Friday, April 22, 2011

Bundle of Joy

Whenever I dream of fish, someone is pregnant. I’ve never been wrong - which is why I was surprised when no one copped to it a few months ago when I put it out there on Facebook, email and the blog that I had one of my infamous dreams. It was vivid and in living color. There was no way I was wrong about this one. When it comes to babies and fish dreams, I have a listening ear – God speaks babies to me in his own language.

I always wondered if He’d speak that dream to me when or if I became pregnant. I joked that I’d be the one walking around pregnant and not know it. No dream. No premonitions. Nothing. I’d be shocked – kind of like the joy but momentary surprise of an unexpected visitor. You meet him or her at the door laughing, inviting in an honorable guest wondering where they came from.

Imagine my surprise on my birthday when I got the news. What a wonderful way to start the day. I stared at the sonogram photo like “What is this? Who is this?” A smile crept across my face. I had all these questions. How? When? Is this for real? Is this a joke?

No, it was real. In the flood of emotions, the impulse of my heart and spirit knew this was a great thing. A blessed thing. A gift.

The cycle of life is a thing to behold, sometimes hard to understand. We don’t deal well with death, but birth is something else. They’re both inseparably linked – as right is to left, day is to night, exits are to entrances, as breathing in is to breathing out. It signals a cycle completed. Being able to embrace death is an essential part of embracing life itself. It ensures that the stream of life is not dammed up, but is allowed to flow.

Where there is life, there’s change. God is change. In Him, we know we endure. Sometimes we resist change because we see it as the enemy. We long to return to the changeless bliss we thought we knew, which makes it hard to imagine a change to our material selves, our emotional selves and our physical selves. We make judgments about our boundless gifts and either accept or reject them according to how broad or narrow our vision is. What will people think? How will they receive the news? Can I do this?

Of course we can. And we will, with love and with faith. Nothing is impossible when God manifests in infinite variety and gives us His blessings.

One of our very own knows blessings all too well as we’ve seen over the past couple years. She lost her mother a little over a year ago, and we cried for her, but rejoiced in the life that is now soaring in the heavens – with increasing speed, galaxies, suns and worlds all rushed toward the center of the universe to collide and bring forth new life. The Big Bang of Creation is now a baby boy…a man child waiting to be born. This cycle of life – birth, death and now rebirth - repeats itself eternally. And as above, so below, on earth as it is in heaven, in the image and likeness of God, and Sauti herself – her daughter will welcome a new life to our blog family.

Join me in congratulating Serena Wills, the energy through which God moves death to life, as she is expecting her first child this August. Send her your love!



The Fury said...

Wow! Congrats Serena! Children are such a blessing.

The way that was written, for a moment I thought Brooke was expecring! Nice work, Brooke.

Even nicer work Serena!

First Babies!!!

Yolanda said...

I can't think of anyone who would make a better mother. Congratulations Serena.

Serena W. said...

I'm crying because Brooke's words are so touching, endearing and capture the true essence of how I feel.

Thank you Brooke for this and well done on making people think it was you lol.

Thank you Fury and Yolanda. I'm nervous but more overjoyed then anything. I know Mommy is working this out for me (us). She told me so the day she passed away that she's sending a man and I'll be a great mother to her grand childrens one day (she works pretty fast).

Okay let me try and dry my eyes over here. Brookey Baby ...I love you mama.

Annamaria said...


I was the first to know so HAHAHA SUCKERS..

The funny part is one day I get a BBM from her asking me a bunch of pregnancy questions... Joking around I ask are you pregnant.. She answers YES! :) and we've been on the journey together ever since. Down to the right time to tell Brooke.
This is what I love about Serena the most. It's NEVER about her, its always about how she can bring a smile to someone ELSE. And that's the sign of a truly remarkable human being. She purposely waited til Brooke's bday to tell her so that she could make Brooke smile and I think that's awesome.
Serena as I've told you before you are going to make an amazing mother & I hope your son comes out with your spirit! I love you & may god & your mom bless you through the rest of your journey and through a healthy delivery.
And hands off B*TCHES that lil boy belongs to Soso.. :)

Serena W. said...

Annamaria you always bring a smile to my face too! I knew if anyone would keep it real about pregnancy it would be Annamaria herself! (She will give you the fo' real 411)!

I'm so thankful for the friends that are on this journey with me. Some missed the bus while Mom was sick and passed, they showed their true colors at a time when I needed them. God knows what He is doing and now I have beautiful friends on the bus with me.

Soso will like this young man when he's older (hmmm hmmmm) lol. We will raise him up right!

Also Annamaria I wish you blessings and love on your special day. Me and junior over here will be sending congrats from afar. I love you girl and I love bringing a smile to many faces. It took so much in me to not tell Brooke until her birthday! :)

Brooke said...

