Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm off from work (woo-hoo!) and going to be traveling to Philly, so I asked our boy Rameer to hold it down for me today! I'll still be checking in, just not as regularly as I normally would. He's on a bit of a rant today, so I'm gonna just get out of the Ninja's way! Have fun! And Happy Birthday Annamaria! I am with my second try at guest-blogging for my girl Ms. Brookes. It’s really kind of the first, cuz the last time she just kinda jacked some stuff I had put together, and talked to me about it to get clarification so she could effectively impart my ideas. This time, I’m actually penning this from my darling Ms. Brookes actually had no pre-knowledge of the subject.

Brooke, I know you’d prefer me to address this whole "bitchass" phenomenon...but trust me, it would be too long of a read. I can go on for more millenia's than Mazda had on their car lots about that subject! Nah, I’mma talk about something I’ve been talking about on a damn-near daily basis since I graduated...

Stupid things people say.

LOVE that song. It’s from the original animated “Transformers” movie soundtrack.

I’ve been saying for eons – the stupid people are outnumbering us smart people, and they’re running the country. Business, government, law – all run by idiots. When I say idiots, I don’t mean unqualified, non-educated people. Many of these people have degrees and extensive resumes. My issue is people simply don’t use their brains – they don’t THINK. They say and do things without giving any thought to it. They have an intense lack of common sense. And – here’s the kicker – they have no individuality, so they follow behind the stupider people – making many of our community Stupid By Assimilation. It’s like a bunch of humanized lemmings running around, in all aspects:

It’s too deep of a subject to encapsulate in one quick blog. So, I’ve decided to post my Top 10 Stupid Things I hear people say regularly:

1. I don’t see race or color.”

PUH-LEASE!!! As soon as I hear a fool start with this caca, I pretty much assume you’re the most prejudice, bigoted person around. OF COURSE YOU DO. You know damn well that there are things that people of different races tend to do differently. You also know we all harbor some form of stereotypes or know of some fallacies. How, then, are you able to get the humor of George Carlin, Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle? You have to already know what they’re referencing to get the joke.

But noooo – people insist on telling you they “don’t even see race”. Like Whitey McDaniels won’t cross the street if he sees some young Black men walking his way at night in Chicago. Or Raheem Jackson won’t arbitrarily call a Latino “Paco” or designate them as a Puerto Rican or Mexican – like there are no other Latin ethnicities.

Why does this make you fall in the SBS category? Cuz you’re more than likely saying it cuz you’ve heard it before, and it’s the “PC” thing to do. But you’re insulting my intelligence by saying it – I can get you to prove your racial hang ups within 5 minutes after saying that phrase in-person.

2. “What’s your nationality?” – Um, has anyone actually earned their grades in English?? My nationality is AMERICAN. As is true for most people you encounter. No one actually thinks about the true meaning of that word – “ality” meaning the quality of what ever word it’s enhancing. So, if you are not an American citizen or have dual citizenship, you might have a different nationality.

People use this word when they mean to ask what one’s ethnic background is. “I’m Persian” someone may respond. Um, last time I checked, Persia wasn’t a nation anymore. You’re more than likely American, and so are the people you’re asking that dumb-ass question to. I’m Panamanian in ethnicity, but my nationality is American. Get it??

3. “You shouldn’t judge/I don’t judge people”

Really, Genius of Moronville? Let me tell you something – every single human being judges. Every one. You know why? Cuz if you didn’t, you wouldn’t see the difference between a nun and a child rapist. How do you know one is evil and reprehensible and the other isn’t? Judgment call, moron. When you are raised, anywhere on this Earth, someone stamps a moral code on your psyche. Some people are more lax and free in their beliefs and morality, but everyone makes a difference between what they like and dislike, what’s right and wrong, what’s pure and nasty. And all those are judgment calls.

Don’t ask me or try to speak from some ideological perch as though me judging something is wrong. That’s a judgment in and of itself! I’m human – that’s what we do. Every single one of us. Do you believe in a Higher Power? Guess what – you judge. Atheist? Guess what – you judge too. Anything that makes you make a decision that something is remotely better or more okay than something else is a judgment call. Use your brain and think about the meaning of what you’re saying!!!

4. “That movie was too long.”

Really? Where did you have to go, Speed Racer? Maybe I’m nit-picking with this one, but when I sit down to see a movie, either in a theater or at home, I plan to involve myself in the entertainment presented to me. I’m not looking at my watch every 10 minutes measuring the movie. There is no set time for a movie. However long it takes to present the story, I’m cool with – as long as you keep my attention. Hell, I have DVDs that are literally 5 hours. And I can sit and watch ‘em any weekend, joyfully.

