Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

While I could sit and list a bunch of random thoughts I've had during the week leading up to today, I want to fill this space rallying behind one of my dear friends, and loyal blog commenter's cause. You all know her as momo925 - but to me, she is Monica Gonzalez!

This is the email she shared with friends and colleagues last week:

If you are receiving this email, it is because you are either a friend of mine, a co-worker, or both. I am PROUD to let you all know that I am raising funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a participant in their Team In Training program. I'm asking you to help by making a donation to my fundraising campaign.

On September 27th, I will participate in The Westchester Triathlon! WOO HOO! Can you tell that I am SUPER EXCITED?!! This endurance event will include a .9 mile swim, a 26 mile cycling portion and 6.5 mile run. Pray for me! lol I feel like this will be one of the most meaningful and challenging things that I will do in my lifetime, and I know that with your help and support, I will SUCCEED!!

Please use the link in this email to donate online quickly and securely - plus learn more about my progress! You will receive a confirmation of your donation by email and I will be notified as soon as you make your donation.

If you prefer not to donate online, please feel free to donate by giving me a check or money order (payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.) OR you can make a cash contribution directly to me, which I will forward on your behalf to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Each donation helps accelerate finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 823,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers. I am hoping that my participation in Team In Training will help bring them hope and support. No amount is too small because every little bit counts.

On behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, thank you very much for your support. I greatly appreciate your generosity.

P.S. I would appreciate it if you would forward this email to as many people as you can to encourage them to donate as well.

Thanks again,

How awesome is she!!??

Monica isn't participating in this triathlon as the result of a personal tragedy or emotional crisis. She's simply giving of herself and her time to help make someone else's life a little better. While this is a journey to help save lives, I can only imagine that it would serve as a spiritual journey for her as well.

A triathlon would seem like a daunting task to many of us, but Monica is definitely up to the challenge. She has all of the tools she needs to use her gifts creatively to help someone else. Having that sort of awareness of the power we share is our Divine inheritance - it helps us to lead a more meaningful life. Without this awareness, life would have no purpose.

We sometimes take our health - our very lives - for granted. It's easy to take up a cause when we or someone we know is directly affected. Actually, even then it's not so easy. But the real challenge essential to our growth and development is calling on our spirit every day to see where there is an opportunity to learn, grow and serve. In setting this goal for herself, Monica is setting a new course for optimism, a new opportunity for self-evaluation and an exercise in faith. While raising money for a worthy cause, she will also challenge her mind to focus, her body to train and her spirit to do God's work. Monica is drawing on her personal resources - and us - to help her complete a life-transforming goal. Let's not let her down.

There's a saying that "there is no end to what a living world will demand of you." I'd also like to add that there's no end to what a living God will demand of you. To whom much is given, much is required. Like she said, every little bit counts - so let's help as much as we can as we join Monica in racing to save lives.


p.s. It's still Random Thoughts GO!


Serena W. said...


Serena W. said...

Momo I want to say GO TEAM!!! I'm a TNT Alumni and ran 3 marathons for Leukemia and Lymphoma! What are you are about to embark on is a very worthy cause. I had a lot of moments of reflection out there, met patients who were/are suffering, and ran for those who didn't make it. I'm so freaking proud of you and will donate to the cause. Please keep me posted as to your journey and if you need any tips, advice, etc please email me!

NightFall914 said...

This sounds like a worthy cause. Question, is this Westchester New York we talking about? If so I have to go for home team and support this woman.

Serena W. said...

Third!!! Lmao I know Annamaria is getting her taser warmed up!

Speaking of taking granted of life and health I'm praying for my cousin who I just found out last week lost his life on May 1st. RIP Kenny.


You have one life and one body! We aren't invincible.

Kenny taught me a valid lesson. He had two massive strokes in November and never recovered. High blood pressure was why we lost him. I'm making an appt with my asap for my annual physical!

