Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Beautiful day today!

- I hope Annamaria doesn't mind, but look at this pic of Sophia Michele (Soso) she sent me. This baby girl is stunning!

- I was gonna complain about paying bills, but then stopped myself after realizing I'm blessed to have a great job. I thank God for supplying all my needs...and those of all my family and friends. Grateful.

- I woke up thinking about lunch.

...And how sore my muscles are this morning. I'm slowly working back up to where I was a year ago in the gym. Monica and I worked it WITHOUT Deebo the other night, and judging from my soreness, we worked it right!

- Been drinking more water lately and I can definitely tell the difference. I actually think my skin is glowing :-)

- I hate it when people step on my feet on the train and don't say excuse me. Some folks have no manners at all.

- Been getting fun stuff in the mail all week at work. The shopping bug hit me HARD over the weekend :-)

- Sometimes I wish I had a garden. I love flowers :-)

- Kobe said some NOT nice things on the court the other night - but what NBA player hasn't in the heat of the moment during a game? I've heard worse, and none of those players got fined. Stern and the NBA are a bit hypocritical. No excuses though.

- I keep getting pre-sale emails for Knicks playoff tickets. I may need to look into that.

- A few folks have asked me to write a "Brooklyn" follow-up. Give me a scenario (Fury) and I'll do it ;-)

- Anyone watching Toni Braxton and her sisters' new reality show?

- Love and Hip Hop is the worst.

- Jilly from Philly is back!

- Speaking of Philly, I miss my nephews. They haven't even called me :( I'll give them a ring later to say "I love you!" :-)

- Brian's throwbacks this week! For some reason, I feel like watching Friday. LOL!




The Fury said...

First Beeyatches!

Stef said...


Soso is gorgeous!

BatMan said...


The Fury said...

Kobe got the fine because he yelled it AT the REF and lots of people HEARD him on the court and the cameras caught it. He did it. He should've gotten fined. No need in throwing other people under the bus when he does bad...even though that would be his M.O. (Shaq)

Andre Bynum hurt again...that dude is made of peanut brittle. Starting to think he's scared to play in the playoffs.

Prince killed on George Lopez last night...and why haven't I been up on his new sexy sidepiece Misty Copeland....Fine!

Brooke - What kind of scenario are you talking?

The Fury said...

Annamaria's baby is so cute...had to talk about the kid in a different post without the vulgarities. LOL

Brooke said...

I agree, he should have gotten doubt. And we all know I'm no Kobe fan off the court. But I've seen AND heard expletives during games that players have yelled AT players and the camera caught it and nothing happend to them. I agree Kobe should get fined, but the rules should apply to everyone equally. I know...long shot, but it needs to be said.

Damn, I meant to watch Kobe on Lopez but I fell asleep! I saw the promo for it on Access Hollywood while in the gym and totally forgot...drats!

Brooke said...

Not Kobe on Lopez...PRINCE. Typo :-) LOL!

Shaq said...

Shaq - Kobe, tell me how my ass taste!!!! LOL

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Haven't done this in a while...

- Kobe was wrong, and he got fined. But make no mistake - the NBA could give a eff. He only got in trouble cuz of the PR hit and reaction online. Stern used the word and much worse in front of the player in the locker room before the al-star game. I posted a link with VIDEO of Kenyon Martin calling Mark Cuban a "f***** punk muddafugga" and threatening to KILL him.

Kobe shouldn't have said it, and he's dumb to not realize as a superstar the cameras are ALWAYS on him. But hypocritical? Absolutely. The NBA is full of it.

- People still crying about Shaq and Kobe? Really, Fury? I don't know either of those dudes. And Shaq is grimy as hell himself. I just go off of their play.

- Just purchased a new 42 inch HDTV. Joint comes next week - I'm geeked.

- Got Direct TV too. In fact - they're installing it right now...

- "Secret groups" on Facebook are my new ISH. I' in like 7 of 'em...

- People are tripping over seafood with the Japan disaster...but the U.S. gets less than 10% of our seafood from that region. I did my homework...

- There WILL be a NFL season. I'm positive of it.

- SOFIA IS GORGEOUS. WOW!!! You have a star on your hands, Powerz and AnnaMaria!

- It's finally warm here. Geez...

- My sister is gong for her PHD in the Fall. SO proud of her.

- Football season starts for me Saturday. Time to see if the old man still got it...

- Love my girl.

More After The Break...

Stef said...

Kobe's a jerk, but I agree with Brooke. I've heard WAY worse than that slur. Still no excuse to say it tho.

Misty? Her name is "Misty"?

I need to get my ass back in the gym too.

Brooke, eat pizza! That's waht I'm having!

Serena W. said...

RTT!!! Hi everyone!