You’re telling me The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Malcolm X, Watchmen, Braveheart and The Good, The Bad & The Ugly aren’t worthwhile movies to sit your ass still for if they go over 90 minutes? That’s why we’re failing – an entire country of ADD heads.

5. “I don’t eat meat – just fish.”

WHAT?!? Do you even know what your stupid ass just said?? Do you know what that word means?? Meat is animal flesh – ANY ANIMAL’S FLESH. If you eat animal, you eat meat.

Fake-ass conscientious eater…

6. “God says/don’t like/you’re going to hell cuz…”

Shut yo ass up. Look – according to every damned text on Earth, The Creator cannot be comprehended fully, right? And The Creator is omnipotent and omniscient, right? So how are you going to tell me what the Higher Power is going to do or not do? Oh, I get it – you got your little book in your hand – the one written by a bunch of men. Well, with the whole omnipotent thing, couldn’t a deity change its mind once in a while? No? I mean – WE all do. But nah – everything in that book is true. Word for word. No matter what the culture or customs of the time were...and no matter how many were lifted from ancient other faiths.

I like to tell these idiots that I’m God - which they usually spaz out to. But wait a sec – if God can do anything, why COULDN’T I be God simply testing you? “You curse too much.” Um, I made up the words – YOU determined they were obscene, not me. “You don’t go to church.” Why would I have to go to the place YOU worship ME? Dumbass! “You don’t live a pure lifestyle.” Um...I’m testing YOU. Get it? I do as I please. “If you’re God, prove it.” I ain’t gotta prove SQUADOOSH – I’ll prove it when you die. How ‘bout that? point is, none of us knows squat. Let’s try to stop acting like we know everything She has in-store for us. Just live the best you can, stay true to yourself and treat others as you want to be treated. Put out positive energy, and you’ll get it back. Stop trying to say this Muslim is doomed, that Taoist is going to hell, etc. And yes, by any definition, I could literally be God – so could you. So knock it off.

And yes, that wasn’t a slip. I called God SHE. Or is that not possible as well??

7. “Aw…don’t hate.”

What the hell is up with this word?? I kinda hate it at this point. Everyone misuses it – if you don’t like something, you’re hating. Huh?!? Hey – pubes for brains – here’s a thought – maybe I’m not feeling “Fergalicious.” Maybe I think men wearing pink is fruity as hell. And maybe me saying your underage girlfriend isn’t a good look is cuz it really isn’t a good look!

Hating is about jealousy and envy in large part. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. Period. Use your brain and stop going with the crowd. I CAN not agree with you – especially if you’re a dumb-ass.

8. “You know he/she is gay.”

Okay, we all say this to some degree - sometimes jokingly, sometimes with a large hint of truth. I’m only talking about those idiots who say that as some deterrent. Like being gay makes someone or something untouchable. Example:

“I love that new Elton John song!”

“Elton John, ain’t he gay??”

What does that mean? The song is less hot? I got news for you – Luther Vandross, the greatest singer of love songs, ever? Yup – fruity as Del Monte.

I’m not Mr. Gay rights in the least bit – but whatever goes on in a person’s personal is THEIR personal. I’m not gonna stop being friends with someone or stop listening to George Michael or Me’Shell Ndegeocello cuz your ass is ignorant.

9. “I hope they lose – they win too much/already won.”

Really? You’re going to cheer against a team cuz they’re too successful? Um, now THAT’S some hater ish! I cheer for my favorite teams, but I don’t get mad that the Patriots have a dynasty or that the Bulls three-peated. If you’re the best, more power to you.

How would you like it if you always did your work well, but your entire office plotted/wanted you to fail cuz you “always do a good job”? Boss decides to fire you cuz “it’s someone else’s turn to succeed.” Doesn’t make much sense, now does it? Sounds real petty and stupid, doesn’t it?

10. “I hope my kid has good hair...” or “he/she has that good hair.”

Hello, self-hate! I was wondering where you went. Good hair? Really? Good hair? I mean, just the thought process alone to think that a style of hair is “good” compared to another makes me think you’re driving the imbecile bus waving a Re-Re foam finger! That’s some ol’ slave quarters 'ish – and if you don’t get why that’s messed up,’re DUMB.

