Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hola mi gente!

It's Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I saw 2 boys, around age 10, who were playing Patty Cake on the train. I've never seen two boys...of any age...playing Patty Cake before.

- Madoff plead guilty, in jail - taking the fall for his family. Crazy business. Where is the money?

- My friend sent me a pic of my Godson in a wrestling meet. I had no idea he could wrestle...and from the photo he looks good at it!

- I've been drinking hot chocolate all morning.

- I can't wait for the summer to get here.

- It hate it when people request me on Facebook and I don't recall who they are by their name, and their default pic is of their now I REALLY have no idea who they are. The kids are always cute though :-)

- I can't wait til Kyce's 5th birthday party - where is all the time going?

- Someone remind me to pay my cable bill :-)

- I hate paying for cable when I get it for free at work. Damn Triple Play crap!

- I wanna go to a spa in Mexico like my co-worker Crystal is doing for her vacation this month. I would LOVE that!

- I want pizza for lunch.

- I can't stop listening to these Ne-Yo cd's - Rameer, you are the MAN!

- I'm doing something at the gym tonight called "Functional Training." Have no idea what it is, but we'll see. I may do Kickboxing beforehand.

- I need a relaxer, a cut and need to get my eyebrows done. I feel hairy :-)

- I have my booty cords on today with the boots someone jacked and then returned to me. Love my booty cords!...and my boots!

- Thanks Liz for the stock tips!

- It's practically mid March already...2009 is going fast so me.

- Did I mention I needed a vacation yet today? I do....really bad.

- I miss that hour of sleep. I want it back.

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Serena W. said...

I'm First!

Anonymous said...



1.I've been looking forward to this all day.

2.I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday & therefore my last day of work.

3. I didn't want to get up & come to work BUT felt it would be a little inappropriate to call out at this point

4. I am starting to get to the heartburn portion of my pregnancy.

5. I am going to OFFICIALLY be unemployed after tomorrow.

6. I have a BUNCH of new & exciting opportunities opening up to me after I give birth. I hope they all don't disapear! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and Brooke pay your cable bill!

Serena W. said...

Annamaria please don't tase me! LOL! Okay Random Thoughts...

I took it back to the 36 Chambers of Wu Tang and Shadow Boxed this morning! Felt great...haven't done that in a long time!

Now I feel the burn in my arms...dang.

Didn't get stuck in the 7 hour meeting...reduced down to 2 hours! Yipppeeee!

Yesterdays blog was great! Brooke thanks for sharing!

Where the heck is March going?

I felt bad when my teammate almost cried when I told her I'm leaving on June 30th. I'll miss her a lot.

Got my taxes and with the grace of God paid OFF bills including a couple of my Mama's

I love the fact that I can give back to my Mom (my Iya) she is everything to me.

But I didn't have enough loot left over to get a pair of white on white Uptowns. Hey...priorities.

Why do Uptowns cost $81.00 down here! Guess I should wait till I move back to the east to get a pair ;)

Is it bad that when my director told my department that I'm leaving that the chick that has been giving me grief was in shock and probably mad...cause that means her workload is about to be off the chain...hee hee.

Can't wait to get the hair retwisted next weekend.

Gotta a lot of thoughts today.

E Jackson! I want to buy some shea butter! Email me...Brookey can you pass a sista my email or vice versa.

Annamaria don't tase me...

I want some more followers on my blog...check it out

And leave comments please :)

Shameless plug...

And the Solange and Estelle show I went too was off the chain. Solange's band rocks and Estelle is the bomb!

Georgia Peach said...

Uh-oh Serena you gonna get tased girl! lol

- Brooke pay yo cable bill girl!

- Must say the one good thing about working for my company is that they give us free cable. Cheap mf'ers . They treat us like shit, but we do get some nice free cable.

- I forgot my french books at home and I think I'm gonna have to skip class b/c I will be lost without them

- Got confirmation that my supporting materials for one of my B-school apps was recieved. I'm sooooo excited and I'm now daydreaming about the day when I can give notice to aforementioned cheap mf'ers.

- Today I woke up and had a funny feeling. I feel like something big is about to happen, but i'm not sure what.

- I also feel hairy and need to get some hair waxed off (my brows being one of the places).

- Today I wore a suit just to throw peeps off.

- Just found out today that another co-worker is going to get to go on a trip to LA that I thought I might get to go on. I'm disappointed, but in the end this might be a good thing for me.

- I hate being one of the smartest people on the short bus. That's how it feels everyday when I come to work. :( Can I get on a team with smart people?

- I want to go somewhere really warm right now.

- Brooke - I saw Crystal this past weekend at the TJ Martell thing. Tell her I said enjoy her spa vacation - I wanna do one too.

- Speaking of spas I'm thinking of hitting up this spa that I found an online special for - hot stone or swedish massage for $50 (45 mins).

- I had the breakfast special that Starbucks is doing for $3.95 with the sandwich and coffee (although I subbed the tea) and wish that I hadn't gotten the sandwich now b/c it wasn't that good and I should have saved the calories and room in my stomach for a much better tasting lunch.

- Is it Friday yet?

Serena W. said...

Annamaria I love you too! the damn cable bill!

