Friday, June 11, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


I was out for 2 days and this week STILL felt long as hell! It's the weekend!

Friday Sexy Survey

1. Top or bottom?

2. Tongue or no tongue?

3. Eyes open or closed? Do you like to watch?

4. Does size matter?

5. Celebrity you'd most like to kiss?

6. At what age was your first kiss? How was it?

7. Do you have a Booty Call List? How many people are on it?

8. Ever have any same sex fantasies?

9. Do you think porn can enhance a relationship, or emotionally starve one?

10. Break-up sex is ______________




Anonymous said...

primero pendayho!

Anonymous said...

it's your bambinoooooo!!

Brooke said...

Zay, you stupid :-)

Stef said...

1. Top
2. tongue
3. closed
4. yes, it DOES! Any woman who says differently is LYING!
5. LL Cool J - those lips!
6. 12 - and it was yukky! LOL!
7. No list, but I NEED one!
8. no same sex fantasies
9. if the sex is the problem, it can enhance it. If all he wants is sex and not you, then starve it.
10. Breakup sex is not a good idea.

The Fury said...

1. You on top, me working it from the bottom while suck your nipples
2. Tongue...and plenty of it.
3. Open if we're not kissing. I love to watch. 
4. No. Big fat kitties and slim kitties are the same pretty much. All about the tight fit
5. Eva Mendes
6. Nine. It wasn't bad.
7. No list, but I think I'm on some...
8. Never
9. Enhance if it emotionally starves then there's something else wrong there
10. Break-up sex is not for the weak hearted or thin skinned

Ms. Patra-son said...

1. Bottom
2. Tongue
3. Open...Love to watch
4. Yes, Yes and YESSSSSS
5. Chris Brown
6. 14... Blah
7. Yes... 1
8. Ummm...
9. Not really because I'm NOT doing what some of those pornstar do... hell NO!
10. THE BESTTTTTT... So that nugga know what he's gonna be missing... but then again I got pregnant the time I had a break up sex LOL

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Tameka, you're crazy! But you have a gorgeous daughter as a result of your wonderful break up sex :)

The Fury said...

Brooke you know u have to answer these questions eventually...

Ms. Patra-son said...

LOL for real Brooke that got me LOL, but thank you she's a terrible 2, but I love her :)

Brooke said...

Fine Fury :)

1. Top (and bottom) But mostly top :-)

2. Tongue...but not wet. Unless....
which lips are we talking about here? ;)

3. Kissing - closed. Not kissing, open.

4. It does to an extent - but just because a man has a 747 doesn't mean he knows how to land it :)

5. Chewitel Ejiofor - I think he has some sexy ass lips.

6. 12 - and it was sweet. He ran down the street afterwards smiling and singing. I didn't have that same reaction :)

7. Everyone has a Booty Call list - it's just a matter of it you use it. IF I were to use my list (of men who'd actually come if I called - pun totally intended), I'd say I had 3 solid ones. My list is dusty tho... haven't used it in a while.

8. Tho if I did swing that way, I think I'd bag some hot chicks :) Strictly dickly.

9. It can enhance your sex life, not necessarily the relationship. If your relationship is emotionally starved, sex has nothing to do with it.

10. Break-up sex is unnecessary. It just prolongs the inevitable and can cause emotional confusion and second guessing - and can result in pregnancy from what I hear (Tammy) :-)

Happy now Fury? ;-)

The Fury said...

Yes now I'm happy. As you can see I was waiting with baited breath...

You can go ahead and jot me on that list of yours. Just list me as Admiral Fury because I can land the 747 in a tornado...

Jay said...

1. Bottom. The best views are from down there.

2. Tongue...everywhere.

3. closed if kissing, open any other time...again...the view.

4. I love all shapes and sizes :) I agree with Fury tho...all about the fit.

5. Jill Scott.

6. 10, and it was awkward. I was scared to death.

7. I have a booty call list, but I rarely use it. Sometimes I just don't feel like being bothered. 2

8. Never.

9. it can spice up the sex, but that's about it. If it takes over where sex is all that matters, then it can emotionally starve a relationship - but that signals an addiction/problem.

10. Break-up sex is selfish. There's no need for it. If that shit is over, then let it be over.

Brooke said...


How do you know you weren't already ON my list? ;)

The Fury said...

@ long as we're on the same page ;-)

The Cable Guy said...

Why am I not surprised some dude was skippin his happy ass down the street singing after a sweet kiss from Brooke? I'd probably do that NOW as an adult! LOL!

Brooke has some sexy ass lips. They look sweet, like you just wanna suck 'em!

Sorry, got carried away here.


1. Top AND bottom. The view is great from below - but I also like to be in control, so sometimes the top is where I want to be.

2. Tongue. I like to lick :)

3. Open

4. Tight fit...otherwise I can't do it.

5. Brooke - is she a celebrity? No? about that chick who was in Rush Hour 3...the black, french model who had the names of the triad on her head? I think she's a model, but she has some sexy lips!

6. I was in 5th grade, so how old are you then? 9 or 10? She was like 12 or 13, and I felt icky cuz she was older than me. I didn't like it at all.

7. No list. Waiting on Brooke ;)

8. Never.

9. If I need porn in my relationship for ANY reason, then something is off.

10. Breakup sex is only had when you want to keep having sex with her even after the relationship is over - so dudes do that to keep her holding on sometimes just so they can continue to get the booty.

DMoe said...

1. Bottom.

2. Tongue.

3. Open with an occasional close. Yes.

4. Its not about the pen, its how you write your name with the ink.

5. Salma Hayek

6. 6th grade. Age 12. It was kinda "right" as I recall.

7. LOL. Nope. I?
Is that?

8. No. Ewww.

9. Everything can be cool - in moderation.

10. Lame. If your done, your done.

Stef said...

Brooke, I think you better keep Fury off that list. I think he'd turn your ass out. He looks scary with that mask!

Stef said...

DMoe is a fool! " I?"

Of course you DO! Like B said, EVERYONE has a booty call list. Just a matter of it you use it.

Cable Guy, you lie!

The Cable Guy said...

@Stef, mind ya business!

The Fury said...

@Stef - what part of the game is that where you tell Brooke to stay away from me???

..maybe she wants to get turned out and likes men in masks....

Stef said...

I dunno, you seem dangerous. Then all Brooke's blogs will be about sex and whips and chains and shit :)

We can't have her turned out and have her blog turn into a sex blog :)

The Cable Guy said...

I think BROOKE would be the one turning ninjas out! She looks like she got some good stuff, LOL!

Sexy ass...either you have it or you don't.

And don' stop hatin! LMAO!

Stef said...

Kick rocks Cable dude!

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