And don’t give me the whole “manageable” argument - all hair has its good and bad points. You’re just a nincompoop if you believe in that 'ish. You probably think the prettiest babies are when whites mix with Blacks too – like no other mixture or any other ethnicity can have prettier babies. Dumb-ass.

Oh, I’m sure all of you can add to the list. People say and do stupid things all the time. And I realize that growing up in the family I did, most of it wasn’t allowed. So when I get into the real world, and hear people tell me how they were “conversating” or how “those Muslims be blowin’ stuff up,” I just say most times...

“Oh – you’re stupid. I’m sorry – I didn’t realize. I’ll be moving along now…wouldn’t want to catch your affliction. You may be contagious, and I don’t want to find out”.

There it is. I’m interested to get your feedback and hear what stupid things you guys hear from people on the reg - and if I offended anyone with my declarations, chew on it – I’m God.


I feel like I’m forgetting something...hmm...

Oh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNAMARIA!!! With yo fine a$$! Enjoy it, bonita!



Brooke said...

I have to get ready to get on the road, and this may not even qualify in this blog today, but I hate it when I hear people say "new and improved."

Is it new? or is it the same thing, only improved?

To me, being improved doesn't make it makes it slightly different. Am I wrong?

Or I hate that they offer you the old one still.

"Try original Jiffy, OR the new and improved one."

Why would I want the old one when I can have the "new" or "improved" one? Right?

okay...that's my rant...

Anonymous said...


I can totally relate to this blog cause since I've been pregnant the stupidity I hear is just retarded. I hear all types of stupidity..The 2nd most annoying (after hearing about how "BIG" I am..LOL) is this one

PERSON: What do you want a boy or girl??

ME: I don't care as long as it's healthy.

Person: YEAH so what do you want???


Person: yeah well I guess that is important.

ME: YOU guess it's important??? OF COURSE IT IS!

Anonymous said...


phillygrl said...

Hi..been way for a minute, dealing with my boss!!...uuuuughhh..tha's my comment on

Rameer...this is good...i agree with you on many points..but I want to point out that on the point you made abt 'Latin' people you forgot to use the wods"ese'"'s more like it!!:-)

ahem, as for the others, i agree...especially with the gay comment...sometimes one will mention something & others will say i heard he was gay...& I'm like AND? what does that have to do with anything?...also, 'HATIN" irks me just as much as the word "DRAWN" this may be Philly terminology,

but just to break it down, if a guy is really feeling a girl, his boys will say.."oh , hes drawn, or she got him Drawn"...similar situation, if someone makes you mad, & u show it Or get all heated..people will say:why u lettin that get u drawn? or instead of saying "you crazy"..someone will say"you drawn"!!..

u get my drift, it's used in various ways, but irks the hell outta me..& really if u don't live in the hood, u wouldn't know what it was, like I actually heard some teenagers saying it, then I asked a guy friend at the gym & he as like WHAT u never heard that, I'm like, hey, i work at home pick up my son & go back home!! not all out & about right now!

--also, i like that 'costume' is this the one you were scaring everyone in office with ?...who went to he circus ..did u get those antannae? give them to rameer to go with his mask..enjoy weekend.. & Brooke..sorry we're not hooking up, but tell Kyce Happy b-day...u to annamaria!

Anonymous said...

Finally! The sounds from the crickets on here was deafening...

Annamaria...the things pregnant women hear have to rank near the top of SBA list. I feel for y'all...

Incidentally, mi abuela told me she was born named Anna Maria last night (She goes by Ann). I knew her real name was Anna, but never knew her middle name was

Phillygirl...yeah, that must be some Philly ish - I've never heard "drawn"! But it sounds as it could be as annoying as how people always say "hating".

not sure what you mean by the words "ese" with Latin people...and I really meant to say Latino...that's just one of my many typos.

And that wasn't a "costume" as oyu call it - that's a picture of my alter ego The Pain Alchemist, or PAIN for short. These white people at my job were genuinely terrified of him. F'n scrubs. But the Black people were dying laughing at these white people being scared! I mean tears in their eyes laughing! They never even blinked when they saw him - nor asked any questions.

Stupid people with their stupid questions annoy me. They're EVERYWHERE...

Anonymous said...

RAMEER: thanks for the sympathy. TRUST ME I NEED IT!! LOL.Oh and your grandma MUST be a wonderful woman!!! LOL

and yes stupidty is running rampant in this society!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what struck me about that, Annamaria??

