Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

-Prince was AMAZING! However, he didn't sing When Doves Cry, 1999, Little Red Corvette or I Would Die For You. That would have taken it over the top. I don't know why he didn't sing those songs, but if he sings them at the Garden, I'm gonna be PISSED! But still, I had the BEST time, he killed it! I'd have a whole gang of his teeny, tiny, freaky deaky babies!

- Loretta and I chatted up ?uestlove before the concert - he was givin' the gas face! LOL!

- I wish they'd leave Michael Vick alone. If dude wants to have a dog, I see nothing wrong with it. He's not going to torture his pet. People need to stop being stupid.

- This woman had a case of the giggles on the train platform this morning. Whatever she was thinking about had her giggling uncontrollably to the point where tears were streaming down her face because she was trying so hard to hold it in. I thought that only happened to me :-)

- Are any of you friends with your parents on Facebook?

- Who do you think should be the Person of the Year? or can there be only one?

- It seems money in NY can buy anything.........except Cliff Lee! Ha!

- Maybe Annamaria and I will be betting again on the World Series between the Phillies and the Yankees :-)

- Or maybe we won't, since she has YET to cook my food after losing the bet she and I made between the Eagles and the Giants. They play AGAIN this Sunday, so maybe she's trying to hold out to make it double or nothing ;-)

- I see the Knicks are tryna do a lil something....I like it :-)

- Sometimes I just want to say "shut the hell up!" to a few folks in my office.

- Mercury must be in retrograde - a lot of strange things are happening to me. People are coming out the woodwork.

- I haven't been to the gym in three days, so tonight is gonna hurt...real bad.

- Mailed out my Xmas cards! Do people still do that anymore?

- Serena texted me a pic of the snow coming down in the DMV...not a fan of snow. You'd think i'd be used to it after 4 winters in Syracuse. Not so much.

- I thank God for family, friends, health, sanity, warmth, shelter, clothing, food, employment and happiness. With so much going on in the world, I am truly blessed.

- Did y'all see when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did the history of hip hop on his show?

Cracks me up every time!

- Sherri Sheppard is a walking minstrel show.

- Today we're doing "Secret Santa" in my department. One of my co-workers who is participating sees my wrapped gift and asks me what it is. Guess she doesn't know the meaning of the word "secret" huh?

- Brian's throwback!




Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!

BatMan said...

Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

- my divorce is final. nothing else matters right now. lol

- women are coming out of the woodwork... smh lol

- I am friends with my dad on Facebook

- Syracuse is the number 1 snowiest city in the country.. -_-

- Conan just gets funnier and funnier

- I am writing my bio for my grad school app

- i cracked the screen on my I had to upgrage to iphone4 :)

- I am still rocking Kanye

- I am in in NYC for 2 1/2 weeks. I get there Saturday...

- I love my new glasses

Brooke said...

The ladies were just WAITING for Ant's divorce to be final. Watch out now! LOL!

I saw your new glasses on your new profile pic - nice!

Happy Holidays to you too Batman :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke you look hot! ?love needs to be cropped out the pic! LOL! When you see him again, please tell him he is one of the greatest Drummers EVER! The Prince concert was dope huh? Damn I wanna see the little man do his thing! Dope!


Stef said...

I let Ant be first :)

Prince didn't sing those 4 songs! I would have felt some kinda way! But it's Prince...can't go wrong!

I love The Roots! Great pic Brooke!

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious to me. That clip was funny! Never saw that before!

Men are trippin' right now. All of them.

Love the throwback this week!

I would pay money to see Brooke tell someone to "shut the hell up!" LOL! She seems too nice for that :)

Where has Annamaria been?

and Powerz?

and Rameer and DMoe?

The regulars are bailing around the holidays :)

I still send out Xmas cards :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!( Phil Rizzuto voice) I forgot that you are a Phillies fan! I cannot wait to see you guys in the series! Who yall got Lee, Halladay, Hammel, and that other boy that just came from Houston! If both teams make it to the series I will bet you! Yankees in 6AGAIN! We made a minor league signing that has gone under the radar! Yanks signed Mark Prior to a minor league deal! If we can get this boy healthy and return him to form! I will see your Phillies rotation with Sabathia, Hughes, Prior, and this young Dominican kid (I think he is Dominican) that I think will be lights out! If Petitte comes back and AJ Burnett stops pitching like AJ "Burnout" we will go toe to toe with Philly! We can hit Halladay and Oswalt! Cole Hammel can be dealt with! As a matter of fact Yankees in 5!