You know how hard it was to keep this great news to myself since my birthday?? That little note with the sonogram photo made my entire day and made my birthday that much more special.

Congratulationss Serena - you will make an amazing mother because you are already an extraordinary woman, a wonderful daughter and a dear friend. Your son is so blessed already and I'm so happy that you allowed me to share in this special journey with you.

Anything you need, I'm there :-)

Love you!

Serena W. said...

I did that to a couple of friends and I remember the phone calls. One friend said she had to sit down, read the text again, look at my lil boobie on the screen and was amazed at how much life can turn around in less than a year.

So everyone reading this I waited to tell my grandmother and the bulk of my family on my Mom's one year anniversary. It was hard to hold it in. Only my Aunt knew that was family and the tears of joy that streamed down my grandmother's face. I haven't seen her this happy since my cousin was born 11 years ago. We celebrated my mother's life on February 19th and the soon birth of a new child :) it was wonderful.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Serena,

I am so happy for you! To echo the sentiment of others, you will make a wonderful mother and with your mom looking on will have a healthy and happy baby boy.

All the best to you and baby.

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! You better come back through to the spot...i have to finish my conversation through your belly button ya!
It's a boooooooy!

Serena W. said...

Zay Buge! You probably scared my son with that chat! LOL! I will come through soon. Matter of fact I need your help, I need to record a poem for an artist that wants to put it on her cd (can you help a striving artist and her son out) lol. She sent me the music too! Let's connect!

Ingrid!!!! Hi there! Thanks for the congrats!!! I appreciate the love!

DMoe said...

Congrats Serena...

For the many spirits i've known and not ever actually seen in person, yours is exactly the kind that will impart a sweet disposition unto your child.

Simply put: Your wonderful. So shall your kid be.


P.S. Thanks everyone for the well wishes yesterday's blog. Luv all ya'll.

Annamaria said...

DMoe: I didn't get to say anything yesterday cuz they got a sister working like a slave BUT FEEL BETTER SOON! :)

Sillouette said...

Hey ALL!!

Congrats Serena!! :)

The Cable Guy said...

okay...before I congratulate Serena, I have to say my heart stopped. Like Fury said, I thought Brooke was the one pregnant! Whew!

Serena, now we know why you've been so happy on the blog lately. Your new man is the one you're carrying (and I assume the one who knocked you up too! LOL) Congratulations to you and yours - I know your mother would be so proud. Wishing you nothing but blessings for you and your family!

Jay said...

LOL! I agree with Fury and Cable Guy, I thought Brooke was pregnant too! I can breathe again :)

Serena, what a blessing. Like everyone has already said, you'll make a great mother. Your mother's spirit will guide you, as well as serve as the guardian angel for your little one. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving of happiness. Be blessed Serena, nothing but love for you.

Courtney said...

Brooke, this was EXPERTLY written and so touching. I'm crying and I'm not pregnant, nor do I know you all that well. I feel like I do thru the blog, which is why I am able to feel this post so deeply. I teared up when you wrote the blog about Serena's mother passing, and now I'm crying tears of joy for Serena and her new baby.

What a blessing! May God continue to keep you in His favor Serena. You sound like you have great friends in your corner, which is an even bigger blessing. Your son is already surrounded by love, lucky lil man! Congrats to you all!

Serena W. said...

Jay and Cable Guy are HEEEEELARIOUS! Hahahaha! Yes I'm in love. I have two special men in my life now :)

Thanks to everyone. I never thought I would have room any time soon to love like this after Mom died. My heart felt like it died when she took her last breath. But I know God is good and I was able to love and care. Now this lil man that likes to give me a nudge when it's past feeding time is the new love of my life. I'm thankful for my lil man and Daddy (he rocks)!

There are some great people on this blog. Courtney as you said so well you get to know people through the blog. Some of us may never physically see each other in life, but this blog has connected us in such a way.

I'm thankful that God was able to make me smile again.

DMoe get a playlist ready! On my hospital tour they said think of things that will soothe you (music is #1)!

Annamaria said...

Serena... That music soothing you is CRAP.. LMAO...

DRUGS soothe you!!! :)

Monica said...

Congrats Serena!! I'm so happy for you. Motherhood is a blessing and you definitely deserve it.

Good job Brooke! Way to pull the okie doke! lol

Serena W. said...

Annamaria is a mess (I told all of you...if you want someone to keep it real talk to her).

The woman said, "Beside drugs what else do you want?"

We looked at each other and I said, "More drugs!"

They don't allow Henny or Vodka so I went with music :)

HAHAHAHAHA! But I do need music and a picture of my Mom there too :)

Thanks Monica for the love ;)

Domina*Tricks said...

I'd need Henny, vodka, weed, valium, epidural AND music!

