Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

WTF Wednesday....leading into Random Thoughts we go.

- WTF is up with Cipha Sounds and his Haitian/HIV joke? If you can even call it a joke...

I never understood where these ridiculous stereotypes come from, but it's getting out of hand. HIV is nothing to joke about anyway, let alone targeting a specific group of people. Cipha Sounds is an idiot. Hot 97 loves this type of controversy, but it's divisive. It's bad enough there are people who actually believe this crap, no need perpetuating it any further.

- WTF man...Prince sang songs at MSG that he didn't sing at my show at the Izod Center. I'm not surprised though, it IS the Garden. Never go to the first show...especially if the first show is in Jersey.

- Why are people asking me to do stuff because their assistants are on vacation? Who do I look like? Kizzy?

- This old lady almost knocked my ass over trying to get a seat on the train. Mind you, there were PLENTY of seats available...she just wanted THAT one. Like Chris Rock says, "there's a reason to kick an old person down the steps...just don't do it."

- Last night at my holiday party, a woman I work with said it was "stupid" that I only applied to one college, even though I got in. When I asked her what school she went to, she said she didn't attend college. What is more stupid - applying to one college (and getting into my first and ONLY choice) or not going to college at all? Hmmm....WTF? Bish please....




Annamaria said...


Georgia Peach said...

wow - that's crazy Brooke with the last two work WTF's you know how I feel about it!

I heard Prince performs a different set list at every wish I was going.

Happy Holidays to everyone - I'm slowly starting to feel the Christmas spirit.

The Fury said...

Yes I heard Prince does a different show every night. I actually hear the Izod show was crazier than one of the MSG shows.

Cipha Sounds made a horrible joke that was horrible in 1990. Now he just looks stupid. Dumb ass.

Yeah they're asking you to do their work because you're Black. Tell them to eat a dick from the back...and Happy Holidays.

Spiderman's Broadway show may need to get shutdown before that dude goes flying into the stands and kills an audience member

If I get one more Christmas card with a pictrure of someone's kid in lieu of tasty treats, I'm gonna start making prank calling family deaths on Christmas

I hope Favre is well enough to play The Giants...the Gmen are known for ending careers. It's only right.

DADT finally got signed and the First Responders bill may pass thanks to concessions and back door deals. Fuck Washington for wanting to get pat on the backfor doing what's right.

Stef said...

Dang it! LOL!

WTF is up with uneducated people commenting on people who actually have gone to school? Your coworker is trippin' Brookey!

At least you got to see Prince period! WTF, I couldn't get a ticket. I've never seen MJ in concert either :( Still time for Prince tho! Who got me?

WTF is up with being horny while Cousin Flow is in town?

Cipha Sounds is an asshole.

Annamaria said...

I got my x-mas card from Brooke! thank ya!!!

I was not in the mood to do xmas cards this year.. That & I didn't have time.

I'm a little bit in a bah humbug mood..LOL

Anyone with Food Network watch at 9pm. I'll be at that Throwdown with Bobby Flay!!! :)

Brooke that woman didn't go to college because she wasn't accepted anyone, not because she didn't apply.. She's a dumb ass.

I want to go back to school. I might be able to fit that in my schedule between 11:50-11:52pm..LOL

My clients get mad at me because if they are over 15 minutes late without calling I cancel their appt. If you don't wanna keep your house why should I bother???

I hate the xmas song station.. 2 months of xmas carols is OVERKILL....

Brooke said...

"eat a dick from the back"??

trying to picture that...hmmmm....


The dude who asked me to do stuff for him IS black! AND it's the same dude who said my phone wasn't in his car when it was. Yeah... he can bounce up out my face.


I know the feeling re: Flow. I hate that!

@Fury, you can have my tasty treats - Deebo wouldn't approve :(

Yolanda said...

-Prince does a new show every night with new guests. We got Larry Graham & Sheila E. at MSG on Saturday but I heard IZOD got Esperanza and Lalah. (jealous...well, Sheila was fab and she's fione...and I mean that in a totally non-gay way).