Brooke said...


Hot?? Really??? Thanks! No makeup, no cleve and I'm still hot? yeah! LOL!

I wanted to crop the security guard out. The funny thing is we took the pic while he was standing there and there were signs all over that said "NO CAMERAS." Loretta was so nervous because she thought he was going to take her camera from her :-)


"Shut the hell up" *IS* me being nice ;-) LOL!

Brooke said...

Floyd is talking smack already about baseball :-) LOL!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's where I'm at:

- Seeing Prince in concert is kick-azz. I'm so glad B got that done.

- 4 songs I'd want Prince to perform (but he prob wouldnt): Anotherloverholenyohead, Pop Life, Adore, Insatiable.

- Jimmy/Justin's "History of Hip Hop" goes hard. Period.

- (Which reminds me) If I was a white dude, I'd be Justin Timberlake, or Clive Owen, or Daniel Craig...Or some combination of a falsetto-singin, cool hat rockin, 5 o' clock shadow, tuxedo wearin' cat that could still ju-jitsu yo azz if you clown wit me...But, I'm not. I'm a black dude, which makes me Billy DeeMoe Williams.
Yep, thats me.

- I miss playin' basketball on wednesdays, but I shall return. Sleeve and all.

- Who wrecks their ride 2 days after making the very last (the damn 60th) payment?
Dmoe, thats who. Smch. Swag? Reduced to zero.

- The crew from my old job sent me out in style with a party and featured a rap song they got together and recorded. Set to Lil Wayne's "A Milli", they auto-tuned their own verses. Hilarious? Yes. Flattering as phuck? Yes indeed.

- I took a look at my work transcript and saw that I was marked a "NO SHOW" for a professional class called "4 disciplines of execution". Well, Duh! Of course I didnt show up....Why you think I signed up for the damn class?

- Let's Geaux Saints. The next two games will settle it all. @ Baltimore and then...HERE in ATL the Monday night after Christmas. The N.O will be deep, and I got a squad of 15 Who Dats wit me...We ain't playin...We comin to take what's ours.
I gotta pull out the eye-black for that one (bible verse scribbled on it) Let's Geaux!

- Playlist on the way in part deux...


Geeque said...

Lets GO KNICK'S!!!!!!

Yolanda said...

-Can't wait to see Prince on Saturday!

-He doesn't sing a lot of his old stuff... at least, he didn't the last time I saw him for the "Musicology" tour. Not sure if that has to do with his old record company troubles or maybe he's just moved on. I know that his religion also plays a part because he flips his lyrics to be less freaky.

-Hoping the Purple One will lift my mood a bit. I'm at the intersection of Blah and Whatever.

-My Dad's on Facebook. My Mother doesn't do the social media thing. I did talk her into getting a LinkedIn account though.

-The video of the model's weave on fire at the Diddy party is pure comedy. Glad she's not hurt though.

-I still send Christmas cards! I'm a letter/card kinda person.

-My water pressure is super low. It runs for 30 seconds then cuts off!!! Somebody send me a shower. LOL

-Is every rapper in jail?

-I hope Aretha Franklin is on the mend.

-Is it bad that I like the new Lil Wayne song?

-I sooooo would like a vacay.

-TJ Holmes could get it.

-I don't hate the "Last Train To Paris"... I sure wouldn't buy a ticket though.

-I need some stamps.

-Ant's new glasses are hot. I miss wearing glasses...sometimes.

-More later...maybe.

Annamaria said...

1. Brooke, Sorry I haven't paid up.. Trying to catch up on everything in life these days it seems. We can go for that double or nothing bet if you want????? Sounds interesting...

2. Congrats Ant...

3. Stef LET Ant be first...Sounds like she's one of those women coming out the woodwork...BLOG CONNECTION.

4. I've been in a funky a@@ mood lately & really busy which is why I haven't commented too much. And guess what everyday my mood gets funkier & funkier... I need to go on vacation from reality...