Or be like cable, no tv (did she say no tv) yes I did, internet is on the job's expense with the broad band card (guess I gotta get a package when I move back east...damn) and no house phone! Betta ask somebody! Hit up the cell and I'm saving $99 a month instead of paying for that three way package.

Damn...I gotta buy a laptop before June 30th...this is also my jobs and I don't have one. Ah well!

Anonymous said...

-I finally know the lyrics of “clocks” by coldplay and they are not what I thought they were…

-I can’t believe there is an artist called “Niggalas Cage”…smdh

-I am getting bored of Facebook…maybe it’s all of the pointless application. WTF is a poke??

-A “friend” of mine IMed me today. I haven’t heard from them in 6 months so I have a feeling that they want something.

-I am going to Canada for the first time in my life Memorial Day weekend; I can’t wait!

-I am bored of my hair color but lately it’s been doing so well! It’s thicker and healthier than it’s ever been and I don’t want to f-it up.
I can’t believe Serena beat Annamaria…as much as she likes you, YOU WILL GET TASED!

-I am going to get my ring appraised today by a REAL appraiser…I had a bad experience in the diamond district and I REFUSE to go thru that again…

-There is this woman here at work whom I refer to as Chewbacca” …she is about to have me call animal control on her ass if she keeps messing with me!!

-This tea is sooo yummy!

-I need more cash n my life :-(

-My mom sent me the book “act like a lady but think like a man” by Steve Harvey…is she trying to tell me something?

-I am hungry

Anonymous said...

**missed one**

I can't find little jars for the shea butter!! i am going to the container stor this weekend! I need loot in my life and this can jump start it!!

Georgia Peach said...

@ Serena -Oooh Estelle- I still haven't seen her live and want to. Also heard Solange's cd is good, but her stank attitude turns me off!

@ Annamaria - I hate waking up and thinking it's Friday. Your opportunities will be plentiful and will not dry up. I have proclaimed and you and family will be great! I truly believe now is the time to do your own thing despite all the bad reports in the news about how badly our economy is doing.

- Is it bad that I just got assigned some new projects (was just sitting here surfing the net for funny clips) and I resent getting them? LOL...

Georgia Peach said...

@ EJ - Some of my friends and I are doing a book club about Steve's book this Sunday. I don't think your mom meant any harm it's good for those in relationships and not. If you wanna come you should finish the book up and add your two cents. I think you'd like the group.

Anonymous said...

7. I got my taxes done on Tuesday... I hugged my new accountant & I will be buying my overpriced can't afford it but who cares cause it is fabulous handbag for my birthday on the 27th!

8. I can't WAIT til my DR vacation next month.

9. Serena: NO TV??? SERIOUSLY??? ARE YOU CRAZY????

10. Serena: POSTING FIRST???? SERIOUSLY YOU MUST BE CRAZY!!!! I love you but I seriously WILL tase you.

11. Why is this child doing jumping jacks on my bladder???

12. I need to get my eyebrows waxed.

13. I really think me not working here through my pregnancy is a good thing. It's getting hard not to kill people.

14.If I don't hear from EACH & EVERY one of you on the 27th YOU WILL GET TASED!

Anonymous said...

@GP: what time? my mom siad it was a quick read so i should be done by sunday...

Anonymous said...

@ serena: i have annamaria's address but can you send me you'r again?

@ annamaria: you should have the new sample package today; i have ONE small jar left and it's for you!! if you like it, let me know and we'll go from there

Brooke said...

I'm with you Serena, I'm gonna have to rethink this Triple Play stuff. I only need internet at home, but they make it so that it's more expensive if you just get internet Dagnabbit. I need to cancel it. I do like having cable at home tho...and not the bootleg cable that comes with my apartment. But like you said, priorities.

I need a tv though, I was told at work that I don't watch ENOUGH tv, go figure.

One more day Annamaria and you'll be free! Your opportunities will overflow more than you can imagine. I have complete faith in you and your family will be GREAT!

How much are Uptowns supposed to cost?

I wanna read Steve Harvey's book now. Everyone I know has read it or has it and is planning to.

Annamaria, I need a new tax guy :-(

I feel free today :-)

I could actually eat Chinese today too. I must be hungry.

Anonymous said...

- I'm in a REALLY PISSY mood today. If you're on Facebook and you see my status changed to something ominous, it means I'm either about to or have just SPAZZED THE F OUT...

- I'm soooo happy you like your Ne-Yo CDs, Brooke! You, my sister and myself are the only people who have those songs who DON'T work for Def Jam...

- I'm sorry to hear about your unemployment, Annamaria. I hope you get another job when you're ready. Maybe you can be a bounty hunter...with your taser and

- Pay your cable bill, Brooke.

- Cut that chick OFF, Brooke. No need to change your behavior to keep that broad around - everyone who I call friend meets a certain standard - you don't meet the standard, you're not my friend. You're an acquaintance...

- 2 boys playin' patty cake is a sure-fire road to Fruity Land...

- I need a vacation myself...

- I have 2 different groups of girls wanting me to hang out with them this weekend on Saturday...the host of my show is warning me I'm in the middle of a tug of war for my attention, and that I'm just "territory" for one of the groups to claim victory over for my attention...