-It's amazing how people like to judge YOUR choices. If it's working for you and it's legal...who cares. Apply to one college and GO! She's just mad she didn't get to swaddle herself in blue & orange.

-WTF: at the doctor's office for a routine physical this morning and before the exam even began, the zippers to my boots got caught in an opening on the underside of the exam table. They got bent and then broke off completely as I tried to get up from my state of being stuck to the table. I had to take them to the cobbler after I left the doctor. I drove home in my socks. ☹

Whattup with that!?!

-WTF: my health insurance went up 30 bucks. Really son? Really?

Whattup with that!?!

-WTF: I slept on my arm kinda funny... my fingers have been numb for like 6 days. I did something to the nerve. Who knew sleeping was a danger?

Whattup with that!?!

-Remember that rather anti-Haitian line in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" that caused a ruckus way back when? So the hurtful linking of HIV to that community is not new. It's still not right.

Whattup with that!?!

Brooke said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention: This coworker also asked me if I was relying on the fact that I'd fill their quota. I said, "no, I was relying on my 4.8 GPA, the fact that I was a straight A student, played 3 sports, was a national merit scholar and wrote a kickass essay...THAT is what I was relying on." She can kiss my ass.

And I'm not saying that if you didn't go to school, you're not smart - I'm saying don't sh*t on those who DID go to school because you're a racist bitch - that is all :)

Tony said...

Thanks Brooke...Merry Christmas everyone!

Tony said...

@ Brooke....I know you know that black people can be some of the most racist people on earth!

Tony said...

And I have been giggling about "Eat a dick from the back" since I read it. THAT is some funny shit!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Your co-workers are WACK...Prince is THE MAN...and as far as Cipha Sounds goes...

I blame most New Yorkers of color. No - seriously. As I've said on here and to people for eons - we (people of color) enable, support and make this type of "entertainment" successful, then act with outrage, surprise and shock when it comes back to bite us in some capacity. I don't live in NYC, but like many, I can and sometimes do catch Hot 97 online or through my phone (and then into my car). But I refuse to listen to the hot-mess shows and/or shows where people say crazy crap. So for many people reacting to his ignorant comment, my thing is how many of these type of shows do YOU listen to? Because he shows with these type of personalities and salacious subject matter are VERY popular and successful.

I remember when Star & Buckwild said that ish about Aaliyah - I immediately vowed to never support anything they were attached to even slightly again. And you know what? most people kept listening to and rocking with these punk asses. Similarly with any number of radio personalities. Let's take it a step further - how many people are still rocking with Robert Kelly and Chris Brown? Oh, I understand forgiveness and not being overly judgmental - but when one of these guys messes up again - don't voice outrage and shock when neither man has ever come across as truly apologetic and remorseful, and having learned their lesson (like, say, Michael Vick has).

How many people rocked with watching the Flavor Flav shows, only to get mad when a million hot mess dating shows that made Black and Latina women look like stupid whores, skanks, gold diggers and dumb arses popped up? Don't get mad at Ray J, Hell Date or Real & Chance - it was US who made this ish popular and cool to continue.

This isn't directed at anyone on here personally - it's just my WTF of the day.

Jay said...

Rameer is Cipha Sounds' comment didn't shock me in the least.

To take it a step further, most NYers have this stereotype of Haitians already ingrained in their heads, which is probably why Cipha felt he could say it in the first place. Everyone should take offense to that nonsense, not just Haitians. We only seem to get upset though when it touches US. Italians weren't protesting when Flavor Flav's coonerific ass was on tv, but they were outraged at Jersey Shore. But if this is what we're breeding, then eventually it'll come back to US.

I laughed hard at "eat a dick from the back" too! LOL!

Brooke, your coworker is pathetic. Good intelligent, sexy woman you!

