Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I'm hungry. I made chicken breasts and spinach for lunch, but I might save it for dinner and eat Subway instead. I really wanna eat these cheese crackers though...or these jelly beans that Crystal has on her desk. Can you tell I'm hungry?

- This woman on the train flashed her dentures at me. She loosened them out of her mouth and showed them to me, then put them back in her mouth. I've been freaked out ever since. She looked like the Wicked Witch of the West!

- The Gap is having a crazy sale! - I did some damage in there yesterday and was online this morning. Someone please stop me!

- I can't wait to buy a new phone. Mine sucks. If you've tried texting me on my personal cell in the past month, I didn't get it. Hit me on my blackberry. If you need the number, inbox me.

- Annamaria and I have a movie date! And she's cooking dinner for me next weekend!

- Serena sent me a card - she's the sweetest!

- Someone gave me jalapeno peach barbeque sauce today - I can't wait to try it. Should I try it on chicken or shrimp? Or both!?

- I've been doing a sudoku puzzle every night before bed. It relaxes me for some reason.

- Where is Yolanda?

- I know this is bad, but I can't wait to drink soda again after Easter.

- Fish Fry tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

- Red lipstick is my new favorite thing! I got hit on by two white guys, three lesbians and got so many compliments at work yesterday after rocking red lips. Who knew??!!

- People still say, "I wanna send a shout out to..."??

- A friend of mine represents two men who are well renowned Haitian artists - The Domond Brothers. Their awe inspiring works of art are being showcased at the MoCADA - 80 Hanson Place, in downtown Brooklyn. If you're around the NYC area this weekend, please check it out. This particular exhibit is until May 1st. …and it's FREE!!! Affected by the 2010 earthquake, their art inspires hope and triumph. A must see!

- The throwback this week!




Geeque said...


Stef said...

DAMMIT! Where did HE come from?

Geeque said...

Long Weekend coming up!!! Time to relax!!!!

Make sure to bring Cheesecake for Dinner Brooke!! LOL

Brooke said...

Anna said she's got dessert covered - so I was hoping to try this infamous peach cobbler!

Sillouette said...

Hey ALL!!!


- I hate snitches

- people in the work place should mind thier business ,management or not.

Annamaria said...



3. My surprise Bridal Shower was on Saturday & I had an AWESOME time. Brooke wore red lipstick & LOOKED HOT. :)

4. Word to the wise. ELOPE

5.They just filmed a documentary at my job.

6. My maid of honor is awesome.

7. My Fiancee is even more AWESOME.

8. My daughter is hysterical.

9. I'm blessed.

10. A lot of people are getting dropped like bad habits thanks to wedding planning. Shows u people's TRUE COLORS.

11. Which is why I love my "extended" communal family even more now.

12. Can't wait for my date with Brooke.. Can you wear red lipstick?? LMAO

Brooke said...

I'll DEFINITELY wear red lipstick. I would have worn it today, but I have magenta in my sweater and it would look weird. I'm gonna wear it tomorrow though! LOL!

I know it's just lipstick, but it makse me happy :)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke and red lips = MAD SEXY!

I wanna see! and I want a date with Brooke too!

I have to try this cheesecake.

I hate snitches too Sillouette.

Kobe played like shit last night and the Lakers still handed it to them. Couple of susupect calls, but Lakers got this. Let's see if the Knicks can win one.

I need a vacation.

Yolanda and DMoe don't love Brooke no more. I still want Rameer to take over the playlists since DMoe fell off.

My son is turning into a little man. So proud of him. That's my boy!

I'm eloping next time Annamaria :)

Annamaria said...

@Cable Guy... you & Brooke should elope while she's wearing red lipstick!!!! :) I normally HATE red lipstick but it really does look soo pretty on her. LOL


Brooke said...

Yeah, last time I didn't listen to you, fools was creepin on me with high yellow light brights and whatnot! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

Yes Brooke, listen to Annamaria and elope with me - wearing red lipstick! I'd never creep on you...with ANY body!

I'm gonna wear her ass down with Annamaria's help. Dudes out here ain't up to the job, but I am!

Unknown said...

Brooke in red lipstick is must see TV. O.M.G. Sounds so yummy!

Yolanda said...

-I'm here! Been sick most of the week but I'm crawling back. Bronchitis and ear infections on both sides. Craziness! Today's my first day sitting at the computer. Yay, for small victories.

-Red lips are hot. I got some Wet & Wild for 99 cents and you can't tell me nothing! I refuse to change my FB profile pic because I just like the look of my own lips. *sigh... it's the little things*

-I spent so much money in the GAP and Banana Republic in my 20s, they made me a "Luxe" card member. That's like black AMEX or something. I had to dial that isht waaaay down.