Congratulations Serena! I'm so happy for you. Your mother sent him to you and her spirit is definitely in him. Like Brooke said, the stream of life continues to flow thru you, and just as your mother was to you, so shall you be to your son. Life eternal :)

Brooke, this blog was touching and special. I never cease to be amazed by your words. I know I normally only chime in when Fury writes for TMI Tuesday, but I read every day and this was exceptional.

I thought you were preggers too by the way! LOL! Well done :)

Serena, blessings and love.

Serena W. said...

Domina*Tricks! Thank you for your blessings!

Life is truly a circle. Who knew that this summer I'd be a mother. I have so many boys around me I guess God said, "Now you need your own." lol. I can't wait!

Time to whip out the basketball sneakers and dust em off! Yes everyone...I play ball. It's been a while but I have to show this boy how to do it right! LOL.

Brooke said...

I told Serena she was having a boy when she told me she was pregnant. I have a feeling for these things :)

Now if I could just convince her to let my new nephew wear an Eagles onsie, we'll be good! LOL!

I'll teach him out to shoot a flawless free throw :)

Serena W. said...

Ummmm okay you were right about the boy part...

And yes you can teach him a flawless free throw...

Now about the Eagles Jersey. After having a chat with Daddy this week we both agreed that if we see anything of a football jersey that is not Giants Blue and White we'll smile...put it to the side...get a receipt and get store credit for it! LOL!

This is a Giants Household baby! Yankees and Knicks as well!!!

I loved the Eagles when McNabb was playing...there will also be no Phillie's Jerseys, Redskins, etc! LOL!

Unknown said...

Congrats Serena on your wonderful news.I'm sure you will make a wonderful mother. I saw the most amazing thing on U tube 4 days ago I took some belly dancing classes a couple of years ago and wanted to start again. So by accident I came across women and belly dancing.Belly dance was created to teach women how to give birth.its made for being pregnant. Also, it Keeps muscles toned that you use during labor and keeps you in shape and helps mom stay connect all while keep your baby relaxed.
Watching these mothers to be brought me 2 tears which is weird because I'm so not the crying type.
I hope you find this info helpful or at least entertaining.Here are 2 of my favorites.

Annamaria said...

Serena that boy needs to be well rounded! Let him wear an eagles jersey!!! Soso does!

Listen I walked in the hospital talking about I want to go all natural no drugs calm & quiet...

Hopefully lil man won't be as hesitant as Soso to enter the real world

Unknown said...

Woody's message is form Stephanie Donato not Woody i logged on to my honeys account to pull up the links.

Brooke said...

I saw the cutest Phillies outfit for a girl the other day - Soso WILL be rocking it once I get it :) And Anna is a Yankees fan!

I thought we agreed lil man can wear a throwback McNabb jersey?? I hope Daddy isn't interfering with our agreement, cuz I'll be in the NYC this weekend and I WILL track you both down to "reason" with you both :)

I like the Knicks, so Knicks jersey it is...geesh!

I'm kinda wanting to see these belly dancing videos! Thanks Stephanie!

Serena W. said...

Thanks Stephanie! I actually African dance every week and believe me I feel how much it has helped me.

I was actually interested in taking belly dancing classes because I work half a mile from Dr. Sunyatta Amen's dance studio! Yes the Belly Dance Doctor herself! I'll check those videos out and thanks for the congrats.

Annamaria our child will be well rounded! He'll have a favorite bball team, football and baseball. Hey we'll even throw hockey in there (New York Rangers)! Hahahaha!

As for drugs...there is no option...I want drugs! It's in the birthing plan. Unless lil man is impatient and doesn't give me a chance to get em (that's what happened to my was too late for drugs. I was right there ;)

Serena W. said...

(Brooke....shhhhhhhhhhh...Daddy didn't agree to the McNabb Jersey but it's cool with me). LOL

Brooke said...

okay, it'll be our little secret.

Besides, I don't think they make baby throwback jerseys, so I'll get him a Baby Orange SU one until he gets older :)

Annamaria said...

Brooke.... I have a solution when we kidnap the baby for the weekends we can dress him in an Eagles jersey & a Phillies uniform!!!

Jaz said...

I had to read this blog twice to make sure I knew who was actually pregnant! Wow! What a great surprise!

Congrats Serena! First Annamaria, now Serena! It's baby love!

I love babies, I'm so happy for you! Even after your mother's passing, you found joy. You totally deserve it! I wish you, Daddy and your new baby boy nothing but love!

So exciting! What is your due date?

Brooke you kept that secret well! You seem like a great friend!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

I'm so overjoyed and excited, I don't even know the words to write...

I know a lot of people know Serena from online and can just feel how great and wonderful of a person she is. But as someone who knows her, as in we've interacted over the years - we went to the same college - I'll say this: when me and my boys think of her, it's just POSITIVE. Like - I don't think I'm overstating it when I say that I view Serena as a sort of physical embodiment of LOVE. Like - that's who she is. LOVE.

