Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Speaking of humping, ladies - would you hump a dude who is shorter than you are?

A friend of mine asked me if she was being petty by wondering if she should give her number to a guy who is shorter than she is. We're talking in 5'4. She's about 5'6 I'm guessing. While I thought his height was the last thing she should be worrying about (he lives clear across the country, so it would be a long distance thing), I did give it some thought.

I mentioned to her that I might not be the best person to ask about this. After all, women who refuse to date men their height or shorter, or who have a height requirement, are a pet peeve of mine. I understand preferences - and as a 5'10 Amazon of a woman myself - I get it.

But I've dated men as short as 5'6. Great guys! I was attracted to them and didn't let their height get in the way of me getting to know them. Besides, a man who is considered short who has the nerve to approach a woman my height is a turn on to me. It signifies confidence to me...and I like that.

But I seem to be in the minority. It seems most women I know do not particularly care for dating a man who is shorter than they are. The taller the woman is, the more strongly they seem to feel about this. However, most men I ask do not seem to have this same aversion to dating a taller woman.

So what are your thoughts on this? I know that the politically correct answer is that people should look at a person for who they are on the inside and not on the outside. I think we mostly agree on that. But I'm talking about preferences, and why.

I think for some women, it's genetically ingrained in us to want a bigger/taller man, because that once meant he'd be a better protector and provider whilst we were being stalked by saber-toothed tigers and whatnot. It's a possible theory. :)

But I've met some tall-ass chumps in my day - and also some very scrappy, manly shorter men. So the "he can protect me" theory goes out the window for me. I know women wanna be "tossed around" and feel "safe," but I've been tossed a time or two by a man shorter than me, while some men I've dated who were my height or taller can barely do a chin-up.

So ladies, do you have a height requirement? I know some women who are 5'3 and refuse to date a man who is less than 6' tall - which is absurd...with their short asses :-) Does a man have to be "at least" your height to date you? Or at least 3 inches taller should you decide to wear heels? Or does his height not matter to you as long as he's a good guy....or can stand on his wallet? LOL!

I joke :-)

Men, do you have a problem dating a woman who is taller than you? Or do you like climbing trees?

Let's hear it!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

I have no problem dating women taller than me. They usually have a problem with me being 5'8. But is cool, they do not know what they are missing... :)

Stef said...

I used to have a height requirement of at least 6', not a preference - A REQUIREMENT.

I'm 5'7, so I figured if I wore heels, we'd be the same height at least. I missed out on some great guys who were probably Ant's height, my height, or even slightly taller than 5'9.

It was dumb. And I realize that now. We women think we feel safer with taller dudes. We like being tucked under their arm or looking up into their eyes. It makes us feel "girly." I think that's mostly what it is.

But I learned I can still feel "girly" with a guy my height or even shorter. While I still have my preferences, it's no longer a "requirement." Now I just hope to meet a good guy, not a tall one.

Sillouette said...

I dont have a height preference.. Im 5'6-5'7 the most. I think its selfish and petty to judge a person because of their height..Its outright ridiculous. All I ask is for the gentlemen to be a good person on the inside.. Too many people in society are caught up on this appearance thing. Although appearance is a factor to a degree some just make it top priority and when they do that they are cutting themselves short of a potential prize of a person that they may feel didnt meet all of their so called "requirements". If you think about it really when you get old (and you will get old)one day, height and looks wont matter anyways, all you will have left is what's on the inside.. and thats what is really beautiful :)

Tanisha Malcom said...

In my late twenties, I dated a dude that was literally 4'10"!!!!! I hate to be a perve, but let's just say he had three was fun while it lasted and yes, the "Napoleon Complex" existed. Sad, but true!!!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, I hate to say this about your friend, but yes, she was being petty...and I hope you told her so.

Women complain about not being able to find good guys when they're all around them. But because he's not 6' tall, or is a certain build, or has the job they think he should have, they turn him away. Then are the first ones crying the blues when the tall, built assholes jerk them around and shits on them.

Quite frankly I'm tired of hearing about women's "lists" and "requirements." It's silly and childish. I'm glad you're one of the more enlightened women I know.

And yes, I'd date a woman taller than me, no problem. I have in teh past - if they're sexy as hell, then they're not off limits.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Great topic! Brooke, you and I have spoken and laughed about this topic before, and you already know... I could maybe do 1 or 2 (pushing it) inches shorter than me, but that’s about it. I have always had an issue with feeling like I can dominate over many men, having that height advantage only adds to the fire. Perhaps I’ve just never come across a shorty that had a fighting chance or the confidence. I would never say never..but for now.. nah.. I’m good with eye level or above!