My WTF moment of the week? The Giants blowing a 21 point lead. Yes, that still stings. Congrats on the Eagles win tho Brookey :)

Annamaria said...

I agree 100% Rameer. I said it earlier. He's made disrespectful comments about ALL races...No one ever shut it down so his comments got worse & worse as he tried to push the envelope further & further.....til the envelope fell. And guess what? He'll be back on the radio in a few weeks with the same people that are protesting him now listening to him??
A person is going to do what you allow them to do so the fact that no one shut him down permanently from day 1 made him feel it was ok to say whatever he wanted...
And don't be fooled into thinking Hot 97 gives a damn either. They didn't pull him from the air after the comment left his mouth. They "suspended him indefinitely" after mofo's COMPLAINED...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Jigga - AMEN on the "Jersey Shore" reference. I said on here when that series premiered that I wouldn't miss an episode, in part because white people I know (and many people of color) could care less when it was Blacks being portrayed as the buffoons. It was only a matter of time before it spread to others ("Rock Of Love", "Jersey Shore", "My Big Friggin' Wedding").

100% of the same mindset as Jigga and AnnaMaria.

WTF is up with the Lakers getting blown out AT HOME to the Milwaukee Bucks last night??? And WTF is up with the Republicans fighting as The First Responders' Bill???

The Fury said...

@Brookey - so the co-worker was his name Cipha Sounds? He's probably the kind of guy that has his mama tie his shoes before he leaves in the morning.

@Jay - it's not just New Yorkers who have that horrible stereotype. It began years ago when the CDC Released a report saying one of the issues with allowing Haitian immigrants was the then high rate of HIV cases. Totally prejudice report. These days there's a higher rate in DC. It's an international stereotype that's disgusting.

@Annamaria - I agree with your 15 minute rule...just make sure they know before they leave the house...(an hour late)

The Cable Guy said...

Republicans suck ass.

I have to admit, I am guilty of listening to Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg - but enough is enough and I won't be anymore. All of you made great points, and Rameer is right. I can admit it was wrong.

"suck a dick from the back" had me HOLLERING!

Merry Xmas to you all too - is that "Brooke's cousin Tony" Tony? :)

Your coworker can kick rocks.

Jay, don't be bringin' up old shit. #Giants.

Annamaria said...

Last week my client's DAUGHTER..(NOT MY CLIENT HER DAUGHTER) showed up to her appt an HOUR late.
Strolled in like she was on time. I asked where her mother was she told me Oh she's at home. I said why didn't she come. Oh she figured you didn't need her to come & that I could do it.. WTF.....

Um if you aren't going to make the effort to get off your fat lazy (not to be a Cipha Sounds but she's one of my people's so I can make fun of them)PR ass to save your house then WHY should I bother.
In the infamous words of Fury...Go eat a dick from the back...
Can I start telling my clients that??? lol

Brooke said...

I'm still trying to figure out how you eat a dick from the back...LOL!

The Fury said...

@Rameer - I was shocked about that Lakers loss until I heard Kobe got ejected. His presence means a lot for that team. I have to admit it.

@Annamaria - you can't say that to your can say EADFTB though. LOL

@Jay - I agree w/ Jon Stewart. The Repubs aren't allowed to use 9/11 security jargon in speeches or platforms ever again.

WTF is up with this weather? Shit it's below average temps for two weeks and Winter started yesterday? FML

The Fury said...

@Brookey - I bet if you asked your co-worker that tried to get you to be his assistant, he'd know how to do it

Ca88andra said...

I have to say - I never went to college straight after school. I couldn't stand the thought of more study. When I was 37 I went back to study and got a Graduate Diploma. Now I'm studying for a BA Communications. I've always worked full time in good jobs, even while studying. Sometimes you just have to wait until you discover what you really want to study before you start.

Brooke said...


you crazy :)


You're right. I'm glad you found what you truly want to do!

Tony said...

Yes, This is Brooke's cousin Tony! I'm BAAAACCCCKKKKKK! I missed you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

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