5. On the business front began working full time, clothing line is taking off & sex toys selling... :)

6. Looking forward to a baseball rivalry with B.. :)

7. Geeque get back to work..

Brooke said...

Prince DID perform Insatiable and Adore...and KILLED THEM BOTH! He also sang Scandalous...and my heart skipped a beat :-) That man moves me.

I still need to see the clip of the model's hair on fire - I haven't had my fix of Witches Brew today yet. I'm sure it's there :)

Annamaria, take your time. And yes, we can do double or nothing if you want :)

When did all these native NYers become Knicks fans again? :)

I heard the same thing Yolanda bout Prince, so I'm hoping there was some legal/contractual reason why he couldn't sing those songs.

His freak DID come out a LITTLE though. He said "I'ma make you say my name" a few times and something about putting it all up in his face ;) owwwww!

DMoe said...

Part deux...

Here's the RTT playlist. This week, more new releases to stuff stockings with...

1. R.Kelly/Love Letter - Yep, he's a perv. Yep, he makes hits. This one's no exception. Cop this.

2. Tank/Now or never - Should come with a disclaimer: "listening to this CD may cause pregnancy". The midtempo stuff is downright groovy. The ballads? Damn good.

3. Ciara/Basic Instinct - What's "good" is enjoyable, but what's "bad" is brutal on this album. If the CD came with video of her dancing on every song, I'd buy 10 of em...But, since it doesn't...I'm stuck listening.

4. Michael Jackson/Michael - The number of tracks (10) is perfect, but please "executors of MJ's estate"....Please don't "2Pac" Michael with an avalanche of previously unreleased material that was "unreleased" for a reason...Get it?
Anyhoo, fans get to hear MJ's voice on some cool, new selections, and he teams up with 50 cent, Lenny Kravitz, and Akon on an overall decent release.
Give it a listen first, but it works for me.

5. T.I./No Mercy - Yep, he's locked up again, but as Rap goes in 2010, this is fine work. I've been diggin' "Get Back Up" with Chris Brown from the time I heard it. His collabs with Eminem, Drake and a few others add up to a really good CD. Southern rap generally comes in two buckets ("Top" and "Mop")...This one ain't meant for cleaning floors, its meant for packin em...

6. Diddy-Dirty Money/Last Train to Paris - Radio is playing it to death, but I aint. The key to enjoying this CD is to "limit the Diddy". The songs he doesnt spend too much time on are alright with me. Don't get the whole thing, but there are some bright moments. "Hate you now", "I hate that you love me" and "Azz on the floor" are infectious, and you'll listen just because they are different and kinda jazzy.

7. Avant/The Letter - Very good R&B that's hand crafted for the ladies. Songs like "Body Police" are kinda cliche, but they still get the job done.

8. Cee-Lo Green/The Lady Killer - Is quite simply, a treat to listen to, from front to back. Its musically sophisticated, but its like wearing a suit with the tie loosened. Its a bright, dynamic "throwback" that's incredible in its ability to move yo azz --- forward.
You know the hit "F**k you" (who doesnt love this song?) but you gotta have the rest of it. Cop. This.

Feliz Navi-muthafuggin-dad.

Your friend and mine,

Annamaria said...

OK Brooke......

Double or nothing...

IF the Giants win I want those hot wings that you had at your passion party & a cheesecake...

IF they lose...I'll make arroz con guanules & fried chicken & I'll make you some sort of dessert.. (I'll figure out what..LOL)


Brooke said...


DEAL! :-)

Geeque said...

@Brooke and Annamaria - DEAL!!! LOL

Serena W. said...


It's been like 2 weeks and I missed all of you!

DMoe...I love Anotherloverholenyohead. I got the joint on RECORD!

I see Prince on the 29th at the Garden!

Any congrats my brother...glasses are sexy.

Four hours later it's still snowing in the DMV and I love it!

Last Friday was a historic moment for my family. Nana and I became legal guardians for my sister Christina who is severely autistic. Mommy can rest better now and in utter peace knowing that her baby girl is going to be legally taken care of and not a ward of the state. God is so good.

