Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's Your Number...by Domina*Tricks

I’ve had sex with close to 75 people. I’m not into the triple digits yet, but hell, I may get there…who knows. I figured I’d share since it IS TMI Tuesday….not that anyone cares. :-)

My friends, males and female, think my number is very high – even though almost all of the men I know have numbers in that range. I didn’t think the number was high given my age, but then again, I’ve slept with both sexes pretty equally…so maybe that’s why my number is higher. One of my male friends said the women I’ve slept with don’t count, but I figure if a person gives me an orgasm, then I’m counting her dammit!

If I were, say, 21 years old, then yes – that number might be high. But who’s to say what someone’s “number” should be? As I got older, I realized that sex doesn’t have to be had simply because I’m in a relationship, or to symbolize love…or even “extreme like.” Now, I have sex because I want to…with whomever I want to. I’m chasing an orgasm, and the person who gets me there the fastest wins!

I’ve also had threesomes multiple times, so that upped my number as well. I seek exciting sexual experiences, so I figured having sex with a variety of people helps me experience different things. It doesn’t mean that I’m not safe, or that I lay down with just ANYONE. It means I’m single, not in a committed relationship, and open to sex in a way that I wasn’t when I was my younger, more inexperienced self.

Now, in my late thirties, I don’t care what my body looks like, or what he or she will think of me in the morning. There’s a freedom that comes with that. It doesn’t mean that I’m not open to love or a relationship one day. It means that for now, my number is my business, and if it keeps climbing until I meet “The One” (if such a person even exists for me), then so be it. I’ll continue to have fun with great people chasing amazing orgasms.

And if “The One” asks me my number, then I’ll be honest. If he or she has a lower number than me, I may wince at his or her inexperience – but I’ll deal  I don’t care about anyone’s number. I care whether they were safe and felt good about themselves. You can sleep with one person and not protect yourself and catch something, or you can sleep with 100 people and make sure you’re protected at all times and feel good about yourself. It depends on the person and the circumstances. And I, for one, am having a great time. Just make sure you know what you’re doing if you want to be a notch on my belt – cuz at close to 75 people, I don’t have time to give lessons ;-)



BatMan said...


Mr. Ford said...

@Domina*Tricks - Your a FREAK and I love it!!!! :-)

Stef said...

Domina*Tricks is a FREAK!

I won't say my number. Is it bad that I don't know what it is? Not because it's high or anything :-) but I didn't count...I should just shut up :)

Stephanie said...

Very Nice Dominica and honest to boot. I respect that. As a woman also in her late thirties I can relate. I never understood the need to know THE NUMBER.When I was younger every guy I met was #5 or 6 simply because I did not want to be judged.As you get older you care less about such judgements.What difference does it make? Would you stop dating someone because their number was to high or to low? If your partner has a high number would you think less of them? Who decides what is a high number? I'm a woman of a certain age who has slept with around 3 men a year for 21 years so I'm about 63.Does that make me a hussie? I think not.

The Cable Guy said...

Damn! Dominatricks said she don't have time to give lessons! Gangsta!

I don't know my number, but I'm sure it's less than 75. It might be in the 30's range though. Colleg was fun, let's just say that :-)

But I was married for a spell, so that slowed me down a bit ;-) I can't say that I'm looking to catch up or anything, and I think it's a misconception that men try to add to their number. Most times, quality is way better than quantity.

Jay said...

I agree with Cable Guy, quality is definitely more important that quantity. I didn't always know that, so my number is in the 30's I think. Given my age, I don't think that's THAT bad, but I'm more of a one woman kinda guy.

I just tend to have ALOT of sex with one woman ;-)

Domina*Tricks said...

Stephanie, it does not make you a hussie - it makes you a sexual woman who owns her sexuality.

And yes, I'm a freak - but I'm selective and safe!

And you'd be surprised how much quality you find in numbers ;-)

Mr.Thomas said...

@Domina*Tricks - That booty be getting tapped!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I stopped counting when I was 27, back then I had a list and rated each partner on a scale of 1 -5 stars (5 being the best). I had to check my journal because I couldn't remember but my last entry was at #89. As a woman I have always been uninhibited and have a ravenous appetite for sex. I enjoy it.

The Cable Guy said...

DAYUM!!! You had 89 at 27?

I bow down to your greatness!

The Saint said...

We got some hoes in this house, Hoes in thouse!! LOL

Just jokes!!!

The Fury said...

I'm not giving my number. I'm not in the same league number wise as Domina*tricks, but she has way more to choose from.LOL Being satisfied with your number is what's most important. If you feel it's good then great.

Don't let anyone make you feel ashamed for your decisions unless you're out there doing unsafe things with skeevy people. Then let me introduce you to a clinic.

@Anonymous - 89 people at 27...how old were you when you started?

At the end of the day the number doesn't matter. The quality does.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Women keep journals? And give ratings!?

Men can be very judgemental when it comes tothe woman they love, so even if she said "3" - we'd trip :-) That's why my mouth dropped when I read 89 at 27! But I won't judge....too much :)

Don't know my number, never counted. It is double digits, but that's all I got.

The Fury said...

A friend of mine kept a journal of not only her number/names/reviews but of her friends. She has a list of my lovers up until...we fell out of contact.

I started messing with her friend. the day after her friend and I first had sex, i called her to ask what she was doing and she said "adding one to you and *****'s list." LOL Women talk!

Anonymous said...

where did my comment go? I was hoping for lessons from her royal dominance. Brookey is noticeably absent, what's your number?

Brooke said...

My number? What number? I don't have one - I'm a virgin ;-)

Butterfly said...

I myself have bounced on the fence about a persons number. I myself is nnooo where close to the double digits , at all. I'm 30 yrs old and can honestly say I've had sex with 5 people my whole life, and I lost my virginity when I was 20. I just dont believe in giving my body to just anyone. They have all been serious boyfriends. I just choose to be VERY selective and cautious..And I also dont get turned on by just anyone either. I just treat my body as a sacred temple, you know. Its old fashioned I know but it my way. Now dont get me wrong Im no bore by a long shot, I do the whole dress-up thing, and toys, and the whole nine, I just choose to do it for my special someone which is #5.. :) I dont think double digits is bad either. Some people are free spirits and have a big sexual appetite. And theres nothing wrong with that. But I do have a problem with triple digits for a man and woman angle... My boyfriend told me about 2yrs ago that he has slept with over 300 women..When he told me this I nearly fainted and I was utterly disgusted. But I wasnt sure at the time whether I should judge him for it or if that was how some men get down and it's a normal thing. But mind you, him and I are 18yrs apart. So that took me by surprise.. I just sat and thought " My God you just give you body to anybody"... But sometimes people dont care , sex is sex and its just for the moment. I guess to each his own..I guess the most important thing is if you do it just be safe when you do.

Domina*Tricks said...

Thank you all for responding.

I would never shit on anyone's beliefs or personal values, so I commend those who say their body is a temple or who choose to be in serious relationships before they have sex. It's honorable :)

You can still respect your body and have sex without the commitment though, I believe. And I believe you can still be very selective when choosing sex partners and still have a high number. I guess it's all relative.

This was fun, hopefully Fury will be back next month!

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