Eating better and starting to see results after just 3 months.

Brooke thanks for posting this blog on behalf of Momo. Everyone can do something not just for them selves but for a cause.

Endurance events gave me a lot of time to reflect, think, clear my head, ease my spirit while training.

Getting back out on the trail to start running praying that I get into NYC Marathon.

Thanks for this blog as I was about to post some really random thoughts but instead felt inspired to share others.

Take your health back everyone if you aren't eating right, stop smoking if you do and live life.

Now I'll wait with my force shield for Annamaria's tase!

Brooke said...

Hey Serena, you'll get into the NYC Marathon, I know it! And you'll do great!

I just felt like I talk about so much nonsense on the blog sometimes that I can dedicate one to something worthwhile.

Now don't get me wrong - please feel free to post your crazy random thoughts if you want to! But I wanted to give Monica some shine today :-) Support her!

And yes Nightfall, it's Westchestser, NY :)

Annamaria said...

In honor of the wonderfully selfless act that Momo is doing I will put the taser down for TODAY & TODAY ONLY...
Monica this speaks volumes as to the amazingly wonderful person that you are. Congrats & best of luck.

EVERYONE needs to look out for their health & take care of themselves...As much as we bother each other I would hate for anyone on this blog to ever not be able to comment because of some illness that could have been prevented or caught earlier.


P.S. Random thought of the day... IMMATURE PEOPLE MAKE ME LAUGH... HI HATER!!!! Sorry long story...but I needed to say that...

Georgia Peach said...

Hey Monica -

Much success in your training. Thanks Brooke for the reminder to donate. Today is PAY DAY so I can do it now. :o)

Serena - sorry to hear about your cousin. Just reading his story makes me realize I need to pay more attention to my health.

I'm so glad it's almost Friday... whew! This has been the longest two week stretch of life it seems, but I finally feel like I'm crossing things off my work to-do list at least.

I'll try to come back later to post some random thoughts.

Serena W. said...

Thanks Georgia Peach. It was a shock but it taught all of us a lesson. Just because we are 30 something doesn't mean we can eat anything and still stay healthy.

Momo let us know how the first day of training goes :)

Annamaria thanks for putting the taser down!

Random Thoughts:

I won't miss the crazy a** Dallas weather. Thunder and lightening knocked out all the power in my building at work.

Thank goodness for a laptop, broadband card and batteries :)

Momo you are making me want to run for a cause again! I may do it in 2010 for a cause such as LLS.

Where is everyone???? It is Thursday right?

momo925 said...

OMG Brooke! Thanks so much for posting this. It really means a lot to me and speaks volumes about the type of person you are! Got me tearing up over here lol.

I want to thank ALL of you for your support and encouragement! I deeply appreciate it. I know its a lot to give to others in these economic times so I am greatful for any contributions. The first training was yesterday and I feel like I am really going to have to pray for the strength to keep going lol. Knowing that I'm doing it for a cause and that others are depending on me to complete it, is keeping me going.

wow 3 marathons Serena??!! That is awesome! I hope that one day I can say that. I will definitely keep you in mind lol.

Annamaria putting the taser down just for me?? I am SO honored!

Nightfall you are correct! The triahlon will take place in Westchester New York. I believe it will happen in Rye. When its closer to the date I will send updates and give Brooke the info in case anyone wants to come out to the acutal event. I am so greatful for any support I can get.

Now for my random thoughts ..


2) Its freezing in this office

3) I'm am SUPER sore all over like someone beat me up last night! Running is clearly not my thing lol

4) I wonder if Liz can reach 100 again today?!

5)I am sick and tired of the people changing their mind about their travel arrangements at the last minute! I want to smack them but I won't b/c I value having a job. lol

6)I'm in the mood for pizza today but I will aim for a salad.

7) Its 12:00pm and I haven't eat breakfast yet. Should I bother to heat up my oatmeal at this point?

Serena W. said...

