Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Brrrrrr!!!!!

- Yesterday someone told me that my coat was "too big" and that it wasn't really that cold out. It was 28 degrees at the time. You figure it out.

- I hate when guys rap out loud on the train while listening to their iPod. And I mean LOUD. They bounce around like they're Fiddy on stage...and it's annoying as hell.

- This morning, I overheard this guy tell his friend that he had 7 girlfriends. I guess pimpin' IS easy.

- Steve Harvey is hilarious as the host of Family Feud :-)

- Steak and shrimp for lunch with veggies - YUM!

- I would love to wiggle my toes in some sand right about now...with a warm sunset poured across my shoulders. Anyone wanna take a tropical vacation with me?

- Swizzy had on gold studded shoes the other day...he's fancy huh?

- My cable bill jumped $30 this month....pure fuckery.

- I have end-of-year burn out - ready for some time off to just relax and bring in the new year.

- What is everyone doing on New Year's Eve? Party? Church? Family? All of the above?

- My sister and brother-in-law will be celebrating 10 years of marriage on New Year's Eve - awesome! Such a blessing.

- That numbers game on Facebook is ridiculous. No one cares because no one knows who you're talking about except the moron who inboxed you a number in order to feel validated. What is wrong with simply writing them back privately? Or how about CALLING them? And why don't these people know how you feel about them already? If you don't know how I feel about you, then you don't need to be my friend...because that would mean I'm not a good one.

- Tell the people you love how you feel about them everyday...or at least every week. Tomorrow is not promised to you...and don't just do it on Facebook.

- The Jets got lit up Monday night. They'll be alright though. Go Eagles!

- Prince is on The View....owwww! That's one cool cat...I just wanna like his face!

- I miss my nephews.

- Please keep thinking good thoughts for my cat Cole.

- RIP Elizabeth Edwards.

- Send prayers for Aretha Franklin.

- Brian's throwback!




BatMan said...

First BITCH!!!

BatMan said...

Congrats to your sister. These days 10 years of marriage seems to be a life time since they dont last...
The numbers game on FB is pure Fuckery!! Seems like grown ass people dont have much to do!!!

Stef said...

Damn, who is Batman and why did he beat me!?? LOL!

Congrats to your sister and brother in law! That's amazing!

The numbers game on FB is for people who have too much time on their hands and insecure people reaching for compliments. I deleted a few friends because of it because I was tired of reading their statuses to random people every 5 minutes. Was that drastic? maybe, but it was stupid.

I love when Brooke writes "pure fuckery", makes me laugh every time!

I'm praying for Aretha Franklin :(

Whoever told you that your coat was too big and it wasn't cold out must have been a cave person. Figure out what I mean by that.

$30 in a month?? What cable do you have?

Now my male friend wants me to learn basketball. I was just figuring out football. The pressure is too much!

But he's fine, so I'll do it :)

I wish I had a tv at my desk so I could see Prince on The View :(

Where did you see Swizzy B? Gold shoes? wow.

I'm spending new year's with my male friend, staying inside and eating, chillin, etc. Looking forward to it!

BatMan said...

Hey Stef, you almost beat the Batman!!!

I agree, I love it when Brooke uses the words pure Fuckery. It has me cracking up! That’s why I had to use it to describe that stupid FB numbers game.

So Stef, it seems you will literally be bringing in the New Year with a BANG!!! 

Anonymous said...

OMG I actually have time to read and post on a blog today!

Brooke, please tell me you don't have Time Warner! PLEEEEASE!

I love this time of the year, except for the weather!

My wife wants to travel to Florida for New Years! By travel, I mean she wants to drive to Miami! She done lost her mind!

10 years of marriage is beautiful! CONGRATS to your sister!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! I know I need a vacation!

Probably didn't share, but I am expecting baby #2 in April and it is another girl! Looks like I will not get a son! Oh well! Help me out with names ya'll! My wife wants Brielle (hell no!) I was thinking about Blake Alexandria or Morgan Nicole! Suggestions?

Damn its cold outside!


Brooke said...

Floyd! Congrats! Brielle Nicole Berry sounds nice :) Kinda hard to top "Brooke"...but then again, I AM biased! LOL!