- My computer at work died on Monday. It was replaced yesterday, sans stuff I had on it, which was lost - but now the little computer bitch is trying to limit my access of what I can do on it. Even though my boss and everyone else is completely fine with me using it the way I want, with the programs and software I want.

I'mma light this bitch UP if my shit ain't right by close of business today.

- Yes, I know I'm's cuz I really wanna Chris Brown this bitch for trying to power trip...

- Ron Artest talked ish to Kobe Bryant last night...and, like he always does when anyone talks ish to him, he lit him and his team UP. Seton Hall got chippy and started talking ish to S.U. and trying to be tough...and we promptly whooped their arses on national TV.

Does it really pay to talk ish to people you aren't on par with before or during the game?? I'm just sayin'...

- I really want to start a fight with ANYONE at work right now...this computer ish is pissin' me off...

- I'm gonna go drink some tea. Maybe that will calm me down - but I seriously doubt it.

Serena W. said...

Ooooooooooh Solange is stank? Had no idea. She truly wooooed the crowd as she got off the stage and walked through the crowd and sang and danced with peeps.

Annamaria I'm going to buy a forceshield to block your tase!

E Jackson...check your blog profile to see if you set it to not show your picture (privacy settings). Can't wait until you buy those jars! Don't forget some cute, cheap clear labels from Office Depot to make up the names and your contact info.

Write that bad boy off on your taxes next year (any expenses towards your new business). I feel another Carol's Daughter coming on board ;-)

Annamaria even though you wanna tase a sista do your thang girl! God puts us in places for a reason. You're receiving opps for when the baby is born and heck can work for yourself! Do it!!!!

And yes ladies gentlemen no tv. When I moved to Dallas I sold my sweet flat screen (which was a tube tv) but it was sweeeeeeeeet. Tooo heavy to ship. Something told me to ship it anyway! But no I listened to the ex boyfriend who will remain nameless since he went to Cuse and sold it.

Got here, everything was great watching his older version of his tv...then he tripped and I moved out before things got ugly. He gave me his 19 inch tv WTF!

Long story short...the 19 inch in a living room wasn't working, it started fading since he had it from freshman year at Syacuse (sigh) causing me to want to throw things at it and I picked that bad boy up and threw it in the trash!

My apartment is truly a sanctuary for my writing...peaceful! When I come home it's like a retreat.

So whenever God blesses me with that man and I get a tv we have to have a house big enough where I can write and not hear the sound of the tv...heck I miss watching Sportscenter, Greys, Private Practice, etc...but ah well.

And also when I wanna watch Dionne Warwick sang...that's what friends are for...watching the football and b-ball games on their tvs (thanks friends)!

Anthony Otero said...

- I am having a blast in NYC
- Sat behind the Seton Hall Bench
- Seton Hall game was off the hook, saw 2 fights in the stands
- I cannot believe I blogged with my phone yesterday
- Have no idea what I am doing this afternoon
- I need info for the party on saturday...i hope brook Ims me with that info...
- Serena, i still listen to is like an injection
- Brook...i got a tax guy for you..Turbo

Anonymous said...

- Part of what's pissing me off is that because there is no music on my computer and it can't play video(!), I have to listen to these people and their STUPID ASS conversations. I'm about to turn on the Big East tourney and CRANK IT...

- I'm convinced that a great deal of white people really do live in Narnia, and we live in a different world.

- I just told someone to kiss my Black ass.

- I just upset someone by telling them I didn't want to her stupid ass story. She was very offended - tough titties.

- Anyone sense that I'm not happy today?

Serena W. said...

Rameer is in rare form today!

No music or video what are they trying to do to a brother!

Brooke said...

Woo Saaaa Rameer :-) That computer chick don't know who she messin wit! Are you wearing the terrorist ninja mask today? :-) I must admit though, I BURST out laughing when I read "kiss my black ass!" You have no idea how many times a day I want to say that! LOL!!

Oh, and I suppose she cut ME off now, LOL! Such is life. If I could lose it, it wasn't mine to begin with. What is the saying? "The friendship that can cease has never been real."

Serena, I still can't believe you don't have tv...I'd die.

"tough titties" LMAO!

Liz is making a protein conditioner for hair too...she's a mad chemist!

Ant, I'll IM you the info, but it's on events in FB too.

Blogging from your phone? That's crack right there! LOL!

Georgia Peach said...

@ EJ - Yo i want some of that conditioner girl. I'll call you with details on the book club thing.

@ Rameer- I understand, but just breathe and count to 10. Like Brooke said Woo-sah.

@ Brooke- I hate getting friend requests from peeps that I've never had a conversation with, but they try to add me b/c we have so many mutual friends without sending a note first. I ALWAYS click ignore now.

@ Serena- I respect the no TV thing. I went through a period about 5 years ago where I didn't have cable and really didn't miss it. Now I'm addicted and it's like crack. I definitely need to get rid of the tv in my bedroom.

@ Latinegro - blogging from your phone is quite an accomplishment. I don't know if I'd have the patience to do that.

- I'm still sitting here not planning to do shit and agreed to go to an after work party tonight although I now feel guilty for not going to frech class. UGH...

Anonymous said...

everything looks legit in my profile...this sit just doenst like me!!!

Anonymous said...

