Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts FRIDAY!


I was asked to do Random Thoughts Friday since Blogger was trippin' yesterday. Let's see if it's fixed today.

- I think weddings are lovely, and I wish everyone happiness - but am I the only one who could give 2 sh*ts about the Royal Wedding? Tax payers paid for that? Is that cool or is that how it's supposed to be? I guess I just don't see the point of royalty, a monarch and how they can be celebrities...but then again, maybe it's just a British thing.

- What I DO find ridiculous is that the Royal Wedding still got more coverage than the tornadoes that ripped through the South and devastated so many people's lives....especially in Alabama. My heart goes out to those who were affected or who had love ones that were hurt or killed. We're in a state of emergency down there, but all I keep hearing about his how nice Kate's dress was.

- Do I sound bitter this morning? :-) #justdon'tunderstandit

- Beautiful day today, but my allergies are acting up! I didn't develop allergies until I turned 30, and since then, I can go a year or two without them, and then they pop up again. Today, they're popping up again....really badly. And they only affect the right side of my I have ONE eye watering and ONE nostril itching. I look crazy right now.

- If you missed this yesterday, here it is again!

Our very own, very pregnant Serena Wills has a story published in the book "Keeping the Faith" edited by Vanessa Miller, an Essence Magazine Best Seller. "Listening Ear" is about her journey with her mother while she battled Ovarian Cancer. She's offering a special deal for Mother's Day! All orders placed before or on May 5th will receive an 8x10 Laminated Poem titled, "Abundant Love." Abundant Love is written for all mothers. This is a $10 value and she's offering it free with the purchase of a book. Go to to purchase the book today! I did, and it's awesome!

Here is a snippet of the poem below:

Abundant Love

Her touch and embrace
As she wiped the tears from my face
Holding me tightly whispering, “It’s going to be okay”
Cleaning the dirt away from my scars
I remember those days
When Mama would make everything feel like brand new
Between cuts, scrapes, bruises on my skin from falling on my knees yet again
Mom has a tender touch as she told me to hold on tight
The sudden burn disappeared as Bactine was sprayed on my wound
In between sobs saying, thank you Mommy
Always wiping away the pain whether it was a scrape on my elbow
Or another love that didn’t go
In the direction that I thought it would be
Times when I couldn’t understand what was happening to me
Laughing now cause I was going through mere puberty
Causing her drama
But all mama could say was
Everything is going to be okay
Mothers have a way with words like no other
To this day I’m amazed of your strength and often wonder
How did we make it through...

If you live in the DMV (DC/MD/VA area), she can also drop a copy or two or how many you want to you directly. They are $10.00 each.

Remember this offer is only good until May 5th, 2011. Buy your copy and get a free 8x10 Laminated Poem today! I did and it's awesome! Thank you in advance for your support!!!!!
Again visit her at

- These two women were chatting near me on the train this morning and I almost passed out. One word for both of them: Listerine.

- I could go for a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich right about now.

- What are everyone's plans this weekend? Anything fun?




BatMan said...


Stef said...

It's fixed!

Stef said...

so...let's go back to yesterday.

Marriage is great for families, when kids are involved. Otherwise, unless you want the medical or financial benefits or whatever - it's not necessary. Just my opinion.

No throwback for Friday random thoughts? :)

DMoe's list is back! and it was dope!

Royal Wedding madness is stupid. I had zero interest.

Prayers go out to those affected by the tornadoes in Alabama. I love that Barack is down there now.

I have bad allergies today too.

Chance said...

I believe that marriage is a God-ordained institution. Unfortunately, because a lot of people choose people that they want instead of the people that are good for them, marriage is often seen as a farce.

As it relates to the royal wedding, I am happy that two people who wanted to get married did, but it truly did not require all of the hoopla that the press has given it. I actually feel a sorry for them, because I wouldn't want the world examine every decision/mis-step I make as a newlywed.

Please continue to pray for the storm devastation here in Alabama. My church is located in one of the areas. It was not damaged, but most of the community that surrounds it is totally demolished. I've never seen destruction like this before. Several of our church members have lost their homes, and one of my friends lost her home and her cousin. The only good things that comes out of this is realizing that we need each other and that nothing material lasts forever, neither is it important.

Obama did come to Tuscaloosa, but many of those who endured the same kind of devastation in the other counties felt really slighted.

