Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Joy of Being Auntie

It's been a long time...I shouldn'ta left you....

Okay, so it hasn't really been a long time...but I missed you all anyway!

Happy Tuesday!

I spent a long weekend in Philly for my nephew's 5th birthday celebration. His party on Sunday afternoon was off the hook, and I was completely Chuck E. Cheesed out by the end of the day. That place is a riot, and he had a blast with all his friends. Great, great, great party!

His actual birthday was yesterday. While he was at school, I snuck down to Baltimore to meet with the infamous Dre Lew of blog comment fame so we could meet and so he could do my taxes. He hooked me up in more ways than one. First, he gave me expert advice on my taxes, buying property and simply all things investments/finance. But more importantly, he hooked me up with some catfish! Let me tell you, he put his foot in it! Fried catfish, mac and cheese, green beans and corn bread...all washed down with sweet mango iced tea! He INSISTED I don't be shy and take more (smile), so I made a plate to go (yes...complete with paper plate and foil) and will be having that for lunch today. Oh, and did I mention the Pineapple Upside-down cake for dessert? Heaven. It was great finally meeting you Dre, an absolute pleasure - thanks again!

Getting my taxes done was the only thing that could steal me away from my family for the day. I'd been away from them for a few weeks and my nephew Kyce was jonesing for his Auntie BIG TIME. I tell you, there's nothing like seeing their faces light up when I walk in a room. When they run to me and jump in my arms, I feel like my heart is going to burst. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Being Auntie has given me the opportunity to find a special purpose in my family. Although I'm not married or have children, I always feel as though I'm wanted, needed, and important when I spend time with my sister's sons. Thanks to them, I feel stretched in ways that I never imagined - but in a good way. I've stretched my idea of unconditional love to an understanding I didn't necessarily have as it related to a child before they were born - a feeling I didn't have to bear my own children to experience. I couldn't love them more than if I had birthed them myself.

Of course I realize there is no bond like the special one a parent has with a child. But I too have a unique relationship with each of my nephews. Kyce and I talk about any and everything. Ibrahim makes me laugh til my sides hurt. Kyce loves it when he cracks a joke that gets a reaction, and Ibrahim and I will dance to anything. They talk to me on the phone and they share their snacks with me. Kyce sneaks out of his top bunk to crawl into bed with me, while Ibrahim gives me big kisses that make loud smacking noises. I am the person they call when they want a special toy, to be rewarded when they accomplish something or when they want share something new that they've learned. I'm the one they want to go to the playground with, or who they find when they want to wrestle. I am Auntie, and I can do no wrong in their eyes.

Through them, I am able to experience motherhood - without the morning sickness and labor. I've fed them, bathed them, clothed them, changed diapers and cared for them when they were sick. I saw them take their first steps. I've gone to school functions and mediated over little disputes. I've disciplined them, taught them, encouraged them and loved them.

Last night before I left, I went upstairs to give Kyce a kiss goodnight. He had already fallen asleep and I was so sad that I missed him, but also glad that he wasn't awake to give me those puppy dog eyes he gives me when he doesn't want me to leave. I gave his cool little cheek a big kiss and was overcome with a love so deep - I didn't want to leave. In moments like those, I understand what it means to love someone so much that you'd lay down your life for him. I'd do it for either of them. Through my nephews and all the children in my life, moments like that give me a whole new understanding of why Jesus gave his life for all of His children. What a blessing, and my life is richer than it's ever been.



annamaria said...

Ok NOW I'm hungry!!! Lol
Second ur bond is that much more special & they will be better men because of their auntie! They are beautiful!!!

Brooke said...

awww, so nice of you to say :) They're the joy of my life! I hate coming back up here after a long weekend with them, but they'll be up here next week, can't wait!

Serena W. said...

I want some catfish and baked mac and cheese! Sheesh Brooke!

Welcome back and ahhhhh your nephews are adorable. I think I shared with you that my nephew Dontae's bday was yesterday too. I was so sad that I missed it! They took pics at the huge indoor park and he called me saying, "Titi I miss you."

I wanted to pack my bags and come back east right when he called.

Brooke I agree with Annamaria they will be better men because of you being in their life and I know your sister loves you for it!

Me and Dontae (my nephew) have a date in August. He misses me coming down and taking him to the beach. So I'm going to surprise him when I move back east and sneak down to Virginia Beach and spend the weekend with him in the water, eating pizza chilling under an umbrella like we used too.

Thanks fr sharing B!

Brooke said...

I love that you two have a date!

I think I'm gonna establish a monthly "AUNTIE DAY" where it's just us, no parents or nana's allowed, where we can do whatever they want. I feel like every time I go down there it's "AUNTIE DAY," but I want to make it official :)

I can't wait for the summer to do as much as I can with them.

Serena W. said...

Me either! Oh yes we have dates, even with my goddaughter and she'll be 17 this year. When I come home to NYC in May for memorial day weekend, me and her will have a date. Just the two of us. Then she wants to come and visit me when I move. I told her I need her to help me push my framed poems at events and I'll pay her.