15. Brooke- I can refer you to the tax dude I went to. LOVED him. He got me more than I thought I would get especially since I really have no deductions (YET..LOL) and he gave me insight as to how much I'm looking at next year with not working & the baby. I CAN'T WAIT TO DO MY TAXES NEXT YEAR! LOL plus he is a tax atty soo if god forbid you get audited or anything he takes care of everything.

16.Rameer & everyone else: thanks for your kind words about my new lack of a job. I am completely staying positive about this time. I am going to use the next couple of months to get ready for the baby & then spend some quality time with the baby & then decide what I want to do. I have SOOO many options opening up for me & they are all soo different & diverse that I can't wait. I actually was also just on the phone with a girlfriend of mine with another offer for me soo things are looking good.

17. Serena: no forcefield can block my taser! hahaha

18. Rameer: take a deep breath... wanna borrow my taser???

19. Brooke now that you use the word tittie?? Does everyone agree that Tittie is NOT a curse. Austin & I were having a debate about that the other day. Any thoughts

Georgia Peach said...

Titties is not a curse although as a kid my mom didn't want me saying the word.

Speaking of words I love the following words from Michael K @ peen, pepaw and memaw No idea why, but they just make me laugh to read them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GP I didn't think it was. I'm taking my $1 back from the curse jar cause I KNEW IT WASN'T!

Brooke said...

Titty is not a curse, just a word I don't like saying. That and the "P" word...just sounds so unlady-like. But it was funny when Rameer said it...wrote it :-)

I'd be terrible at talking dirty, even though I've done it. Just not words I like to say :-)

Does your tax guy charge alot?

Glee, those words DO look funny.

This woman sitting next to me has a book about birds that makes chirping sounds...and she won't close the book. Driving me nuts! But if I so much as sneeze, she acts like I'm distracting HER. Buffoonery.

Serena W. said...

I want some conditioner too! I love Carol's Daughter but would love to support my sista on here!

Speaking of support did I mention I would love more peeps to follow my blog lol!

Also for the dudes that loved my piece His Voice I went ahead and added it to my online shop. Spread the word and support

Yep another shameless plug ;-)

Keefe said...

1) I love working from home!
2) I can't focus when I work from home!
3)I feel like going to the gun range.
4) Sick kids know how to milk "the system" to get what they want. My 2 y/o has been milking me ALL day.
5) I still can't get any work done!
6) Does anyone remember the Richard Bey show?
7)Why is Brooke threatening to kick my ass if I don't comment?
8) Am I really that afraid of Brooke?
9) I need Spring to get here soon.
10) Better yet, the summer is better because I'm going to the Dominican Republic.
11) Whatever happened to Wesley Snipes? Did he go to jail for tax evasion?
12) I'm listening to "Earth" by Me'Shell Ndegéocello. Hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Brooke it is amazing about "the Madoff scandal" it is, his momma and daddy forewarned us about the very nascent of their son Bernie Madoff.The world did not listen, so what did he do to the willfully ignorant?.."he made-off with their money". Talkin bout a name that fits the person...he gets the best "rip-off award for the year.LOL

-Well, only in America, can you get away with such nonsense. Pour Charles Barkley sat in a Jail cell, while made-off with your money was home on facebook reuniting with friends that he made-off with their money. This goes to show you,regardless of how successful black people will become...we will never be able to assimilate with the law because it will never compromise with us.
- I am celebrating my 11th day of being alive, since my cheech and chong episode of my car going up in smoke-thank God I pulled over in time to prevent the suv from officially blowing up. Nothwithstanding the empty rhetoric the insurance company is trying to give me...I am still having a blessed day.
-With the economy the way it many people are trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God I have found it! Never thought aka KFC-for chicken would bring me the most insite to how to weather this financial storm...but it did! K.F.C.
-K:know what you want
-F:Find out what you are getting
-C: Change what you do, to get what you want.
-with that said, I have declared a new wine approach to life rather than trying to pour new wine in old wineskins(the constant old way of doing business as usual)aiming to get different result.Does a fanbelt have a buckle? the answer is no!
-life is very simply, i am realizing...change your roles/ will get different results. So this year its about living with total assest(debt-free) and loosing the bands to any type of financial bondage.
-I am down to watching the news to 1/2hr in the morning and at night because it can be food poison for fine tuning your goals and the need shifts in ones life.
-my son likes to play sports, so he got a chance to play football this week with teenagers...the PTA parents will probably call the police on me, since he is six...but he's 100lbs. got to start somewhere.LOL
-I have been working out at the gym alot, to free my mind...but I found out that even if I was able to lift 50,000lbs. any worries, stress, or obstacles can be remove, and not by might. I often remind myself at times..."the strenght of a man/woman is not in the muscle he or she flex, but rather in the remembrance of th very thing that fuels their enthusiasm, called faith, which can remove all obstacles".

Serena W. said...

Brooke that lady better be lucky that Rameer ain't sitting next to her because he would've snatched that book and tossed it lmao!

And I love the word "Buffoonery" I need to use it!

And Brooke...I'm holding you too working out today! We maybe far but we said Tuesday and Thursdays it's on!

Georgia Peach said...

@ Suavekool - loved the comments today. I'm gonna use K.F.C. - I def believe that to be true.