This is the first time I'm admitting this aloud (or, in text rather)...I've been thinking in the past few months, if I ever had a child and it was a girl, I'd name her Anna Maria - after mi abuela and my great aunt Marie who passed last year.

Funny how things work.
So, as much as you like to tase me, I actually LOVE your name.

Anonymous said...

Brooke - next time I do a blog, I'm going to wait until real late the night before. I sent this to you before I saw "Making The Band 4" last night...

HOLY BITCHASSNESS. If y'all haven't seen this week's episode (I'm not a regular viewer, but a friend told me I HAD to turn to it while I was watching the b-ball games), it is THE HEIGHT of bitchassness. My mouth was on the floor in amazement that a man could act that way.

Brooke - you may get your wish. The Bitchass blog may be coming in the future...

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I think no one likes my topic. Maybe next time we'll leave the blogging to Ms. Brookes.

Serena W. said...

Ooooooooooh #10 is it for me! I hate it when people refer to "good hair." My sister Shavonn hears it a lot when people ask her what kind of perm do you use and she says..."I don't, we have Native American in our family." Of course what do people then say..."Oh you got that good hair!"

My sister (a beautician) smirks and says, "Good hair is any kind of texture if taken care of! If you don't take care of your hair then you have weak or bad hair. Not because you think straight hair is "good hair."

They look puzzled as hell.

Then I get some comments on my end, "Oh wow...your natural hair is must have that good hair!"

Get outta here! Is it supposed to be coarse or look like a bail of hay on top of my head? I comb it and yeah I got my sweeeeeeeeeeet afro pick and take care of it with the ill Carol's Daughter products. So I have well treated hair!

Yes my hair is soft and I DO take care of it...but that doesn't make it good vs bad hair!

Sigh, sigh, sigh. Pet peave for me! Rameer you hit it on the nose!

Serena W. said...


Serena W. said...

And Rameer I love your top 10! It's like when David Letterman does his Top Ten! Sometimes it's hilarious but sooooo true!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Serena! I just happen to deal with stupid people waaaaayyyyyyy more than I'd like to...

Serena W. said...

Dude I think it's all of us! Sheesh! I always tell people you can have a degree or two but if you have no common sense then you need to step out of my way!

A couple of people at my job overlooked a sista because she had no degree but had 12 years experience in the community! Hired folks that had the fancy degrees and no damn common sense! I was steamed!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

Fuck that!

I dont see any color and because of that I want to know your Nationality because i dont judge!

And yes that damn movie was too fucking long! Fish is not real meat becuase God said dont hate!

You know he is gay which is which I dont root for that team because I hate winnnes with bad hair!


Serena W. said...

ANT you're a mess!

Anonymous said...


Okay - I gotta admit, THAT was funny, Ant!

Anthony Otero said...

lol...sorry I had to.

I agree with just about every thing Rameer said. I can go into racial theory and talk about the whole "colorblind" ideology, but Rameer summed it up pretty well. The point is we want poeple to see us for who were and our color plays a role in that.

I wrote a blog about Homosexuality and Religion that sorta touches on the "god said this..."

I will say though that yes, I am a hater when it comes to sports. Fuck the Yankees, the Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys (throw Duke in there too and I am glad they lost). It is not about the team per say, but the attitude that because they are who they are, they (fans/management) feel they have the right and the privledge to win.

I will always root for the underdog! Consider the Yankees to be Colombus and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to be the Native Americans...who would u rather win that fight???

Serena W. said...

Sorry Ant...I'm a die hard Yankee's Fan! The Cowboys suck and I'll tell anyone that! The attitude is the worst!

And hey my boy Lamar plays for the Lakers so I'm rooting for them too. But I don't like Kobe. His attitude is by far the worst! He's gotten better! But he's still not my favorite!

Rameer it's something about a top ten. I have a workshop that I do with start up nonprofits called the Top Ten Successes! And I count backwards like Dave Letterman.

It's almost like more then 10 facts is too much sometimes, ten is the perfect number.

And where is everyone today! :(

Anonymous said...

Damn you, ant! We were sooooo on the same page...

Until you spoke ill of my beloved Lakers...

So you get a mini "fuck you!" for that one! Lol...

At least you admit to hating, though. I root against my teams' rivals during the season, until either my team or the rival is no longer in the race. And there ARE a few teams I dislike - Utah Jazz, Buffalo Bills, any team from the state of Utah (lotta racism and Mormons out there!), Duke, Miami U., and those teams who bolted the Big East for the Anal Cavity Conference (ACC).