And now LOVE is bringing a life into this world?? All I want to do is hug her right now. For real. Saying she'll make a great mother to me is the understatement of the year - Serena could be MY surrogate mother, even though we're the same age.

I LOVE Serena. And I can't put into words how happy I I can only hope somehow you can feel it, Serena. So much love and blessings to you and your unborn!!!

Anthony Otero said...

OMG! Serena! I am so happy for you! You are such a beautiful person. I am feeling the circle of life around you.

I think you will make a great mother and wish you a world of happiness.

Stef said...



I feel like I know you all, and even though I don't know you as well as Rameer does, I feel like I can echo his sentiments. You just seem like LOVE incarnate to me.

This is truly a blessing. Your mother is smiling down on you and your baby, he's heaven sent! This is awesome news!

Brooke, can you be my friend too? :) This blog was amazing and Serena and Annamaria are so lucky to hvae a friend like you. You can keep a secret girl!

Wow, I'm just so shocked right now I dont' know what to say! This is great! Congrats again!

Serena W. said...

Rameer has me crying again. We go back to sitting on the porch of Haven Hall at Summer Institute in 1993!!!! Almost 20 years ago!! The fact that yourself and others see me as love is so humbling. Wow...I'm speechless. I love you too Rameer!

Anthony we go way back to my brother from SU! Joy does exist! I wish nothing but joy for you my brother as you deserve it.

Stef you're so funny!!! Brooke is a wonderful friend! Wonderful indeed!

Annamaria...are you and B volunteering to watch our child for a weekend! BET!

If I fall off line for a minute its because I gotta get on a bus soon to the NYC to see my lovely family. They are anxious to see the progression of the belly lmao!

Oh and those who talk about shocked and Brooke said she'd be the one to walk around for 2 months and not yeah that was me! Almost 2 solid months! Lil man is lo key!

Annamaria said...

@Serena... I got 3 kids in my house right now.. I won't notice an extra one! LMAO

Then again that could be why I'm hiding at work...LMAO

Serena W. said...

LOL! Yeah an extra lil man wouldn't be a problem. Plus he'd love Soso (hee hee hee)!

Annamaria said...

Of course... Everyone loves Soso... It's hard not to.. Until she gives u her attitude.. I don't know WHERE she gets it from...LMAO...

Annamaria said...

Thanks to Serena I want NOTHING to do with work today! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Serena:

Congrats on your pregnancy and the forthcoming birth of your baby boy! Even though I have never met you, I am beaming with excitement for both you and your family. Children are indeed blessings and such a blessing couldn’t have been bestowed to a better person! Again, God Bless you and Good Luck!


Brooke said...

Oh! and since Floyd chimed in - give him some congrats too! Baby Brooke (love that name ;-) is now a big sister! Floyd's second daughter was born last Monday I believe - So sweet! Congats to you and your family again Floyd!

Stef said...

Congrats Floyd!

Annamaria said...

Congrats Floyd

The Cable Guy said...

Congrats bruh!

Ms. Penn said...

Congratulations Serena!

Your belly pic is so cute!!

I know you will be an awesome mother, just as your mother was to you. Your son is blessed to have you and so many special people around him to love and support him.

I wish you the best!

Happy Good Friday and Easter to those of you who celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks All! Sydney Olivia Berry, baby Brooke and Addy send their thanks and appreciation to you guys as well! I absolutely loved today's blog! From experiencing the pain of loss to celebrating and appreciating the creation of new life, truly heart wrenching!

God Bless you Serena! Very Very Happy for you!


Sheri said...

Congratulations Serena!!!! You are blessed indeed...and so is your bundle-to-be. I am so happy for you!!!

Serena W. said...

Hi everyone (a day late and a dollar short, I know). I had a horrible trip to NYC last night but wanted to tell everyone thank you so much! Your compliments, praises and love mean the world to us.

Floyd congrats on your new addition as well. Children are blessings! I pray that all of those that day celebrate Easter have a blessed day and stay tuned for updates.

Brooke, thanks again for sharing my story in such beautiful words!

Unknown said...

My dear friend Serena,

Since the day you informed me of your pregnancy I wished for a girl. The day we went for the fake me out sonogram I just knew I would see a little girl or what they would tell me was a little girl (I could never make out those sonogram pics)on the screen. When you told me it was a boy, it all made perfect sense that God would send you a boy child that would grow up to take care of his mother the way you have care(d) for so many of your friends, family and most of all your own mother.

You are going to make a great mother, I can see it now, his name will be tagged on everyone of his items and you will keep all of his mementos the way your mom kept yours :-).

Love you,

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