Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Miss me much? :-) LOL!

I don't really have much to blog about today other than to say I had an AMAZING time in Punta Cana, DR. It was exactly the vacation I needed, and I'm already counting down the days til I go back next year. I was kicking myself the whole time wondering why it took me this long to get to the Soul Siesta...but better late than never right? From now on, I'll never miss another one if I can help it...and I'm encouraging everyone to go next year if you can - definitely a GREAT TIME!


- Gabe drooling on my shoulder sitting on the plane going to DR. He's a cutie so I didn't mind...but a sista's shoulder was soggy :-)

- Martha McKinney - My partner in crime. I traveled alone and so did she. We flew down on the same flight and officially met at the Punta Cana airport. A conversation from the airport to the hotel later and we became fast friends. She's a beautiful, intelligent woman who made me laugh the entire time, and I feel like I've known her forever. Thank you Martha for the wonderful companionship - I look forward to our budding friendship (and thank you for following my blog!)

- Mamajuanas - LIQUID CRACK! It's wine, rum, honey, herbs, bark, bugs, you name it. One shot and my whole body was on fire. But I'd take one shot and not cough for hours! Be careful cuz those things will lay you OUT! And make you kinda tingly...they say it's the "Dominican Viagra." Woo-wee!!!

- The DeeJays - DJ Ice, Chris Luv, Jay Wright and DJ Vixx killed it and kept the party going the entire time. I felt like I was at the club on the beach for a week...nice!

- Monsoon Pool Party


- rained a lot in DR, but was still hot and muggy. One day it was like Hurricane Katrina outside...and of course all the brothas and sistas from Soul Siesta were in the pool - Martha leading the pack! I couldn't do it - something about lightning and being submerged in a pool didn't go over well with me - but I was dancing from the sidelines in my nice beach chair! The "other" guests were watching as "we" did the Cha Cha Slide in the pool from their balconies thinking, "WTF!?" The was DJ killin it out in the rain under this canopy thing...RIPPED IT! Normally I'd say it was buffoonery, but it was hot to death!

- The Comedy Shows - Capone, Nikki Carr, Omar, Smokey and Jonathan Gates - all the comedians who gave the BEST SHOW EVER! They killed it! I laughed so hard my sides and cheeks hurt. They brought the house down! And they were cool as hell too. They chilled with us by the pool and on the beach and in the clubs the entire time crackin jokes...just good people having a good time. I felt like I was at the Def Jam, just with sand. Definitely two of the best shows I've seen in a LONG TIME!

- The White Party - Sexy, grown folks sh*t! That's all I gotta say about that!

- Stalkers. Yes, I had a couple. Well....really a stalker and a "lurker." Not sure if it's a highlight, but definitely funny.

- Sexy ass menzes. There were a few...all tanned and bronzed :-) Giiiirrrrllllll :)

- Bowman Hotel - a black owned hotel in DR where we chilled, danced and watched the NBA Playoffs. One night they opened up the ENTIRE hotel to us and the Bowman served as an open dance floor...hotness!

(that LeBron shot with one second left was DOPE)

- New Friends. I met great people on this trip - mature, grown, sexy people. Everyone was nice, friendly, funny and just out to have a good time. That's the type of crowd I like to be around, especially on vacation. Everyone made my trip that much more amazing.

I could go on and one, but I'll stop here. I'll be sure to send pics and hopefully Pretty Ricky will chime in with his highlights!

So...I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully in full Blog mode. My brain is still on the beach drinking Planter's Punch :-) Thank you my guest bloggers who filled in for me while I was gone - Annamaria and ya!

Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll be back ready to go tomorrow for Random Thoughts Thursday!



Keefe said...

Ahem .... Where are the DR pics?

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Brooke... you have said enough. All I have to say is the trip would not be what it is without amazing people like Brooke. No drama, no x-tra.... just good, fun loving people who want to have a good time!!!!

If you want to see pics... hit our Fan Page for "Together AsOne" on facebook. There are just a few flicks. ALL THE PICS..will be on in the next few weeks!

Brooke... Thank you for the wonderful shout out. I think i owe you money now. Especially since the lurker sat by you on the plane all the way home!!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

oh yeah and Mamajuana = Boing Chicka Wow Wow.

And you forgot about the impromptu white robe party!!! Wasn't officially on the itinerary this year...but definitely next year!

Brooke said...

I was afraid of that robe party!

And I'm gonna get you for seating me next to my stalker AND lurker on the plane. Gabe couldn't protect me, he was too busy sleeping and drooling on my shoulder!

Next year is gonna be off the chain!

Georgia Peach said...

sounds like a great trip! That's what's up. So glad you had a good time. :o)


Anthony Otero said...

I definately missed you.

Gina Waters said...

It was great meeting you! That mamajua stuff is no joke, its the reason why I missed the white party.

Who was the stalker? The guy with the glasses?

Pretty Ricky - we have to work on your spansish. There are other words besides "Mama".

I usually dont go to places twice, but I may have to make an exception for the Soul Siesta.

Brooke said...

It was great meeting you too!

The guy with the glasses was my lurker's friend, but he was a stalker too...he stalked the girl I was with. There were a few of them, and then I had to sit next to him on the plane, yikes!

I don't look at Soul Siesta like going to the same place twice anymore, now I feel like I'd look at it as a family reunion...cuz that's what it felt like to me. Just great people getting together having fun!

Can't wait til next year!

Ant, I definitely missed you too!

Butterscotc60 said...

I just wanted to clarify something that Pretty Ricky weren't sitting by your lurker/stalker...I sat in between the drooler and the herb that talked to himself for no reason at the big grin I gave you just before take off....As for me...your stalker was killing me...hence my 3 eye lashes and half an eyebrow (despite the cinnemon gum he was smackin on and poppin) and him "chair dancin"...despite there not being enough space for him and me on my I too had an awesome time...and I will say that you are what definitely made it for me....everyone was great, but what was greater was having a funny, warm spirited, equally beautiful person to share it with....

Brooke said...

LOL!! You're right! The lurker was from ATL, so he wasn't on our flight. I sat next to the HERB while Martha sat next to my stalker. Interesting flight to say the least!

I should have asked the Herb to switch with you since he and stalker were friends...figures :-)

Who I wish I was sitting next to was a certain someone who was from the ATL and left a day earlier :(

I spoke to him on the phone today tho :)

And thank you for the compliments! I know that vacation wouldn't have been the same without you! My new BFF!!!

What's up next??? VIP Game Lounge??

Serena W. said...

Double ahem...what man from ATL that you spoke to on the phone? Hmmmm.

Glad all of you had a great time! May need to hit it up next year!

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