Momo you will be sore and ice will be your best friend. I actually ran 4 (one was for AIDS Marathon). You will have a moment when you ask yourself, "Now why did I sign up to do this again?" LOL. Then seconds later you remember it's not just for you :) You will make it! I have full confidence in you and will donate soon!

Annamaria isn't even shanking folks today! See how you inspired people already Momo lol!!!!!

Annamaria said...

1. Monica when you feel yourself running out of steam during training or even during the event. THINK about all of us supporting you & having your back & the people that you are running for that are counting on you. That should get you going.

2. Monica you should feel very honored that I put my taser down for you..It never happens. I feel like something is missing.

3. I'm cleaning out my baby's room today so her daddy can paint next week...I am ordering her furniture tonight thanks to her grandma & grandpa!!! OMG she's really coming!! LOL

4. I hate people sometimes

5. Jamie Foxx was on Tyra.. DAMN he looked good. LMAO

6. Today's weather SUCKS...LOL

7. I had a bunch of random thoughts yesterday but of course I didn't write them down & now I can't remember any of them...

8. MY Bitchy sister in law text me to see how I was feeling!!!! Wonder if she's feeling

9. It makes me want to cry to see my dad with my belly I can't wait to see him with my daughter...

Brooke said...

I have the worst knees, otherwise I'd do it with her. I can swim and bike, but not run...but hopefully I'll be able to come out in person and support!

Annamaria, you're going to make a great mother!

Jamie Foxx = yum. Boxer briefs, leave it at that.

Gilles from Dancing with the Stars (SATC fame) could totally get it!

I have a cold...someone tell me how to get rid of it before my vacation!

Georgia Peach said...

1. I wish it weren't raining today.

2. I'm VERY thankful for today's paycheck.

3. I'm starving like marvin and thinking about what to eat for lunch.

4. I need a mani-pedi and I think I'm going to do that during my lunch break.

5. I'm excited about the TV industry party I'm on the host committee for...I know tonight is the A&E upfront, but I hope I'll see some of ya'll at my party too.

6. I have been waiting to get my full confirmation from my MBA program and they haven't sent it yet. Still waiting for the d&*^ accounting team at the school to confirm they received my deposit payment. They better have rec'd left my bank account on May 7. Where is that letter?

7. I'm REALLY hungry now.

8. Our cable at the office is down...I only get like 3 random channels that haven't made the digital conversion...Comedy Central, Bravo and something else. It SUCKS (although I do LOVE both of those channels). I just miss having the variety.

9. Someone told me today that I look like I'm losing weight...YAY

10. I don't feel like doing any real work today. I used all my brain cells and energy up earlier this week on budgets and contracts. I'm done now. Everything else just seems tedious.

11. I just got a call from our travel saying that my first class flight from TN next month was downgraded b/c a coach fare opened up. I'm PISSED...and I was in an ok mood. Damn World Travel! Grrrr...

12. In fact I hate flying American Airlines - they are the WORST. It's the only airline flying direct to Nashville tho...

13. I'm rubbing my ears now saying Woo-sah...trying to calm down. LOL

14. Ok I think I'm really gonna run out and get that manicure now. I need it to feel better.

Annamaria said...

Thank you...

Brooke- SUDAFED COLD is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And tea with honey.

Brooke said...

I need a mani/pedi in the worst way, but holding out til closer to my vacation.

If I feel better later I'll swing by your party. Guess I should rsvp huh? :)

I'm freezing, and the rain isn't helping. I just want to submerge myself in boiling water and warm up.

I need to go buy some Vicks. And Sudafed Cold - thanks Annamaria!

People at my job are working my nerves today. Nobody wants to listen and I feel like I'm speaking another language. No means no.

I'm excited for my friend who has a show in development with A&E - it's going to be announced at our upfront. I love when people I know and are extremely cool with do well. Go Charles!

I think I need soup for lunch.