@ Keefe- I used to work from home when I was doing my own biz and found that I was more focused/dedicated b/c it was my OWN thing. Now I am barely motivated to do anything that I don't believe in wholeheartedly. I wish you success in remaining focused to accomplish the work you need to get done.

E.Payne said...

I ate 4 chicken McNuggets for lunch.

I'm exhausted.

I think my daughter is trying to wear me down through sleep deprivation.

I drove past my gym and sighed.

Madoff went after his own. I wonder how that must feel.

Brooke said...

Keefe be lollygaggin, that's why I told him he better comment if he's not LEGITIMATELY doing work. He knows I'll come down to the "dub V" and kick his ass! He better be afraid! LOL!!

Serena, DEFINITELY working out today, I promised you..and myself, and I WILL!!

Suavekool - Loved your thoughts today! But a 6 year old running with teenagers? Don't make me come to Philly...that's all I'm sayin ;)

Madoff...that whole thing is nuts.

4 chicken nuggets? What was it? A Happy Meal? :-)

Seems like the kiddies are working you and Keefe! Good luck!

Craig n 'em said...

- “I just wanna’ be loved” , Jill Scott

- For the Love of Ray J is funny…

- I’m afraid if I took cocaine, it would stop my heart….instantly
- I like saying the word…Bubble guts…

- I want a good dinner tonight

- I’m mad “CHRIS BROWN” is now a verb…

- Have you ever felt a “tough tittie”?…nipples will chip your tooth…

- Speaking of tittie…I call the areola on a woman “pepperoni”

- Ne-Yo is a PATTY CAKE…

- Brooke, don’t pay the cable guy…BLOG the cable guy…

- Welcome to the Freedom world, AnnaJolia!

- Jelly or Syrup?

- I need a pedicure...feet look like Eagle talons...

Anonymous said...


20. Why is it that for the past 2 days everytime I've thought of being unemployed I wonder where the heck Craig has been??? LOL

21. Ray J's show is my guilty pleasure. It's like a car wreck I don't want to watch it but I can't help it

22. I told Brooke to BLOG the cable guy a long time ago. She hasn't listened..LOL

phillygrl said...

Brooke....get tubo tax deluxe & take abt an hour & a half & do your taxes!!...

Serena, I am also feeling Solange...her style is ON POINT! & her music is good too..underrated...just like Esthero( I know she's kinda out there for some, but goodmusic) oh & who is this Laurn Izabal?(sp?) I don't watch videos usually but saw hers last night...REALLY nice!

---& JAMIE FOXX is making POWER MOVES..Jake Gyllenhaal& Ron & Quincy & Forrest up in his Video!! go boy!!

--anyhoooo...annamaria, eat black grapes & peas..not together they just cut down on the feeling tore up( this is not advice from me, but from a doctor) Also, once you settle in with baby, contact those opportunities while you are still home:-)

---Rameer..cheer up, it's sunny!

--why can't I twich my nose & make all this work disppear!

--i need a new fridge.......ummmm, i WANT a new fridge & a pocketbook too..but guess what the FRIDGE is LESS EXPENSIVE than the pocketbook..guess i'll go on & get the fridge..

- like 3 prior flames have gotten in touch with me in past two -three weeks---this must mean something?...
---my son is a basketball whiz!!..everyone is astounded how he can dribble & catch a baskeball..My uncle is like, he is gonna be the next IVERSON..meanwhile Im enrolling him in Gymnastics/ swimming & next year Tennis( I think the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis center takes kids at 4?..needs to be well rounded:-)

--im cuttin off my house phoen too-- i have trouble on my line every other week or so & it's annoying!

---best hot drink right now..DUNKIN DONUTS VAnilla Chai Latte

--on that old "friend" wanting out! a friend of mine also contacted text, then called me about some travel group ydb pyramid somethin... F*CK outta here!..I mean, cool for you, but don't try to drag me init, especially when you told me abt it before & I didn't seem interested... if u making money cool..i barely have time to drink a cup of tea let alone go to some meetings, try to drum up business for someone else..if Im using time oto drum up business it's gonna be for MY BUSINESS.

---ok last random thought...i'm gonna maybe let my "eyes rest" for a minute(lol!) see a;;l at 5pm:-)

Serena W. said...

HEY CRAIG! What's popping!

Brooke go head and call your cable guy ;-)

Going back to the lil boys playing patty cake that's a lil disturbing. But not as disturbing as lil boys playing twee a lee a lee! Oooooh who remembers that! Loved that game!

Is that woman's book still chirping? WTF!

Where has Amanda been..and let me not forget your sister Malek!

I miss the Amanda 100! Hope she's cool.

And yes the count down is on...going somewhere warm with a beach next month! Amen!

Georgia Peach said...

@ Serena - twee lee lee! Oh man haven't heard that one in years.

@ Phillygrl- lately I've been getting texts from people who were made "black history." I think those folks unless you want them in your life should just Kick rocks and keep it movin...

- Still regretting that damn breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. Now I won't be able to eat until dinner time cuz it's just sitting on my stomach.

- I wish I could send my bladder to the bathroom without me.

- I'm wondering why our email is so jacked up I ALWAYS archive things like I'm supposed to and try getting rid of huge files, but still get to the point every single day where I can't send emails out and they sit in my outbox until I go through the entire process again.