-Brooke, do you do Italian sodas? A pump of the flavoring with just seltzer water. It helps ween me off the hardcore sodas. But, sometimes, you do just want a root beer though. I get that.

-I'm living vicariously through Taser Maria's wedding stories. Can we get some pics of the goings on?

Ok, I'm sleepy now. Everyone have a great weekend. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.

Jay said...

I need to see these lips :)

Summer just needs to come and stay for a while.

Throwback joint was hot.

Knicks gotta win at home...they can't go out like that.

I need some new music myself.

Somebody snitched on you Silloutte?

Brooke said...

I've never tried Italian soda, that sounds interesting! Where do I get it?

Truth be told, I don't even really drink soda that much. I should have given up Snapple for Lent - cuz that ish is CRACK to me.

Maybe I'll just take a pic of my lips and post it :-) next time I wear red lips that is...tomorrow!

You'd think I'd have a Luxe card by now, all the damn money I give them! Feeling some kinda way about that.

Powerz said...

What up my good Peoples!

Buffoonery - who sells there house and don;t know they need to move out when you close??

Buffoonery - who says they owe $220,000 on their home and then, 3 days before closeing, we get a payoff that puts you $8,000 short with a $285,000 contract price!!!!

Sorry, just needed to vent!

Looking forward to all the cool things I'm going to buy for my car!

A-buzz is stressin over wedding stuff. I had to talk her down and tell her as long as I show up...we good! lol

We need to get back on our game night events! I'm dying to play drunk minute to win it games! lol

Its always great to have good friends and family!

Brooke, what's up with that Blog BBQ????

More Buffoonery - a chick doesn't want to pay to go to our 20 year HS reunion because she said..."I don't want to pay and if it gets cancelled, I might not get my money back" WTF!!!!

Watching Soso develop and progress in comprehension and her responses is great. She's quick to shake her head NO when she doesn;t want something thing! And her love for the words "Ball" and Elmo"!

GeeQue has been on the ball to make sure my groomsmen has the fresh to death shoes for teh wedding! Good lookin homey!

Annamaria said...

I gotta shout out my future husband.. he does calm me down everytime something goes wrong with wedding plans...HE'S BEEN GREAT..(IN MY BEST FROSTED FLAKES VOICE..)

And I must say he's been hustling his bootie off.. Even with his crazy clients. LOL

Sophia is growing up soo fast. It's awesome & scary.
I miss my lil baby...

Powerz better have his reunion. I was looking forward to going.. :)

Geeque & Ms. Nay need to open up a wedding planning business. They are OFFICAL.. :)
Although I think she's better at it.. LOL

We're having our first annual easter egg hunt on Saturday for the kids & I can't WAIT.

Brooke said...

We can have the blog bbq at your house Powerz! LOL!

And you can do all the cooking too :) I'll pay for it...and show up of course.

The problem is, will all the blog folks be able to come? Rameer is in Buffalo, Yolanda and Serena are in the DMV, Silloutte is in Florida, peeps are all over the place!

I'm feeling sad that Oprah's show is ending next month. I think I'm gonna cry :(

I wanna come to game night :)

A-Buzz said...

I won't be there that day... I am boycotting all parties for 2011. Soso isn't even getting a bday party.. :)

Stef said...

awww don't be like that Annamaria!

I'd love to come! Party at Anna's house!

I don't know who Geeque is, but I'm mad he beat me! I just knew I was gonna get it!

I hope you feel better Yolanda!

I'm gonna be sad when Oprah ends too - watching her "bestie" episode now.

I have a day off today - ran all my errands, but had to check in!

Damn, even I want to see Brooke's red lips! no homo.

Snitches are wack.

I could eat a whole lasagna right now. Starving!

A-buzzz said...

Stef u plan a wedding & then tell me how eager you are to plan a party.....


Stef said...

Brooke can plan it, you just be the gracious hosts! LOL!

A-buzzzzz said...

NO thanks I've lost all my graciousness!!! it's GONE.. lol.. maybe I'll get it back some day but for now. NOPE..

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT Everyone!

Dang Brooke I wanna try that sauce (put it on chicken and shrimp) but I can't eat spicy stuff any more (heartburn).

Dinner without me ladies and gents? I'll be home this weekend (hmmmmph).

Easter Dinner consists of no one cooking at my house again...Boston Market! I love it! I requested the creamed spinach. Yummy!

Spring is in the air everyone!

Had a wonderful weekend :)

I took Monday and Tuesday off.

I'm so special...I had a special delivery. A Chocolate Mousse Juniors Cheesecake ('s fantastic)!

I have a friend acting all weird on me...what's going on?

Hi Yolanda!!!