So, I guess I hate on the aforementioned teams too - but not cuz they're successful; each team (other than the Utah ones, which I already gave the reason for) has it's own reason I dislike it.

You and I would have fun arguing together while watching games...cuz I LOVE seeing "underdogs" get crushed. I've rooted for underdogs, but usually cuz I always liked the team or like a player(s) - not simply cuz they're underdogs. But hey - a lot of people like underdogs. I have a theory about why most people do...but I'll save that for another blog.

Suffice to say, as a Lakers fan, I LOVE crushing these little teams that think they can compete with us. Yes, we have a good team every year. A down year for us means not being a top seeded playoff team - I like having a high standard to cheer for. Like I explained to these losers in Buffalo who root for U.B. and hate on SU - a down year for is 20 wins. A PHENOMENAL year for them is 20 wins. Different set of standards and expectations.

I'd be really interested to see your blog on Homosexuality and Religion. Send me the link sometime on Facebook. Religious discussion and perspective intrigues me - cuz so many people, in my opinion, are sooooo caught up in the wrong things and think their train of thought is the only way it can be. And most have never bothered to really research the major components, truth and falsehoods about these religions.

Being a nerd and bookworm...I have. when I was little. And, lemme tell you something - going to Catholic school is such a blessing in that aspect, cuz those damned Catholics know EVERYTHING. Seriously - even when they don't want to admit it or acknowledge it, they KNOW it. Books like "The Davinci Code" about organized religion hiding/covering up things are so on-point...

I'm rambling. I think my point was "F you, Ant" for cheering against my Lakers. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Serena - don't even get me started about Kobe. He's my favorite player - been my fav since he's 2nd year in the league (before anyone realized he was the best, I was BOLDLY DECLARING IT - cats in my neighborhood remember!). His "attitude" isn't any worse than Bird, Magic's or Jordan's. In fact, me and a lot of people with knowledge of him would say Jordan may have had the shittiest attitude in sports history. But we didn't have the Internet telling everything and the media as invasive as it is nowadays.

Kobe is the best, and his motivation is the same as ALL great players - he wants to WIN. Real simple.

I love the guy as a player. He's the perfect type of athlete you want on your team. and most of the stuff about him tends to be untrue or exaggerated when you really look into it and don't go off of hyperbole.

Anthony Otero said...

Seriously? I think may just call you FR! (meaning, Fucking Rameer!)

Son, we can go at it for days about sports! See, I cant say much becuase I am a Knick Fan. That team is soooo ass right now it is not even funny. I never thought I would live to see the day the clippers get more props than the Knicks...

I am with you on the defectors of the Big East! How do you hate the Bills? Are you from Buffalo???

Let me also say that I also hate the before we talk about how they are the world chumps, let's just say that I hated them when they were scrubs too.

I will send you the link on FB

Anonymous said...

You know why I hate the Bills?

When I was a little kid, and they were about town, they were always assholes. Same thing during their Super Bowl years. But when I was a little boy, it only took one encounter for me to say "screw them!"

I set my attentions on the Steelers and Raiders. Since the Raiders had the best uniforms and always beat the other team up (in those days, whether they won or lost, they'd literally physically beat the other players up), that was my favorite team! Mind you...I'm like choosing my fav team at like 5...

It helped my grandfather gave them his seal of approval for a team other than the Bills for me to like...

I used to cheer for the Knicks as a NY state resident...until Isaiah came into the picture. Once they dissed Ewing, and then brought him on, I've given them no love since. My Dad loves 'em...but it's hard for him to watch. I told him, the day they made the announcement about Zeke...

"The Knicks will never be squat as long as he's a part of the organization".

Zeke kills ANYTHING he touches.

Thanks for getting the link to me when you can.

Serena W. said...

I'm with you! I used to cheer for the Knicks...and then came Isaiah Thomas (sigh)!

Sorry dawg but I still don't like Kobe's cocky attitude (but I like the Lakers)!

Y'all have a good weekend! I'm Audi 5000!

Annamaria enjoy your bday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Serena!!! I am!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post Rameer. Ironically if there weren't stupid people we really wouldn't have anything to talk about, including this post. LOL I really have no idea if this was already mentioned because I could not read through all the comments. I did the old B.C.S.R (Blog Comment Speed Read). My boy and I speak to this on the daily regarding how Sheeple (People who act and think like Sheep), don't make the effort to think in 3 dimensions, but instead settle for linear thought. I don't say this out of hubris, but out of sense of sadness, disbelief, disappointment and sometimes rage. It's painful (like the Lemming video) to watch. Sometimes I feel like I'm sitting on a bench on the side walk watching the lemmings do their thing,thing...