- I'm having a hard time keeping the WTF expression off my face when I have to interact with my boss. He's a dickhead. And an idiot.

- I tried to post some of these comments a few minutes ago and got an error message. Sure hope that doesn't happen this time.

Keefe said...

13) Brooke said she would "Blog" me up if I don't make more comments!
14) I didn't want to leave my comments at 13.
15) My iTunes is acting up. It keeps freezing up on me.

Keefe said...

16) I'm addicted to my daughter's sugar-free apple juice. We had a fight over the last drop this morning.

Anonymous said...

23. YES WHERE HAS AMANDA BEEN??? I spoke to her the other day soo i know she is still alive

24.Serena wasn't you supposed to email me to get my address so you can send me your book????

25. Yeah Brooke where is your sister...

26. Keefe: save everything from your IPOD. Then restore to it's original settings, update & then put everything back on. Takes a hot minute but i did mine the other day & it's been fine ever since


Anonymous said...

-Georgia Peach-yeah I find the K.f.c. strategy one of the best to use, to gain all that you your looking to accomplish.
-Brooke, they did have some 12yrs on the football team. my son is 4feet tall, but you are right, I won't supersize him to the big league yet.LOL

Georgia Peach said...

I'm sitting here digging the Keri Hilson song - "Turnin me on" just thought I'd share that. That's my current jam right now for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here updating my yahoo email address book so that I don't loose anyone's info when I leave tomorrow...

Sidenote: ummm why are these people making me have an exit interview??? I'm getting laid off I didn't quit??? And why would they schedule it for 3pm? I was hoping to be home by 3...LOL

Anonymous said...

- Thanks to everyone...but I'm STILL pissed...

- because there's no music on my computer, I can't drown out people around me...and the noisy ass ASSHOLE who doesn't know how to eat with his fucking mouth closed is having lunch...

- I asked the guy in charge of my department when is he gonna have this bitch make my computer RIGHT...and he told me probably not until tomorrow, cuz he has to leave. So that's it - I'm not doing a single fucking piece of work for the rest of the day. I am literally going to sit here, with my TV blasting as loud as it goes, and watch the Big East tournament until the end of the day.

- I hate that all these old-ass, unathletic white basketball analysts who are criticizing Eric Devendorf (S.U. player) for making jumpers and glaring at Seton Hall after he scored. Seton Hall tried to start a fight twice with us, and got a flagrant foul for trying to take off one of our players heads - and then talked ish afterwards! So, after THEY start is and we start kicking their ass on national TV ass a result, WE'RE supposed to "just play" and "be humble"? FUCK YOUR OLD ASSES! If I'm playing a sport and someone talks ish to me and tries to be cheap, you damn right they gonna hear it when I start whoopin' on them during the game! I'mma do more than just LOOK at yo ass - I'mma be talking all game - cuz I'm NICE.

- I hate all my co-workers today. I'm leaving early tomorrow for an appointment...I might leave 2 hours earlier than I'm supposed to.

- I told someone to lick balls 5 minutes ago.

- I'm gonna watch SU vs. UConn tonight while eating something bad for me. And drinking LOTS of wine.

- I'm curious as to why so many men care whether Ne-Yo or Kanye are gay...I could give a shit. As long as the music is good.

- People have been sending me 1 word texts from numbers not in my phone lately, trying to get me to respond. I don't answer numbers I don't know, and I don't respond to texts from numbers not in my phone. I'm never that curious to find out who the fuck you are.

- Everyone at my job is starting to avoid me today...

- I just bit off this dude's head, and he was actually trying to help me. Oh well. Fuck him too.

- I haven't had a hair cut in two months - and not sure I care about getting one.

- I wish my TV went LOUDER.

- I'm gonna go see my mother & sister after work...seeing my sister usually cheers me up.

- Today is one of those days where I just say "white people".

- Ray J IS funny...

- I'm going to get more tea.

Georgia Peach said...

@ Rameer I would also recommend a valium too buddy! Normally I wouldn't recommend drugs, but today I think you could use one before you stroke out up there at work. That ain't sexy... just imagine all the confused white peeps lookin at you all crazy as your speech slurs... (just jokin).

@ Annamaria - that is strange exit interview if you're being laid off? That's sort of triflin! Can't they move it up?

Anonymous said...

Oh - whomever asked about Wesley Snipes...he's free living it up while on appeal for his sentence...he was sentenced to 3 years jail time, but is free on appeal...

Georgia - no drugs for me - I refuse to take any drug unless it's straight aspirin.

Anonymous said...

Rameer: I am with GP you need something to calm you down.. Please don't be the crazy black man & kill everyone.

GP: yes an exit interview. We ALL have to do one.. BASTARDS. And no I tried to get them to do it earlier BUT they said they couldn't..YEAH RIGHT THEY JUST KNOW I WANT TO LEAVE EARLY.

28. And why are they scheduling an appreciation hour at 4:30 with drinks & appetizers.
Umm we just all got laid off how appreciated are we. And I'm pregnant I can't drink anyways?

