Friday, May 22, 2009


I know, I'm on vacation...sippin' on a frozen drink - BUT! I have a guest blogger today!

She may tase you. She may shank you. But you love her anyway! Today's guest blogger is none other than our very own little Puerto Rican - Annamaria "Ana 'I'll tase yo ass' Jolia" Felix!

Show her some love...with her Halle Berry lookin' ass! LOL!!

Love...It's the Lil Things Ya Do...

Ok, I had nothing in mind to write about when Brooke reminded me the other day that I had volunteered to be a guest blogger (I was originally going to write about tasers of course..LOL). But while reading her blog about love letters, it triggered a thought. People usually think that it takes big, grand gestures in order to show your partner that you love them or that you care. I HIGHLY disagree. Do I love when I get surprises and presents? OF COURSE...who doesn’t? BUT, it’s the little things that my boyfriend does that make me love him more and more every day.

What do I mean??? Did I love the 2 surprise parties I got for my birthday...and my trip to DR...and my spa gift certificate??? Of course! Everything was AMAZING and I appreciated and enjoyed every second of all of it. BUT, every day my boyfriend looks at me like I am the most gorgeous woman in the world, tells me he loves me and that I’m beautiful and then gives me a kiss. It may not sound like much, but to someone who is 7 months pregnant and extra sensitive AND self conscious, it means a lot :)

Yes, he gives GREAT gifts and spoils me to death, but I love when he cuddles with me. I love when he rubs my back or my feet - or the highlight of my week - when he drove me to Brooklyn on Sunday because I had a craving for food from a specific restaurant. What turns me into mush even further??? When he puts the kids to bed and gives them kisses and tells them he loves them. I love the effort he puts into being at EVERY game his son he melts when his daughter looks at he rubs my belly, kisses it and talks to the baby every single day. It may seem soo simple, but I realize how lucky I am to have these things. There are people who wish they had that every day - or who have partners who barely pay any attention to them. If we had no money (which we don’, I still have all those lil things...and this lil thing called love.

In these difficult times when money is scarce but special occasions still come up - or even just a regular day that you want to celebrate - it can seem difficult to think of things to do to let someone know that you love them. BUT what most people don’t realize is that most people that are TRULY in love don’t require all the fanfare. Most people would rather a kind word, a passionate kiss, a loving touch.

People let me know - would you prefer to have something you can buy in a store OR the little sweet things that get done every day? What are the little things that you appreciate about your partner or that your partner may appreciate about you??



Annamaria said...

I was trying to let someone else comment first since it's a lil selfish of me to be first on my own blog but since no one said anything FIRST BITCHES!! LOL

I had Austin read it & he loved it. I am SOO happy that he loved it & now I know it was worth it! :)

have a great weekend everyone!

Unknown said...

I am commenting lest I get tased. But really, I love when my husband knows exactly how I'm going to react and I love the friendship & little jokes between us. He's tone deaf so when he sings I laugh like a loon. I wouldn't trade what I have with him for all then money in the world. Money we can make together one way or the other (short of the world's oldest profession), but love & friendship are truly blessings from God!

Serena W. said...

Hey Annamaria I guess everyone is on an island or taken off today :( I love this blog! I hope a lot of people read it even if they don't comment. It truly is the little things that makes a difference. I'm not in a relationship but the things I remember from the past were the little things. Notes on the pillow saying how much a brother loved me, flowers laying at my side when I woke up in the morning (not every morning or that would get dull).

Or a morning call saying get up, I'm picking you up in an hour so we can have brunch (ahhhhhhhh). A stroll in the park along the riverfront.

Okay enough of walking down memory lane lol. Yes big things are always nice as you said...but people shouldn't always have to feel that they always have to give big. Do it from your heart. :)

You and Lanie are blessed and your relationships are examples of what is out there for single folk like me :)

annamaria said...

I know I guess everyone is on vacation!!! Lol oh well I hope everyone gets to read it. It came from the heart & my boo got to know how much I appreciate him.

Serena W. said...

If everyone doesn't then I say repost next week :) Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm glad your boo got a chance to read it too ;-)

Georgia Peach said...

Hi Annamaria -

I missed this blog when it originally posted. You should have Brooke re-send it to everyone because it's so true. I totally agree that it really is about the small little gestures and things that make me happiest, because to me that's a signal that you really truly love me. Thanks for sharing and I really hope people come back to discover this blog topic. :o)

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