Chance said...

Sorry, I left an incomplete thought. I meant to say that because Obama only went to one storm site (Tuscaloosa) and not the others, some of the people felt slighted.

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

- Eff the Royal Wedding.

- Today is the anniversary of the L.A. Riots. And things haven't changed much since then - in fact, the hopelessness and conditions seem to be WORSE nationwide. Smh.

- I wouldn't have shown anyone my LIBRARY CARD, let alone my birth certificate if I was prez. Don't believe me, people? That's cool - now excuse me as I do whatever he fudge I please...

- I know the women have goen through this...but what's up with the Facebook come-ons?? You make a funny/witty/well-received comment on someone's status/post, and people inbox you like "Whassup?" Huh? Where they do THAT at???

- NFL owners have finally caved. About time. Let's hope it lasts...

- DirecTV. I don't know what I did without it...

- Did anyone know there was a show called "Gigolos" on Showtime that follows the lives of 5 male escorts in Las Vegas??? It's EXTREMELY blunt and explicit. Hole spit. It amazes me what these women will do - and pay - on this show with these men. Un-be-lievable...

- I haven't gotten mother's day gifts yet, and don't know what to get. I think everyone may get chocolate this year...

- I play for a new team this Spring in football - at QUARTERBACK. And I lit up the field last week. I must say - I got my Big East McNabb on...

- Boston-Miami. EVERYONE was waiting for this match-up in the NBA...

- Any of you fellas see the pictures of Tika Sumpter in Esquire mag? YUM-MY.

- I love people who argue sports with me based on what they WANT to happen instead of actual knowledge of the game. It makes it highly enjoyable to needle them when their hopes are dashed...

- I'm gonna be PISSED if the film Thor stinks.

- If you think you're not brainwashed to some extent, take this example of my own brainwashing last week: I don't celebrate most "holidays", and Easter is no exception. Yet, inexplicably, I made my girlfriend sit down and watch Watership Down with me Saturday - a story about...BUNNIES. An adult one, but still - I subconsciously felt compelled to watch a bunny movie I've had all year on THAT day. Without even remembering it was Easter weekend until someone pointed it out Sunday. Damn you, Catholic school...

Possibly More After The Break. Hope everyone's having a good one - SUPPORT SERENA!!! =)

Sillouette said...

Hapy Friday Fam!!!

- I think marriage is a beautiful thing, however people alot people now days dont charish those vows anymore. And alot of people want to get married or get married for all the wrong reasons. And also I think that marriage on papers was something created by man.. The love you have in you heart for someone cant be proven by a piece of paper with signatures. Its in your heart and soul of what the two of you feel for each other strongly..

- I went and say Tommy Davidson last nite at the IMPROV. he was too funny I had a great time.

- I would really like to open a clothing boutique in 2yrs full of nice stylish clothes and shoes and jewlery at reasonable prices.

-My goodness I'm glad its Friday..

-I could also could careless about the "Royal" Wedding... They dont do anything for me AT ALL!!!

- No Brooke, I dont think you are bitter today. Your just venting.. lol..You got somethings on your mind girl. :)

-Im in a great mood today! I hope everyone else has a awesome weekend!!!

-Are all of you in this blog from up North? Like NY, nad Jersey area??


Brooke said...

I'm in a great mood today too but I guess no one would have guessed that based on my rant :)

@Sillouette, DMoe is from Nola, by way of Atlanta :-)

Sillouette said...

@ Brooke I rant all the time.. lol

GA is cool. Its a nice state.. :)

My goodness where is everyone!!?? lol

The Cable Guy said...

Here I am!

this blog site was buggin yesterday! I had all thsee random thoughts and none of them went thru!

My son is such a little man, love him.

NFL needs to work it out - owners be gone.

Celtics/Heat is gonna be VERY interesting.

Did I hear that the Eagles drafted a 26 year old last night B!?

Marriage is what you make of it and who you make it with.

I'm mad Obama showed his birth certificate too, that's some ole bullshit.

Jaz said...

I'm just glad it's Friday. That is all :-)


1. I'm mad Brooke's Blog site was buggin out yesterday..

2. Still feel like crap..

3. MAD that I watch the news this morning for an HOUR and didn't see ONE piece of news. I saw the Royal wedding. I wish them well but WHO CARES???