I'll say this. Common sense is earned not given. Ra, it's not like you (and many others around the world) sit like a zombies watching channel 0 to get the latest on what is happening around you. We all have a will to seek knowledge (not just career or academic knowledge) about the world around us. I just wrote an article for a local college paper that caters to people of African descent, literally called ThePaper which I talked about a concept called R.O.A.R.(Read Observe Apply Repeat). A simple concept I created to explain to students that knowledge comes from reading, observing (analyzing), and applying what you've learned while understanding how that new information impacts yourself and the world around you. Not to mention you have the Matrix (Deaf Dumb and Bling thought) masquerading around as legitimate knowledge.

This is why one of my favorite quotes is from Sista Soulja and Carter G Woodson is the following:
“That’s the information, you can either take it and be intelligent or you
can throw it away and be retarded.” - Sista Souljah

“If you can control a man’s thinking, you don’t have to worry about his actions. If you can determine what a man thinks you do not have worry about what he will do. If you can make a man believe that he is inferior, you don’t have to compel him to seek an inferior status, he will do so without being told and if you can make a man believe that he is justly an outcast, you don’t have to order him to the back door, he will go to the back door on his own and if there is no back door, the very nature of the man will demand that you build one.” - Carter G Woodson

It's gets no more clearer than that.

- Ox

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to add that you don't have to get knowledge just from a physical piece of "parchment" with some symbols written on it (letters) bound together A.K.A book.

There are even lessons in nature, human behavior, conscious self analysis, and even silent meditation sitting in a white walled room with complete silence.

The lessons are all there, we just have to open our mind to receive the wisdom.

Rameer said...

And THAT'S why I always appreciate anything you have to say, Ox. I couldn't have put it any better.

We're soooooo on the same page when it comes to Sheeple. I say that all the time. Wow.

You should guest blog for Brooke some time. I know I like reading your posts on SU Blackbook and elsewhere, and we've kicked it back and forth before. I'm positive you would have some DOPE food for thought.

As for this blog...I really can't add anything else onto what you wrote. You pretty much wrapped it up perfectly. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Thx Ra. I appreciate that fam. I swear we were born from the same tribe. We'll have to trace the roots some day.

Yeah man, I did a guest blog post for Brooke early February. Check it out:

Can People Hate Themselves and Not Know It

I really hit on number 10 in you post.

- Ox

Brooke said...

Okay, I'm baaaaack!

I just browsed thru some comments, and I think I need to tase Ant for talking about my Phillies.

Kobe is the man, but he's an asshole. LeBron and D Wade, love them. Kobe is the best...but...

....he's an asshole.

I root against the Lakers when they're playing my team or the Cavs, or another team I like. Otherwise, I don't root against them just cuz Kobe's an asshole. Boy got skillz.

Hate Duke..and I have since Danny Ferry annem beat Mark Macon (Temple) back in the day.

I bleed Orange! But I like Georgetown and Villanova too... when they're not playing SU that is.

Ox has guest blogged before...and he's more than welcome to do it again!

Brooke said...

oh...and F Dallas!

You know Philly people don't mess with Dallas.

But I must have been away too long, cuz I have never heard "drawn" before. Karen, you'll have to tell me more about that nonsense. Sounds silly. Do you pronounce it like "jawn" ? :-)

Brooke said...

And it baffles me that black folks (and brown folks) still say that "good hair" non-sense in 2009. I blogged about that myself. Just silly.

Brooke said...

Can you tell I'm just now getting caught up? I missed you guys today!

Thanks Ram, I really appreciate your blog today :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Just stopping by to say hi - I will have to read the blog today. I was super busy on Friday and I'm just now getting caught up.

Georgia Peach said...

Ok - I know I'm all late. Still getting caught up at work, sorry I missed this discussion last Friday.

The only one I have to disagree with Rameer is the long movies one. There are some movies that could use a good 20-30 min edit because some of the material they choose to include is subpar and doesn't contribute to the overall entertainment value of the film.

I'm too tired to add any additional stupidity to the list other than people who pledge allegiance to a person instead of policies politically. I think in the end politicians are politicians and we should agree or disagree with their specific policies as they relate to us...

Aight I'm done - my head hurts and I'm trying to watch 24.

So sorry I missed it all on Friday.

singamaraja said...

Singamaraja reading your blog

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