Last Saturday I then went to a baptism in Brooklyn and it was amazing.

People now call me Sister-Mom lol. Cute...I dare another agency to say, "Oh we must speak to the guardian in regards to this matter."

I'll tell them, "Survey says...ehhhhhh wrong! I am one of the guardians, now lets talk!"

I'll be back in the nyc next Thursday. I swear I need a dag on condo there or something.

LET'S GO KNICKS! I never gave up hope. People have been laughing at me for years! Don't jump back on the band wagon now!

My job is still super cool! I am telecommuting today because of the snow. Awesome!

I can't wait to guest blog for Brooke next week (stay tuned).

I'm friends with my sister's mom on FB (sis from my dad) and last year I wanted to de-friend her! Sheesh...but shes cool now.

More later...gotta get some work in and lunch!

Serena W. said...

I meant "Ant" congrats my brother! Not any...oy vey!

Brooke said...

Congrats Serena on the guardianship! God IS Good, absolutely!

It could be 10 feet of snow outside and these folks would still expect you to trek in. You're lucky!

Secret Santa time!

The Cable Guy said...

I have think the Diddy Dirty Money album is wack. He needs to stick to vodka.

congrats Ant on your divorce. I think?

Brooke, you look so cute. And yes, ?uestlove IS giving the gas face :)

Serena, you are such a positive spirit. I heart her :)

Brooke, what did Time Warner say about your bill?

I think Annamaria might lost the bet twice. Eagles are doing their thing, and this is coming from a Giants fan.

Let Vick have a dog. Gimme a break.

I'm friends with my dad on FB. He's a cool dude :)

I agree that Mark Zuckerberg should be the person of the year. Facebook has people hooked!

But Mike Vick should be second!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Hello, errybody!!!

- I can't get that stupid "Blackandyellowblackandyellow" song out of my head. I really hate that I've grown to like it - ugh!!!

- For her birthday, my girlfriend demanded I not buy her anything. All day, I just spoiled her with affection, breakfast in bed, etc. At night, we were meeting her mother and grandmother out for dinner (first time meeting grandma!), and after we ate - BAM!!! Hit her with the ill jumbo blue topaz ring, with sapphire accents on the ring. She was soooo surprised...and happy! She hasn't stopped rockin' it YET...and she knows how I feel about jewelry, so she was shocked (a) I bought her a ring, (b) I knew her size and (c) that it's really pretty. She keeps saying "it looks so expensive", but of course I won't tell her the price so she can hit me with the "you shouldn't have, it's too much" line.

Grandma ADORES me, however. Lmao...she tells me her grandmother told her to "not mess this up - he's a KEEPER!" Lolz!

- Ant's blogs lately have been EXCEPTIONALLY DOPE...

- Brooke-Ra - you are soooooo pretty. Really. Nice pic of you and the homie Quest.

- Prince said years ago he wasn't going to play ANY of his classics, due to his religious outlook. He's bent on that rule, but it has nothing to do with contract or record labels - he simply doesn't want to perform those songs. He actually was supposed to stop playing all his stuff from the 70s and 80s in the early 2000s, but fans have made him change his tune. FYI - he really doesn't like performing "When Doves Cry" for some odd reason.

- I'm in the market for a new only criteria is not expensive, reliable, and not a gas-guzzler...

- I'm SO HAPPY the Knicks are relevant again. That's one of those teams in sports that should just NEVER suck for long periods of time. And while I'm not saying it's DEFINITE, don't be surprised if the beat Miami tomorrow.

- If you follow Witches Brew on Facebook, you know I've been going IN on some of these people who apparently have 2nd grade English skills. It peeves me that people have a worse grasp on the English language than my 5 year-old nephew. And I ain't talkin' 'bout typos...

- Going to see Tron and maybe The Fighter this weekend...

- so funny when people grow it's my sister who has MY back when I need it. I'm supposed to be looking out for HER! Lolz!

- After Brooke-Ra talked about Oprah-hating a while back, I decided to do my own personal study amongst guys. Yikes...she wasn't kidding. I never realized how man dudes hate Oprah for absolutely no reason. WTF? Her show ain't my thing, but I don't hate her in the least - I have no reason to...