Annamaria said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention the vicks.. WHAT KIND OF A PUERTO RICAN AM I??? LMAO

Brooke said...

Is that a Puerto Rican thing? :)

Annamaria said...

In general I think it's a spanish person thing..LOL

Georgia Peach said...

Aww brooke - let me know if you are coming and want to meet up before. Feel better tho if I don't see ya. You don't want to be sick on vacation so I'll understand if you don't make it.

- I messed up one of my fingernails already rushing back here for a meeting that took all of 5 mins.

- I left my jacket at the nail spot so I'll have to swing by there again anyway - I'm def getting it fixed.

- I feel a little better about losing my first class seat, my coordinator was teasing me about it and cheered me up.

- gotta run to a budget meeting. YAY what fun.

Rameer said...

What it is, people. Monica - you get major PROPS. Brooke IM'd me last night that she was writing the blog with you in mind...I think it's AWESOME!

My Random Thoughts:

- I didn't sleep well last night, so I feel like a zombie today. And I won't get to sleep early tonight - going to see Angels & Demons tonight, having dinner with a friend I haven't seen in a while, and then going home to watch my beloved Lakers in the late game...

- People are such sheep...I'm jive sick of people talking about how wonderful Drake is. Dude is nice, but he was nice like 2 years ago when I was rockin' his ish. Discover music for your OWN people, not cuz Flex or whomever jumped on the bandwagon and it's the "trendy" new thing to like...

- Eminem's new album is cool, but will probably be overhyped and overrated. That new Meth & Red is crazy, though - so is Raekwon's latest (none of these are out yet, music BUYERS)...

- I got my new contacts today! I've been contact-less for over 2 weeks now...

- I think I was used by a cougar this weekend! She had a get together at her pad, and me and one of my co-workers showed up. MAD food, and literally EVERY TYPE of alcohol you can think of (these people are RI-YACH,!). So, I'm there getting popped, and this woman is intro'ing me to EVERYONE who comes into the party! I didn't think anything of it...'til today when I saw a businessman who was there and said to me "oh, you're -----'s BOY, right?"

I was taken aback by an old white man calling me "boy", but the way he said it and his demeanor clued me in he didn't mean it racially - he meant it like BOY TOY! Now I'm thinking what did this woman tell all those people about me?? She was using me to come across like she had scored a young'un! Wow...

She lucky she's hot...but STILL! She played me!

- Going to see Terminator Monday...

- I don't like to cook...but damn...I've cooked every day this week except yesterday, and everything I made was THE BOMB. I'm thinking I should really start learning some new recipes, cuz I'm really dope with the cooking skills...

- I'm thinking about growing a beard. Wonder how I would look with a full joint...never had one.

- One of my girls called me a "nerd" last week...she was kind of perplexed when I was happy to called such. I finally explained to her that's one of the problems in our community - we take it as an insult when someone calls us smart. I told her to call me a nerd ALL DAY...cuz her calling me that cuz I know a lot isn't remotely an insult. She felt stupid, and the class rubbed it in on her...

- I've got some wine chilling for tonight...

- I'm meeting my girl Lee tonight to catch up. Lee's one of those white women who has a bangin' body and is flawlessly beautiful (seriously - she used to model). Why do I say this? Cuz EVERY TIME I've ever done anything with her solo, I've gotten the dirtiest looks from sisters a Black man could ever receive! She loves it...and she tries to play it up, too. She LOVES insecure and/or jealous women. I'm wondering if I'll get those looks like I always do...

- I've been thinking about my family I've lost lately.

- I think people are way to trusting of things and don't realize how truly delicate and fragile life is. Seriously...once you're gone, you're gone. And I think people do things normally without thinking that one small decision could really be IT...

- I'm pretty pissed Greg Paulus is coming to Syracuse...F HIM!!!

- I wish Ron Artest played for the Lakers...

- I LOVE the new Nike commercial with the Lebron & Kobe muppets...