4. Prayers going out to those downsouth affected by the weather.. The world is ending.

Domina*Tricks said...

What's the topic for TMI Tuesday next week Brooke? I might want to write a little something.

Brooke said...

Don't know yet DominaTricks, but feel free to send me something.

Was thinking I'd write something about red lips :-)

Jay said...

Brooke, glad the site is up and running again!

Royal Wedding = yawn.

Was all up on the draft last night.

Congrats on the book Serena!

DMoe list yesterday and Brian's throwback on point as usual.

Prayers for those affected by the tornadoes. We have more important stuff to worry about besides a royal family across the pond.

Pres. Obama shouldn't have shown them shit.

Serena W. said...

These were my thoughts yesterday! LOL!


What's up with the whack sign in!

Marsha Ambrosius/I want you to stay is my shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznit!

My friend Simone just gave me cute maternity tops (I mean cuuuuuuute)! Thanks girl!

My line sister had her son last Tuesday, I have 3 friends due next week! Wow!

Today I'm now 25 weeks pregnant! Yeah!

My son is something, I love him so much and he's not even here yet.

My sweetie came over for Easter and my entire family was there, we had a wonderful time. He's great!

Looking at names for boys...really?? Knut, Kraney, Hades are names in this book! Oy vey!!! Can we get real names please!

Visited one of my schools today for work and there is a sweet girl there but her name is Targete (yes you know how we say Target people but like Targete) that is her name.


Hi Momo!

Yolanda it will get better. It's hard to let go and let me I know, but we have to trust Him.

Brooke thanks for the plug on my Mother's Day Special.

I'm going to 2 baby showers this weekend (both ladies are due in June).

If you haven't noticed there is a gang of us that's preggers!

Eating some Juniors Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake with chocolate chips on the edge (delicious)!

Baby boy approves! He's jumping up and down in the belly lol.

I hope this google thing gets fixed :(

Serena W. said...

Here are my thoughts for today!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the congrats everyone on the book! Please support me by "buying" the book. The distribution site is out of my trunk lol! But really I'd love the support, so please support and take advantage of the Mother's Day special.

Sillouette I live in the DC area :) but I'm from NYC!

Royal wedding is blown out of proportion, I wonder if they wanted it to be like this :(

I'm down for a quaint wedding. If all that shows up is me and him that is all that would matter :)

Rameer if you want some great chocolate support Sheri J. She has a side business and sells delicious chocolate!

I'm buying some tomorrow for me lol!

Where is everyone?

Brooke I wanna see the red shoes!

I think I need to head out for the day...I'm tired!

Oh this weekend I'm attending 2 baby showers!!! YEAH!

On a serious note...

Praying for the families in Alabama and all areas that were hit.

Pray for my sister Shavonn. Her Aunt and cousin are in a coma because of the storms. Her Aunt was found with both of her legs broken and her younger cousin has hemmoraged in his brain (God Almighty)...

Everyday I wake up I am thankful because we aren't promised tomorrow...

Brooke said...

Pic of red shoes to come soon :)

Sillouette said...

Everyone seems to be off to a great start for the weekend.. I ge the feeling the color red is the new hott thing this season perhaps. LOL

Brooke has been rockin hott red lips and sex red heels.. hell I just bought a new hott red mustang... lol.. Everything is HOT HOT HOT!!! Works for me!! lol :)

Brooke said...

The red shoes weren't something I was looking to get, they just fell into my lap :)

Yolanda said...

I apparently 'underpaid' my taxes and now the state of Maryland wants to stick me for 55 bucks. Really son? Y'all need my 55 dollars that bad? Let me slide, yo!

I enjoyed what I saw of the royal wedding. I like the fashion aspect. Sometimes you need a diversion. But I do appreciate that NBC pulled Brian Williams from London when the tornadoes happened. That was a good news call and they made a point to plug that decision.

I do believe the media was complicit in letting Donald Trump push that Birther mess which had already been debunked months ago. No one really challenged him on it other that Bob Scheiffer (CBS) who flat out called him a racist.

I'm trying to get excited about my birthday next month. putting on a happy face.....(jazz hands)

I am AMPED that the Jem cartoon is coming back on TV next month. I am DVRing those joints!

Have a good weekend. Maybe I'll rock a red lip tomorrow!

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