29. I really haven't done a damn thing today except for update my yahoo contact list with all my email addresses

30. And why do people here keep asking for my contact info so we can keep in touch after we leave.. I DON'T WANT TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOU GUYS! lol

31. I think I am going to stop talking to my sister in law til I give birth. She is just the picture of negativity & I can't take it anymore.

32. On the other hand a friend just called me & she was soo positive & inspiring that it made me feel better.

Serena W. said...

Georgia Peach...I love that expression Kick Rocks!

Annamaria...dear Brookey never gave me your email or E Jacks...uh Brooke can we get some email exchange please so Annamaria doesn't tase the both of us lol!

Exit interview...that is trife! Especially at 3pm!

Rameer I hate it when people chew with their mouth open! OMG! Hate it!

Keefe I know you didn't fight over the last drop of sugar free apple juice with your daughter (Heeeeelarious)!

By the way drank some bomb ass green juice from Target that is healthy for you. Looks like string beans blended up. But it's great and has kiwi, bananas, etc in it!

Suavekool..I love K.F.C.!

Brother E. Payne did you eat anything else besides the 4 nuggets!

I hate that I have to head out to a meeting in 20 minutes...ah well.

At least after 5pm I'm going to head to my favorite Starbucks and keep editing my manuscript :)

And may have to leave work early today in order for you to not bitch slap someone!

On the topic of b****a**ness (fill in the blanks) and bullshit (geez y'all have a sista cursing today)...if anyone has the Pharcyde cd Lacabincalifornia (which I worked out too this morning) check out track #1 titled Bullshit (Annamaria, Rameer and everyone who has a whack job, crazy computer chick not uploading your stuff or insane bosses that song is for you)!

Also check out track #7..Somethin' that Means Somethin' I love it! All those who are making moves!

Anonymous said...

Serena - u get mad props for mentioning The Pharcyde's underrated second album. I STILL play that joint...I jacked it from Dre Huggins (used to be Lemon) back in the day. I LOVE The Pharcyde...I even have their last album, when it was just 2 of them - Humboldt Beginnings - which was pretty decent...

That made me smile! I know that album front to back. And I don't have to leave work - cuz I ain't working. They're getting no productivity out of me until my computer is back to what it was. Period.

Georgia Peach said...

I just have to say that GOD IS GOOD! I just got my bonus today and I really needed to hear some good news right now. I know this is a miracle b/c our company is really a mess,some other folks didn't get theirs and the economy still looks crazier and crazier everyday! I just had to testify a lil bit.

Whoever mentioned having faith (think it was Suave) is really on point. I'm gonna bank this towards the education fund.
@ Serena I'm gonna check that song out.

Anonymous said...

Definition of irony:

The certified "mean girl" in my building - she's so cold and icy, people have called her "the ghost" due to the chill associated supposedly with ghosts - walks down the hallway with me, and actually gets me to laugh. She doesn't even SPEAK to people! I guess she felt a kinship to me since we're both miserable today...only diff is, she's ALWAYS miserable.

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Georgia!!!

Anonymous said...


Damn my heart burn is coming back!

Brooke said...

Love all your comments today, I can barely keep up! As soon as I finish reading one, 3 more pop up!

Did I ever tell you all how much I love and appreciate you all? :-)

Blogging has become like therapy for me, thanks to you all!

Rameer, glad you finally got a smile on your face today - keep it up! It's contagious!

Congrats Glee!

Keefe said...


Does that mean we're cool and you are not gonna kick my a$$? :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Thanks guys! I'm finally smiling too.

@ Rameer- sometimes it's always the most unexpected sources that bless you. Thank goodness the ice princess helped you out. LOL

@ Annamaria- wow that sounds serious and you can't take any meds can you? Better try the remedy phillygrl recommended quickly.

@Brooke- I understand and I believe you are truly blessed with your blog. I've never seen anything like it. Your blog community is special. So glad to be a part of it...

Anonymous said...


Georgia Peach said...

Annamaria that's terrible! They should def die over that... and it's cake too! I would have to fight somebody over that.

Keefe said...

Annamaria, that's what my 2 y/o was saying to me when I was drinking the last bit of apple juice.

Anonymous said...

Keefe: she should tase u!

Anonymous said...

Georgia Peach...nothing like an unexpected blessing...He gives seed to the sower. so go on and tell your money what to do.
-Serena television for the most part is not "food for the Soul". I once met a businessman who went home and throw-out of his televisions. after realizing the millions his favorite actors made per show. now he is a M.I.T (millionaire in training). He was able to focus and start his business. now he has several. "whereever your heart is , your focus is"
-Brooke keep up the innovative topics on your blog.

phillygrl said... eyes are"rested"& work is almost over...

Rameer: u gotta get one of those external ipod players for at work( the kind that have those teeeny eeeny weeny speakers( just in case) ...also, some magazines stashed in drawer, so in moments like this( especially in spring, u can get outt there & chill for a minute, but I guess b-ball has u occupied!

Annamaria: get ALL the files you need off of your work computer, if you don't have dvd's email them to yourself at your personal email address. I was laid off along w/ 3000 other employees abt 6 years ago & they also wanted an exit interview. company policy, blah blah blah...give my severence$!..I was out to L.A. to hang out for a year or 2.

---music: I saw that video again ..Laura Izador? anyone heard of her..seems pretty cool..imm have to look her up & check out some more of her music!.