- I want some Dairy Queen!

- People at my job are NASTY...

- Wu-Tang IS for the children!

- The ad for the Nintendo Wii version of "Punch Out!" makes me want a Wii...I LOVED "Punch Out!" growing up...

- I wanna see "The Hang Over" only cuz Mike Tyson makes a cameo...

- I wanna see the documentary "Tyson" too - I LOVE Mike Tyson, and think his story is one of the most tragic in sports history.

- I gotta go...I been doing this a little too long...

Annamaria said...

Rameer please let me know how Angels & Demons is. The book was OFF THE HOOK... It was great.

Rameer said...

I will, Annamaria!

Brooke said...

Dre and I saw it last night, it was good, I enjoyed it - didn't read the book tho so I have nothing to compare it to.

You didn't sleep well last night Rameer cuz you were up til 3 IMing me! LOL!

and oh, so now you cheating on me with the Cougar chick? You don't get a girl back like dat... ;)

Monica is awesome!

Going to see Terminator next Wednesday Rameer, so keep the review to yourself! Last movie I see before my vacation!

Rameer and Ant - if you are guest blogging for me next week, please have your blogs to me by Wednesday!

The Cable Guy said...

Good shyt Monica, good luck with the triathon!

Brooke is awesome...and so damn fine! Don't understand how she doesn't have a man - B, taking apps?

Star Trek was great! Looking forward to Terminator.

Annamaria - tell Brooke to blog the Cable Guy ;)

Where is Craig? That dude is funny.

B, let me know if you want me to hook up your wireless for you. I'll be in your neck of the woods tonight.

Rameer said...

Nah, Ms. Brookes - I almost never go to bed before 2:00am every night. I just couldn't get comfortable last night for some reason...

I didn't cheat on you, cuz I didn't do nothin'! YOU are the one breaking hearts...(sob!)

***opens up music player, cues up Mya's "Movin' On***

Rameer said...


Cable Guy wants to "hook up your wireless"?? I know codespeak when I see it, woman!!!

***cues up Usher's "Burn"***

Annamaria said...

Brooke Blog the cable guy before you go on vacation...LMAO

It feels soo weird not to be tasing people...

If I can come up with some thing to write about I may submit some shiznit to you too.

Anyone have any ideas?? LMAO

Yeah where is Craig he is a funny funny dude!!

Brooke said...

Rameer, my wireless isn't working! It's offline, no codespeak! Honest!

Craig is in Hawaii, will be back on the he says. He IM'd me from his phone when I posted the exhibitionist blog - talking about he once put a DS up on Craig's List - LOL!!

Annamaria, no one is getting blogged before DR :-)

...or probaby after :-(

Annamaria, you can guest blog whenever you want! How about you blog on tasers and shanks? :)

Annamaria said...


Ooohhh tasers & shanks...I am going to try that!!! lol although it's probably going to resemble one of craigs joints. I promise I won't be high when I write it..LOL

Brooke said...

I think that's why we all love Craig's posts...cuz he's always high when he writes them!

I won't be blogging in DR either, literally or metaphorically :)

Annamaria said...


Georgia Peach said...

A little blogging never hurt anyone Brooke! hahahah

Brooke said...

It's easy for Annamaria to tell me to blog someone, with her pregnant ass! She can blog whenever she feels like it!

And no Glee, blogging never hurt anyone...but I don't want to blog just for blog's sake! As sexual of a person I am, just can't do that with anyone. My emotions get involved. I wish I was heartless, but I'm not! LOL!!

I'm sure one day I'll break down with someone...and what a lucky bastard he will be! LOL!!

Annamaria said...

AND THANKS TO MY PREGNANCY HORMONES I BLOG ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!!!!!!! Austin has a permanent smile on his face! LMAO... Yes the man that catches you at your weak moment will have the same smile..LMAO

The Cable Guy said...

Can I be that lucky bastard??

Need a dvr? ;)

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