More After The Break!

Brooke said...

I wasn't making it up Rameer, men hate her for some reason. It baffles me. You don't have to like her show at all, but why hate HER?

There are some men who I think hate women in general.

I hope to see Tron and Fighter this weekend too.

speaking of movies, I hate when people take their cells out during a movie. I'm not talking about even talking...but simply texting during a movie distracts me. And if you're on a date, even worse. Unless someone is due to go into labor any time soon or you're expecting a call from Jesus, it can wait 2 hours until the flick is over.

my rant for the day.

I still can't believe Rameer bought jewelry and gave it as a gift! This woman must be SPECIAL!
So great!

Thank you for the compliment Meercat! :)

That blackandyellow song is the worst! LOL!

Yolanda said...


That was real sweet Rameer. Very nice gesture... when will see see this girl, dangit? *stomps foot*

Congrats on the guardianship Serena. That's wonderful.

I really need it to stop snowing or spitting or whatever it's doing right now.

Stef said...


I hate that too! OMG! I'm ready to leave a date when a man does that. No man or woman should EVER pull their cell out during a date. EVER! It's like they'd rather be somewhere else, so rude!

I love it when it snows in DC, Maryland area...cuz my peeps there don't know how to act :) The whole city shuts down in DC! LOL!

I don't have a crush on Ant Annamaria, I just decided to be nice today :)

I want to win a sex toy from Fury. Where has he been?

Serena W. said...

Cable Guy and're the best! Thank you so much. I need it as I battle the social security website (oy vey)!

Rameer you're truly a gem and I hope your girlfriend listens to grandma! She's got sense!!! Take a shot of this ring so we can see it!

I'll say it again...Let's Go Knicks!

Annamaria, did they fix the heat at your office yet? The girl had no heat the other day! Sigh...

Ant I'm going to have to back track and catch up on your blog fo' real! Not shocked that it's dope because that's the kind of person you are.

Where is everyone?

Snow stopped, praying that nothing freezes over too bad.

Maintenance keeps saying that they "completed work" in my apartment that these jokers haven't even started! I despise them so much...the management company sucks big time!

But I love my apt and price for it. Decisions, decisions! Maybe a nice management company that gives a damn about their tenants will buy out this one and fix up things.

5 of my friends are pregnant! Good God! They are all due between March and June!!!! What's in the freaking water and air!

BRB...going back on the social security website! (SIGH)!

Serena W. said...

Of course as I'm typing a few of you chimed in lol!!! Yolanda thanks for the congrats. It feels good that my sister is going to be taken care of and we can get ish done!!!

I'm done with social security for today, gotta call these jokers in the morning for my sister! At least the application process is getting benefits is a different ball park.

Any experts in this area are welcome.

A couple of songs that were sent to me this week by my friend ;) and

They are house songs (love house music)! Can't understand a word the 2nd song is singing because its french but it sounds sexy as hell and I like it alot!!!! Check it out!

It's too cold to go outside, I'm staying in the PJ's until tomorrow!

Anyone traveling for the holidays???

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys. girlfriend is like me - she HATES pictures! Difference is, I can be convinced to take 'em here and there - she won't take 'em AT ALL. I'll try to sneak one of her, though...though she made me give her word I wouldn't show off pics of her to people she doesn't know without asking her first.

And I'll grab a shot of the ring, Serena...I'll e-mail it next week if I can remember.

- I'm gone for the day - take care everyone! Special love to the sweetest soul on the blog, Serena...

" know what it is...blackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellowblackandyellow..."

Brooke said...

Bye Rameer!

I love that Rameer used the word "micronaut" on Witches Brew! I was DYING! LOL!

Serena, I'm off tomorrow but I have too much stuff to do to lounge in pj's :-(

Serena W. said...

Rameer you just made me tear up...good tears...thanks. People say I'm like Mommy in a lot of ways, we do what is natural and fortunately that way is what God wants us to do. There are a lot of great spirits on this blog and I pray and ask that 2011 people can move forward, heal, love, live again and be open to new things. Brookey I'll email my story tonight, it's in my system, just gotta get out onto paper and sent to you for the blog next week.

Much love everyone....

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