Sillouette I don't like snitches either and folks that are so busy throwing rocks at you yet their live in glass houses (mind..yo...bizness). Yes I said "yo." People don't get it.

Summer is going to be great!

Brooke with red!

I can't wait to see my family and give my Nana and little sister a big hug and smooch.

Annamaria I have more and more friends that either have eloped or very small weddings (private weddings) and may have a nice reception with friends and even that wasn't dramatic. The older I get the more I realize what I want now ;)

I have 2 baby showers to attend next weekend! Sheesh!!! Both for little girls that are about to enter this world! Then I have to buy a gift for another friend who is having a virtual shower (love the idea) no drama. Then I have 3 other friends due the week after (May 4, 5 and the 8th)! This is the season.

Where is DMoe...I miss his play list.

Throwback was nice!

Shameless plug...if you haven't bought a copy of the anthology I'm published in then what are you waiting for lol. Brooke has an autographed copy and other peeps as well. Please support a sista http//

A snippet of my story is on there.

Just $12.95 and that includes shipping!

(Had to plug myself...)


Annamaria said...

@Serena... we have 30 guests attending our wedding.. OH WAIT 29...OH WAIT 31 OH WAIT... The number keeps changing.. LOL
But I'd say I'm starting to realize that it doesn't matter if you have 10 people there. 8 of those 10 people will give you a migraine... :)

A-buzz said...



Serena W. said...

Response to Powerz...

"Who sells there house and don;t know they need to move out when you close??

Buffoonery - who says they owe $220,000 on their home and then, 3 days before closeing, we get a payoff that puts you $8,000 short with a $285,000 contract price!!!!"

Please tell me you're kidding Powerz!!!!

And you're right about the long as both you and A-Buzzzzzzzzzzz are there that's all that matters!

Serena W. said...

I hear you, I'm experiencing that with an event I'm putting together and I have "very special people"

Did I say "very" sigh...

But like you said there will always be one...or 8 out of 10. LOL!

Now Brooke has my mouth watering for shrimp!

That Cheesecake was a very special delivery :) I'm running home in a bit to get another piece!

Geeque said...

@A-Buzzzzzzzz- I changed my mind. I am not coming to the wedding anymore!!! LOL

Annamaria said...

@Geeque...I have a copy of your travel plans. YOU are coming! LMAO

Brooke said...

I wish I could go to Anna's wedding. If my raise looks right, I might be there - so add me to the migraine list! LOL!

I had cheesecake today - and I didn't make it :) Delish! Now I just need to pedal like a slave in spin class today to work it off!

Very special delivery indeed! Something in the air :)

I guess I'll have to find another spot for the blog bbq :)

Powerz...people think they can sell their house and still live there? Where dey do dat at? :) LOL!

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

Hi, y'all! A late RTT for me...

- @ Captain Cable: Kobe didn't play like ish as you described. Were you listening to the announcers during that game? Reggie Miller correctly pointed out - Kobe taking few shots and not really being the focus of the offense was by DESIGN. Coach Phil threw everyone off with that. Thing is, there's a misconception that if Kobe doesn't take 20 shots are score a lot of points, he's played bad. That's cuz it's rare when he doesn't...but make no mistake. The gameplan was to run the Triangle THE ENTIRE GAME instead of breaking from it - and it worked...

- I was happy for the Knicks this year, and loved it when they got Carmelo. But here's THE TRUTH - I think a lot of Knicks fans don't know how to deal with success. Not anyone on THIS blog - but I've noticed now that they're relevant again, these same fans are hating on other people's teams. They were quiet for years...enjoy your team's success. Don't talk other teams down...smh.

- I LOVED Brooke-Ra's lips as they were, and I'm not really a big fan of red lipstick on most Black women. I think I need a pic to see what this looks like...

- "Glaciers Of Ice"??? YO SON - you just made me want to break out my HBCU hoodie, jean shorts and boots!!! CLASSIC!!!

- Spring football starts this weekend for me if the weather permits. New team, and I'm starting at QB - wish me luck! Trying to get my vintage McNabb on...

- Direct TV is AWESOME.

- Just bought a 42 inch HDTV with all the bells and whistles. It's AMAZING...

- Please - I implore EVERYONE - don't miss "Black In Latin America" every Tuesday at 8pm on PBS for the next 3 weeks. Episode 1 "Haiti & The Dominican Republic" aired this week - check your local listings for replays. It's something we all should see and know - and no, that's not just me plugging the company I work for.

- My boy Dre just had his SECOND baby girl! I'm so happy. I think I live through my friends when it comes to children being brought in this world - I get so happy...

- I'll gladly take over the playlists if DMoe is AWOL. But dude's playlists are DOPE - I WANT him to drop new ones myself...

- I love Ashley Judd.

- Snitches get stitches...

