Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Apparently I have to clarify that I did NOT write Tuesday's TMI blog. Domina*Tricks wrote that blog as my guest and I have NOT had 75 sex partners. I got a few emails from people who thought I was a strumpet :-)

- Every day, I see this one guy on the train, and each time he gets off the same stop I do...and then falls UP the steps. EVERY DAY.

- I want pizza for lunch instead of these boring chicken breasts that I brought.

- It's freezing in my building today.

- I miss Cole so much. I still can't believe he's gone :(

- It feels good to be appreciated at work sometimes. Not a bad week!

- Back in the gym going full force now...and I can feel it. I'm sore in all the right places again.

- Tickets are booked for Morocco! Woo-hoo!

- Looking forward to a nice weekend :)

- Ms. Lylah had an awesome bridal shower last weekend! Congrats again!

- I need to go find some hot chocolate or something - I'm freezing!

- My cough has finally subsided. But now I think I'm developing allergies :(

- It's supposed to be 75 degrees on Monday, but with thunder storms. Who cares, as long as it's warm.

- Brian's throwbacks this week!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches

Stef said...


Jay said...

I was actually going to try to be first today - oh well.

BatMan said...

Dam!!! LOL

Stef - Latinegro beat us both!!

Jay said...

Throwbacks are HOT! Brian, you are on point as usual sir.

Brooke, I was wondering how you were doing and coping with Cole's loss. Still sending good thoughts your way.

Not interested in baseball at all.

Dude falls UP the steps? Everyday? That's nuts.

Where are Yolanda, Rameer, Serena and DMoe. Brooke, you need a new blog family :)

I need a raise.

Glad to have a job, but I still need a raise.

I've been in the gym regularly, so I'm ready for summer!

Stef said...

Who ARE you Batman?? You never leave comments, just come in, try to be first, and then bounce!

Those throwbacks WERE hot - Luchini was my shit!

Brooke, still sorry about Cole :(

It just needs to be summer already. I hate this weather!

Ant, what you been up to?

DMoe hasn't given us a playlist in a while, he's officially banned from the blog! LOL!

Brooke, who called you a strumpet? Anyone who can READ knows you didn't write that blog.

I was looking forward to Fury's blog though. Did he forget about you B?

I want a puppy.

Eat pizza!

Anthony Otero said...

- May cannot get here fast enough
- I am loving my Macbook
- SU Yankee day on 6/26...I might do that
- I am very happy that baseball season is here.
- shoutout to UConn (even though i cannot stand them) for winning the title and silencing all the Big East Haters
- Knicks are in the playoffs :)
- Lebron's mom got arrested...haha
- I am starting to think that Japan is cursed. Another earthquake today...
- Brooke I feel you about Cole :(

Anthony Otero said...

Stef - I am trying to step my game up. I have been busy with work, writing, and trying to leave this place... How are you?

Stef said...

Leave what place?

LeBron's mom got arrested for what!?

Another earthquake? Where have I been!?

The Cable Guy said...

Camp Lo!!! Hotness!

Eat the chicken breasts Brooke and don't listen to Stef. She's hatin'!

Some folks HAVE been missing from the blog lately - what up wit dat?

Who is Ms. Lylah?

I wanna go to Morocco too - take me with you Brookey!

Um, who thought you wrote that blog? Reading is fundamental.

Baseball bores me unless I'm there. Knicks playoffs! Sorry we beat the Sixers B.

But the Phillies beat the Mets!

So sorry for the people of Japan. So sad.

Anthony Otero said...

Fuck the Phillies.

Stef - I am trying to leave Syracuse.

Japan had another one. 7.5 I think.

"The mother of Miami Heat star LeBron James was arrested for simple battery and disorderly intoxication after a confrontation with a valet at Miami Beach's Fontainebleau hotel Thursday morning."

Annamaria said...

B...Didn't the FIRST sentence of the blog say it was written by Dominatrix????

B- E-hug being sent your way re: Cole...

I was just given MORE responsibility at work.. GREAT.. like I wasn't busy at work... GRATEFUL because it means a lil more job security..But some extra cash wouldn't hurt...

Glad Philly beat the SUCKY WACK METS...Right B :)

The white devil tries to put the a/c on in my office every day.. and every day I threaten to tase her.. Can't wait for her to go back to her office

Am I the only bride in the world that needs to GAIN 10lbs for her wedding??? Blame wedding planning.. Sheer FUCKERY..(yes i know i gave up cursing for lent)

MY 20 month old daughter has her first crush at daycare. His name is Sheldon. And she says SHELDON PERFECTLY..She bosses him around all day.LMAO Powerz is SOOO not happy.. I'm quietly chucklin in the corner.. That's my girl..

I need a drink....

Annamaria said...

oh and Japan should just give up...There seems to be a giant bulleye in the universe for them... They pissed off mother nature in a MAJOR way.

Brooke said...

Japan just can't catch a break - so sad for the people of my birth place :(

Ant, that's no way to talk about my Phillies :) Tell 'em Annamaria!

I'll bring you some cheesecake Anna, that should help put the pounds on :)

Stef said...

When I think of Syracuse, I just think COLD!

Anonymous said...

Some people let their imaginations run away with them. You're no where near 75, right?

I know my mind is in the gutter but Brooke, you're sore in the right places. A good workout will tend to do that;-)

Brooke said...

Well, my sex muscles aren't sore, if that's what you mean. Those are already in shape ;-) LOL!