Hi Brookey! I'm going to a ribbon cutting for a garden today. An elementary school that I work with through my job has been working hard and their beautiful garden is being revealed! So sweet!

My peace lily is blooming.

My orchid is blooming too in my apartment!

Spring is in the air!


I saw a sneak preview of Jumping the Broom last night and Paula Patton and that fine brutha Laz Alonso showed up for the premiere in DC!!! It was a good movie and anything with that fool Mike Epps is funny!

Posting on your blog from my phone is the worst (still gotta figure it out) I'm on a laptop now.

God is so awesome and truly in the blessing business. Even when people can't be totally happy for you (they can kick rocks for all I care)! Nothing can steal my joy away from me!

I saw a couple of SU homegirls last night! Teaspoon and Beverly (great seeing them)!

I have 2 baby showers this month, a kids 1 year bday party and another shower to buy a gift for! All about the babies this month!

Can't wait to put down on my new apartment tomorrow! It has a washer/dryer, a pantry and working windows! Updated and not that much more then what I'm paying here (and it's up the street). Can I get an amen! Very needed in my life!

Also I can open the windows in the new place ( windows still don't open)! Sigh.

I'll be in NYC next weekend! Yeah!

Treating myself to an Afro Cuban show next Friday (I deserve it).

Getting some Rita's Ice after my walk today!

Lastly...a little plug for my book. I'm published in an anthology and have books for sale! If you see me on the street I have them in my trunk! LOL. If you want to support a sista please buy the anthology I'm in titled, "Keeping the Faith." Go to my website at and buy one or more today! My story "Listening Ear" is published in it. It's about Mom's journey with cancer and how she was always thankful for life no matter how sick she was...I love her so much.

Books are $12.95 and that includes shipping! If you see me it's $10!

Brooke thanks for buying a book! I love the support!


Brooke said...

Knicks tickets are gone already! Dang! That's what I get for actually trying to buy them instead of begging my hookups for tickets :)

Guess I'll be watching on tv.

Whatever scenario you want Fury. I want to test my skills - I need to dust them off :)

What are "secret groups" on FB? I haven't been paying much attention to FB lately.

I forgot we're taking the new girl - aka Fury's new follower - out to lunch today. I'm excited!

Brooke said...

You're welcome Serena, can't wait to read it!

Stef said...

I love that Brooke has guest bloggers, buys her friend's books, and refers people to other people's blogs, like Fury's. I don't know about other women's experiences on this blog, but I tend to meet ALOT of women who try to pull other people down and not support their friends or be supportive. Brooke, you seem like a true friend...and you're definitely one in my head! LOL!

Brooke said...

awww, thanks Stef! :)

I try to be a good friend and support those I believe in. Serena is definitely one I believe in - and Fury's blog is the business! LOL! So is Witches Brew, Yolanda annem got skills! Ant too, and Anna's business skills - all of my friends are talented!

Sillouette said...

Hey Fam!!! Hope all is having a good day so far!!

I HATE that show too," Love and Hip Hop.. Its a waste of TV Space. Please dont get me started on that whole cast. ALL WANNA BE'S...

-Man I can't wait to get off work.

-I would love some Nachos for Lunch today, with Jalopenos.. Yum!!

-I really need to get heavy duty in the gym as well and drop 40 more pounds,its just hard staying motivated.

-I always thought Kobe was a jerk..

-Its going to be a really hot summer here in Florida.. ssiighh

-Sometimes I wish I was blessed to have kids. aawww :) Maybe another lifetime.

-I got aproved for Tuition Reimbursement at my job. Yay!! Im going to juice them for everything I can.. LOL

-Theres a chick that has been posting her Birthday was coming for 3weeks now EVERYDAY on Facebook and yesterday the day finally came. Isnt that a lil excessive and attention starved?? You knocking on 40, not just turning 21 and able to drink legally... LOL

-Woke up with a headache this morning. I hate that.. uugghhh

-I think all you in this blog are Awesome!!! :)

Annamaria said...

@Silloutte.. I announce my birthday from like 2 months before...F THAT it's a holiday (in my book! LOL)

@ Everyone.. thank you I think my baby is beautiful too but I am a lil biased..

WHY did she throw the craziest tantrum at 6:30 in the morning cuz she wanted to put make up on??? LOL
She is such a girly girly...i'm not sure who's kid she is... I only know she's mine cuz she loves shoes! :)

Brooke is a very supportive friend. And one of the coolest people on earth! :) That's why I love her.. Brooke I think we need to go on a date soon! :)

Wedding is in T minus 65 days... I'm over the whole wedding bullcrap of it all.. But I'm looking forward to some quality time alone with my hubbie... :)

I went shopping last Friday with Ms. Nay...NO GOOD CAN COME FROM THE TWO OF US IN A MALL TOGETHER..
But I bought HOT shoes.. :)

Life is good....