Jay said...

I agree with Cable Guy on this on - having a requirement is childish and immature. I get that we all have preferences, but she's just giving him her phone number, not marrying him tomorrow. It's not that deep. And if she were to keep a great relationship from developing simply because he's 2 inches shorter than she is, then he's better off. No one likes a shallow woman.

I've dated many women who were taller than I am, and I'm 6'1. If I'm attracted to you, then I'm attracted to you. Period.

And like you said B, there are PLENTY of tall BITCHASS men out there. Don't think just because a man is a certain height, he can "protect" you. With the type of men we're out here breeding, bitchassness is rampant and the tall men are not immune.

Sillouette said...

Truth be told Ive known a few men that have a " list" of requirements as well. And then that list they end up with crappy women. It so shallow for a man or woman to do it. It makes me question whether they have hidden insecurities/ complexes within themselves that they are tryinig to make up for...hhummm

Anthony Otero said...

I will say that I know some tall women are sexy as hell. Oh well, I certainly don't sweat it, I just think those kinds of requirement that makes those women crazy.

We are all the same size in bed. lol

Craig n 'em said...

I'm 6'5...Short women rock cuz they can easily spin your on your (____)...Women like being thrown around the bedroom...Throw her little (____) in the air and she lands on my (_____)'s pretty (_______) awesome...

Tall women rule cuz I don't have to bend over as much when I (____) her (_____) from behind or if she's (_____) my (_____) as I (_____) her (______)...So in that regard my back is happy.

But at the end of the day...or (______)... Tall or Short, my (________) is always HAPPY!!!


Anonymous said...

@Craig n 'em - Hilarious!!!

BatMan said...

@Craig n 'em - That was some Funny sh*t!!!! LOL

Stef said...

Craig has problems :)

I'm mad I missed that screening. I wanted to meet him!

Ms. Penn said...

This is a great topic Brooke. Being a tall woman myself, I always hated hearing a 5' or 5'2 woman saying she only dates men 6' or taller. I felt like all the short women were taking my tall men! LOL!

But now that I'm a mature, clear thinking woman, I realize that great men come in all shapes and sizes, and we're lucky if we find one no matter what package they come in. The guy I'm with now is 2 inches shorter than I am, and I feel totally safe, loved and secure in his arms. He has no problems with my height - heels and all, and his confidence outshines that of any man 6' or taller. He's amazing, and I feel lucky to have found him. If I had had these superficials ideas about a height requirement, I would have blocked my blessing.

Ladies, think twice about it. Good guys are hard to come by as it is, don't discount one simply because you have insecurities. Height is the LAST thing you should be worrying about.

Brooke said...

and the comment of the day goes TO: Ms. Penn!!!

Although Tanisha's comment literally made me laugh out loud :)

Craig...I don't even know what to say.... :)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

I like climbing trees :)

Tall women are a turn on for me - I'm a leg man. The longer, the better. Short women do nothing for me, so I tend to date women who are taller than me all the time.

And they've told me the same thing you said Brooke, that a man who is shorter than them who approaches them shows confidence, therefore is a turn on to them as well. And I can definitely hold my own against ANY man should my lady need to be protected.

I consider myself average height at 5'10, but I've had women the size of a peanut turn me down because I didn't reach that magical height of 6 feet. At first I felt some kinda way about it, but then I figured it was their loss. These same chicks later came back around trying to get at me once they realized that I had alot of other things goin on besides my less than desirable height.

Now, they all give my girl dirty looks cuz they mad they got with a tall bitchass dude who looks to THEM to take care of him. Hey, you get what you ask for sometimes.

Mr.Thomas said...

Standing Ova for Ms. Penn

Lana said...

Everyone has a right to have a preference; however if you focus too much on the superficial ideas about height etc, etc, you may miss out on something good like Ms Penn said.

Many women who have all these superficial ideas usually end up alone or grabbing anything they can get there hands on later on when age starts going up..

Anonymous said...

Those who have the superficial disease better find a cure or you will end up with garage or a lone..

The Cable Guy said...


I know men have requirements and lists too, and they're wack as well. Not saying it's just a woman thing, but the height thing seems to be a big deal with women. I don't hear as many men with height issues and women, so I was just trying to stick to the subject :)

Ms. Penn, great response!

Preferences are one thing, but when you can't break from it to see the forest for the trees, then you're doing the other dude a favor by overlooking him, cuz no one wants you anyway. I find that women who have these "requirements" usually fall VERY short in most areas a man would have a "requirement" too. Take a look in the mirror before you start saying a guy has to be a certain height to date you - cuz chances are, you don't meet his "weight requirement" or some other superficial qualification.

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