No, not even close to 75, but I'm not hating on Domina*Tricks. She's doing her own thang...and she has more possibilities than I do :)

BatMan said...

Can we please have some Spring like weather!!!!

Sillouette said...

You all are so funny in this blog.. lol

My random thoughts... sigghhh

* Chicken Fajitas sound real good for dinner tonite

* Theres a stripper named " Silver Dollar that work at one of the clubs here in Tampa,... shes 50yrs old..LOL

* I'm sure would love win the MegaBall lottery here it was 218 million...ugghh

*All of you in this blog are really great commentators.

*Love the movie "Burlesque"...

*I still havent done my taxes YET..

*Why Lebron James mama had to go to Miami and act up. WHY.ssiighh.. lol

*The weekend is almost here, thank you lawd. lol

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Hi everyone!

Jay...are you trying to clown Brooke's Blog Fam and disown us! Hmmmph! The nerve!

Whats up Ant! Love that PSA you did on hiring workstudy students!

I'm having a fantastic day! Just fantastic!

Birds are chirping, cherry blossoms have bloomed and God keeps blessing me!

It's so great to be happy!

Tomorrow makes 10 years my Papa has been gone and I know he's up there showering down the blessings on us. He's missed!

I'm craving shrimp quesadillas!

I had some chicken and spinach quesadillas the other night (yummy)!


Brooke said...



all this quesadilla talk is making me hungry again.

I'd kill for a Snapple right now.

I think I'll play the Powerball today. If you all don't hear from me for a while, don't come looking for me :)

I'm sure Jay was just kidding about the blog fam Serena. And Dmoe has been sick :( I hope he feels better!

I'm mad there's a 50 year old stripper named Silver Dollar. Something isn't right about that.

Annamaria said...

@Serena...Eagles & Giants fans can COEXIST...
Just like PHILLY & YANKEE fans..LOL


and I need a drink... :)

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke

Trust me dear. I nearly choked when I was told about the 50yr old stripper named Silver Dollar .. LOL... It was truly a " WTH" moment for

Serena W. said... know how WE feel about Eagles in our household lol!

Jay I got nothing but love for you...but don't get tased!

Annamaria is a trip!

Hi Silouette! Nice compliments you gave the blog fam!

Yep shrimp quesadillas are on the list for next payday.

I pray the government doesn't shut down. DC will be in disaray.

I need a couple of days off soon to get some things in order :) good things!

I'm hungry...

Throwbacks were the shizzzzznit! Thanks B!

Brooke you know I'm praying for you always. I know you miss Cole.

Serena W. said...

No comment about Eagles and Giants fans coexisting!

Sillouette said...

@ Serena W

Hey blog sis.. Im new here and Im really enjoying myself.. You guys rock!!!

I have never had Shrimp Quesadillas. But you all make it sound sooo good... lol

Brooke said...

Anything with shrimp in it sounds good to me!

Welcome Sillouette - tell us a bit about yourself! :)

Jay said...

I'm just joking Serena - you know I got love for y'all!

Serena is very happy today - good things must be happening in her world - maybe she's in love :)

Eagles and Giants fans can coexist - outside of football season.

So can Phillies and Yankees fans - no comment on the Mets.

The Cable Guy said...

LeBron's mom is gangsta - straight slappin folks and whatnot.

Serena, so good to see you in a great mood! She must have new man in her life ;)

damn, quesadillas DO soudn good.

Why are we talking about Eagles and Giants fans? Is there some secret spring football game happening that I don't knwo about?

Serena W. said...

Hey Silouette where do you live? Uncle Julios makes the best ones in my area!

Not everyone can rock them, but they can! Also a spot in DC called Lauriol Plaza (yummy)!

I was first introduced to them in Dallas, TX at a spot called Gloria's (I miss that restaurant)!

Okay let me stop! I'm getting hungry!

Serena W. said...

Hey Jay!!! Yes I do love someone dearly ;)

"Eagles and Giants fans can coexist - outside of football season." Yes we can Jay...but during is another issue! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

awww shucks! Serena is in love!

Stef said...

That's so sweet Serena, he's a lucky guy!

Cable Guy, be quiet.

now I want quesadillas.

Serena W. said...

Yes he is :)

Stef said...

Serena is being all coy with her response...awwww :-)

Sillouette said...

Thanks for the welcoming!! I am 30yrs, Im in the Insurance industry (Healthcare) and going to school for PharmD and I live in Tampa, Fl right now. The weather here is great matter of fact. Theres no Uncle Julios here. :( Atleast I dont think so,lol.

Brooke said...


Stef said...

How did you find Brooke's blog?? :)

we're a friendly bunch...well, except for Cable Guy. He's a hater :)

Sillouette said...


It was a flook , I was googling "Why one shouldnt date a jailbird" and apparently Brooke did a blog on that very same topic and I kept clicking on her topics until I finally caught up to the current date to join in with you guys and here I am. And I just liked what I read from all of you in the room..:) A very classy bunch I must say!!! Im glad I found you all...

Brooke said...

very cool!

Were you thinking of dating a jailbird? :-)

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke

Ooooh nnooooo hunney.. been there done that in my early 20's, I would NEVER do that again. I was reading a Strawberry letter from the Steve Harvey Morning show,and decided to look for a column with people voicing their opinions about it.. Thats a chapter in my life that will never be repeated. I responded to that blog of yours. I hope it saved.. But it was a very good topic. :)

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