Keri is my GIRL right now.she reminds me of a more "chipper" Ciara for some reason...

--I also saw Van Hunt, Maxwell & Ben Harper...all good..ben harper is a cutie, but Im not so keen on his tunes...

--enjoy the evening everyone.

Oh & Rameer...go get a milkshake or something:-)

brooke..maybe I'll see u at Kyce's birthday party!!:-)

Brooke said...

Yes, Keefe you are off the hook, until next week :)

Thanks Glee, I"m glad you're a part of my blog family too!

Now I want a milkshake.

Sorry, was watching Oprah talking about domestic abuse. Tyra Banks talks too muhc.

I hope I do see you at Kyce's party Karen, when Nicole gets the details I'll let you know!

Suavekool, actors ARE overpaid, but tv is my livelihood, so I can't throw it away just yet.

I'll send the email addresses to Serena and Liz now!

phillygrl said...

no tv?....i can't imagine...well I can , ive done it before( in college), but there were plenty of other distractions.

brooke..i think u & your syracuse buddies careers in tv should get together & write a book abt all the absurd things that happen& behind scene stuff that most people don't know:-) i'd buy it....:-)

Anonymous said...

@ annamaria: YOU ARE WELCOME!! take phillygirls advice, if you cant burn them or if they are too large to send, uploade what you can onto

@ GP: yaya! money money money money...MONEY!!

@ serena: i'll call beooke to get your e-mail for the addy.

@ brooke: pay yo' cable bill!!!

Anonymous said...

Phillygirl - thanks for the suggestion, but I'm against "I" everything. Itouch, Ipod, Iphone - I won't give in to it. I was cool when my computer has music on it - I would just plug in. Realistically, I could just use the player on my phone, it's just as good as any Ipod. But I wanted my computer - it's principle.

But I AM going 2 get a milkshake, thanks to you... =)

Annamaria - put ANOTHER piece of cake in the fridge on Monday, especially if it's the same type. But THIS time, make it/mix it with a nice, store bought chocolate laxative. The person who gets the shits at any point during the day is your thief.

True story - someone drank my boy's juice at work years ago. I told him to bring in some more, and I went to the store and bought some of that stuff that clears you out...mixed a healthy dose with the juice. I don't know how it made it taste, but later that night this dude had to leave early due to "stomach problems". Next day, my boy grilled his ass AND turned him in. He ignored my suggestion to beat that ass...too bad.

- Actors aren't overpaid. They allow us escapism and bring great joy in the form of entertainment to us - it's no actor's fault if people don't have the self-control to take TV, film or any other media in reasonable doses. I actually watch very little TV outside of sports and ESPN, and the few shows I DO watch...I could care less if I miss an episode or a season. There are exceptions, but I really don't let TV hold me captive. I can go weeks without seeing anything, unless it's sports.

Don't blame the actors. I think anyone who provides entertainment and that effect it has on the mind deserves whatever they can get.

- I have put a deadline of 12:30pm tomorrow for my computer to be fully operational. If that does not occur, I will have to choke a bitch. And I'm liable to do it.

- I haven't been working since I said I wasn't working any more. Watching Penn State vs Indiana right now...

Anonymous said...

Okay Brooke! I can rationalize with you about the Television. So what you can do...get the slingbox av or slingbox solo. watch your home cable tv on your cellphone, laptop or desktop home or at work-of course if its at work, you might want the alt & tab key be your friend. But than again, you did mention earlier that the people at your job said u didn't watch enough television. Imagine that! they might just let you watch it at your job.LOL

Brooke said...

Yes, I don't turn on the tv when I get home, I turn on the computer or read. If I do turn it on, it's usually to keep me company. I watch tv all day at work, so I tend not to watch too much at home. It's killing me not to have basketball on right now tho, I do watch sports at home...I love ESPN! But yes, I have to watch more at home so I know what nonese they're talking about in my meetings. They always look at me and ask "Why is Ray J so popular" if I know...kills me.

And you're right Ram, actors aren't overpaid...and if they are, it's because we place that value on them.

Good idea about Slingbox!

And one time someone was drinking my orange juice out the fridge, so I put dish detergent in it. They drank it and got sick...that's what they get.

Anonymous said...

i just saw a clip on from Tyra's show today...

yeah, she talks a LOT

Serena W. said...

So I was checking the comments during my two hour meeting and nearly cracked up when I saw that someone snatched Annamaria's piece of cake. LOL! Anthony I now know how to blog from the Blackberry! Scary!

Liz I'm glad I got your email addy and we exchanged info...

Annamaria...Brooke didn't give me your information....uh oh. I feel someone getting tased!

Rameer at 11:30am tomorrow (I'm an hour behind you) I'm going to check in to see if you clocked this chick lol.

Brooke said...

Yeah, we might hear about Rameer on the news :-)

I think all the introductions are made now between Liz, Serena and Annamaria, sorry it took so long, but it's done now!

Serena W. said...

Rameer...we don't want to hear about you on the news man!

Brooke thanks for the hook up...I can't wait to get my sample from Liz.

Annamaria...I don't want to see your news story following Rameer's tomorrow. Everyone try to have a good day tomorrow.

Brooke said...

You have a blessed day tomorrow too! It's Friday!

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