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

"Secret groups" are groups created on Facebook that only you and the people invited in to it can see. They can't be found or searched for; only the members can see the content. Not sure why ll the groups I've been added to are "secret" ones, but I'm in an anime one, a music one (DOPE music is shared amongst all of us), one that shares film interests, etc. I spend more time in them than on Facebook "prime" during the course of the day now...

- I want some fresh fruit.

- I can't stand people who want to have whole convos with you via text. Like...if you want to communicate THAT much - call or e-mail me! Dang!

- Serena ALWAYS make me smile. I wish I could keep her in a glass case to beak open when necessary...

- I spelled SOPHIA wrong. I think I spelled it "Sofia" - the Latina way I'm used to. My bad!

- I miss En Vogue!! What happened to REAL groups, especially ladies ones?

- I stop myself from making purchases. I so wanted to buy these dope Nike running kicks the other day...

- My job is ALWAYS having food to eat. Now I see why we have a full gym in he building - you can SERIOUSLY get fat there.

- April 19th - Afro-Latinos on PBS. ((Plug))

- Love the Throwbacks, as always.

I'm at the point where CDs are becoming obsolete. Never thought that would happen to me...

- I must be Spring. I've been asked out on 3 dates in the past month. Um, hello - I still have A GIRLFRIEND...

- Is anyone actually interested in seeing a 4th Scream movie??

- I downloaded the movie Watership Down. Trying to convince my girl to watch it with me. I remember watching it as a tike - before people really acknowledged that not all cartoons are for kids. That ish came on NBC in THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON ON A WEEKEND - all that genocide, discrimination, and civil war! And my whole family was around, but let me watch it in cuz they saw bunnies in i and assumed it was safe...ha!

- I gotta catch Prince's Georg Lopez performance. People say it was good!

- Jill Scott's got TWO CDs coming out - her one with Warner Bros and one on Hidden Beach. Who wins? WE WIN!!!

More After The Break...

Serena W. said...

I love your spirit Sillouette! It speaks volumes through the blog ;)

That girl that posted her bday was coming for 3 weeks is a bit pressed lol.

Stef thank you too. Not enough people support each other. I vended once at an event. Invited a slew of peeps in DC only 2 of my peeps showed up. No diss to black folks but the white vendor next to me invited her friends and how about they invited their friends and she had about 30+ peeps come through to support and BUY her product.

We need to come together more as a people and support each other. So when friends and family support me I'm humbled. I also reach out to everyone and go to diverse events. Most of my newsletter subscribers are people I don't really know but they support me and that's what it's about.

In other words, I learned to not be so boxed in (I knew not a lot of people would come out to the event so I always go wanting to meet new faces and chat with strangers that turn into customers and believers of my dream). At that event my 2 friends bought framed poems and the rest of my sales were strangers that were awesome.

About to head out to the garden :) gorgeous day!

Thanks for the love. I really appreciate it and the vibe on this blog!

Sillouette said...


I agree about the holiday thing.. But she was waaaaayyyyyy overly excessive. She said something about it like 10+ times a day I swear.. LOL.. Hey whatever floats the boat... LOL It is a blessing to see another birthday each year!!:)

Annamaria said...

@Rameer... thank you for correcting her name.. It is SOPHIA..
While we are on the topic.. It's Annamaria not AnnaMaria... LMAO

There is going to be a fight at my job one of these days... and for once I have NOTHING to do with it. :)

ROCKED at court this morning...

Sillouette said...

@Serena W.

Thanks I try to keep lite spirits :). I would like to know more about your book too. I am a supported of women doing positive things with themselves.


Ooooopppppsss I said "Annamarie" earlier, pardon my mispelling. lol

A-Buzzzzzzzzzzzz said...

(warming up my taser)

@Sillouette.... I'll allow it this ONE time....LOL
Don't let it happen againg.. OR ELSE...

I must admit Love & HipHop is my guilty pleasure thanks to someone... (sideeye at YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

Sillouette said...

@ A-Buzzzzzzzzz

Tell me what you like about that show "Love and Hip Hop"? I started out watching it, and catch clips every now and then, but it seems so scripted to

I think Chrissy is Jealous of Somaya. She just started clawing at the girl from the moment she saw her... lol..

Annamaria said...

What I love about Love & Hip Hop... the fact that I don't have to think. It's mindless drama...
I think realistically they all are retarded...
A chick that is denied by her baby daddy, a girlfriend of a rapper, a washed up singer/rapper and an "aspiring" rapper... It's a TRAIN WRECK.. you know you should turn away but you just can't...

After dealing with all the CRAZY people I have to see in a day it's great to see crap like this! LMAO

Sillouette said...