- I need to buy a new computer...

- I have been munching on Rice Krispie Treats lately and can't stop...

- I LOVE the NBA playoffs...

- Kemba Walker never read an entire book until he was 20. ***blank stare***

- I'm tired of Lady Gaga. Really, I am.

- why do I know one of the girls on this season's "Real World"?? Her name is Nany...

Gotta Go - Take care!!!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall?

- Finally, after weeks suffering from Vertigo, I'm finally able to see straight enough to (a) take my azz to work and (b) type a sentence (c) drive my damn car.

- I've been MIA so long, I was wondering where the Hell I was at?

- Missed Brookey's topics and the chatter.

- RIP to Cole if I missed the earlier opportunity to say so.

- Momo can STILL agitate the gravel (read: kick rocks)

- Brookey's red lipstick? Of course. Simple. Sexy.

- If Snapple is crack, that makes me Bobby. If Snapple is crack and it makes me Bobby, that makes Brooke Whitney. She turned me on to it.

- Got invited to a Pacquiao/Moseley fight party. Yawn. Yeah, I'll come.

- San Juan, Puerto Rico for Memorial Day? Really fellas? We dont even need no passport! F it. I'm in.

- Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. As we say at the crib, "yeah u rite baby!"

- I miss NOLA.

- Be on the lookout for Treme. 2nd season premieres this Sunday, and my homeboy's club/bar/lounge (your choice) was used in a few scenes.

- Remember this word when you watch "Twerkin"

- Its Spring again. That means card-playin and Mojitos!

- Sade's tour is makin me crazy. I simply WILL NOT see her in ATL. I'm too much of a fan/snob for that. I'm heading up the east coast...

That's all I got for now...Baby steps. Missed yall.

Stay thirsty.

I'm DMoe and I approve this message.

The Cable Guy said...


I tune Reggie Miller out :)

but point's all love.

I think DMoe is offically gone - so Rameer it is!

The Cable Guy said...

oh snap! There he is!

Vertigo? damn son!

Glad you're back and feeling better. please....we will give you a week to get us a list :)

Peace y'all!

Stef said...

Glad your'e back DMoe, we missed you!

Brooke said...


Glad you checked in and are feeling better. I missed you!

Serena W. said...

VERTIGO? EWWWWW! I'm so sorry DMoe. I had Vertigo in 2003 and was down for the count and out of work for 2 weeks and even then I was still not focused.

We'll give you a week like Cable Guy said and I know next week's list will be ridiculous!

Hi Rameer! Tell Dre congrats! This is the year of the baby. I'm like you...I love kids and live through other people having babies ;) (I guess that's why I'm godmother of the century! 6 godsons and 1 goddaughter). Don't forget the nephews and 4 boy cousins under 13 (sheesh)!

Rameer we have another Dre having a girl...DelValle. His wife is due in 2 weeks! Lia is due as well in a little over 2 weeks. SU is representing the babies this year lol! Yes there are more SU heads preggers!!! Hilarious!

Sillouette said...

Continued RTT

*My man ROCKS... And I mean that in volumes. :)

* Why people always got to hate on someone? Itssuch a waste of energy..

*My Supervisor is cool!! She means well..

*Corporate America SUCKS!!!!

* People should mind their own damn business and find a hobby. Stop worrying about the next person..

*Thank you God the weekend is near.

*RTT is my favorite day for this blog , gives me a chance to vent.. lol..

*Its getting so HOTT here in Florida. We suppose to get alot of hurricanes.. " SUPPOSEDLY"....

*My favorite marvel character is the " PUNISHER". Frank Castle is so DOPE!!! LOL

*I think Im going to start going into work early so I can get off earlier.. :) More free time.

*I can wait to finish my college degree.. $$$$$

* Im still thinking about that "Banking Salary" Thing... Such a great idea.. I swear.. :)

*@Annamaria.. Eloping sounds fun.. Me and my honey may do that in the future...

*@Brooke, Red lips are sexy.. You go girl!! :)

* Busy day today... sigh..

* My book : 365 Tao: Dily Meditations came today.. I cant wait to read it..

Serena W. said...

Hey Sillouette tell us how the book is.

Also my friend had a nice private ceremony and sent us announcement cards. I was so happy for her but why were people upset. One said, "Well she could have invited me"..."ummmmm maybe you weren't on the list!" Sigh...

RTT late edition for real!

Brooke tell us how spin class was.

Tell Momo hi and your sister too!

I know I need to go to bed soon, it already feels like the weekend is here.

Everyone have a goodnight ;)

Brooke said...

Spin class was hard as hell! But I did it...and did weights after - oww!

still don't understand Twitter. Just looks like a bunch of gibberish to me.

I need to go to bed too...night!

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