Yes, I have Time Warner. I can't goet FIOS in my area :(

I drove to Miami from Syracuse once. Will never do it again! Get on a plane...she's ttrippin'! LOL!

Swizzy was here the other day. Omar Epps was here yesterday. He looked "tight." :) But very nice.

I've been on Witches Brew all morning messin' around crackin up :) I love the witches!

Where has Yolanda been? I miss her :(

And Serena!

My work computer sucks.

Brooke said...

Excuse my "goet" I mean, "get" :-) LOL!

I DO like the name Blake too Floyd!

JD said...

@Brooke- Swizzy with Gold shoes? You should have given him a Wendy Williams greeting - "How you doing" LOL

Anonymous said...

what do you mean he looked tight?? LOL! I never met him, but he looks rich now that he is with Alicia! Oh trust me, I am not driving down to Miami at all!

How have you been?

Brooke said...

by tight I mean his clothes looked stingy :) but they were nice clothes though! LOL!

Floyd, I've been great! Working hard, a lil crazed and tired, but I have no real complaints I'm blessed!

The gold shoes seemed to fit him somehow...but very different.

I'm ready to eat.

Stef said...


I haven't had sex with him yet, not planning on it on new year's either. Trying to be a good girl!

Congrats Floyd!

DMoe said...

Whassup yall…Here's where I'm at:

- Cold as hell. For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary...This is the South!

- Excited. D-Moe-palooza is 6 days old, and phase 2 begins today at 6pm. We gon' rock it til the wheels fall off!

- I love the Apple this time of year. I'm on right now.

- Cali was bananas. I'll just stop there.

- British Parliament approves a move to TRIPLE the cost of student Tuition in England? Hell to the Neaux.

- Let's Geaux Saints! Here's what I need: Take care of the Rams, survive the Ravens, and show up in Atlanta on 12/27 ready to put a sharp knife to the throat of the Falcons. Two Dat Baby!

- I miss Hot-azz Gumbo on a cold-azz day. Throw in a side of french bread, and some Grand Marnier Egg Nog? Dee-Moe-licious!

Here's this week's Dmoe RTT playlist.
10 christmas classics that go great with cocktails.

1. James Brown/Soulful Christmas

2. Donny Hathaway/This Christmas

3. Stevie Wonder/Someday at Christmas

4. Run DMC/Christmas in Hollis

5. The Whispers/Happy Holidays to you

6. TLC/Sleigh Ride

7. The Jackson 5/Santa claus is comin to town

8. Grover Washington Jr./Have yourself a merry little Christmas

9. Eartha Kitt/Santa Baby

10. Charles Brown/Merry Christmas, Baby

Bonus! Here are 5 cool new spins on the old tunes while you are gettin' yo Yuletide Lounge on:

1. Winter Wonderland/Lenny B & Madison Park

2. Have yourself a merry little Christmas/DJ Trax

3. O, Tannenbaum/Red Connection

4. Sleigh Ride/Zigo

5. Angels we have heard on high/Fourplay

Feliz Navidad, and stay thirsty...

The Cable Guy said...


Yeah, Time Warner will get you like that. Don't worry boo, I can stop by to hook you up ;)

When are we gonna make babies Brookey!? LOL!

"My name is D-Nice" was my shit! I was a youngster when that was out, but still loved it!

Prince is a midget.. #hating.

Sometimes people can be such morons on FB. That numbers game is buffoonery (borrowing one of Brookey's other phrases) :)

Yolanda don't love us no mo.

Brooke said...

What about "Let it Snow" by Boyz II Men, DMoe! Love that song!


I hate when people answer "what" when you call their name. So rude.

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

How did you go from cable hookup to babies?

I want kids, but I'm terrified of having them. Not sure how that's gonna work.

I want hot chocolate now - and Hale and Hearty soup...but will eat my steak and shrimp and like it!

BatMan said...

@Brooke, Cable Guy wants to give you that special hook up!!

Extra channels wont be the only thing your "getting".... LOL

Brooke said...

Ummm...I'd take a dvr and $30 less babies needed.

The Cable Guy said...


Just figured I'd hook you ALL the way up :-) LOL!

Even Annamaria said we'd make beautiful babies!

She playin' hard to get.

Yolanda said...

