Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Discovering Sexy Secrets

Happy TMI Tuesday - and you know what that means! Fury is back...let's go!

Discovering Sexy Secrets...by The Fury.

Being that I'm the "phone-a-friend" for all of my friends, acquaintances, industry contacts, et al.

Phone-a-friend: Someone you call for any amount of information on everything from geography to song titles to menstruation cycles, regardless of time of day, if they're in a meeting or having sex...

I really enjoy discovering new information that I can pass on to those in need.

I like discovery. I also enjoy using my Sherlock Holmesian Intuition (really not a proper term) to discover things about people, especially regarding sex.

I remember being in school using my wicked sense of SHI to discover that a high school crush's favorite position was doggystyle. Not much of a revelation these days, but back then (not so far back) that wasn't something shy young ladies admitted. She had long fingernails, and the day after our sexually charged conversation wherein I had coaxed sexual confessions from her like honey from the comb, She returned to school the next day without her nails. I passed her in the hallway and whispered into her ear.

"You cut your nails before you played with yourself last night."

Her eyes went wide, her face flushed, her secret revealed. Then She added a cherry on top...

"...About you."She smiled and continued down the hall.

Once at a party, I found myself play fighting with E, an attractive copper skinned friend of an ex. I think we were fighting over something silly like who got the last plastic cup. We pushed back and forth, our arms and legs intertwined, her perky breasts pushing against me as we fought. Suddenly I realized she was getting the upper hand on the cup. She spun around, cup in hand, back to me, ass pressed against my dick (a good feeling). I held her left arm to keep her from running away and with battle reflexes, reached around her, grabbed her by her throat and spun her to face me. E's eyes went wide with shock. We stood there staring at each other in the kitchen alone for what felt like minutes but was only a couple of seconds. Mentally, I prepared my quick fast apology. My hand still in place, her eyes went from shock to...to...to what the hell was that look in her eyes.

"Mmmmm, don't do that Fur. I like that." E smiled, her eyes went dreamy.

"Oh you like that?" My grip went from loosening to slightly tighter.

"Yes, I like that." She whispered. She raised her soft hand against mine as I released my hold. "You can have the cup, I got something, you get something." She laughed and walked out of the kitchen.

After that it had been a running joke with us that I greeted her by holding her by the throat and shaking like you would someone's hand. An acknowledgment of our held secret of E's "breath play" fetish.

I discovered another sexy secret of a friend crammed in an SUV driving to a party. When I say crammed, I mean crossing the border crammed. O was sitting on my lap with her legs across the lap of one of my boys. We playfully tickled her sandal clad feet, which gave her fits of laughter. As she jumped, bounced (yes still on my lap) and kicked, the environment became a little too dangerous for such play in tight quarters. The driver yelled at us to stop our nonsense or kill us all. Such a drama queen that driver. O removed her feet from my buddy's lap and slid them between my legs and the door. Quietly, I felt her hand touch mine, then lead it to her foot. I rubbed her foot, she giggled. I caressed her foot, she suppressed the laughter with her hand.

My friend sitting next to me took hold of her other foot and did the same. O's incredible tits jiggled in her tank top as she smiled. As we arrived to the party and climbed out of the car like clown's in the circus, O turned to me with a smile and extremely hard nipples. Her nipples poked through her tight shirt like pebbles.

"You're headlights are..."I started

O looked down and covered them with her hands.

"Whoa. Thanks." She blushed.

"Feet play...," I started.

"Shhhhh!" she smiled and we all went on our way.

I've discovered quite a few sexy secrets from my female friends over the years, (who likes anal, who likes to be dominated, who is bisexual, who gives their man blowjobs in the front seat of the car outside the office before work, who loves to have her ass licked even more than her kitty, who masturbates in public often, who craves to have all of her holes filled at once) some from confession, but many from admission after using that fun SHI. The best part about sexy secrets is keeping them between just me and them with a smile, a wink or a light choke.

What are some of the shocking sexy secrets you've learned about friends, coworkers and the like? DON'T TELL ANYONE'S NAME!!

-The Fury





Stef said...


Stef said...

Fury is so nasty :)

Jaz said...

I keep all of my sexy secrets well hidden :)

The Fury said...

Give me a good bottle of wine and 30 minutes in a room with Jaz and I'll have some of her secret fetishes Sherlocked out on the 31st minute

The Fury said...

@Stef - y'all like me nasty! y'all need me nasty!

Jaz said...

I don't drink wine Fury! LOL!

The Fury said...

@Jaz - whatchu like to drink Jaz?

*smirks to the audience*

Stef said...

I DO like you NASTY Fury!!

I was wondering who we'd see today - you or Dominatricks :)

Jay said...

Fury never disappoints.

I once discovered that a female friend of mine regularly engaged in threesomes. It was like she grew tired of having sex with one man, so she needed two just to get off. I wonder if she's graduated to having foursomes now...I've since lost touch.

I think I must be the only man out there who has no desire to have a threesome.

The Cable Guy said...

You a damn lie Jay! LOL!

But seriously, threesomes aren't all they're cracked up to be. Been there, done that, whatever. One woman who knocks your socks off is way better than 2 girls kissing on each other trying too hard to please you.

The only woman who revealed a sexy secret to me told me she liked being choked while having her hair pulled. A bit violent if you ask me, but whatever gets you off.

The Fury said...

Thanks Jay!

wow so she ONLY does 2 men at once. Somebody give her a round of applause and a glass of water!

Ahem - The Cable Guy that's why a good 3some is one where the women may want each other more than you. You can be the bench player they call in for extra equipment! LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Never thought of it that way! LOL!

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