weeks this month. Thank god I haven't been put on bed rest & I am trying to take it easy cause I really don't need that crap. This lil girl is already too grown. She up all night??? WTF and she loves to dance & loves music. She gonna be up in da club at 3 at this rate. Had to be my child! Just like her mama...

Annamaria said...

OH and I liked Star Trek especially considering I have never seen any of the other Star Trek movies or shows..LOL

AND I HAVE ADD EVERY DAY... I once took an online diagnostic test & it said to run to my nearest therapist office for treatment! LMAO

Serena W. said...

53. Rameer I will give her a big hug and smooch...but not the way you want too lol.

54. I'm hoping she can take some of my ish back to the DC area for me lol.

55. Man I don't have to see how you cook em...just bring them out on the table and tell peeps, "Ancient Chinese secret...if I tell you I have to kill you." LOL!

56. I'm super excited because after Renee leaves I'll see RiShana next weekend. Cuse crew is in da building (any more takers before I leave TX) lol.

57. Damn...Monday is June y'all!

58. Ant your blog was on point and I posted a comment when you guest blogged!

59. It comes in three's Rameer...first Maxwell...then Sade...who else is making an ill come back!

60. Georgia Peach I'm feeling some food but in the mood for chinese food.

61. As broke as I am I'm going back to Miami this fall cause I need a vacation sooner than my bday! Brooke I'm sending the vacation vibe your way!

62. Bout to roll out to the coffee shop and bang out another couple of chapters before this late night artist meeting :)

63. Real random...when is carabana again?

Anthony Otero said...

Anamaria!!! How did we go from a taser to a shank???

Georgia Peach said...

@ Annamaria- YAY so happy for you and the baby. LMAO at the thought of her in the club. It's good that she likes dancing and music. hahahaha

Ok - two thumbs up for the Star Trek I'm gonna try to see that this weekend.

I know I will be talked about for admitting it, but I really don't like the Maxwell song "Pretty Wings." I know everyone is all "aflutter" over it, but I think he could do better.

My boss is a dickhead. That's all.

Serena W. said...

Georgia Peach you have to listen to the other tracks...ooooo weeee. I like Pretty Wings, video freaked me out a little.

Annamaria...3 year old in the club. Sigh. Like mama like child.

Brooke said...

I can't even keep up today!

Serena, I'm there for your birthday, sign me up! I'll open your Evite tonight and respond.

That is if I even go home - I can't get from under all these emails. I've been bullsh*tting all day :)

Annamaria, maybe if you stop tasing and shanking folks, baby girl won't be so eager to come out :)

Rameer said...

Serena...Caribana is always the weekend closest 2 the beginning of August. So that means this year it's July 31st-August 2nd. Actually, Caribana is 2 weeks long, but all of us Americans come up for the final's best to get there on Thursday and leave Monday if possible.

Thanks for reminding me...I need to call Ianna Small about that...

Serena W. said...

I always wanted to go...don't think I can make it this year (but one never knows :)

I'll let y'all know.

Yes call Ianna and remind her :)

Anonymous said...

so I am not totally understanding this number system. or the random thoughts. Need someone to school me. but am trying anyway.

1. Job interview today. I really need this and I would be TOTALLY awsome at it.

2. Am crashing from days of training my replacement and nights of editing. With boss conspicuously absent from my above mentioned overload= one woman doing three jobs.

3. got to meet Miss Brookie IN PERSONAGE today. that was cool

4. My cat was super nice to me when I got home.

5. My cat is now licking my arm.

6. My boyfriend found my shoes.

7. Tomorrow is my first ever spa visit for happy birthday to me. Too bad no paid day off.

8. 2 weeks no biting nails

9. this is fun

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above was me: Sarah

Brooke said...

Sarah!!! I knew it was you by the way, it was so great meeting you today!

You'll get the job, I just know it!

Your boyfriend found your shoes?? ummm...where were they? Do I wanna konw? :-)

Reading your comment made me miss my cat even more. He always greets me at the door when I come home, but my sister is watching him. I actually looked for him to meet me at the door this evening...I really miss him.

Thank you for leaving a comment today - I hope you leave more in the future...cuz it was fun reading your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Sarah : in continuation of number?

10. More comments on future blogs = yes

11. the shoes. ahem. in the car :)

12. animals are so much better than most people. Clifford cat was a stray and he tries so hard to be a good domestic kitty now - a - days.

13. Hope your kitty comes home soon. soon soon.

Brooke said...

I'm going to get my baby on Saturday! while visiting my other babies! :-) the comment :-)

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