You know she'll be on that bus in a heart beat! But we gotta have our own time for real :)

Annamaria said...

Brooke you better let me know when they will be here so I can go meet them!! Are you going to take time off with them when they come up here???

Brooke said...

Yes, I'll be off April 9th and 10th when they're here...so I'll definitely be around!

Nikki_T said...

Awww .. I am glad that you had a great time with Kyce and Ibrahim!
Hopefully, I will get the same feeling once my little nephew is born in a couple of months.

Although, I have gotten some practice from all of my god-children, 6 in total.

Since you made everyone hungry . . next time you go to Philly, can you bring a sister back a cheesesteak? Tell Franco . .. I have been fiending especially with these research papers and the first part of my thesis looming over me.

Brooke said...

I'm on it Nikki!

(I miss you by the way! - Honey Mag meeting?)

You will instantly fall in love with your nephew when he's born. I was in love with Kyce and Ibrahim when they were in my sister's stomach. I can still remember Nicole showing me the ultrasound pic like "this is Kyce." I loved him from the moment I heard his little heart beat. I can't believe he's 5 already. And just when I didn't think I had enough room in my heart to love another one, here comes Ibrahim. They don't have to fight for room in my heart, it just gets bigger :-) Congrats Auntie Nikki! He'll be here soon!

Next time I go to Philly, I'll bring a cheesesteak your way!

Annamaria said...

Girl I completely understand!!!!!! I loved Sophia since the moment I heard her little heartbeat. Now that I know I am having a little girl I just talk to her & rub my belly all the time. I can't wait for her to get here.

Annamaria said...

Have I mentioned that I HATE CHUCK E CHEESE??????? I wanna tase & shank all the unruly, rude little kids that go there. I almost yoked up this little boy the last time I went with the kids

momo925 said...

Brooke your nephews are ADORABLE!! I think the relationship you have with them is beautiful and inspiring. Keep being the person you are :-)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria you'll be a great Mama!!!!!

Brooke when I move back east we need a date in Philly with whoever else wants to go so I can get a Cheesesteak and cheese fries!

Serena W. said...

But Annamaria the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese is the bomb. The trick is to go mid week in the afternoon/evening when no one is there ;-)

Brooke said...

Yeah, Chuck E. Cheese can be crazy if you go on the wrong day...but the pizza and wings are great!

Sophia...I love that name :)

Annamaria is having a "mini me" - I bet you're doing what your mom did with you..."please look like me, please look like me." :)

(with your Halle Berry lookin ass!)

Thanks Momo!

Serena, sounds like we need to have an adult Philly "playdate!" "Summer, Summer Summer time!" (a la Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff) lol

phillygrl said...

brooke.....glad u had a good time here for the birthday party!...Kyce is a BIG boy---!!!..wow!..Ibrahim is just too cute..glad u can hang out with them. Easter/spring break must be upon us b/c Zaire is out on the 9th & 10th as well...& then I have jury duty on the 13th, so I have a long weekend planned as well.. Tell ur mom & Nicole hi ! see u this summer I'm sure!

--pineapple is my favorite tropical fruit--im trying to cut out the cake, but if there was a piece here right now id eat it & p90x it later on tonight!!lol!!(my favorite normal one is fuji apple)

---i can't really stomach chuck- e cheese...i just don't like it, brooke, if you went to a clean one where the mouse if puffy fluffy & soft...let me know..I think that thing is too matted & it creeps me out,,I 've been there once & I just can't do it.

enjoy the beautiful weather every one!

Brooke said...

We went to the Chuck E Cheese by King of Prussia, so it was a nice one :-) It was really big, and the mouse was big, fluffy and friendly. The kids section seemed pretty closed off from the "birthday area" and it was enough room for them all to run around. The only creepy thing about it was the old guy they had redeeming the tickets for prizes :) He wouldn't stop talking! And he kept talking to me like I was 5 years old! I was looking at him like "dude, you DO realize I'm a grown ass woman right?" I guess he didn't know how to turn it off for the adults. But we had a good time :-)

Georgia Peach said...

Brooke- your blog just made me tear up a little. I almost (ALMOST) want to have one of my own, but I think I'll just let my sister have them and become the BEST AUNTIE ever (besides you of course).

That catfish sounds damn good and mac n cheese. YUMMY...

Brooke said...

it was delicious!

And if having your own child is that love TENFOLD, then I'm not sure my heart could handle it. Right now, I'll just relish the relationship I have with them. They fill me up, I feel no void whatsoever.

Anthony Otero said...

I am very glad you had fun. I am starting to get hungry too.

I dont have any kids as well, so I understand the bond you have with your nephews.

One day I am sure you will have beautiful children.

Brooke said...

Well, we'll see. If my future kids are even half as beautiful (inside and out) as my nephews, then I'll be a very lucky mom :-) I'm sure you'll make a great father one day too Ant!

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