Heyyy people! I'm back. Had a few days of freelance work that kept me offline. Gotta keep the lights on!

The ONE day I'm not in here sitting on my arse, at this computer is THE day Prince is on The View! Thank God for the innawebs:

Sherri Shepherd's reaction = PRICELESS!

Did I mention, I'm going to see Prince next weekend? Don't worry, I'll mention it again.

Is 2010 over yet? This year has kicked my arse.

#TeamBlake for baby #2's name. Congrats, Floyd! I love boy names for girls.

Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" is the best Christmas song EVVVVVERRRR! Sometimes I listen to it during other, non-holiday parts of the year.

Mariah Carey knows how to make a Christmas album.

The Aretha Franklin news gave me the sads. Pancreatic cancer is awful. I've known 2 people to die of it within about 6 months of diagnosis. I pray that's not the case for her.

I cut my electricity bill in half last month. But, it's too cold to rely on my Snuggie now :-(

Is it bad that I want a pair of Swizzy's Christian Louboutins? I know they're for men, but at least I won't fall and break my pelvis in them since they're flats.

I have discovered the shampoo bar (it's like a bar of soap, only shampoo). I am never going back to bottled shampoo (*"as God as my witness" voice*).

Just ordered tomorrow's groceries. I love the innawebs. Thank you, Al Gore!

Anonymous said...

Damn Aretha has cancer! I thought I had a bad dream about that, guess it was real. I am reading this book called the Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. A colleague bought it for me as a Christmas gift. This book is writtem by Dr. Siddhartha Muk....something (cannot spell last name) and pretty much it chronicles the discoveries, and setbacks in cancer research and treatment! It is very well written and I would implore all to give it a read!

I am really sorry to hear about Aretha! Have you noticed that Cancer is really taking exploding in Hollywood. From the death of Patrick Swayze, to Michael Douglas acknowledging he has stage 4 throat cancer, to now Aretha Franklin! Wow!!!

Prince in concert NICE! I got a chance to see him perfom on his Purple Rain tour in the early 80's! I was a kid so I really didn't appreciate the level of his genius! I would love to see him perform now! Now that MJ is gone, probably the best entertainer alive in my opinion!


Brooke said...

You ordered groceries?? Does that include fruit too? I have to smell and touch my food in person - but ordering groceries seesm so much easier! Can you use coupons??

Sherri Sheppard urks my nerves. She's a clown.

I'm addicted to orange juice.

Anonymous said...

I just been informed that they have added another show at the Garden this month! Damn...I gotta find some doe to make this happen!


Brooke said...

I'm going to see Prince next Wednesday! Not at the Garden though :( but FLOOR SEATS at Izod. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Yolanda said...

Yep...I ordered everything from Peapod (fruit too). Even firewood. There's no elevator and the kid is not carrying all that up the steps. No sir-ree-bob.

You give the driver the coupons too and they deduct it at the end. It's a lifesaver.

I wish Wegmans delivered though.

Brooke said...

You have a fireplace? I want one!

Guess I should get the house....or the condo first then... sigh :(

I don't want much...just a house with a fireplace, a finished basement and a laundry room upstairs. Easy right? ;)

Floyd, you're right. Cancer is a beast...we need a cure. So sad.

Intrigued by the shampoo bar Yolanda. Where do I find it?

Yolanda said...

Yup, condo w/ fireplace. It's not a "new" building so no elevator but I got a loft upstairs and a washer/dryer in the kitchen. LOL. I'm fancy, huh? Just need those gold-studded shoes.

I found the shampoo bar on Etsy:

Also, Beija Flor Naturals has them ( I got their Peach Pomade... you will want to eat yourself it smells so good on.

Brooke said...

yeah, you REAL fancy!

not sure about the gold studded shoes though :)

Yolanda said...

I bet Swizzy has big feet too...I totally could have worn those shoes.
Jack him next time, Brooke!

Powerz aka The Realtor said...

Brooke, you rang????

Brooke said...

I dunno if I can afford all the fancy properties on your site Powerz!

I got you next time Yo!

Powerz aks The Realtor said...

Brooke, you want it, if it exists, I'll find it! lol
Let me know when you ready!
(this is a real site! check it out!)

Brooke said...

I definitely will! I'm looking at your site right now and there are some properties that caught my eye!

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