Yea you right.. LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you and all your blog followers are dope (except Stef – LOL!). You do seem to be a very supportive, inviting, generous spirit. It comes thru in your writing, and it’s infectious. Same can be said for Serena, Yolanda, Sillouette, Annamaria, the list goes on. The dudes on here are cool too. I like being a part of this blog family.

Sophia is adorable. Powerz needs to get that shot gun ready.

Again I say, Serena must be in love. Lucky guy.

Had the best burger for lunch today. Now I got the itus.

Where is DMoe? No playlists? The throwbacks are always dope tho.

I've heard WAY worse than what Kobe said on the court. Not excusing what he said, but come on's basketball.

Jaz said...

I watch Love & Hip Hop and I agree with Annamaria - it's train wreck tv. Somaya's overbite kills me. Chrissy is a hater. Fab's girl needs to get a life and a new man - cuz he's playin her. Olivia can't sing and is a snitch. And I feel sorry for Mashonda. Did y'all see that house Swizz left her with?! He should be ashamed and Alicia Keys should be too!

Brooke said...

I watch train wreck tv too - but I was done when Jim Jones' mother came on sounding like Tone Loc. I watch about 5-10 minutes and then I have to turn. I can't.

I wish I was in hot Florida right now. But very nice up here in teh NYC too.

Had Mama Mexico for lunch today. Trying not to fall asleep at my desk.


Let's go on that date soon!

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy...thank ya.. yeah he's gonna have to get something ready...
Although her godfather is a martial arts master. 3rd degree blackbelt.. I think we chose wisely! LMAO...

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke

Why you said Jim Jones Mama sound like Tone Loc. You made me spit out my drink... LMAO...

@ Jazz

Yes I agree Chrissy is a big time hater. Somaya dont have any talent. Emily B is just a sad situation living in a cloud of smoke, Olivia , I just dont know SMH,,lol .Sooooooo thats whats wrong with how Somaya talks.. She has a overbite..LMAO makes

@ Cable Guy
Thanks for the kind words :)

Brooke said...

You can tell Jim Jones' moms hit the HERON real hard back in the day. Hell, maybe not even back in the day...more like YESTERDAY!

talking about she needs money for her cigarettes...sounding like she has a frog in her throat...c'mon son.

Jaz said...

I think Somaya would whoop Olivia's ass, that's why she ran! LOL!

And Brooke is right - Jim Jone's mom is a crack head!

The Fury said...

damn wrote an entire post and it got lost to the bullshit...

@rameer - nope not crying over shaq and kobe. just never forget a dude that will sell out someone else to cover himself. That's the definition of bitchassness

That said...

Kobe is the best player on the court, he wipes his ass with $100K every day and will get another ring this year barring a horrible Laker meltdown.

Kenyon Martin got off with that Mark Cuban threat because he was saying what Stern wanted to say. LOL

Props to Brooke for giving my blog props. Most people keep it to themselves which effects growth.

hope the new girl enjoyed the lunch.

I'm trying to think of new scenarios for Brooke, but I keep coming up with positions...

Props to Serena on publishing. Congrats!

Vh1 needs to stop showing our sisters in such horrible light. Damn those Love & hip Hop chicks are sad to watch.

It's #thongthursday ladies...send your man, jumpoff, FWB a pic of you in your thong taken in the bathroom mirror. LOL

Tony said...

Hey everybody! It's been awhile!

Everyone knows I am a DIE HARD Laker fan so it should not come as a surprise to you that I am going to defend Kobe Bryant......What he said is a horrible slang term when used in it's proper context! I don't know how many times I have heard and used words such as "Faggot", "Retard", "Asshole" and others while playing football, basketball, baseball and other sports and I never meant that the person that I was speaking to was a homosexual, mentally challenged or an actual Anus.

What we have done is taken "political correctness" to crazy levels. EVERYTHING is offensive to someone now, NOTHING can be said as a joke, in the heat of the moment or even in private without worrying about who will be offended.

It's over the top and out of control......Ironically, I just caught myself censoring what I was writing here out of the same I will say what I was thinking. I will say whatever I like and take the risk of offending whomever....from this point forward. Fuck it!

Serena W. said...

Hey Sillouette. You can go on my blog at where I have a snippet of my story on there that's published in the anthology. I have a poetry book that will be published this year (if not two). Trying to work the funds and in 2012 watch out for my fiction to be released.

So check it out and thanks for inquiring!

Missing DMoe and his playlist!

What the heck did Kobe say? I need to YouTube it!

The Cable Guy said...

What up Tony!


Kobe called someone a "faggot." He was mad :)

Dang, people writing blogs and books and whatnot - maybe I should write one! LOL!

Tony, I agree...people need to relax a bit.

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